Top 10 Best Wakeboard Bindings | Reviews (Airhead)

Wakeboarding is an engaging and fun sport, but it will be better if you own one of the best wakeboard bindings. You might think that you can overlook this part of your sports arsenal, but it is one of the mistakes most amateurs do. Many wakeboarders know that finding the perfect bindings can make an excellent improvement in your performance.

Because there are many binding selections in stores, and all are claiming to be the best, you must know how to pick the one that works for you. In this article, you will learn some of the suggested products, such as the Airhead Binding Venom and the Hyperlite Agent, and how you can choose the one that will satisfy you.

Top 10 Best Wakeboard Bindings in Review

Durability, comfort, and style are the criteria that most wakeboarders use in choosing the perfect wakeboard bindings for their use. In this section, you will learn some of the favorite bindings used by wakeboarders and the best among them. You will find out why they choose these products.

  1. Airhead Binding Venom Wakesurf Bindings
  2. Liquid Force Flex 4D Wakeboard Bindings
  3. Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings August Girl’s Boots
  4. O’Brien Clutch Wakeboard Bindings
  5. Hyperlite Destroyer 2020 Wakeboard Bindings
  6. Humanoid Wakeboards Howl
  7. Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings
  8. Ronix Wakeboard Bindings Supreme Boot
  9. Hyperlite Women’s Mystique Wakeboard Bindings
  10. Hyperlite Frequency Wakeboard Bindings

#1.  Airhead Binding Venom


  • Flexible plastisol overlay
  • Left and right specific plates
  • Lace system
  • Open-toe
  • Wide opening

Airhead is one of the first brands that you can think of speaking of watersports. They have been in the industry for decades, so it is not surprising that it knows its customers’ needs and how to give them.

Its Airhead Binding Venom product is an open-toe type that has a lace closure system. The open-toe feature allows you to adjust the size of the bindings based on your feet measurement, and the lacing system ensures that they will fit snugly. Despite its amazing features, it provides an easy entry.

The Airhead Binding Venom makes use of a thumbscrew system that ensures that you will never lose the mounting hardware.

Specific plates for better fitDoes not fit older wakeboard models
Adjustable closure system
Adjustable size

Easy entry

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#2. Liquid Force Flex 4D Wakeboard Bindings 


  • Open toe
  • Dual closure system (velcro and lace)
  • EVA impact dampener
  • N66 chassis
  • Dampening midsole

The Liquid Force Flex 4D Wakeboard Bindings are well-known for being one of the best bindings in the market.

Aside from its attractive appearance, it is also comfortable and secured.

These bindings have soft liners, EVA impact dampener, and dampening midsole. Plus, they have both velcro and lace closure systems that make the product convenient to wear and ensure a snug fit.

They make use of an N66 chassis that is durable and lightweight. Also, this product is open toe. It fits sizes four to six.

Compatible with almost any wakeboardNeeds some tying of laces
Dual closure system
Comfortable to wear

Durable chassis

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#3. Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings


  • Stage 1 liner
  • Auto-lock
  • Built-in J-bars
  • MainFrame Kids technology
  • Open toe

If you are wondering what could be the best wakeboard bindings for young girls, the Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings is probably what your child wants. It has an attractive pink color that will remind them of Barbie and her femininity.

The company created it with young girls in mind. That is why it will fit their needs for wakeboarding and encourage them to do the sport.

This product is comfortable to wear. It also has an auto-lock system that ensures that your child’s feet will remain secured inside when she wakeboards.

The stage one-liner ensures that your child will feel comfortable wearing it. It has built-in J-bars that make the product durable.

J-bars for stability and durabilityTeenagers may never like the design
Specifically designed for children
#Expensive for children’s use
Auto-lock feature for security
Stage one liner for comfort

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#4. O’Brien Clutch Wakeboard Bindings


  • Open toe
  • Size-specific
  • 2-degree canted chassis
  • Free flex tongue
  • Strobel lasted liner

The O’Brien Clutch is an open toe type of wakeboard binding. Its unique free flex tongue feature provides easy entry for your feet.

