Top 15 Best Bodysurfing Fins | 2023 Reviews (DaFin, Voit, Finis)

Last Updated January 27, 2023

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Check out the Schedule of Events here! Kelly Slater, one of the most famous surfers of all time, smoothly drops through giant tossing waves without getting hurt. What’s the secret? It could be bodysurfing fins!

Best Bodysurfing Fins: Top 15 Picks

  1. DaFin Black Swimfins
  2. Churchill Makapuu Swimfins
  3. Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins
  4. Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins
  5. Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins
  6. Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins
  7. Slyde Handboards DaFin Made Limited Edition Swim Fins
  8. Finis Zoomers Gold Swim Fins
  9. Finis Long Floating Fins
  10. Mike Stewart Viper FLEX Swimfins
  11. STEALTH Swim Fins
  12. Speedo Bio Fuse Swim Fins
  13. Cressi Short Full Foot Pocket Fins
  14. ANGGO Short Fins
  15. U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Body Surfing Fin

#1. DaFin Black Swimfins

DaFin Black Swimfins

You can put your trust into these Swimfins as two Lifesaving Associations use it as their official swim fins in every ocean rescues. They include the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), Hawaiian Lifeguard Association (HLA), and many other lifeguarding groups across the world. Those are enough pieces of evidence to say that the DaFin Black Swimfins are a good buy and a quality product.

Three watermen named Andy Cochran, MarkCunningham, and Brian Keaulana came up with swim fins to go through heaviest conditions. The pair of fins can be worn on either foot. It is designed with low angle wedge-type or strakes. This gives the user more space for acceleration and keeps the water out of the exterior edge of the fin. Moreover, the v-shaped foot pocket is designed with a high-grade Malaysian rubber material which renders a machine-like consistency in the water. There’s no need to wear foot socks.


  • High and low durometer foot pocket and blade, respectively
  • Endorsed by USLA and HLA
  • Low angle wedge-type design
  • V-shaped foot pocket
  • Made of high-grade Malaysian rubber
Highly trusted bodysurfing fins
Sizing problems
Reasonably priced

#2. Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

These swimfins are known for maintaining speed and stability like no other swimfin in the market today. Churchill Fins are known to be the best quality swim fins for the past decades. They were originally developed by Tom Morey, an innovator in the field. These swimfins are suitable for all bodysurfing skill levels from beginners to advanced surfers.

These bodysurfing fins are made from 100% natural gum rubber colored with blue and yellow. Churchill alters the available colors into a new color combination every year without affecting its quality and performance, so watch out for his new color combination coming out soon. Plus, these swimfins have a unique dolphin tail design which is perfect for both bodysurfers and boogie-boarders.

Each fin fits on either left or right foot. Their foot pocket is built soft to give the desired comfort for the feet as supported by a heel strap. There is a draining hole at the toe part to let out excess water but it turns out to be its flaw. There’s a possibility the toes get stuck on the hole which can hurt.


  • Soft rubber materials
  • Eco-friendly Swimfins
  • Enhanced higher blend line for powerful kicks
  • Draining holes
  • Inner rail for better control
High-quality swimfins
Draining hole isn’t well-built
Comfortable fitting
Very affordable

#3. Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins

Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins

You’re not supposed to wear swimfins all the time because they can often feel awkward. Luckily, the Cressi Palau Swimfins include a mesh drawstring bag. The fins become much easier to reach out when you need them rather than having to keep them on your feet the entire time. Additionally, the Cressi Palau brand started manufacturing quality fins since the 1930s. They are known in manufacturing adjustable fins within a reasonable price.

The fins are designed with patented manufacturing technology which makes it different over other brands. One of its best features is being able to fit on most feet sizes due to its adjustable ring strap. It fits on 3-4 consecutive foot sizes and the user can wear thin footwear before wearing the fins. Plus, wide feet can also be accommodated by the fins.

They might be shorter than the other fins but they provide a powerful snap. Each foot can be put on the fin’s foot pocket quickly and easily. These fins are perfectly used in swimming or snorkeling.


  • Reversible strap
  • Adjustable in size
  • Includes a drawstring bag
  • Built with patented manufacturing technology
Several color options
Sharp edges
Easy to transport

#4. Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins

Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins

Swim fins are a very useful tool in winning a surfing battle. Hydro Tech adds more advanced features in creating their most popular fins. These cannot be found on the previous bodysurfing fins and yet offered within your budget.

First is the v-rail technology. These increases kick thrust and maneuverability all throughout the surfing session with less effort than you would usually need. They have an asymmetrical design to follow the body’s natural movement and evenly distributes forces around the foot.

