JK Surfboards Review: Epic Boards or Rip Off?

They have been around for years but have never taken the spotlight. Ignored too many times. An underdog in a world of balance, excitement, and speed. 

The years of designing some seriously superior surfboards have finally paid off. Now, they are starting to get noticed. Riders are surprised at how they never took a look before. 

Finally, these affordable sticks are taking the limelight.

This corner is dedicated to JK Surfboards and their performance-style surfboards that you can kick back on and surf the weekend away with. 

JK Surfboards Reviewed

Jason and Kiyo designed boards that come in an assortment of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. They have longboards and funboards for the bigger guys and shortboards and retro fish for the smaller riders. JK Surfboards covers your stick needs regardless of your ability and your surfing spot

  1. The Classic Noserider Longboard Surfboard 
  2. The Soul Carver 
  3. The Flow Rider
  4. Wafer Surfboard Groveler
  5. The Super Fun Board Surfboard
  6. Big Boy Fish
  7. Retro Fish Surfboard Groveler

1. The Classic Noserider Longboard Surfboard

JK Surfboards The Classic Noserider Longboard Surfboard


  • Length:
    • 9 ft, 9 ft 2 in

The stability that Classic Noserider Longboard Surfboard needs on most wave conditions is made possible by its outline which is full from nose to tail. Whether you want to come forward or do a hang ten, its roomy rounded nose with a contour spoon on the bottom makes it easy. With its minor taper through the tail, maneuvering this longboard is easy. 

Designed and shaped in southern California, it has a low to moderate rocker that lets you get into the waves early with less effort. The contours are designed with a single spoon to double concave with plenty of volumes from the nose to the tail and down to the rails. Riders at any level of expertise should be able to maneuver and balance with ease. 

JK guarantees that their board stands out from the rest when at the beach. Aesthetically, they are made with traditional resin swirls, and rail laps, with a matte finish that makes them look striking. 

Classic Noserider is constructed with US Poly foam blanks with superior (6 oz x2 top and 6 oz bottom) Polyresin. The board is sand finished with unique color combinations that will match your surfing personality. 100% hand-shaped, it comes with a single fin setup and a 9-inch center fin. 

#2. The Soul Carver

JK Surfboards The Soul Carver


  • Length:
    • 6 ft 6 in, 7 ft, 7 ft 8 in, 8 ft 2 in, 8 ft 8 in, 9 ft 
  • Fin Setup:
    • 8 ft 8 in and 9 in – 2 +1 set up and 2 side fins and center fin
    • 6 ft 6 in, 7 ft, 7 ft 8 in, 8 ft 2 in – 4 +1 set up or 2 +1 setup with 2 side fins and a center fin

Designed and hand shaped in Manhattan Beach, Southern California, Soul Carver is a high-performance mini longboard that lets you make cutbacks and bottom turns as if you never have on your other longboards. 

It can strongly hold on to bigger waves and effortlessly fly through mushy sections. The stability it presents will make you think twice about getting back on your old longboard. A must-have in your quiver, the Soul Carver longboard catches waves like a machine. 

Soul Carver Longboard is constructed with Polyurethane Foam blanks with superior (6 oz x2  top and 6 oz bottom) Polyresin. It is sand finished, 100% hand shaped, and comes complete with a 2 +1 set up and 2 side fins, and a center fin.

Soul Caver gives you the feel of a longboard without all that bulk. It comes in different colors to choose from – Green nose dip, blue and green swirl, and yellow and orange swirl.

3. The Flow Rider

jk surfboards 6' - 6'10" The Flowrider (Epoxy or Poly Short Board) Surfboard


  • Length:
    • 6 ft, 6 ft 2 in, 6 ft 4 in, 6 ft 6 in, 6 ft 8 in, 6 ft 10 in
  • Fin Setup: Tri Futures fin set

An “everyday board”, Flow rider will impress you with its performance in all types of water conditions. Ride it in solid 8 to 10-foot faces in 2 to 3 mush, it will make you feel overwhelmed under the feet as you take turns and sections with just the right speed. 

JK created something special with Flow Rider. With the extra volume pushed to the chest area, paddling is easier, especially for boards this size. The single to double concave design can hold really well in barrel sections as it turns with no difficulty riding down the face of the wave. 

Flow Rider comes with Tri Futures Fin Set. Designed in Manhattan Beach, Southern California, it is 100% hand-shaped. This sand-finished surfboard is constructed with US EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam blanks with superior (4 oz x2 top and 4 oz bottom) eco-friendly epoxy resin.

4. Wafer Surfboard Groveler

JK Surfboards Wafer Surfboard Groveler

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  • Length:
    • 6 ft 1 in, 6 ft 3 in, 6 ft 5 in, 6 ft 7 in
  • Fin Setup: 5 fins set up with Futures fin boxes and 3 fins

JK Surfboards’ entry for groveler sticks, the Wafer, is perfect for riding and flying around normally un-rideable water conditions. Thanks to the team that made it feel looser, it gives the riders a longboard-like performance without carrying out an extended length. 