It also has a  five-point adjustment feature that ensures that your bindings will fit snugly. It will help save time when you shop for your bindings because it makes a fitting assessment more comfortable.

It also has a Strobel-lasted liner that ensures that you will feel comfortable as you use it for wakeboarding. This liner follows the shape of the foot that adds to the comfort it gives.

Promotes natural stance because of the canted chassisHeavy
Ensures fitting through five-point adjustment
Liner that contours feet

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#5. Hyperlite Destroyer 2020 Wakeboard Bindings


  • Dual density
  • Speed lace
  • Three-stage rocker
  • 6-inch low pro plate system
  • Fits sizes 7-14

The Hyperlite Destroyer 2020 is an open-toe type of wakeboard binding. It is a famous model. Because of its popularity, its manufacturer developed it into better models to become a high-end model as it is now.

The Hyperlite Destroyer 2020 uses a low pro plate system, one of the slimmest in the market. This feature allows easy maneuverability of the board while eliminating some weight.

It makes use of OSFM model bindings, but it can fit 7 to 14 feet sizes. You will see the difference in the current model’s weight from the previous ones. The present models are lighter and easier to control.

The manufacturer is also generous enough to give a year of warranty.

Can accommodate any size
Seems weak
Heel panel for easy accessStiff
Quick lacing system
Stable platform
Drain panels

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#6. Humanoid Wakeboards Howl


  • Z-bar chassis
  • V Fly closure system
  • Swamp foot drainage
  • Available in different sizes (from 6 to 13)

The Humanoid Wakeboards Howl has high-quality features, which are worth its high price. These wakeboard bindings are for those people whose feet sizes are from 12 to 13. This model is a close-toe type, which provides better fit and control.

It uses a velcro closure system to make fastening fast and convenient. The company calls it FormV Fly Lacing because it makes it easy for the users to get in and out of it. Even though it is velcro, it ensures a snug fit.

It has a foam liner that provides comfort for the feet. The Humanoid Wakeboards Howl has a draining system that prevents your feet from getting soaked in water as you ride.

This model has a Z-bar chassis that increases control of the board.

Easy to and quick to fasten
Drains excess water
Easy to control

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#7. Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings


  • Low through drain panels
  • Low pro plate system
  • FIts sizes 8 to 14
  • Speed lace system
  • EVA padded footbed

Recently, the manufacturer improved the Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings, and users love the changes and its features. It is an OSFM model that can fit almost any feet sizes from 8 to 14. It is also an open-toe type.

Its low pro plate system provides better stability and control by minimizing flexing between the board and your feet.

The Super Kush rear flex zone feature makes the heel and the back part of the bindings durable, which can withstand the challenges of frequent use. It is also comfortable to wear because of its padded footbed with dual-density foam that also provides additional support to enhance your wakeboarding experience.

This product also comes with a warranty for a year.

Fits wide range of feet sizesNot suitable for riders with small feet
Easy to get in and out of it
Comfortable footbed
Speed lace system

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#8. Ronix Wakeboard Bindings Supreme Boot


  • BrainFrame technology
  • FlexForm Heel Panel
  • Super Straps
  • Built-in J-bars
  • Available in six sizes

The Ronix Wakeboard Bindings Supreme Foot uses the BrainFrame technology that provides engineered fit. Aside from that, the Ronix Wakeboard Bindings Supreme Foot has a three-stage liner that gives comfort.

It is a closed-toe type that has a velcro type closure system. It uses Super Straps for providing a secure and flexible fit. The Ronix Wakeboard Binding Supreme Foot also uses FlexForm heel panel and 3D molded tongue, which adds to the comfort.

Athletes Tyler Higman and Jake Pelot use these bindings.

