Top 8 Best Water Ski Gloves | 2021 Reviews (Radar)

Nowadays, many people disregard the use of water ski gloves. They don’t know that this gear is essential to keep their hands away from injuries and calluses. Besides that, these gloves provide a reliable grip that can help you pull the best tricks even at high speeds.

You should start shopping for water ski gloves to maximize your hand potential and strength at wakeboarding. Once you have a high-quality pair of gloves, you can indeed prevent some hazardous injuries.

Several companies in the United States are currently crafting high-end water ski gloves for both beginners and experienced riders. Most of them use Kevlar palms to ensure everyone can have a comfortable and reliable grip and maximum hand protection from handle abrasion.

Below are the top eight trusted and recommended water ski gloves that you should consider.

Top 8 Best Water Ski Gloves Reviewed

  1. Radar Voyage Glove 
  2. Radar Engineer Boa Glove 
  3. Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove 
  4. Ho Sports Kids World Cup Water Ski Gloves 
  5. Yobenki Men's Ski Gloves
  6. Connelly Men's Tournament Waterski Gloves
  7. Connelly Men's Waterski Claw Gloves
  8. Ho Women's World Cup Waterski Gloves 

#1. Radar Voyage Glove 

Radar Voyage Glove


  • Construction: Padded suede palm, double gauge thread, pre-curved fingers
  • Colors: Black/Grey/Blue
  • Waterproof: Yes

If you are looking for the best water ski gloves with maximum protection, performance, and comfort, you have to purchase the Radar Voyage Glove. Any beginner or professional can use this product to optimize their ability, safety, and enjoyment above the water.

Radar claims that the Voyage Glove can protect your hands from abrasions, blisters, and cuts. Its padded suede palm and inside out construction can also give you a very comfortable fit.

Overall, the Radar Voyage Glove is genuinely superior to its rival gloves in today’s market. With an affordable price, you can enjoy a professional-grade product that will undoubtedly enhance your overall performance. You can snuggly fit this glove through the wrist Velcro strap and BOA wrist closure system.

The manufacturer ensured that Radar Voyage Glove could keep your hands steady while remaining relaxed. You will also appreciate its curved fingers that provides an excellent grip and easy release while doing your favorite tricks.

Affordable than other water ski glovesNot so good ventilation
Available for men, women, and kids
Reliable grip, comfort, and design
Reliable grip, comfort, and design
Easy release

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#2. Radar Engineer Boa Glove 

Radar Engineer Boa Glove


  • Construction: Hydrophobic coating, inside-out stitching, double gauge thread, aramid palm, pre-curved fingers
  • Colors: Black/Grey
  • Waterproof: Yes

Next on the list is the Radar Engineer BOA Glove with the best seamless fit. With this product, you can enjoy a more secure fit on hands thanks to its Aramid palm, pre-curved fingers, and inside-out stitch. Undoubtedly, the Radar Engineer BOA Glove can comfortably fit any beginners or experienced players while waterskiing or wakeboarding.

What makes the Radar Engineer BOA Glove an excellent choice is ensuring the perfect wrist connection to avoid irritation after long hours of use. According to the product description, Radar used a unique Engineered Mesh, a material that can provide the most seamless fit for a water ski glove. Radar can prevent your hands from getting tired and keeps the cold water and wind away with this construction.

If you are looking for the most recommended water ski gloves with the best fit, do not hesitate to purchase this Radar Engineer BOA Glove. Several professional players have used this product so anyone can guarantee excellent quality.

Better gripping power for water skiing and wakeboarding
Not so good ventilation
Excellent fit, comfort, and protection
Available for men, women, and kids
Very reasonable price
Water resistance

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#3. Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove 

Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove


  • Construction: Neoprene stitch zone, inside-out building, convert to fingerless
  • Colors: Black/Pink
  • Waterproof: Yes

The best water ski gloves designed for women is the Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove. Its structure can provide you with extra strength, endurance, grip, and fit. You can also rely on its neoprene stitch fabric that no sagging will occur after several uses.

Over the years, females have recommended the Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove since it maximizes comfort and durability. Plus, it has a better grip that can provide extra safety. While this product is slim, the Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove’s padding ensures your hands will stay warm even if the water turns slightly colder.

If you don’t know yet, Radar Lyric Inside-Out Glove is winning the game thanks to its space-grade insulation that retains more warmth throughout the fingers. It may look meek due to its slim built, long-lasting waterproof materials on the exterior.

Excellent grip and fit
Poor lining
Better protection
Extremely warm
Affordable price

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#4. Ho Sports Kids World Cup Water Ski Gloves 

Ho Sports Kids World Cup


  • Construction: Neoprene-elastic design, strategic stitch reinforcements, pre-curved fingers, Velcro knuckle, and wrist straps
  • Colors: Black/Blue
  • Waterproof: Yes

If you are thinking about the best water ski gloves for young riders, you should go for the Ho Sports Kids World Cup. With this product, your kid can feel the cozy neoprene-elastic design and comfortable stitch reinforcement. Besides that, it has a vast stretch opening and Velcro knuckle that provides the best fit for wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Furthermore, the Ho Sports Kids World Cup proved to have the best weather-resistant materials and excellent performance. Unquestionably, this product is one of the warmest water ski gloves for kids in today’s market. Several users claimed that the Ho Sports Kids World Cup’s weather resistance performed very well in different water conditions. They also loved its insulated lines that have a better ability than the shell.

