Top 7 Best Wakesurf Boards

Another exciting sport that is gaining popularity over water sport enthusiasts is wakesurfing. This incredibly rewarding water activity may not be as popular as wakeboarding but, it is getting recognized little by little.

While wakeboarding is a combination of water-skiing and surfboarding, wakesurfing is wakeboarding and surfing combined. The only difference is, wakeboarding operates with a rope that harnesses the rider to the boat, wakesurfing doesn’t.

Instead, wakesurfing allows you to move freely on the water, on your own by the wake created behind the boat. It can be a little dangerous without the ropes but, getting the best wakesurf board makes it fun and exciting.

Top 7 Best Wakesurf Boards – Your Ultimate Summer Experience

One of the reasons wakesurfing took a slow turn in its popularity is the idea that it doesn’t utilize a rope, making it look dangerous and difficult. But that’s what makes it more exhilarating and fun. Of course, shapers will eventually learn the correct shape and form that will make the sport less risky.

And that is the only thing you need. Getting the best wakesurf board is your answer.

If the boat is not the right size or style, the possibility of getting wiped out is bigger. Take some time to study these boards to find out which wakesurf board will help you enjoy your ride. It may take a while but once you got yourself your best wakesurf board and you are out in the water, you’ll realize it was all worthy.

Here are some boards we reviewed to help you narrow down your choices and make it easy for you to shop your best wakesurf board.

  1. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board
  2. Driftsun 50/50 Skim Style Wakesurf Board
  3. Airhead Pfish Skim Style Wakesurf Board
  4. Hyperlite Blue Broadcast Wakesurf Board
  5. Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board
  6. Hyperlite Misfit Wakesurf Board by Byerly
  7. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board

#1. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board – Best Wakesurf Board for Beginners


  • Length: 4 Foot, 8 Inches (56″)
  • Width: 20 In
  • Rail: Low
  • Tail: Diamond
  • Fins: 4
  • Core: EPS core


  • Diamond tail shape
  • Diamond textured EVA pad
  • Full Natural Stringer
  • Square nose shape
  • Double concave base

The Driftsun Team comprises of like-minded thrill-seekers who have the same passion for outdoors and water sports. They founded Driftsun in 2014 on the Lakes of Northern California with the desire to develop products that support their lifestyle while sharing it with others, too.

One of the products they produced that has a left a mark in wakesurf scene is their Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board. Designed for all levels of surfers, from beginners to intermediate, it is fast, small, and easy to handle. The whole 4ft 8in by 20in body is tapered with 1.5in thickness that is made up of sturdy materials that can aid in making the board last a long time.

This wakesurf board has a core that is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and a full natural stringer hand finished for added flair. It is designed with a shape that is perfect for all wakesurfers – square nose, a concave base contour, low rails, and a diamond-shaped tail. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board can take on wakes from a boat’s behind smoothly.

Throwdown has a quad fin setup with a dual concave base intended for a constant and maneuverable ride. You can have the fins adjusted to give you the ride you are trying to achieve. Its low rail provides maximum stability that also helps to keep up with its weight capacity of 250 pounds.

This favorite takes in a textured EVA traction pad leaving surfers worry-free about slipping off the board. Helps riders concentrate on catching those waves better. It weighs 12.8 pounds so it wouldn’t be so hard for riders to carry the board around.

Durable and lightweight constructionTightening of screws may cause damage on the fins
Best beginner wakesurf board
Delamination after a few uses
Adjustable quad fin set up
Limited color options
High-quality materials
Comes in two sizes

#2. Driftsun Fifty/50 Skim Style Wakesurf Board – Best Skim-Style


  • Length: 4 Foot, 9 Inches
  • Width: 21.5 In
  • Rail: Sharp
  • Tail: Diamond
  • Fins: 3 Driftsun 1” stinger skim fins
  • Core: EPS core


  • Diamond tail shape
  • Diamond textured EVA pad
  • Reinforced fiber rails
  • Pointed nose shape
  • Removable fin thruster setup

Fifty/50 Skim Style Wakesurf Board is another product that Driftsun takes pride in. This 4ft by 9 in has an EPS core with natural wood slinger, a full carbon fiber wrap, and carbon fiber rails, all finished with epoxy-fiberglass.

This excellent board nurtures your confidence by delivering maximum stability whenever you surf. It is another board from Driftsun that has an interchangeable fin system. This means it allows you to have unlimited control over how you surf, according to your comfort level as you hone your surfing skills.