Effortless tightening due to Super Straps featureFeels heavy on the first use
Dual-density foam
Secure fit

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#9. Hyperlite Women’s Mystique Wakeboard Bindings


  • Speed Lace
  • Dual Density
  • Low Pro Plate
  • Fits women whose sizes range from 6 to 11

If you are a woman who thinks that wakeboarding is just for men, you are wrong. There are wakeboard bindings designed for women, and the Hyperlite Women’s Mystique is one of the best open-toe types in the market.

This model is the female version of the Hyperlite Destroyer. It has a low pro plate as a base plate that provides easy maneuverability. It is also why it is light. Plus, it has a dual-density foam that provides a foot and heel cushion that makes landing and riding comfort.

The Hyperlite Women’s Mystique Wakeboard Bindings has a fast lacing system that allows you to fasten your bindings fast and also lets you in and out of them quickly.

Comfortable at the back of the leg
Available in only one color
Designed for women
Foot cushion

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#10. Hyperlite Frequency Wakeboard Bindings


  • EVA molded heel
  • Flex zone
  • Quick lace system
  • Fits men whose size ranges from 7 to 13 and women whose size ranges from 8 to 14

The Hyperlite Frequency claims to be the versatile type of open-toe wakeboard bindings that can fit any size from kids to adults, and amateur to experienced. It has a Flex zone that provides comfort as the rider performs. It also has a fast lace system that makes getting in and out of them easy.

It has an EVA footbed that provides cushion and comfort to the feet. The Hyperlite Frequency also gives better board control.

Comfortable EVA designed cushionTightening can be challenging
Quick lace system

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Top Pick: The Best Wakeboard Bindings

There are several wakeboard bindings in the market, which makes choosing the best product to wear challenge. If you are new to wakeboarding, it will be more difficult for you because of the specs and other details that you must know. It includes the different types, sizes, closure systems, and the like.

If you do not know which brand to look for or to try on, you can start with these lists.

These lists consist of products that most users and athletes love. Among these products, the top pick is the Airhead Binding Venom.

The Airhead Binding Venom provides excellent support while you are on the ride. It can fit almost any feet because it is an open-toe type. You do not have to struggle or to lubricate your feet to get in and out of these bindings because you can open it wide.

It also takes pride in its adjustable plastisol overlay and quick lace system that ensures a snug fit and support.

Men and women can wear the Airhead Binding Venom. There is also a child’s version of this model.

Tips for Selecting Which Wakeboard Bindings to Purchase

There are some pointers that you should know when selecting the best wakeboard bindings for you. Here are the lists of some things that you should do when you buy your wakeboard bindings:

#1. Bindings slightly stretch on frequent use.

In purchasing your wakeboard bindings, bear in mind that your bindings will mold into the shape of your feet over time. Because of that, do not get disappointed when trying on new wakeboard bindings for the first time. Imagine how the bindings will feel on your feet in the future.

#2. Try it on.

Trying the bindings on is the best way to determine which boots will satisfy you.

You need to damp your feet first before trying it on because getting into the boots might become challenging. Use lube and not soap for lubrication. Soap will dry the bindings.

#3. Make sure that your wakeboard and bindings are compatible.

Although it is a no-brainer that you should buy the bindings that will be compatible with your wakeboard, the challenging part is on knowing if the bindings will be consistent.

The easiest way to find out is to buy from the same manufacturer. You may also check the screws if you cannot buy from the same shop. Thankfully, bindings typically only use two types of screws: the 0.25-inch standard and the Metric M6.

What Features to Remember When Buying Wakeboard Bindings

If you are new to wakeboarding, you must know that many wakeboarders refer to these bindings as ‘wakeboard boots.’ This term refers to both the boots and the bindings, but it only points to the same thing. For that reason, wakeboarders may also be referring to the shoes when they say ‘wakeboard bindings.’

Wakeboard bindings are the essential part of your gears. That is why you must select the ones that fit the best and satisfy you.


