Top 8 Best Bodyboards and Best Bodyboards for Women (Morey, Custom X, BPS)

The recent surfing trip I had with friends who did not surf opened my doors to learning more about another type of riding the waves – bodyboarding. This art of riding the water is almost like surfing, but not quite.

Bodyboarding is riding on the waves, except it is more accessible for those who are not too confident enough to surf or who do not have about $500 to spend on a surfboard. This watersport takes you through the water in a completely different way.

No more falling off the board because you are laying down in prone position and gripping the board instead of standing up and balancing. Bodyboarding is yours for trying especially if you’re just starting.

And, the best way to experience and learn it is to ride the best bodyboard.

Top 8 Best Bodyboards Reviewed

Riding the waves on your trip to the beach is an exciting experience. But, if you aren’t as confident as most riders in surfing, bodyboarding will still get you the feels. Even more so, when you ride the waters with the best bodyboards.

We’ve reviewed some of the bodyboards that we think are highly recommended to help you narrow down your choices as you pick your next water toy. 

  1. Mach 7 Bodyboard by Morey
  2. Dubb Pro Plus Bodyboard by Hubboards
  3. Boogie Board by Lucky Bums
  4. Storm Bodyboard by BPS
  5. Switch Bodyboard by California Board Company
  6. Titan XPE Bodyboard by Custom X
  7. DuoSlider 42” Bodyboard by Thurso Surf
  8. Loaded Bodyboard by Mike Stewart Science

#1. Mach 7 Bodyboard by Morey – Our Top Pick


  • Core: PE (Polyethylene) Core
  • Deck: TC8
  • Slick: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)


  • Stringers
  • Large frame / ideal for 160 – 180 pounds
  • Color choices
  • Crescent tail 
  • Features channels

Using professional skills to develop surf-related innovations, Thomas Hugh Morey started Morey Boogies when he finished his studies of Mathematics. With his knowledge in composite manufacturing and engineering from Douglas Aircraft, shifting to surfboards was not too hard for him.

Many bodyboarders prefer Mach 7 for several reasons. The least of which is the bodyboard being awesome, yet with a simplistic design. The looks are incredible and extremely desirable. Its two-color variations are just perfect for that day in the sun without hurting your eyes.

Mach 7 is the best all-around board for different sizes of riders. It is one of the longest-lasting models in the bodyboarding market-making Morey one of the best brands in its industry. A lot of riders are very loyal to Morey because the boards they pick from this brand are the same as those from 20-30 years ago. Talk about classic and strength.

This iconic board has its single power rod stringer run through the middle of the board, providing stability and durability. Alongside its construction of PE core, classic shape, and crescent tail, the bodyboard as a whole is flexible and controllable even in shifting waters.

The flagship model Mach 7 is Morey’s classic. It represents the brand’s evolution hallmarked by expert workmanship. Overall, this bodyboard is impressive with its incredible consistency in the surf. 

Works with prone, dropknee, and stand-upBottom seam reported coming apart
Right blend of weight and stiffness
More expensive than most brands
Can ride wide variety of waves
Leash not included
Sturdy construction
Reputable brand

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#2. Dubb Pro Plus Bodyboard by Hubboards – Best for Dropknee Riding


  • Core: PP (Polypropylene) Core
  • Deck: 8LB PE (polyethylene)
  • Slick: Surlyn


  • Line contour deck
  • Double or single stringer
  • Graduated channels
  • Full crescent tails with tails piece
  • Nose and tail bumpers

Hubboards is the brainchild of Jeff and Dave Hubbard having bodyboarding as part of their life, deeply running through their veins. With constant product design innovations, refinement, research, and development, Hubboards has been constantly at the forefront of bodyboarding evolution.

Thus, their tagline of “When evolution becomes revolution.”

First launched in 2013, this company introduced to the market one of the best bodyboards that are perfect for dropknee riding. Dropknee riding is one of the difficult techniques to master. But, as have mentioned many times, skill partnered with the best bodyboard makes it all easy.