They are made of T-form revolutionary material which is simply a soft silicon-like material. This results in unsurpassed comfort and prevents swellings on your foot. Wearing these two Swimfins will make you feel amazing. The feet are supported by contour ankle strap with great comfort. A size chart is available for you to choose the fins that perfectly fit your bottom.

Another highlight of these fins is the Jet Flush System, which is the best fin drainage system so far. It effectively drains both water and sand. That includes a total of three holes per fin.

The sad thing about this product is has trouble floating, meaning you need to get a strap attached in case the fin falls off.


  • V-rail design
  • Manufactured with T-form materials
  • Jet Flush System
Performs great propulsionCannot float
New features offered
Very comfortable

#5. Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins

Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins

Bodysurfing fins can often fall off from your feet because of the strong water impacts. Whoever thought shoe-like Swimfins exist? Well, Wildhorn created versatile fins that can act as a shoe and a fin at the same time. You can, therefore, walk on the land and swim in the sea wearing these Topside Snorkel Fins.

Both of your feet are fully protected away from cramping and hypertension due to its closed-toe and heel design, like a shoe. Different materials are used on its base and upper parts. The base is composed of a high-grade polymer blend while the upper portion is out of neoprene materials. Plus, detailed stitch construction.

You can adjust the Velcro strap in case your desired fitting isn’t met. Also, these fins are very accommodating to surfers with wide feet through the help of the neoprene materials used during the production.

Moreover, an Integrated Free-Float Technology is applied, which prevents the fins from dropping down the water surface. They are also easy to pack in case of distant water adventures.

Review the sizing chart to ensure picking the right fin’s size.


  • Shoe-like design
  • Purchase one-size up
  • Integrated free-float technology
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
Provide great versatilityDecreased propulsion
Non-slipping design
Slightly expensive
Stylishly assembled

#6. Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

Wanna know the secrets of those floating ducks in muddy water? Well, it’s their feet structure that makes them float with no difficulty. That illustration could be applied for bodysurfing fins.

The traditional designs of Swimfins are duck feet-like because of how good ducks are in swimming into muddy water. These fins are effective for swimming, snorkeling, and of course for surfing. Voit Duck Feet Swimfins might be the simplest in figure among the list but can provide a better performance in the water.

These duck feet shaped fins never be called “legendary fins” without proof. It is made of dual-density rubber material that is floatable and durable enough to conquer the ocean’s current level. It has a soft rubber foot pocket and stiff blade for the foot’s comfort.

With these fins, minimal effort is given up in doing great propulsion through the help of its hydro-dynamic designed. Sizing is in between XXS and XXL so that young and adult users are accommodated.


  • Non-marking feature
  • Wide sizing ranges
  • Dual-density rubber material
  • Two-color combination: green and blue
Basically designed yet loved by many
Cannot float in saltwater
Sustains its symmetrical figure
Within the budget pricing

#7. Slyde Handboards DaFin Made Limited Edition Swim Fins

No products found.

One company can make high-quality bodysurfing fins. What more if the two best companies combine their ideas in making fins? It would be a lot better!

Slyde Hand boards and DaFin partnered in making Hawaiian bodysurfers’ approved and California Designed Swimfins. Also, most World Champ Surfers put their trust on these fins to win a surfing competition once again.

They are assembled lightweight and are portable with an ultra-comfy foot pocket. They, therefore, lessen foot cramps, for the fins can be worn on either foot without feeling uncomfortable. Their strakes are designed to provide power and control in most ocean conditions. You can quickly go deeper down the water with less effort.

The fins are easier to find when it falls off from your feet as it’ll float due to the high-grade natural Malaysian rubber material used. The included free bag serves as the fins storage.


  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and United States Lifeguard Association approved
  • Patented strakes design
  • Manufactured by two best companies for bodysurfing fins
Excellent quality performanceSlightly pricey
Beautiful color combination

#8. Finis Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

Finis Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

Finis Zoomers Gold Swim Fins are one of the most reviewed products on the list. It has a very simple look yet got the hearts of most surfers. Probably because of its performance and other offered features.

Natural rubber is used during the production resulting in soft fins, which delivers an increased comfort for the user. These fins are ideal for training to boost cardiovascular and speed during workouts. They have a closed heel design to secure both feet throughout the surfing activity. The enhanced foot pocket adds comfort and promotes ankle flexibility for a more efficient kick.

Their short blade design aligns with the natural foot angle and renders faster kicks through the water. These fins are appropriate for surf competitions and also for fitness. In choosing the right size, there are multiple fins sizes available. Select one size smaller for female users as requested. There’s a size chart inside the box as a reference for the next purchase.