Wakeboard bindings not only differ in size but also types. Variation in types is necessary to accommodate the needs of users in different weather conditions and feet sizes. It is also essential for better maneuverability.

The different types of bindings are open toe, closed-toe, and system wakeboard.

The open toe bindings, as the name implies, has the toe part open. These kinds of bindings allow the toes to move freely. These kinds are advisable for kids because their feet are still growing.

It is also the best option if you are sharing it with other wakeboarders.

The only problem with these bindings is the precise fitting. If the bindings are loose or tight, it can affect your performance.

The closed-toe bindings completely enclosed the feet. Because of that, it provides a little room for the toes to move and gives you more control of your wakeboard. If you buy closed toe bindings, you are sure that they perfectly fit on our toes.

The only problem with these bindings is that you cannot share them with other people. If you do, they should have the same size of feet as yours.

The system wakeboard bindings are unique because they resemble the snowboard boots. The boots and the bindings are separate. You need to screw the bindings directly on the board.

The system wakeboard has a ratchet and a highback that allows you to strap your boots securely. What is wonderful about this type of bindings is that you can walk around freely by only wearing the shoes without the bindings.

However, you have to make sure to fit them securely before using them for wakeboarding. You do not want your bindings to let loose when you wakeboard.


Bindings that are available in the market are either soft or stiff. Beginners opt for soft ones. As the wakeboarders progress on their skill, they start to choose the ones with a stiff flex. It is because the hard ones provide better control and performance, although it is not always true.

Closure system

It refers to the types of bindings’ fasteners. Before, you need to lube your feet with soap to wear the bindings. Nowadays, bindings offer different closure systems, which are the laces, velcro, and BOA.

Laces are the traditional closure system that needs no explanation. If you own snickers, you know how laces work. Bindings have fasteners that prevent your laces from getting loose as you use them. This system, though it needs more effort to secure than the others, offers a better fit.

Velcro is another closure system that is also common on sneakers, which is also the trend. This system provides more convenience because there is no tying needed. However, you need to sacrifice precise fitting.

BOA is a patented closure system that makes use of a dial to secure fitting. It is ideal because there is no tying needed, and it is neat to the eyes. The only problem that most wakeboarders complain about this type is that it tends to snap quickly, and to replace it is an issue.


If you are new to wakeboarding, you do not have to invest in the expensive ones. You can buy cheap ones, especially if you only want to experience how to do this sport or if you only want to know if you will like the experience.

Buy the expensive ones when you already have the skills and decide to pursue this sport.


Wakeboard bindings play an essential role in providing you the best experience. For that reason, you should not pick just anything. It does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive board in the store. You only have to know which product will fit you comfortably.

The listed products here are only suggestions and based on most users’ favorites. If you do not know which brand to look at first, try the Airhead Binding Venom on before buying, and see if you will like it.

It is up to you to find out which product to buy. What is important is that it helps you perform well and it is comfortable to wear.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do you need to invest in expensive wakeboard bindings?

Not necessarily, though the more expensive ones tend to last longer and have more reputable brands behind their products.

Q: How do I find the right wakeboard bindings?

When it comes to wearing the wakeboard bindings, the right fits should be tight, but not to the extreme that it is already uncomfortable, and you cannot walk. It must be a comfy kind of snug. You want your boots to be tight because you do not want them slipping off your feet when you wakeboard. Thankfully, heat molded liners are already available. These liners help provide a better fit on your bindings without using a lubricant.

Q: How do I know the perfect wakeboard binding size?

A: Stores often sell wakeboard bindings in US sizes. If you only know your UK size, you do not have to worry. If you’re male, add one from your UK size, and that will be your US size. If you are a woman, add two. For example, if you are a man with a UK size of 10, your US size will be 11. If you are a woman with a UK size of 7, your US size will be 9. From that, you can start trying different bindings to know which one will be the best fit for you.

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