Its wide crescent tail helps to take the weight at the back of the board, while the contoured deck delivers extra grip for the hands and knees. This is helpful for big landings and awful duck dives.

Its construction – core made from polypropylene makes the board lighter, stronger, and faster in turns. Polypropylene is best in tropical waters. Combined with the SSS stringers, projection can be easily achieved.

Dubb Pro Plus Bodyboard allows you to access the ocean’s power. With the design fully intended for generating speed and superior maneuverability, bodyboarders will be able to draw the lines and control turns at different degrees and speeds. Multiply the fun by increasing your access to the waves!

Line contour deck lets hands and knees keep solid grip
More expensive than most brands
Superb control, flex, and projectionNot for beginners
Mesh wire to help with stability
Comes in 40.5-42.5″ models
Uses stringers for durability

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#3. Boogie Board by Lucky Bums – Most Durable Bodyboard


  • Core: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Core
  • Deck: 8LB PE (polyethylene)
  • Slick: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)


  • 60/40 Rails
  • Comes with Leash and wrist strap
  • Three different sizes
  • Rear channels
  • 5 Color Variations

The most durable bodyboard is the best bodyboard you can offer a child who is just being introduced to the sport of bodyboarding. Featuring an EPS Core that comes in 3 different sizes – 33, 37, and 41 inches respectively, they are perfect for tackling a wide variety of waves.

The 60/40 rails Boogie Board by Lucky Bums showcases, lets you perform tricks if needed. Fused with the rear channels, you can easily grab waves and learning to turn won’t be far behind.

Boogie Board by Lucky Bums is one of the cheapest bodyboards in the market. But, the price does not compromise the quality. Most cheap brands have their cores made from sub-standard foams. Not the case for Boogie Board by Lucky Bums.

The polyethylene bottom is slick and is designed for speed. All with the help of its lightweight but durable EPS core. Boogie Board by Lucky Bums is not just durable, but buoyant too! Something that can be hard to achieve with shoddy bodyboards.

If indeed, offered to a child who is just learning, the leash that comes with it for free will surely help. Especially that the first wave the child may catch will certainly make the board off. Better to have something that holds the beginner to the board.

With a lifetime warranty, you will have complete confidence that this bodyboard will last you a long time. 

Warranty replaces faulty boards with better ones
Side panel seal strips off
Ideal for kids and beginners
Bottom comes apart
Cheaper than most brandsPoor packaging
Strap on leash
60/40 rail

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#4. Storm Bodyboard by BPS – Best for Summer Waters


  • Size(s): 33, 37, 41 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 190+ Pounds
  • Leash: Yes & Swim Fin Tethers
  • Core: EPS


  • Comes with coiled leash and fin tethers
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core
  • Bottom rear channels
  • Variety of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Lightweight with slick bottom surface

If you need a sturdy board, then you can buy Storm Bodyboard by BPS with full confidence. Amazingly lightweight, this high-speed board with a slick bottom surface, bottom rear channels, crescent tails offers superior performance.

Storm Bodyboard by BPS includes fin tethers to keep your fins from any damage ride after ride. Its 3 different sizes that range from 33 to 41 inches makes it the ideal brand for a family that loves to bodyboard.

33-inch size is ideal for riders standing at 4 feet and weighs up to 65 pounds. 41-inch size is perfect for 5 feet 9 inches weighing up to 190 pounds. This shows you that Storm Bodyboard by BPS is not just a pretty face.

The core constructed from EPS provides strength, durability, and stability. Works perfectly with the channeled slick bottom that allows for speed and maneuverability. The non-slip surface of the deck provides comfort as you perform tricks through waves.

Storm Bodyboard by BPS can be used by both beginners and experienced riders alike. Along with the 12 months warranty it has, is a simple kit that will help you make your lightweight and high-speed slick bottom bodyboard become the performer it is with leash and fin tethers. 

