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There are several boating brands on the market. All are claiming to be the best, but only a few are true to their words. One of them is Saturn, one of the well-known brands in the boating industry.

Whether you need a raft, inflatable boat, or kayak, this brand has it.

In this review, you will learn about one of its series, which is the KaBoats. Find out what makes boaters love the series. You will also learn how to select the best boat that fits your boating style and preference.

Top 3 Best Saturn KaBoats Review

In this section, you will learn the products that make up the Saturn KaBoat line.

According to Saturn, all its KaBoat products have one-way drain valves, seats with aluminum construction, and rowing oarlocks. Every variety comes in different sizes.

Here are some of the products of the Saturn KaBoat series.

  1. 15-Foot Saturn Outfitter KaBoat
  2. 12.5-Foot Performance KaBoat
  3. 15-Foot Saturn KaBoat

#1. 15-Foot Saturn Outfitter KaBoat


Once you take a ride on a Saturn Outfitter KaBoat, you will know how it performs. You will see that this product has an excellent feel because of the smoot riding experience it provides.

On Saturn’s website, you can buy the outfitter model in 13, 15, or 16 feet sizes. As for the 15-foot variety, it has massive tubes with a diameter of 16 inches. Because of its vast size, the interior is roomy too.

Saturn improved the performance of this model by placing the desirable features that an inflatable boat can have. It includes the C7 inflation valves, German Heytex PVC construction, 1.5mm thick PVC bottom, and extra protective layer of 0.9mm thick PVC on the floor.

It comes in three various motor sizes, and you can select among three colors: dark gray, military green and special opts black.

This model is the best one to use if you are looking for a roomy boat where you can store your gear and luggage. The huge tubes are 25 percent bigger than the 15-inch that is common in the KaBoat series.

Because of the Saturn Outfitter feature, this model is one of the perfect boats to use for fishing or law enforcement. It is also a great choice if you are looking to transfer more passengers from one place to another.

#2. 12.5-Foot Performance KaBoat


This model of Saturn KaBoat line is available in 11, 12.5, and 14 feet sizes. It features a 20-inch ample space inside the boat and 17-inch tubes.

This inflatable boat can accommodate a beach chair. Because of its large tubes, it can also support heavy motors.

This Performance KaBoat has a large keel that gives its V-shaped underside. This keel is inflatable, and it helps provide better performance and stability.

The KaBoat has three additional air chambers that provide safety, making it a safer option than the typical two.

It also has an inflatable floor that is 15 inches thick, which helps provide better support and its V-keel. Because of this, you are free to stand without worrying that your vessel will sink.

This product is durable because of its 1100 D PVC resistant to abrasion, UV, and other open water challenges. It comes with splash guards and safety rope.

It uses a marine-grade transom with a drain plug that is the same as all other Saturn KaBoat. It comes with two rowing oars, two D-rings,  and aluminum benches.

The 12.Foot Performance KaBoat includes a repair kit, carry bag, and a hand pump.

#3. 15-Foot Saturn KaBoat


The Saturn KaBoat is also available in 12 and 14-foot sizes. The Saturn KaBoats was one of the newest models of the KaBoat line. It is an upgrade of some of the features that you can find in  Saturn Rafts.

This model uses German Heytex PVC and C7 inflation valves, which are improvements of the Saturn Rafts.

This model took the world by storm because of its innovation of combining kayak and dinghy features. It makes the best option for those people who are looking for a portable but flexible inflatable boat.

Among the other sizes of the Saturn KaBoat, the 15-inch offers more capacity. It has three aluminum seats. There is also an additional room at the bow for more room for gears. Aside from space, this product also offers more floatation.

Saturn built this product to provide support and room for more passengers and cargoes. It is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a perfect boat for fishing.

Even though it has a roomy feature, you do not have to worry about its portability because of its reduced weight. Like the other KaBoats, this model comes with two oars, top rope, and oarlocks.

If you have been an inflatable kayak user of this brand, you will love the versatility of the Saturn KaBoat. You can use paddles to move it. If you want, you can also use an electric or gas engine to propel it like a speed boat. You only have to attach the engine to the plywood stern transom.