Driftsun Fifty/50 Skim Style Wakesurf Board is a good bridge between Surf and Skim style wakesurf boards. It lets riders perform slashes, spins, and basic jumps. It features a full EVA traction pad, so you can ride the whole platform as you find your perfect spot.

This wakesurf board has a flat bottom base that allows for a fast and responsive ride the whole time its sharp rail helps it to be stable. The package comes complete with a surf rope and other gears that will make it your all-in-one set.

Great for beginners to build confidence
The design is not great for visibility
Great pop thanks to the low weight
Minor blemishes in the finish
Full carbon fiber wrap
Not ideal for everyday use
Low profile kicktail
Three fin design

#3. Airhead Pfish Skim Style Wakesurf Board – Budget-Friendly Skim-Style Wakesurf Board


  • Length: 4.08 Foot
  • Width: 21 In
  • Rail: Sharp
  • Tail: Fish
  • Fins: 2
  • Core: PE core


  • Fishtail setup
  • Weight Capacity of 175 pounds
  • Thickly grooved EVA deck
  • Lightweight at 8.1 pounds

Airhead Pfish is the wakesurf board for any rider, beginner to advanced. With its full shape and fishtail setup, riding with it is forgiving enough to provide beginners an easy platform to learn the glide. The thickness of this wakesurf board is just right to give the rider great acceleration pace and control even in high water wakes.

The construction, design, and price make Airhead Pfish Skim Style Wakesurf Board one of the popular skim style surfboards available today. It features a tough trackpad and footholds for extra stability. The features don’t just benefit the beginners as advanced riders also appreciate how stable it is that it allows them to perform tricks such as air reverses and shove-its.

Airhead Pfish is your perfect choice if you are buying on a budget as it is one of the most affordable wakesurf boards available in the market today. Before making the purchase, be sure a dual fin setup is good for you since they are not removable.

Airhead’s shapers made sure these wakesurf boards are to have a curved template to give the rider that feeling of shredding large sections of the wakes and taking high points as well.

Offers a steady ride with good footholds
Lower quality materials
Made with optimal thickness
Limited color options
Stable board for beginners
Not good for speed
Curved template

#4. Hyperlite Blue Broadcast Wakesurf Board – Best Wakesurf Board for Airs


  • Length: 4.08 Foot
  • Width: 22 In
  • Rail: Double edge
  • Tail: Swallow
  • Fins: 3
  • Core: EPS core


  • Compression-molded
  • Tri-fin system
  • Double edge rails
  • Fully customizable
  • Shaun Murray Certified

Hyperlite has been one of the most trusted brands for wakesurf boards since 1991. They have a team of professional riders and loyal supporters that contribute to putting together their best line of wakeboards, bindings, wakesurfers, vests, ropes, and handles. Their partnership with other surf companies led them to launch their products that use aerospace-grade materials all USA-made.

Their confidence with their material selections and construction delivers trustworthy gear relied on for any surfing seasons.

Hyperlite Blue Broadcast Wakesurf Board is just one of the many products Hyperlite is proud to produce. This relatively short-sized wakesurf board provides a large surface area as it is compression molded. The double-edged rails enable riders a tough grip while performing tricks and stunts.

Designed uniquely for speed and air time, its dual concave structure lets beginners get the right thrust and momentum to build air rotation and maintain balance. The tails allow the board to slice through the water permitting to pick up speed as the rider catches waves and performs tricks. The EVA traction pad is well-appreciated by riders as it gives just the right amount of cushion and grip.

This wakesurf board comes with a tri-fin system that lets you use it with one, two, or three fins at a time. Perfect for all skill levels. It has an extended rail grip that has the tail fixed for superior control all while having the Monocoque construction that makes the board lightweight and durable.

Perfect for small to medium-sized wakes
Poor packaging, damaged upon delivery
Picks up and maintains speedwell
Available only in one template
Available in different colorsOnly comes in one size
Great for everyone in the family
Tri-fin system

#5. Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board –  Best Tri-fin System


  • Length: 4’6″ 5′ 5’6”
  • Width: 20.6 21.6 21.6
  • Rail: Full Rail
  • Tail: deep swallowtail
  • Fins: 3
  • Core: Handmade by Robots


  • Machined EVA Front Pad w/ Concave
  • Arch Support
  • New Stronger SpringLock Tech Fin-S 2.0 Tool-less Fin System
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Air Vents Inserted in EVA Tail Wedge

Creating their first surfboard in 1990, Ronix is an independently run company that is focused on producing quality products. Which is why their products take longer to make. This, however, promises longer times of hard use.