  • Natural rubber material
  • Enhanced foot pocket
  • Short blade design
  • Closed heel design
  • Includes size chart
Great for swimming workouts
Size and friction issues
Performs faster kicks
Easy to pack

#9. Finis Long Floating Fins

Finis Long Floating Fins

You can try out longer fins too for the better bodysurfing experience!

Finis Long Floating Fins are the first long fins on this article that could render a better performance than the other fins. Moreover, Finis has proven its capability to produce fins with great quality as this isn’t the only Finis product being listed.

Finis has longer fins with a long hydrodynamic blade, which makes more propulsive kicks. Also, it helps to enhance leg strength and speed thus reducing effort. This also corrects the body position of the surfer during training and competitions. It can be used by all ages and abilities just check out the size chart before purchasing. Besides, the size depends on the colors.

The fins were made of natural rubber that is soft and so comfortable to wear. It floats both on fresh and saltwater. These surfing wear focus more on building leg strength than cardiovascular conditioning. The closed heel design inhibits hyperflexion and secures your feet throughout the surfing.

Finis Long Floating Fins got some of the best reviews by the most amount of people, which definitely testifies to its superb quality for most bodysurfers.


  • Long hydrodynamic blade
  • Closed heel design
  • Four swim strokes compatibility
  • Good for strength building
  • Color-coded size options
High customer reviewsConfusing size chart
Low-cost fins
Well-made fins

#10. Mike Stewart Viper FLEX Swimfins

Mike Stewart Viper FLEX Swimfins

The darker the Swimfins’ color is, the softer it becomes. And, the softer Swimfins are, the better. Mike Stewart Viper FLEX Swimfins is almost fully black with a little orange finish. Therefore, they are softer like no other fin and provide great comfort to the user.

This Delta tail design Swimfin is assembled shorter, unlike the previous fins. They have a shorter and wider blade design which is suitable for quick acceleration. Besides, they enhance the control and reduce drag with the help of the oblique sidewalls.

The materials used are soft rubber compounds resulting in comfier fins in the market. They won’t snag on sharp objects under the sea through the help of a rivet grip tread. It remains visible in the roughest ocean condition because the fins float high due to the lightweight materials used.

On each foot pocket is drainage that eliminates sand and other sea matters in the fins. This ends up to a comfier feeling.

They are delivered in a recycled cardboard box with a soy-based ink print. So, choose your size on the provided chart for better fitting.


  • Made of softer rubber compound
  • Shorter and wider blade design
  • Rivet grip tread
  • Foot pocket drainage
  • Properly packed when delivered
Outstanding foot pocket drainage
Slightly expensive
Superb comfort
Great fitting

#11. STEALTH Swim Fins


These fins are simpler in design but have all the needed features to provide the high-performance you need, whether for a competition or for recreation. Anyone can afford these fins as its price range is below 50 dollars. Stealth may not be a well-known brand, but some users say that Stealth could be the best replacement to Churchill fins. And so, we believe it is truly a good investment.

The fins are fully colored with black that seems classy underwater. That results in softer fins with the help of the finest Malaysian rubber material. It is designed with an angled blade that renders maximum thrust and acceleration. Both left and right fins perform maximum thrust with minimal effort.

Sand and broken shells come out of the fins via the drainage system placed on each foot pocket. Additionally, the foot pocket is designed soft to give comfort while securing your feet.

Indeed, Stealth Swimfins is a combination of style, comfort, power, and efficiency. That’s why most surfers adore these fins.


  • Soft foot pockets with a drainage system
  • Angled dolphin arcblade design
  • Performs maximum thrust
  • Made of finest and softest rubber
Soft materialsNot a popular brand
Efficient swimfins

#12. Speedo Bio Fuse Swim Fins

Speedo Bio Fuse Swim FIns

If you wanna try bodysurfing, you must undergo training. And during the training, you don’t need to invest in swimfins appropriate for advanced bodysurfing. Choose to invest in training swimfins that can last until you’ve learned the techniques. Until then, you’re ready to invest for more powerful fins.

Speedo Bio Fuse Swimfins meet the needs of the trainees as it promotes natural kick and comfort due to its design. It looks nicer than the other previous fins. Unlike the prior products, these fins are out of super-soft silicone material. That material can resist the power of chlorine and sun in destroying most fins. The product is latex-free and so good for the environment. Its super-soft foot pocket adds comfort for the user. The overall fins help to improve stroke techniques all through the training.