Its aluminum seats are durable. You can use it to place your fishing vessel.

It has a stiff drop-stitch floor that allows you to stand up with stability.

This product comes with splash guards that help protect the transom and you from splashes. It has soft handles that are durable enough to withstand the challenges thrown by nature.

Saturn placed the valves inside the boat so that they will be safe from the elements of nature.

About Saturn and KaBoats

Saturn has its base in Korea and China and has its location in Idaho.

Saturn takes pride of its whitewater rafts, kayaks, and inflatables. It claims that it has a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating, one of the highest in the boating industry. It is due to the brand’s dedication to providing quality inflatables to its customers.

What makes Saturn’s products different is that it engages with its customers and encourages them to participate in severe whitewater activities. You can see it in the durability of its products.

Saturn introduced the KaBoats in 2011. Since then, this product line boomed because of its uniqueness. The Saturn KaBoat is a combination of features of kayak and dinghy.

What most people love about this innovation is the product’s stability, durability, and lightness. Because of the versatility of the series, many boaters called it the “Swiss Army Knife” of inflatable boats.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the KaBoats are highly versatile. You can use it to row like a kayak or a dinghy. You only have to add an electric motor or gas engine to the product’s stern transom, and you are good to go.

What makes the KaBoat even more impressive is that it is compact for its functionality. It is narrow and fast. It performs better than other inflatable boats.

The KaBoat line has skeg fins on the underside. It also has a V-keel that helps in the stability of the boat. Its V-keel is inflatable.

All the products in this like have aluminum seats, rowing oars, rowing oarlocks, and drain valves. That is why you can use it either for cruising or fishing.

Saturn is proud that its KaBoat line is resistant to sun’s UV rays, abrasion, tears, wears, and punctures, because of its 1100 D PVC construction.

In 2014, the brand launched the successful Saturn Boats Photo Contest, and there were a lot of people who joined and testified the wonders of the Saturn products.

Besides KaBoat, Saturn has other products that include Saturn Dinghies, Saturn Inflatable Kayaks, Saturn Catamarans, Saturn Whitewater Rafts, and more.

Saturn claims that its price range is lower compared to its competitors. It provides warranties to its products, even accessories, to show its confidence with its products. The warranties range from six months to two years, depending on the type of product.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Saturn KaBoat

There are several types of inflatable boats. The KaBoats are one of them and the most unique because they seem like a hybrid between a kayak and a dinghy. For this reason, you should observe some considerations to determine what kind of inflatable boat is the best for your use.


Your purchasing power is the most significant determiner on what kind of product you should buy. Your primary goal is to maximize the value that you can get from our purchase.

Typically, the larger the boat is or, the more features it has, the more expensive it can be. However, you should also consider the boat’s quality and safety features. You do not want to sacrifice your safety and your loved ones’ for buying a poor-quality boat.

That is why you should save and invest in a durable and safe boat to last long-term usage.

Saturn claims that its products are among the most affordable ones on the market and the lowest compared to its competitors. It is because Saturn sells directly to its customers without any middleman involved. Its price ranges from 525 USD to 1600 USD.


When it comes to inflatables, the storage is not much of an issue. However, some boaters buy inflatable boats only to let these sit in the water when not in use. Manufacturers create the inflatable boats so that you can store them afterward when not in use.

When you let it sit in the waters, you shorten the product’s lifespan because of the possible exposure to molds, algae, and barnacles that might accumulate at the bottom of your boat.

However, if you cannot help but let it sit in the water for long hours, you should choose an inflatable boat that uses Hypalon fabric instead of PVC.


Most inflatable boats are PVC-made or Hypalon-made. To determine the best construction material to choose, you must learn the purpose of your boat’s usage and its frequency.

This article has just mentioned that if you are planning to expose your inflatable boat to nature’s challenges, you should choose the one that uses Hypalon fabric. It is because this cloth is more durable than PVC, but is it also more expensive.

