Top 10 Best Surfing YouTube Channels

More than being a video-sharing service, YouTube is now the perfect avenue for just about anyone to showcase themselves. That includes surfers – young and old, pros and newbies, or simple enthusiasts. All of which are worthy of hitting the follow button.

YouTube allowed surfers to share their adventures, wins, and mishaps. Since surfing year-round isn’t easy for most of us, their YouTube channels become a great way to get a buzz and feel waves are coming to you.

If you’re checking out YouTube channels that will fill you in with all things surfing, you’ve come to the right place. We listed down some of the best surfing YouTube channels you should subscribe to so you won’t miss the waves as much.

Top 10 Best Surfing YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

Surfing YouTube channels are more than just entertainment. You can turn to them when you need to get a buzz on days when the waves aren’t so perfect or when the nights are dark. They are also excellent sources of tips and advice on surfing.

These surfing channels we gathered will offer you everything from surf training videos to surf-spot guides. And, you’ll also get a chance to experience what it’s like to be a professional surfer from those “a day in the life” videos.

  1. Jamie O’Brien
  2. Koa Rothman
  3. Ben Gravy
  4. Beefs T.V.
  5. Kai Lenny
  6. John John Florence
  8. How To Rip
  9. Brett Barley
  10. World Surf League

1. Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O’BrienWhen he’s not riding waves, Jamie O’Brien is either making cameos in surf films or making his own vlogs for his YouTube channel. Born on June 9, 1983, in Kahuku, Hawaii, O’Brien is an American professional surfer who holds multiple awards, including the 2009 Rip Curl International.

The Pro Surfer turned video star has one of the best surfing channels on YouTube. Backed with his surfing crew, he and his group take on gnarly waves, dive into extreme challenges, and experiment with all kinds of crazy and fun stuff.

Jamie O’Brien’s unique glimpse of his crazy life – from his slip ‘n slides at Waimea Bay to taking massive pipeline swells on a soft-top surfboard are all professionally filmed and edited by his equally skilled filmmakers.

2. Koa Rothman

Koa Rothman

Earlier this year, Rothman made a buzz after riding the biggest wave ever ridden in Hawaii. It was estimated to be 100 feet tall at Jaws on the island of Maui. If you are his subscriber, you’d know just how he’d take on waves like that, especially if you’ve seen his January 21, 2021 video.

Rothman’s surfing YouTube channel tagged “This Is Livin’” shows the most beautiful footage of Tahiti, Indonesia, Fiji, California, Europe, and his hometown in Hawaii. No wonder he’s got nothing but the absolute beauty of the seas captured in videos.

It helps that Koa is an engaging and genuine host. His fun personality tells a lot about his experiences as a pro surfer, filmmaker, and musician, too. These are some of the great surf vlogs for a beginner’s inspiration and source of fun.

3. Ben Gravy

Ben GravyIn late February of 2021, Ben Gravy’s surfing YouTube channel was suspended indefinitely after traveling to Puerto Rico. For some reason, because he was connected thru Wi-Fi, YouTube thought his account was compromised.

Fortunately, it’s back online with many cool and exciting videos that his fans sure took time to watch. His surfing YouTube channel is one of the earliest surfing channels on YouTube. This surfing channel has documented not just his everyday life but how he surfed in every single US state.

His most viewed video was uploaded in 2018 with 798K views. It was the DIY conversion of his cargo van into an off-the-grid camper. The 10-day camper van project turned out pretty well that you’d see the same van in some of his other videos.


BEEFS T.V. LogoBEEFS T.V. describes itself as amateur broadcasting for documenting everything from surfing, making friends, waves, soft boarding, skimboarding, boogie boarding, eating, and almost everything that goes around the beaches of Southern California.

Chris Monroe is behind the surfing YouTube channel BEEFS T.V. Its content revolves around Blairk Conklin, Kalani Robb, and almost everyone from the Catch Surf team. If you like loads of Palm Springs Surf Club scenes, you will love watching videos from this surfing channel.

Monroe is the one-person show behind this surfing YouTube channel. When asked whether it is challenging to document surfing, he says it is pretty easy for him. His excellent video footages are all punctuated with humor and rough filming, making them highly addicting.

5. Kai Lenny

Kai LennyKai Lenny lives life like no one else. This is pretty obvious in most of his videos on his surfing YouTube channel. His footages are always fun and exciting, and it isn’t so surprising. After all, he’s that pro water athlete that can take on just about anything – surfing, windsurfing, wing surfing, kiteboarding, and more.

Known for his big beach clean-ups in Hawaii, this big-wave surfer from Hawaii is a true waterman who has a habit of setting new boundaries for what’s possible. His surfing YouTube channel shows just how innovative he is when it comes to his gear and how he rides.