The blade design is both stiff and short that builds power and balances kicking tempo, respectively.

Further, its latex-free finish makes the fins visible through the toughest waves. Anyways, the fins’ construction is a combination of hard and soft silicone yet provides enhanced performance and better comfort.


  • Supports endurance and speed sets
  • Made of latex-free silicone material
  • Weather and chlorine-resistant
  • Includes size chart
  • Short straight blade design
Keep the knees in proper alignmentSizing problem
Reasonably priced

#13. Cressi Short Full Foot Pocket Fins

Cressi Short Full Foot Pocket Fins

To overcome the next bodysurfing competition, you’ll need to prepare for that. Cressi Light could be the best fins for training as it helps to improve your speed, flexibility, strength, balance, and racing technique. Cressi’s commitment and passion for making innovative water sports equipment continues to this day.

Cressi Light Fins are primarily designed for pool use during swim training but can also be used for snorkeling and bodysurfing. It is built with light materials specifically soft rubber elastomers on its foot pocket. Long swimming sessions will be comfier due to the prior mentioned foot pocket design. It has a short blade design that benefits the overall training performance especially muscle training.

Cressi, as a brand pioneer, guarantees agility and kicking effectiveness without causing the user cramps and discomfort.

Plus, they come with an EU and UK size label but you should probably choose the US size chart for more correct product’s size.


  • Anatomic foot pocket
  • Made of soft rubber elastomers
  • Short blade design
  • Multiple sizes option
Perfect for training and competition useUncomfortable open toe design
A trusted brand for bodysurfing fins
Fitting issues
Lightweight construction

#14. ANGGO Short Fins

ANGO Short Fins

From training up to the surfing competition, you can depend on ANGGO Short Fins. Plus, the price is undeniably inexpensive so anyone can have pairs of fins. They are available in three color combinations. Professional and amateur surfers are who these fins are designed for.

They come with a pair of fins pads and a mesh bag. Lightweight materials are used such as PP and TPR for its solid and soft parts, respectively. The product is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

It’s like sports shoes in feature with a soft and self-adjust foot pocket. That results in maximum comfort in the water. The fins also make your legs flexible and active during swimming. That happens because of the short blade design.

In cleaning the fins, first is to wash it with warm water to rinse off sea salts and other debris. Or, submerge the fins into warm water with soap and rub it with a sponge for thorough cleaning. Dry the fins not from direct sunlight to prevent cracking and then insert the included pads. Lastly, store the fins in the mesh bag and place it in a cool place.


  • Includes flexible pad inserts
  • Adjustable soft foot pocket
  • Quick-drying mesh bag
  • Short blade design
  • Size chart is available
Easy and quick to cleanEasily tear down
Within your budget
Sizing issues
Easy to store

#15. U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Body Surfing Fin

U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Body Surfing Fin

The last product is the all-around fins. They can be useful whether diving, snorkeling, and bodysurfing. It can offer more unique features not mentioned previously like a built-in leash system. Big waves are conquered with these U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Bodysurfing Fins.

It has a dual-composite blade with cups and channels to efficiently control the water flow into the fins. These fins help the user to conserve energy while delivering agility during the bodysurfing. Its foot pocket is made soft to provide comfort to the user.

Three sizes are available however an easy-adjust strap exists to find your desired fitting. Regardless of your foot shape, Surf II Bodysurfing Fins won’t float away when struck by the waves. A super thanks to the built-in leash system.

The metallic red design is available which is so stylish and visible when underwaters. Plus, a 2-year limited warranty is included.


  • Compact and dual-composite blade design
  • Soft foot pocket
  • Built-in leash system
All-purpose swimfinsWrong product brand being delivered issue
Quality threading
Only suitable for adults
Adjustable strap

The Bottom Line: Which one should you buy?

If you’re really into bodysurfing, you’re gonna have to pursue that desire with a new pair of ultra-durable bodysurfing fins.

There are no better bodysurfing fins than the DaFin Black Swimfins. We highly recommend getting one, because of how effective DaFin Swimfins are in overcoming even the toughest sea condition. They can be worn easily and provides comfort that lasts. With a reasonable price, you can already get one. Also, the DaFin Black Swimfins are certified by USLA and HLA.

With that, the remaining best-bodysurfing fins can also bring power, comfort, and high-quality performance. Don’t forget to read carefully its features and also the provided pros and cons.

What are bodysurfing fins?

Bodysurfing fins are the natural extension of the body while bodysurfing. It’s footwear with ocean-friendly design and makes bodysurfing safer and less hassle. The look is comparable to duck feet or dolphin’s tail, depending on the manufacturer’s design. This footwear is a great tool to fight against giant waves without the use of surfing board.