They have been sourcing their materials from 14 different countries across the globe to provide only the best wakesurf boards in the market.

Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board is Ronix’s “fun board.’ Designed for riders both beginners and experienced who are looking to have a fun time on the wakes. It is a favorite among wakesurfers for its generous airtime and speed. The different sizes it comes with are perfect in catering to riders of all skill levels, weight, and sizes.

The swallowtail end design is intended to pick up speeds, while the wider body lets the rider achieve tricks and catch on to the waves. Koal brings plenty of push with its light body while holding a very buoyant surfboard inspired shape. Let’s add to that the customizable tri-fin system that makes it perfect for riders of all skill levels and different water and surfing conditions.

The EVA core that has pads for arch support is another unique feature Koal has. It lets you stand up on the board longer. Not to mention the tall tail kick that makes gliding across the water easier.

Wide shape gives a more stable wakesurf boardNot for riders who do not like a swallowtail design
Lightweight, buoyant gives a laidback ride
Comes with a center fin
Good for different types of wakes
Hard to find
Available in different sizes
Three fin system

#6. Hyperlite Misfit Wakesurf Board by Byerly – Best for Advanced-Expert Riders


  • Length: 4’6″ 4’8”
  • Rail: Seamless Rail Finish
  • Fins: 4
  • Core: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Foam


  • Layered glass
  • Full carbon durashell+ construction
  • Seamless rail finish
  • Single concave base contour
  • Machined EVA traction

Scott Byerly and Scott Bouchard, both wakeboard and wakesurf enthusiasts collaborated to create this incredible wakesurf board for Hyperlite. This aggressive and high-performance shred stick features a  Full Carbon DuraShell+ Construction that makes it fast, responsive, and incredibly durable.

The top and bottom are carbon laminated to make it extremely reactive for popping airs and quick snap turns. Its addition of PET Foam Insert makes it unmatched when it comes to durability and responsiveness. Scotts’ idea of adding centerline Carbon Ringer Stringer adds rigidity and speed.

Hyperlite Misfit Wakesurf Board by Byerly includes one 3-Pin placement and five Futures fin boxes to allow personalization. It features layered fiberglass that comes in three weights depending on the board’s style and fit. This layering construction adds to its sturdiness and durability.

This wakesurf board comes in two different color schemes.

Designed and created by Scott Byerly and Scott BouchardMore expensive than most wakesurf boards
Full Carbon Durashell and Construction
Slightly heavier than other boards
Layered Glass for extra protection
Exceedingly durable
Seamless finish

#7. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board – Best Wakesurf Board for Big Guys


  • Length: 59″
  • Width: 20.25 in
  • Rail: Rolled Edge Profile
  • Tail: Diamond
  • Fins: 3
  • Core: Foam


  • Layered glass
  • Monocoque construction
  • Single concave forebody
  • Rolled edge profile
  • EVA pad with die-cut logo

Another entry from Hyperlite is Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board. This is a highly recommended wakesurf board for novice riders who are exploring their ways to improve their skills in the water. This must-have wakesurf board keeps yourself in the pocket and easily track with the tri-fin setup.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board showcases a Monocoque construction combined with a light EPS core that helps with charting tricks and stunts.

The huge amount of versatility and smooth side rails Landlock Wakesurf Board offers are perfect for any rider, most especially those who are just starting to learn. It can hold up to 120 pounds, has a concave hull and soft rail that ensures a smooth ride. The concave deck design gives that feeling of better grip for riders.

This 5ft 9in and the 16-pound board has a foam pad on the top that enhances traction, making it easier to stand, sit, or kneel on the board. It is a stable board for beginners especially that it has plenty of surface area with rolled edges.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board is one of the superior choices for the beginner fish-shaped boards in the market with its steadiness and ease of use.

Incredibly durable for long-lasting useNot ideal for those looking for more shred
Easy to perform tricks and stunts on
Not for advanced riders
Allows for a nice and mellow ride
Large surface area
Tri-fin system

Our Top Pick

The confusion in picking the best wakesurf board is not because there are too many of them in the market. It is because wakesurf boards vary greatly by style, the number of fins, design, and a lot more different factors that you need to consider. Getting the right board requires a lot of research.