Bottom slick bulbs, crescent tail, new nose grip lip, nose bumpers, and wave cushion airBottom and top layer may experience bubbling
Fin tethers included to tie your swim fins together
Poor packaging compromises quality
Ideal for people between 65 to 188 pounds
Poor packaging
Cheaper than most brands

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#5. Switch Bodyboard by California Board Company – Best Value for your Money


  • Deck: XPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) with silkscreen graphics
  • Bottom: HDPE high density polyethylene with channels for increased speed
  • Tail: Crescent for added control and comfort
  • Dimensions: 42 x 21x 2.65 inches


  • Package includes leash and wrist strap
  • Slick bottom with channels

A well-known brand for its line of surfboards, California Board Company has also been setting trends with their bodyboards not just in California but in interesting places to surf. Marketing under Keeper Sport Products, they have designs and artworks that are now world-renowned.

California Board Company is taking full pride in making quality products that their patrons can buy for a fair price and can use for a long time. One of which is the Switch Bodyboard.

Switch Bodyboard by California Board Company features everything that you need to get started including a leash and wrist strap to ensure that you do not lose your board. Features that are also present in more expensive boards like slick bottom with channels are also showcased on this bodyboard.

Measuring at 42 x 21 x 2.65 inches, this channel ready HDPE made bodyboard keeps it pointed in the direction the rider wants. Like with many professional boards, the crescent tail is convenient at the same time comforting. The channels also provide a tad of a bite as you surf the waves to ensure control.

The Switch Bodyboard can take a fair amount of use for the price it charges. Its cross-linked polyethylene deck and bottom helps to make it durable than bodyboards you can find at rentals and beach shop boards. 

Ideal for beginners, kids, and smaller adults
You can’t choose the color
Cheaper than most brands
Hand strap breaks easily
Made of HDPE plastic
Crescent tail design
Best for casual use

Check Price on Amazon

#6. Titan XPE Bodyboard by Custom X – Best for Big Surfers


  • Core: Wave-Plank Polyethylene
  • Deck: Tight cell material
  • Bottom: High-grade surlyn
  • Tail: Crescent or Bat with Channels


  • Double rails (50/50)
  • Single stringer made of graphite
  • Made for maximum wave time
  • IXL cross-link deck
  • Available in different sizes’

Since 1995, Custom X has been designing and manufacturing innovative products on the market. Their best shapers and designers have helped them come up with bodyboards that have been recognized for around 24 years. They have been on top of their league with the help of the game-changing designs, materials, templates, etc.,

With their extensive professional team heavily involved in all the manufacturing processes, it is no wonder they came up with one of the best that can cater for big and heavy riders.

Their Titan XPE Bodyboard is your go-to bodyboard if you want to get the most out of every wave you catch. This board utilizes an enduring and tested prone shape with the finest materials possible. Indeed, Titan XPE is a tough board made for an excellent performance.

Titan XPE Bodyboard is an all-around bodyboard that delivers high-end features for a mid-range price tag. While it is ideal for prone riding, it can also handle dropknee riding. Its polyethylene core makes it well suited for temperate climates.

Another highlight is the Surlyn bottom that allows the board to move faster. This construction helps the board to be more responsive and to be able to regain its shape after some seasons on the water. The dual rails and channels keep your grip on the wave face as you perform tricks.

If it is control and stability you need, the crescent tail caters just that. This experience mostly gained with expensive boards can be achieved with Titan. This board increases your projection through the water with the help of the graphite stringers

You can express yourself better with the four bold colors you can choose from: black, blue, red, and yellow. 