If you are only up for a short trip or plan to use a boat exclusively for hours, such as fishing, the vessels that have PVC construction are already enough. You do not have to shell out more money if you have these purposes in mind for your inflatable boat.


If you cannot afford to buy a large boat, you should be realistic about the capacity of the inflatable boat that you can afford. If the product’s description says that your vessel can only accommodate 250 pounds of total cargo, you should not exceed that.

You do not shorten its lifespan. For the worst scenario, you do not want to sink while you are in the middle of your adventure. When buying an inflatable boat, you always have to be ready to check your weight and the weight of your passengers and cargo.


Inflatable boats can have either an air floor or a hard floor. The air floor is the best option for inflatable boats, but a hard floor can also provide stable support. You can stand and jump on your vessel using either of these two.

What makes the air floor a better option for an inflatable boat is lighter and inflatable. For this reason, it is more portable than the hard floor and planes faster. It is also softer, and kneeling is not painful.

The air floor is advisable for people who inflate and deflates their boats often. It is also for those people who prefer carrying lightweight gears.

On the other hand, the hard floor can be either plywood or aluminum-made. Compared to an air floor, this is a stiffer option. What is desirable on a hard floor is its durability, because there is no way you can puncture it.

The hard floor option is best for boaters who prefer to propel their vessel using motors. Because of the stiffness of the hard floor, it can accommodate motors. It is also a desirable option if you are the type of boater who keeps your boat inflated.

You should also choose an inflatable boat with a hard floor if you always take sharp cargoes with you. It includes your pets weighing more than 60 pounds.


In this Saturn KaBoats review, you have learned some of the best products of this Saturn’s line of products. You have also learned that it is the best option for you if you want a versatile boat to tour or fish because of its features that resemble a kayak and a dinghy.

Hopefully, this review has helped you figure out if the KaBoat products are for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why Should I Buy a KaBoat?

A: KaBoats, as mentioned, is a combination of features of kayaks and dinghies. That is why you can guarantee its versatility. Besides that, KaBoats is highly portable because you can quickly inflate or deflate it and fold to store it in a secure place, which is much unlike the typical kayaks. You do not have to worry about durability because it has a durable flooring that can support you even when you stand on it while in the middle of the river. KaBoats can also take on a fast water flow when you use an engine to propel it.

Q: Is KaBoat the Best Inflatable Type of Boat for Me?

A: To determine if the KaBoat is the best option for you, you should consider three things: the location where you will use it, the purpose of using it, and the number of passengers. About the place, you should ask yourself where you are going to it. Are you going to use it in the ocean or river? About the purpose, ask yourself why do you need a KaBoat. Are you going to use it for fishing, touring, hunting? About the number of passengers, you should know the capacity of the boat.

Q: How Do I Repair Leaks to My KaBoat?

A: The first thing that you must do is find where the leak is. Start with the valves to see if damaged. If you are sure that the loss of air pressure is not due to them, you should check for the tear or pin-hole. If you find it hard to locate, use soap and water or detergent. Put them all over the product and watch for tiny bubbles. After seeing it, you can repair it by placing a patch on it. If you still cannot find it, your next option is to inflate the KaBoat and listen to where it leaks.

Q: How Air Floors Are Different With the Plywood Floors?

A: Both can provide support when you stand on your boat or place a heavy cargo on it. The only difference is that the air floors only get rigid and usable enough to perform as the plywood floors when you inflate them. Thus, the air floor is your best option if you always blow up your product. The air floor is also more compact and portable because you can fold it when you deflate it. The plywood floor is advisable for boaters who keep their boats inflated all the time.

Q: What Will I Do If My KaBoat Gets Punctured While I Am in the Middle of My Adventure?

A: Although KaBoats is durable, it does not mean that they are invincible. When accidents happen, you should stay calm. You do not have to worry because you will stay afloat because of the several air chambers it has. However, even though KaBoat’s features can help you stay safe, you also have to observe safety measures such as taking a personal floatation device, a whistle, and an emergency radio with you on board.

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