A basic thought to leave you is to get the board that matches your level of expertise. Beginners should start with surf-style boards while intermediate with skim or hybrid-style sticks.

Based on the brand, the reviews we did, and the price, we are confident to recommend Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board. Its assortment of amazing features makes it an excellent board not just for beginners but for experts alike.

What is Wakesurfing?

We’ve mentioned that wakesurfing and wakeboarding are almost the same except for a few things. Both use the rope but, for different purposes. In wakeboarding, the boat uses a rope to pull the rider the whole time he is surfing. Whereas, the rider only uses the rope in wakesurfing to get them started on the waves.

In wakeboarding, you have to hold on to the rope, in wakesurfing, as soon as you gain your momentum, you let go of the rope and ride freely.

Wakesurfing has become popular among surfers because they can’t surf at any kind of water conditions. Wavesurfers can ride for as long as the boat provides wake. And, because these waves are man-made, they don’t just end and wash the rider upon the shore, unlike the normal ocean waves.

Another aspect that makes it different from wakeboarding is that wakesurfing happens nearer the boat. This distance of the rider to the boat makes the sport more sociable as you can chat with your buddies as they sit at the back of the boat.

The origins of this sport are unclear with many claims when and how it started. While there are assertions that it has been around since the 1920s, footages and print media showing this sport only came around the 1950s to 1960s.

Wakesurfing started as a fun experiment by ocean surfers. Over time, it progressed into becoming an extremely popular sport apart from traditional surfing.

The biggest advantage of wakesurfing is not needing to be in the sea to do it. Most wakesurfing spots are in lakes big enough to house a boat or two and the best wakesurf board you can bring.

Wakesurfing Basics

Wakesurfing is a sport that is yours to hone and develop. If you are itching to try out something different, then hop into this trend. Before you get started, here are some wakesurfing basics.

Inboard Boat

The first thing you need to prepare for a nice wakesurfing is the boat. This is what you need to create the wakes that you will ride. Take note that, it is not just some boat. It has to be an inboard boat.

Inboard boats have their engine enclosed within the hull of the boat, customarily connected to a propulsion screw by a driveshaft. It displaces and returns the water to where it previously was, resulting in nice little waves that riders can surf on. This constant flow of water displacement moves in the direction of the boat.

Most inboard boats used for wakesurfing do not feature fan blades due to the danger it imposes to the rider.


These ropes are what you hold on to, to start and get used to your ride. Therefore, it should not be just any rope.

What you need are wakesurf specific. Thin ropes can cause nasty rope burns. Also, consider the handle on these ropes. They should not be too big that it imposes a risk to the rider of getting hit with it as it flies.

The ideal wakesurf rope is thick with small handles, like Ronix Bungee Surf Rope.

Wakesurfing Boards

Boards for wakesurfing aren’t similar to the regular boards used for wakeboarding or surfing. They are specifically designed for wakesurfing and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. As we go along, you’ll find out which is the best wakesurf board for your use.

Getting Up Gracefully

It might look difficult but to stand up on the wake the boat creates behind, but it isn’t really. Especially that you have the hang of the rope.

All there is to do is to relax and lay back as you place your feet lightly on the board. With your knees bent and your arms straight, start moving slowly to pull yourself up.

It is almost just like someone trying to pull you up from the floor. Simultaneously press your feet down, with the board pointing in the direction you want it to travel as you come out of the water. Once you’ve settled, toss the rope back to the boat or anywhere that’s not blocking your direction.

Feet Positioning

Positioning your feet helps to keep your balance from the time you stand up on the board until you are comfortable enough to start doing tricks. But, is there a required width for your stance?

Typically, it should be about a shoulder’s width. But it can be between 6 to 18 inches depending on the rider’s height. The best way to find out is to practice until you find your sweet spot.

All You Need to Know in Getting the Best Wakesurf Board – Buying Guide

You must have shown interest in trying out a fairly new water sport, wakesurfing that your search brought you in this direction. To not fail you, here are some of the things you need to know before investing in this sport.

Wakesurf Board Aspects


This part of a wakesurf board can be either of the following; concave, v-spine, channeled, or smooth. Concave boards have round finish onto their bases to minimize the pull of water, making the board give an easier pop and higher ride.


This is a common part for many other types of watersports that you have tried This refers to the amount of curve your wakesurf board has when putting on a flat surface. The rocker affects how the board performs overall. To put it simply, light rocker sits higher on the water and allows you to go faster, while heavy rocker will be more stable because it sits lower in the water.