Flexible in terms of body/dropped-knee riding
Does not come with a hole or anything you can attach a leash with
Graphite stringers to increase durability
Misleading ad shows leash included
Ideal for big and tall bodyboarders
Sturdy and ready for dropknee

Check Price on Amazon

#7. DuoSlider 42” Bodyboard by Thurso Surf – Best for Family Use


  • Dimensions: 42 x 21 x 2.80 inches
  • Deck: IXPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
  • Bottom: HDPE (high-density polyethylene)


  • Can hold up to 180 pounds
  • Comes with free leash
  • Color choices of blue and wood tone

Taking pride in manufacturing highly-engineered, best materials, deluxe accessories, and second to none service, Thurso has but one mission – to chase after the highest quality while striving for the lowest price they could offer their customers. With product going through multiple analyses and tests, the ultimate experience is what you will achieve with their bodyboards.

Sold in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, their aim to be with you on your way to the waters includes having a perfect bodyboard that you can ride. DuoSlider is just that.

More than its aesthetic appeal is the magic that appears as you make your way through the waves while on prone position. Beneath the wooden textured top with blue and white strips is an EPS foam core that is designed for flexibility and strength.

The modern construction Thurso takes pride in has a crescent tail design intended for extra speed and stability. Its slick bottom lets you glide through the water even when the waves are present. The nonslip but soft deck is made of 4mm thick IXPE.

DuoSlider 42” Bodyboard by Thurso Surf’s primary asset is that it is the bodyboard that you will use frequently. This usage includes not just your rides. As the package includes double swivel leashes, it is perfect for parents who want to teach kids how to bodyboard.

The kids won’t worry about losing this board on hard falls with the free leash it comes with. 

Deck made of high-density 4mm IXPE
Only available in a single size
EPS foam for flexibility and strength
Crescent tail for speed and stability
Includes leash

Check Price on Amazon

#8. Loaded Bodyboard by Mike Stewart Science – Best for Advanced Riders


  • Mesh: Slick Mesh
  • Deck: Wavecushion Air PE
  • Bottom: Slick HDPE
  • Core: 13 pound PP


  • 55/45 ergonomic rails to stick all landings
  • Built-in nose and tail bumpers
  • Nose bulbs for more grip
  • Graduated channels for speed and acceleration
  • Crescent-shaped tail

Mike Stewart met with Tom Morey, the godfather of bodyboard in 1976. It was this meeting that he was introduced to the popularized idea of riding the board from the prone position. Aside from developing the earliest tricks of the trade in the bodyboarding world, he also started his own bodyboard company called the Science Bodyboards.

Even when he started his own bodyboard company, he didn’t leave behind his love for bodyboarding. He won more than nine world titles throughout his career and until now, in the best surfing spot in Oahu, he remains Mr. Pipeline.

One of Mr. Pipeline’s contribution to the bodyboarding world is his creation of the science series. One of which is the Mike Stewart Science Style Bodyboard. This is the trifecta of equalized performance. This creation offers speed, control, and maneuverability.

This balance between all three features makes it ideal for all manner of waves. With its core made from conventional plastic with edges of the deck reinforced at the point where they meet 55/45 double rails, it streamlines the perfect mix of pace, direction, and control.

Airs and spins are done easier than ever with Loaded Bodyboard by Mike Stewart Science. The Science Style series showcases a considerably wider template that allows you to still land a carving reverse even on smaller and mushier days.  

Simplified and sleek body squares off speed, control, and movement
More expensive than most brands
Designed by the bodyboard champion himself, Mike Stewart
Perfect for surfing tricks and getting extra airtime
Equipped for any type of water conditions

Check Price on Amazon

Our Top Pick – The Best Bodyboard

With more than a dozen bodyboards to choose from, all promising quality and performance delivery, there was one bodyboard that stood out amongst all the bodyboards that we’ve reviewed – including those that weren’t mentioned on the list.

Combining the love for music, experience with plastics, and a deep relationship with the waters, Tim Morey, the father of bodyboarding, and his creations, specifically Mach 7 Bodyboard by Morey tops our list.

Tom Morey knows bodyboarding more than anyone else. After all, it was his brainchild. With that said, all the qualities, basic and advanced were carefully considered in all his creations.

Mach 7 Bodyboard by Morey is the most iconic in his line of bodyboards. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a classic and sturdy bodyboard.