Bodysurfing Fins: A Quick Buying Guide

Buying bodysurfing fins isn’t a simple task. It is because a surfer’s safety almost depends on it. As we promise, here are the things to remember when looking for bodysurfing fins online or in the market:

Materials used

First of all, the fins must be lightweight so that it’ll float on water and will not add weight to the surfer. The natural rubber material is the most recommended material a bodysurfing fin must-have instead of synthetic materials. It is because of how comfortable the fin to wear and it’ll surely float above waters.

Sizing and comfort

Bodysurfing fins are available in three sizes-small, medium, and large. It’s 3-sizes-fits-all. Did you know that the size of the fins is what matters most above how well it performs? When you fail to choose the right size, the entire surfing experience will be ruined. Try wearing the fin before buying at a local surf shop to get the best fit. Normally, the fin’s size is slightly bigger or smaller than the size of your actual shoes.

Check out the sizing chart of bodysurfing fins.

Drive and flow

These two talk about the fin’s performance in the water. There are two ways every surfer does in the water – bodysurfing and bodyboarder. It is important that your fins can overcome those activities. That is why rails exist on bodysurfing fins to serve as a waterway.

Fin’s color

Color affects the texture of the fin. Choose dark-colored fins for it is softer than those with a lighter color. That’s why white fins aren’t popular in the market of bodysurfing fins.


Since beaches are everywhere, surfing fins must also be transportable. It must render more space for other surfing pieces of stuff.


It is better if fins can float to be not tossed by the surfs when it falls off. You can easily find the fins floating above waters. Or, just wait for it to appear with no need to dive into the water to look for the fins.

Soft foot pocket

This feature prevents blisters or cramps and adds comfort. It must be made of neoprene or rubber material to be more flexible too.

Fin’s weight

The average weight of fins equals to less than 3-pounds. Obviously, it’s hard to swim wearing too heavy stuff for it might pull you down the water. Choose lightweight bodysurfing fins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have all the bodysurfing fin options, which one do you choose? Perhaps some questions are running on your mind that makes you doubt your top pick product. That’s normal as we have seen other consumers are also sending many questions about bodysurfing fins. That includes:

Q: How to pick the right size of bodysurfing fins?

A: Picking the right size of fins is too crucial because its size isn’t the same as a shoe size. Put in mind that the size of the fins must not be too tight or too loose. There is a provided size chart on some bodysurfing fins manufacturer. If none, you can depend on your shoe size but choose the size that is in between the standard shoe size. For example, if your shoe size is 8.5 or 9.5 look for size 8 or 9 and then try wearing the fins. You can wear fin socks to get a snug fit.

Q: Do bodysurfing fins float?

A: It depends if the materials used are floatable or not. However, most fins do float because of the main rubber materials used. If not, swim after the fallen fin so that it won’t get washed away far from you and get lost.

Q: Why are fins so easy to wear when they are wet?

A: Since most fins are made of rubber material, they would be easier to wear them when they’re wet rather than when it’s dry. You need to put some grease or powder on the dry fins to easily wear them. Fins are wearable on wet areas with no water movement to prevent losing the fins while wearing it.

Q: Are there additional accessories needed during bodysurfing except for fins?

A: There is other stuff needed apart from the fins during bodysurfing. First is the fin tether, which is important if you’re having fins that don’t float. Another is fin socks especially when you’ve purchased slightly larger fins than your actual size. It helps to turn it into comfortable fitting. Fin leashes are added too, which secure the fins when attaching to your feet.

Those accessories are purchased separately at a lower cost.

Q: What are the benefits I could experience in using bodysurfing fins?

A: The first benefit everyone thinks about bodysurfing fins is it helps the user to swim faster. However, that isn’t the real benefit of fins. It offers more on physical advantages that prepare you for bigger competitions. The benefits are:

  • Improves body positioning

With the fins, bodysurfers learn to properly position their body in the water especially the legs positioning. Doing the training with fins over and over again will make it easier to replicate when the fins are taken off.

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

Wearing fins requires more energy to propel oneself and so your breathing will be conditioned during the training until the competition.

  • Increases ankle flexibility

The ankles must function very well to finish a swim race because the force comes from it. Fins help to stretch the ankle’s muscles and tendons because it keeps the feet in a horizontal position. That position is hard to execute without the fins.

Did we miss some points?

Share your bodysurfing memories with fins through the comment section. And drop any recommended fins not being listed above. Thanks!

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