The tail of your wakesurf board will affect not only how it rides but also your balance when on the water. Different types of tails have different effects on your ride too;

  • Pin Tail – the narrowest making it an ideal choice for riders heading into bigger waves.
  • Square Tail – built for speed.
  • Swallow Tail – combination of the square and pintails ideal for mild to moderate waves.
  • Squash Tail – the most common tail as they are able to adapt to a variety of wave conditions.
  • Round Tail – the optimal choice for many different wave conditions this wakesurf board.
  • Diamond Tail – is a mix between the pin and the squash tail that offers killer speed in an easy to maneuver design.
  • Half Moon Tail – very uncommon tail design that features minimal board area, allowing the rider to be able to turn with ease.
  • Bat Tail – another uncommon tail design that features an incredibly wide tail that is very stable on the water.


Rail is the most important part of your wakesurf board as it regulates the amount of water streaming over the board. Beginners should start with thicker rail as it helps provide added grip. Over time they can go for thinner rails as their skill progresses. There are 3 different rail systems, which are;

  • Full rail – allows you to stand stable on your board giving you a smooth ride.
  • Hard rail – perfect for riders who are looking to do tricks and stunts.
  • Blended rail – the best option for riders with any skill level because of its blend of stability and performance.


As with most surfboards, wakesurf boards also has fin systems that cam come with 1 fin to as many as 5. Each of these configurations has a different purpose to help you achieve your riding goal.

  • Single fin – acts as a boat’s rudder, lets keep your board on a straight path.
  • Two fin – gives you more control in the water.
  • Three fin – significantly increases your velocity with not too much effort.
  • Four and five fin – allows you to ride even the biggest waves thanks to the added drag and resistance through the water.

Type of Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurf boards are identified in three different styles; surf, skim, and hybrid. These styles indicate what they are best for. They can all be used in different situations, but they will work better if used for how they are specifically designed for.

Surf-Style Wakesurf Board

This type of wakesurf board is designed after the traditional surfboards. They have a higher buoyancy than the other two since it has longer fins and a thicker body. This is ideal for average surfing, catching and riding on waves.

Skim-Style Wakesurf Boards

This type is generally thinner and shorter than surf style and is suited for more advanced riders who are fond of doing aerial stunts. Since it is a lighter board it is best for smaller sized riders.

Hybrid-Style Wakesurf Board

As the name suggests, hybrid style is based on components from both surf and skim style. They offer the best of both types and works very well with the speed and maneuverability.

Best Wakesurf Boards by Type

  • Skim Style: Airhead PFish, Driftsun Fifty /50
  • Surf Style: Ronix Koal Classic
  • Hybrid Style: Hyperlite Misfit


Anyone who enjoys any water sports will surely enjoy wakesurfing. The only challenge in starting is finding out which wakesurf board to use.

Just remember that the more surface area the board has, the better it is for new riders. Likewise, the slimmer it is, the more it suits the experienced surfers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that slimmer the wakesurf board is, the less buoyancy it will have despite being more controllable.

We hope that the information this guide has helps you make a confident choice on getting your best wakesurf board.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How Do I Clean My Wakesurf Board?

You need to clean your board after every ride. It is as simple as rinsing it with warm water to take off debris like sand or salt that has accrued on the crevices. After rinsing, make sure it completely dries out before storing. If the board is too dirty, use a non-abrasive cloth and some soapy water to clean it up. Make sure to check for any damages or delamination.

Q: Where to Store My Wakesurf Board?

A high-quality board bag is a good investment. It helps keep your board from getting damaged from accidental drops or dings. A sturdy rack can also be a good addition to your home furniture, so you won’t have to leave your boards flat on the floor.

Q: Do I need a rope to wakesurf?

Unlike wakeboarding, you do not hold onto a rope as you ride,  but, you need them as you start to get yourself going.

Q: Should my feet be strapped to a wakesurf board?

Not really. Your feet are free on a wakesurf board, much like they are on a surfboard. This is so it will be easier for you to stand up, control, and maneuver your ride.

Q: Will these boards work with my boat?

As long as the boat you have has its engine inboard, then yes.

Q: Is wakesurfing safe?

To be honest, it can be quite dangerous. The same way as most watersports are. But, with the right gear, training, and equipment, wakesurfing can be fun and exciting.

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