A lightweight bodyboard, it can endure harsh conditions. Unlike other bodyboards that fall apart after a few uses, Mach 7 Bodyboard by Morey can hold on its own. Not only is it durable, but it is also exceptionally comfortable.

What are Bodyboards and Bodyboarding?


Bodyboarding is believed to have started its roots in the islands of the Pacific. The first people to slid across ocean waves lying on boards were Polynesians. The boards they used were Alaia (pronounced ah-lie-ah) boards.

This old-fashioned way of riding waves has the rider either on their belly, knees or very rarely on their feet. Catching waves while in a prone position later evolved into stand-up wave riding. This means the origins of bodyboarding are way older than those of surfing.

Bodyboarding has three basic riding forms. Along with the evolution of ancient bodyboards, from Alaia to paipo (pronounced pipe-oh), came different ways of riding it from flat on your chest, to your knees to standing up.


To ride in a prone position is to drive the board on their stomach (or chest for some). Prone is recommended for riders who are just starting as it is easier to navigate waves. It also takes the least amount of balance.

Riding prone allows you to gain the experience of getting deep into that part of the wave where it curls over and creates a tube-like setting. It is a beginner’s perfect stepping stone to other tricks that can be done from bodyboard to surfboard.

Maneuvering in a prone position is easy. Placing the left hand on the upper left corner of the nose and the right arm halfway down the rail of the right side of the board makes the bodyboarder go left. The opposite should be done when it needs to turn right.


A not-so-common position, dropknee only has a few bodyboarders riding this way. Dropknee gives a compromise between surfing and bodyboarding. It is not recommended for beginners since the bodyboard will be hard to control.

But, mastering this style of riding will allow you to maneuver through the waters way better than when you were in a prone position.

To ride dropknee, one of your knees should be placed on the back corner of your board with the other foot on the opposite front corner of the board. It is like putting one foot in front to work and the other behind to rest.


Stand-ups on bodyboards are not as popular as prone and dropknee positions. After all, standing upon a bodyboard defeats the purpose of the bodyboard. It wouldn’t be called bodyboard if it didn’t work too closely with the body.

Stand-up riding is standing upright on the board and doing tricks on the face and in the air. Not a lot of bodyboarders ride this way but notable riders like Danny Kim, Cavin Yap, and Chris Won Taloa do it.


This water sport is also called boogie-boarding because of the invention of boogie boards by Tom Morey. Boogies differ from surfboards since they are typically shorter and made from different types of foams. Their dimensions usually range from 100 to 110 cm (39 to 43 in) in length.

Bodyboards consists of foam core condensed by a plastic bottom, a soft top (or the deck), and softer sides (or the rails). Its core is made of PE (polyethylene), parcel, PS (polystyrene), or PP (polypropylene). Soft tops are made of 8LB or CrossLink. And, the bottoms are with Surlyn, HDPE (High-density polyethylene) or Bixby.

The materials used for the core, deck, and bottom give the bodyboard varied amounts of flex and control. Construction is finished with the three parts bonded via different hot air lamination techniques to the core. Before complete lamination, shapers stick them together with glue.

The shapes and curves of bodyboards affect how it performs on the waters. The best bodyboards for prone riding is that of which the wide point of the board is nearer to the nose. On the other hand, bodyboards with more congruent rails or narrow noses are best for drop knee and stand-up riding.

Bodyboards have progressed from its early concepts in the 1970s. This evolution includes its spurts of rapid growth both as business and extreme sport. Bodyboarding is a sport that has grown into a worldwide industry with growing popularity in Australia, Japan, and South American countries like Peru and Chile.

Buying Guide for the Best Bodyboards

Deciding which bodyboard to pick can be tough. You want to be sure you are getting the right bodyboard for the waves, but you are unsure whether your height and weight affect its performance in the future.

Ultimately, the best bodyboard comes down to but one factor, it lets you enjoy the waters. And, that fun can be delivered if the following factors are carefully considered.