The Wafer is worth checking out. Despite its shorter and stouter shape, it gives enough balance and speed. The shape of this buoyant foam design allows it to conform with the 5-future fin setup. This combination allows beginners as well as experts to get out of the water smoothly. 

JK Surfboards’ The Wafer comes in different classic stripe designs that look perfect when you want to achieve that golden era of surfing nostalgia. You can choose from 2 constructions of this board: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam Blanks and Epoxy (which are normally in stock) or US Foam blanks with superior (6 oz x2  top and 4 oz bottom) poly resin, with carbon fiber and Kevlar vector net tail patch. 

5. The Super Fun Board Surfboard

jk surfboards 8'6" Super Fun Board Surfboard


  • Length:
    • 8 ft 6 in 
  • Fin Setup:
    • 5 fin setup and 3 fins

Designed for every lover of logs, the Super Fun Board Surfboard is an old-school longboard with a classic squash tail at slick, hard-edged rails with a modern twist. It is perfect for riders who want to achieve versatility, particularly with fin setup. You can either configure the Super Fun Board with 5 fins or with thrusters

JK Surfboards pushed the envelope for that classic longboard design while still keeping that crisp and clean features. The turquoise and blue & white designs both look classy in their sophisticated matte finish. 

The Super Fun Board by JK Surfboards is what you can bring when the waves are not really kicking or during those times when you just want a smooth, laid-back ride. Constructed with Poly blanks and Poly resin, it is sandwiched with a deck that has two slick layers of high-quality 6oz Fiberglass and one layer bottom. 

6. Big Boy Fish

JK Surfboards The Big Boy Fish 7ft 3in 22in x 3in Surfboard 7ft


  • Length:
    • 6 ft 8 in, 7 ft 3 in, 8 ft 
  • Fin Setup:
    • 3 Futures Fins and has a five-fin setup.  Rear trail fins extra.

JK Surfboards have slowly made their name in the surfing market that some of their loyal followers have been asking for bigger fish surfboards. While they already have their Killer Fish surfboards, they didn’t hesitate to give in to their client’s desires and released three larger sizes than the previous one. 

Designed for any surfer use, the weight limit of the Big Boy Fish sizes ranges from 185 pounds for their 6.8-inch surfboard to 200 pounds and above for their 8-inch-er. Paddling for this board is quick, thanks to its design. Late drops and flying across sections can be done with so much ease. Big Boy Fish leaves you with an enthralling ride. 

Depending on the speed and maneuverability you want to achieve, you can choose to configure your fin setup with either the traditional thruster or the quad setup that helps to make the board go faster and smoother. 

Constructed with US Foam blanks and superior (6 oz x2 top and 4 oz bottom) Poly Resin, Big Boy Fish is gloss finished with different colors to choose from (green rail, blue rail, and orange rail). All are designed and 100% hand shaped in Manhattan Beach, California.

7. Retro Fish Surfboard Groveler

JK Surfboards Retro Fish Surfboard Groveler

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  • Length:
    • 5 ft 10 in, 6 ft x 22 in, 6 ft 2 in, 6 ft 4 in 
  • Fin Setup: 
    • Quad fin setup for 5 ft to 6 ft 2 inches
    • 5 fin set up with 3 fins for the 6ft 4 in

JK Surfboards’ Retro Fish Surfboard Groveler shows off that classic and original outline but as an updated version. It has sufficient volume throughout the board that gives you the float and speed you need to rip through the summer waters.

A must-have in your quiver, it is super fun to ride and easy to catch waves with. Perfect for surfing conditions under 6 ft. 

Constructed from US poly Foam blanks with superior (6 oz x2 top and 4 oz bottom) poly resin. You can choose from gloss or sand finished with or without color. 

8. Custom Surfboards with E-Tech

In all efforts to help fight climate change, Jason and Kiyo of JK Surfboards partnered with E-Tech (Earth Technologies) Surfboards – an award-winning, environmentally friendly, high-performance surfboard and SUP factory that is the first of its kind in the market today. 

Fired with one mission, co-owners Todd Patterson and Ryan Harries opened their shop to establish to the greater community of surfing that there are greener and more sustainable methods in surfboard production without compromising the quality of the boards. 

E-Tech wanted to get the message across to the surfing community so they offered to partner with companies in the surfing industry that could facilitate the transformation of surf culture and industry. One that is powerful enough to strive to protect the vast ocean playground. 

Instead of using PU (polyurethane) and PS (polystyrene), E-Tech uses recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam board blanks. They substituted carbon fiber with Entropy Resins sap-based bio-resin, bamboo decks, and their patent-pending tail patches. 

They are the first in the industry to create a non-toxic process of applying color to bamboo. Their efforts also extended as wide as introducing a bio-based alternative to fiberglass, including ecological ballistic polyester. 

So far, E-Tech and its surf brand partners are the only businesses in the US to be using the bio-glass in manufacturing a commercial product. 