The only downside of the Ho Sports Kids World Cup is it can pack out pretty quickly after a few years. In its warmest configuration, these water ski gloves are some of the coziest. Overall, kids who tend to get cold quickly should wear this Ho Sports Kids World Cup. It offers a bomber construction and waterproof fabrics that can keep your child’s hands cozy for several hours.

Comfortable to wear
Loses quality after a few years of usage
Excellent insulation
Lightweight feeling
Very compressible

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#5. Yobenki Men's Ski Gloves

Yobenki Ski Gloves


  • Construction: Cotton insulation, smooth fleece inside, non-slip PU palms
  • Colors: Green/Blue/Black
  • Waterproof: Yes

The Yobenki Men’s Ski Gloves is the best high-performing mitt that you can use in the coldest weather. Since several skiers have tested this product, you can assure that this one is way warmer than several overpriced mitts in today’s market.

According to the product description, the Yobenki Men’s Ski Gloves has cotton insulation, smooth fleece, and non-slip PU palms that make drying a breeze. The padding around the fingers and knuckles also adds more warmth and protection. Regarding the durability, this Yobenki is super steady and one of the most best-reviewed water ski gloves.

While this Yobenki Men’s Ski Gloves can perform many tasks, it is quite evident that they are not the handiest. It has a thick leather that might put some hassle on your motor skills. Despite this issue, the Yobenki Men’s Ski Gloves is one of the best products for cold weather performances.

Yobenki Men’s Ski Gloves have a sturdy wrist strap and nylon backhand to ensure its fast-drying capability for water resistance. Besides that, these gloves are a low-cost solution so you can get the maximum warmth and protection without spending too much. They can help your hands to remain comfortable and relaxed while performing your favorite tricks.

Excellent for water skiing and wakeboardingLack of talent in some tasks
Keep cold winds and waters out
Fast-drying fabrics
Best warmth

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#6. Connelly Men's Tournament Waterski Gloves

Connelly Tournament Waterski Gloves


  • Construction: Full Amara palm, stick raised silicone palm, reinforced pre-curved fingers
  • Colors: Black
  • Waterproof: No

The Connelly Men’s Tournament Waterski Gloves wins as one of the comfiest gloves for smaller hands. With this product, you can have better sizes that are still suitable for a wide variety of temperatures. It also offers a waterproof barre to keep your hand’s warmth throughout your performance.

Furthermore, the Connelly Men’s Tournament Waterski Gloves have an excellent talent for general tasks. Thus, with these gloves, you can easily handle small things or open zippers with ease. They will help your hand to have a better grip on handles to avoid any hassle.

Regarding the construction, the Connelly Men’s Tournament Waterski Gloves have a full Amara palm with reinforced pre-curved fingers that allows you to have the best fit. Its double gauge threat and inside out design also enhances safety, durability, and comfort.

Since Connelly Men’s Tournament Waterski Gloves received an excellent reputation in several skiers, you can count on its advanced technology, durable construction, high performance, and a better fit for smaller hands. The stylish design also makes it a popular choice in today’s market.

These gloves are suitable for men and women, too. Many customers were very impressed with these gloves’ durability and functionality at a very affordable price. Unless you are looking for higher ends, these Connelly Men’s Tournament Waterski Gloves are a definite must-have.

Superior and long-lasting quality
Does not dry quickly
Excellent weather resistance
Fits well and looks great
Comfortable to wear

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#7. Connelly Men's Waterski Claw Gloves

Connelly Men's Waterski Claw Gloves


  • Construction: Leather veneer EVA, embossed neoprene knuckle, Kevlar fabric
  • Colors: Black/Neon
  • Waterproof: No

This year, skiers consider the Connelly Men’s Waterski Claw Gloves as the comfiest and most valuable water skiing gloves. Even if you perform in warmer and colder weather, these gloves will keep your hands relaxed and comfortable.

Thanks to its refined design with premium-quality leather veneer EVA, Kevlar fabric, and embossed neoprene, you can guarantee a superb talent with substantial durability and weather resistance. Besides that, the Connelly Men’s Waterski Claw Gloves has an excellent heating element suitable for cold mornings.

Furthermore, the Connelly Men’s Waterski Claw Gloves has a lot of leather for its reasonable price, boosting its longevity into several years. Several skiers are hoping that this product stays available. Most of them claimed that it performed very well for all weather conditions.

Moreover, the Connelly Men’s Waterski Claw Gloves have an anti-skid palm that guarantees that you aren’t sacrificing your grip while performing. According to Connelly, you can use this product on other winter activities such as snowboarding and snow shoveling due to its comfortable fabrics.