There have been too many horror stories of bodyboards bought that break after just a couple uses. So you do not want to be part of those statistics. The best bodyboard is constructed with the highest quality of materials and with an exceptional rate of manufacturing.

The materials and the bodyboard’s built will determine not only how long it will last but how it will perform in the water. For some years now, polypropylene foam is the most common material used. It is stronger but lighter than polyethylene foam. While it may cost more than most materials out there, it lasts longer and that just makes it worth every penny.


The size of the bodyboard you need should directly be proportional to your body built. It is called bodyboard because it will work with your body, right? Therefore, proper sizing is another important factor to consider in getting the best bodyboard.

A big bodyboard will result in poor controlling and maneuvering while a small one will keep you sitting too low in the water. You can check with the salesman which size is right for you or you can do it by yourself.

Sizing is simple and easy. What you only need to determine is the distance between the ground and your belly button and the distance between your knees and chin. Both should arrive at about the same numbers. If there is a margin of difference, your best pick is the average of the two for your bodyboard size.

Here’s a bodyboard sizing chart you can use for easy reference.

Board Size (in inches) Weight (in pounds) Height
36 to 38 65 to 85 4′ to 5′
39 85 to 115 4’6″ to 5’2″
40 110 to 130 5’3″ to 5’6″
41 to 41.75 125 to 170 5’7″ to 5’9″
42 145 to 180 5’9″ to 6′
42.5 160 to 190 5’10” to 6’2″
43 170 to 210 6’1″ to 6’3″
44 180 to 270 6’2″ to 6’4″

Another easy way to know whether the bodyboard is the right size for you is if you can easily reach the bottom rail while you are holding it under your arm when you carry it. You should be able to curl your fingers around it with no gap under your armpit.

Wave Size

Generally, you may want to pick a bigger bodyboard if you will ride small waves. The opposite applies to larger waves to give you more control and maneuverability.

Tail and Stringer

Tails and stringers are a couple more factors you need to be in the lookout for in getting the right bodyboard. The shape of the tail defines how it works in the water. Crescent-shaped tails add more stability. They also hug your body in rough waters.

Stiffness and flexibility are credited to the bodyboard’s stringer. This part helps boost the durability and endurance of your bodyboard while maintaining its strength and integrity.


Bodyboarding is a developing fun sport and is not just for someone who knows how to surf. In fact, bodyboarding is perfect for those who have no time to learn how to surf or may not be too confident to learn how to surf.

Bodyboarding is safer and easier. Even with little experience, bodyboarding lets you take on bigger waves with lesser risk than surfboards.

This fun sport is a good workout too! Bodyboarding improves your arms’ muscular strength from all of the strong directional paddling required. Your leg muscles can get toned as well from the water propelling as you ride.

But, be sure to get the best bodyboard to achieve all these and more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do you take care of a bodyboard?

A: Proper cleaning and storage after each use contribute to your bodyboard’s longevity. It should be a must to clean the board after every visit to the water. This is to avoid the salt from eating it away. Cleaning your bodyboard is as easy as washing just about anything with warm soapy water and a sponge.

Make sure to rinse it with fresh water to remove all the salt and dirt residue from your last ride. Inspect for any damages before storing. Unattended dents or scratches can go into the core of your board and will damage it in the long run. The quicker you fix it, the smaller the damage it can cause.

Let the bodyboard dry but not under direct sunlight. A board rack inside your garage is the perfect place to store it to keep it away from sunlight. Your bodyboard should not rest on its tail or nose as it will put undue pressure on these points. Doing so will leave you a bodyboard that is warped and bent.

Q: How do I ride and control the bodyboard?

A: Before anything else, you should wax your board. This gives your body enough grip as you take on the waters and keep you on it when you hit waves.

The proper position as you enter the waters should have you holding the nose of the bodyboard while lying down on your chest on the top half of the bodyboard. Move through the water by kicking your feet.