In their constant lookout for a better, cleaner, and greener construction process, E-Tech keeps their team up with major players in the surfing industry which includes JK Surfboards. Aside from producing eco-friendly products, they are also highly involved with green events like Earth Day and sponsored programs for the benefit of keeping the blue planet green. 

Some of the surfboards and SUPs E-Tech and JK Surfboards have released are:

  • JK x Hammerhead Longboard – Custom Only
  • JK x E-Tech Flow Rider – Custom Only
  • JK x E-Tech Viper Surf SUP – Custom Only
  • JK x E-Tech Viper Surf SUP – Custom Only
  • JK x E-Tech Fun Board – Custom Only
  • JK x E-Tech Hammerhead – Custom Only

All of the custom-made boards from the E-Tech and JK Surfboards partnership exclusively uses Super Sap epoxy resin from Entropy Resins. They are also constructed with E-Foam recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene) from Marko Foam, and a variety of sealing cloths and stringers. All have been researched and tested to create an innovative, stronger, rock-hard, exceptionally dent-resistant board. 

You will see the “ECOBOARD” seal on every verified E-Tech board purchased. 

JK Surfboards: The History

Two college buddies who believed there is an extreme athlete within all of us always wanted to come up with a way to “be involved” in the surf industry. Avid surfers themselves, saw the progression of the SUP market exhibiting vast growth, alongside a price tag that soared high with it. 

It was on that glassy morning in 2008, with their years of experience in finance and manufacturing, backed with few resources and connections, when they started to design some boards, tested, and put them out in the market. Jason and Kiyo of California founded a company that initiated the way to build quality boards at a friendly price. 

Jason and Kiyo developed the infrastructure to produce extra choices of surfboards and SUPs for the market. Jason and Kiyo’s initials now stand as the company’s name, “JK Surfboards.”

To date, JK Surfboards have expanded from distributing its line of products locally to internationally with distribution centers and retail partners across the globe. With an ample number of surfboards, SUPs, and accessories, they stand as a player that can compete in surfing’s booming market.  


With their boards meticulously designed and crafted, JK Surfboards is but one of those not-so-popular brands that will soon be making huge splashes on every coast. Even more so, their partnership with E-Tech which allowed them to produce eco-friendly surfboards has closed the deals for water enthusiasts to soon include them in their quivers and not surprisingly in the top 10 reviews. 

Jason and Kiyo have made a remarkable step in figuring out how to craft some serious boards that are not just significant to surfers but to the environment as well. And, all are about half the price of what is usually paid for a board shaped by other companies. 

Overall, JK Surfboards are worthy enough to get an A rating. And, if you are here to get information about them because you are thinking of getting one, we hope we helped out enough for you to pick the best JK Surfboard to ride and shred with this season. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are the most popular surfboards of JK Surfboards and what are they best for?

A: JK Surfboards have been making sophisticated surfboards enough for them to garner a space at the local surf shop and your popular online retail store. One has even made it to the best of fish surfboards list by one website focused on everything surfing. To be particular, some of the boards that are popular from their line and what they are best for are:

  • The Big Boy Fish
    • Advantageous in smaller swells because of its size. The length and thickness allow for catching waves easier. Perfect for beginners and seasoned riders in any water condition. 
  • The Flow Rider
    • Your “all-around-everyday-surfing” surfboard. Ideal for a daily driver, it slides like a shortboard with the balance of a fish. Acts as a nice hybrid for every kind of surfer.
  • The Wafer
    • JK Surfboards’ stick that works like a groveler. Great for small and mushy summer days when waters are up to below 4 ft high. Though they are not in the best term in performance, they do well in retaining balance and speed in small conditions. 
  • The Super Fun
    • Excellent for small days with its longboard built. 
  • The Soul Carver
    • Ideal for smaller days for its perfect balancing and easy paddling. Great for little riders who may need the extra volume but cannot control a board that is over 8 ft. 

Q: What are included in JK Surfboards’ line of products?

A: JK Surfboards are famous not just for their surfboards that we talked about in this write-up. They are well known for SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) and Accessories too. Currently, they have under their brand 12 SUPs, 12 surfboards, 6 E-Tech-partnered custom-built boards, and multiple accessories for transporting and paddling with SUPs.

Q: Why should I pick a stick from JK Surfboards?

A: Although we rarely see stickers of JK Surfboards on sticks of popular surfers, they are starting to come out in the limelight in their own way. Their dedication and workmanship have produced well-crafted and sophisticated products over the years. 

Aside from that, all true-blue surfers value the importance of taking care of the environment, especially the big blue. Because, otherwise, we won’t have anywhere else fun to surf on. JK Surfboards’ partnership with E-Tech has emphasized their utilization of renewable and recycled materials for the manufacturing of their boards. 

They are one of the very few surf brands that have manufacturing processes including recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam blanks instead of PU (polyurethane) and PS (polystyrene). They have also started to steer away from using too much fiberglass, instead, they make use of eco-friendly ballistic polyester.

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