Follow Kai as he pushes his limits while on a tow-board, shortboard, or even a foil-board. There’s almost nothing this guy can do. His talent makes most people think he is the new Laird Hamilton of this generation.

6. John John Florence

John John Florence

The two-time world champion entered the video-sharing world of YouTube fairly recently. But, compared to those who have been on the same platform longer than him, it didn’t take him too long to get such an amount of following.

Perhaps, the way he shows surfing from every angle is what his subscribers love about his surfing YouTube channel. His aren’t only money shots but all the BTS and what it takes to paddle out and duck dive through the menacing waves of Hawaii’s North Shore.

Florence’s surfing channel is a mix of lifestyle content – from local chickens, cats interacting in his backyard, and of course, surfing. His videographer team helps him get the best shots while his editing team adds music to create the perfect mood for his videos.


SURFER LogoThe widely popular American monthly periodical that focuses on surfing and surf culture made sure they are up with the current trends by opening their surfing YouTube channel SURFER. This avenue is their slice of surfing editorial but in a more visual way.

Since its dawn in 2005, SURFER has not failed to publish the best surfing content, including surfing competitions, challenges, interviews, surf spots, reviews, and everything surf-related. SURFER is a wide-ranged surfing channel that promotes the culture and lifestyle around surfing.

Their most-watched video was from nine years ago – The Distant Shores Movie. It was a 16-minute long video clip depicting a surf odyssey to the ends of the earth. This incredible piece of film is loved by many. So much that it has been considered one of the golden pieces in YouTube.

8. How To Rip

How To RipIf you are looking for a surfing YouTube channel that focuses on surfing tutorial videos, Ryan B and Kale B have just the right one for you. Their surfing channel How To Rip offers that and more – from surfing to fitness tutorials, as well as quick surf tips.

How To Rip is dedicated to helping anyone learn how to surf. At the same time, it offers tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate riders to improve their surfing skills. Their surfing tutorials are filmed and directed by their team of videographers and editors, so expect some high-quality videos.

Their video “How to Surf Like a Pro in 25 Minutes” has been viewed 2.8 million times. It covered the essential aspects of surfing and made sure it was comprehensive and easy to follow. How to Rip team is quite interactive, too, that they respond to almost every comment left on their surfing channel.

9. Brett Barley

Brett BarleyBrett Barley is one of the most loved East Coast surfers on social media. His natural gift of talking to people and telling stories combined with sharp editing skills are what make his surfing YouTube channel entertaining and compelling.

Most of his adventures are documented using his GoPro he’s armed with everywhere he goes. He catches on video his surf trips at his home in North Carolina and from the coasts of other countries he’s gone to.

Barley is also a savvy fisherman, and some of his videos show him and his fishing adventures. His surfing channel is evidence of his love for surfing in his hometown, doing aerialist tricks, and of course, fishing.

10. World Surf League

World Surf League LogoThe best surfing YouTube channels list won’t be complete without World Surf League’s channel. This official WSL YouTube channel updates you with all the latest content from the world’s best surfers and activities from the world’s best waves.

Get your daily dose of everything about surfing from the World Surf League channel. Aside from video clips of all the exciting rides of pro surfers, it also gives you breaking news, action-packed heat recaps, event highlights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes moments.

Its live updates, mini-series, and post-show interviews are also the channel’s highlights. Their 7-minute clip of Mick Fanning getting attacked by a shark at the J-Bay Open in 2015 is one of their most viewed videos with 28.7 million views.

Other Surfing YouTube Channels Worth Checking Out


Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone

Surf, Rinse, Repeat

Surf Simply

Surf Insight

Red Bull Surfing

Tips for Successful Surfing YouTube Channels

Have A Catchy Phrase

Koa Rothman has on his every video the phrase “This Is Livin’.” These catchphrases are endearing terms that connect the vlogger to the viewer. It is also lovely to have something to remember by.

Be Stoked

Show every emotion that goes during a ride – fear, frustration, excitement. Nothing gets people’s attention more than a real-life experience. When people what you stoked, they get stoke, too!

Help People

How To Rip’s success comes from how they help their followers. They share all the secrets they have that can help improve their viewers’ skills. Answer questions in your comments section. Interact.

Have Guest Stars and Resident Stars

While it is good to have you and your resident personalities, it’s nice to somehow add flavor by introducing other celebrities, too.

Film Life

Surfing isn’t just about riding the waves. It is culture. It is the adventure and the journey you take to get out and surf. Document everything from traveling, failing, falling off your surfboard, and all the fun times along the way.


You can check out many surfing YouTube channels, but these ten top our list as their content is relatable to every surfer at any level of expertise.

Did we miss any channel worthy of being on this list? Leave a line on the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to check them out and bookmark them

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the most subscribed surfing YouTube channel?

A: From the list that we gathered, World Surf League tops with 769K subscribers. This channel is closely followed by Jamie O’Brien’s with 762K subscribers.

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