Here’s a video you that explains in visuals how you can achieve the best bodyboard ride.

Best Bodyboards for Women

Raywer 33-inch Bodyboard

RAYWER Body Lightweight Board
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08/20/2023 03:26 am GMT

The Raywer bodyboard is a lightweight surfboard for women. Made of high-density foam polyethylene, this Raywer bodyboard offers great strength and durability. Furthermore, it is lightweight, which makes it suitable for travel.

The bodyboard’s construction offers a nonslip top deck for better grip, and its streamlined nature increases its maneuverability. This Raywer bodyboard measures 33 inches long, which is also perfect for kids and adults. This bodyboard includes a pro-quality leash with a wristband to ensure you never lose the bodyboard while trying to catch the wave.


  • Strong impact resistance material
  • Crescent tail and bottom channels enhance maneuverability
  • Safety wrist or ankle leash
  • Good buoyancy


It may be too small for some surfers

Bo-Toys 33-inch Bodyboard

Bo-Toys Body Lightweight Board
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08/20/2023 03:30 am GMT

The Bo-Toy bodyguard is another affordable option for beginners or casual surfers. It is made with durable polystyrene and EPS core, allowing the body to stand the test of time. The heat lamination technology of the bodyboard also ensures the aesthetics of the body remain flashy even after years of using the bodyboard.

This Bo-Toy bodyboard is 33 inches long and lightweight, making it easy to transport while traveling. Its 60/40 rail also makes it excellent for maneuverability and skills. Additionally, this bodyboard comes with a wrist or ankle strap to keep the bodyboard.


  • Stylish design that remains flashy even after years
  • Great maneuverability and increased speed
  • Compact in size and lightweight
  • Offers excellent impact strength


  • Wrist or ankle leash construction is not very durable

Back Bay Play 41-inch Bodyboard

Back Bay Play 33" Body Board
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08/20/2023 03:35 am GMT

The Back Bay Play bodyboard is another great option for beginners looking for a budget-friendly board. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use bodyboard, perfect for beach vacations and trips. Black Bay Play made this board from durable material and EPS core, which increases its energy for speed and flex.

The design of the bodyboard features a crescent tail, making it offer great balance in almost every wave type. It measures 41 inches, which is the perfect size for more adults. It also comes in a 33-inch size for kids that requires a smaller-sized bodyboard.


  • Detachable wrist leash
  • It provides enough stability and buoyancy for beginners
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great quality for its price point


  • Experts surfers may outgrow the board quickly

BPS Storm 33-inch Bodyboard

BPS 37 Inch Bodyboard with Boogie Board Wrist Leash
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08/20/2023 03:41 am GMT

This BPS Store bodyboard is a solid option for beginners or anyone looking for a durable yet highly functional bodyboard. It features a hard-wearing HDPE material that amplifies the performance and reliability of the board.

It’s easy to maneuver with this board, thanks to its lightweight design. This bodyboard has a coiled leash that prevents you from losing the board to strong waves for added safety while on the water.


  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Affordable price point
  • Improves maneuverability
  • Coiled leash for added safety


  • The leash may break or come loose with a strong wave


WOOWAVE 33-inch Bodyboard

WOOWAVE Bodyboard 2-Pack 33-inch Premium Body Board
Buy Now on Amazon
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/20/2023 03:41 am GMT

If you want a premium bodyboard, consider getting this WOOWAVE bodyboard. It is a perfect bodyboard for all levels of surfers, beginners, and experienced. It features a durable and lightweight construction that provides superior maneuverability and speed in the water.

WOOWAVE made this board with an IXPE surface, EPS core, and HDPE slick bottom surface, which explains the extraordinary performance of the board. It is equipped with a 60/40 rail and a water-resistance coil, making it suitable for several wave conditions. This board also comes with a coiled leash to ensure you don’t lose the board while catching a wave.


  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for riders of all levels
  • High quality and performance
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • It may be too small for some surfers




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