Suitable for other winter activitiesStitching may tear
Warm and comfortable fabrics
Anti-skid for excellent grip

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#8. Ho Women's World Cup Waterski Gloves 

Ho Women's World Cup Waterski Gloves


  • Materials: Stitched reinforcements, Velcro knuckle
  • Colors: Black/Pink
  • Waterproof: No

The Ho Women’s World Cup Waterski Gloves offer some of the most durable materials that can perfectly fight off cold and wet. These products can provide enough warm thanks to its smart insulation and keep your hands toasty during the coldest winter.

According to the product description, the Ho Women’s World Cup Waterski Gloves have stitched reinforcements and Velcro knuckle that adds substantial warmth and wind-proofing. Its construction is incredibly durable, meaning you can enjoy these gloves for many years.

For the price, these Ho Women’s World Cup Waterski Gloves are an incredibly useful purchase and will surely fulfill any skier’s needs during winter. If you don’t know yet, you can use them on water skiing, wakeboarding, or even snow shoveling.

Ho Sports has added thick patches on the palm and finger areas to make them more rigid and resistant to abrasion and tension. The manufacturer also included a double-layered thermal lining to maximize heat retention, absorb moisture, repel cold, and ensure the comfiest feeling throughout your performance.

Over the years, Ho Sports has been a trusted brand that professional skiers use. Thanks to the company’s budget-friendly, reliable, and well-designed water ski gloves, anyone can have a comfortable, fun, and safe performance.

Keeps hands warm, dry, and comfortable
Relatively small for some women
Built with the most rigid materials
Excellent bang for your buck
Solid construction

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Top Pick – Our Favorite Water Ski Gloves – Radar Voyage Glove

The Radar Voyage Glove is an incredibly well-made, durable, and high-performing product that can keep the cold and wet at bay. Its construction is more than enough for water skiing and other winter activities. Besides that, it’s premium and waterproof materials remain soft and flexible, ensuring the most comfortable and coziest fit no matter the weather condition.

Furthermore, the Radar Voyage Glove are budget-friendly, too, making it suitable for occasional water skiers Simple, yet comfortable, warm and long-lasting, these gloves will surely exceed your expectations. Besides that, you will also appreciate its multi-layered waterproof coating that ensures no water will get in. Its fabrics also feature excellent sweat absorption, so your hands won’t feel cold from the inside.

Best Water Ski Gloves Brands


Radar is one of the most trusted brands that design the hard-wearing and durable water ski gloves. The products here come with rubber fingers for a more secure grip and plenty of flexibility. Several professional skiers have been purchasing gloves from this manufacturer since Radar provides some of the softest and most comfortable fabrics that are gentle against the skin, suitable for several hours or water skiing.

Furthermore, Radar provides waterproof and wind-proof water ski gloves that are suitable for cold weather. The thick insulating properties are also ideal for other winter activities, including snowboarding and snow shoveling. According to the manufacturer, they assure that all water ski gloves from their brand are suitable for all-day comfort.

Ho Sports

Once again, Ho Sports delivers some of the most stylish yet long-lasting water ski gloves that offer waterproof protection and warmth. The products from this company come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure the most snugly fit for all skiers. With this brand, you can use your water ski gloves in colder climates and other outdoor pursuits. Thanks to the soft yet thick fabrics, Ho Sports made their water ski gloves moisture-wicking and waterproof.

Furthermore, Ho Sports designed its products with durability in mind. They also offer some of the best anti-slip materials for enhanced grip. Overall, this brand is a trusted brand that will indeed support you while engaging with your favorite winter sport.


If your hands seriously suffer during winter, you will surely appreciate Connelly’s water ski gloves. This company has been developing water and wind-resistant products that can protect your hands from colder climates. They also deliver excellent warmth and comfort to help you perform better.

With Connelly, you can guarantee that your water ski gloves are high-quality, breathable, and durable. You can securely adjust and tightened them at your wrists to prevent the snow or wind from getting in.

Features to Look for When Buying Water Ski Gloves


Regardless if you are skiing in warmer or colder conditions, you have to check the gloves’ warmth. This way, you would know whether a particular product suits your needs.


A good lining can provide you extra warmth and a comfortable fit. Usually, you will find linings with wool, fleece, or synthetic materials. Choose the synthetic one if you prefer more moisture-wicking qualities.

Size and Fit

It is crucial to make sure that your water ski gloves will fit appropriately on your hands. For the best performance, choose the one with the comfiest and most snuggly fit with enough room for your fingers to move.


When purchasing water ski gloves, you have to make sure it will not freeze your hands or numb your fingers. Fortunately, with the top nine products above, you no longer have to worry. Each glove listed in this topic can keep your hands warm and dry throughout your favorite winter activity. Some of them also offer moisture-wicking materials that will keep your hands feeling refreshed and comfortable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is it okay to ski without gloves?

A: No, you should not go for water skiing without a pair of gloves. These products serve as your hand protection against possible injuries and colder temperatures. Besides that, these gloves can absorb moisture to make you feel dry and comfortable throughout your performance.

Q: How much are water ski gloves?

A: Usually, a high-quality water ski gloves pair starts from $100 up to $399. If you are an occasional skier, investing in affordable ones is good enough.

Q: Can I put my water ski gloves in the washing machine?

A: No, water ski gloves need special care. Hand-washing is the best way to clean yours.

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