Top 7 Best Costco Beach Chairs | 2022 Reviews + Guide

Last Updated September 16, 2022

Costco’s selection of outdoor equipment is impressive enough to let you find everything you could ever need. While that may be the case, certain factors must still be considered to ensure that you maximize their abilities to get the best out of your money’s worth.

Spending time at the beach lets you recharge and recover from stress. Choosing the perfect beach chair should not add to that stress, so we are here to review everything you can find in Costco.

Top 7 Best Costco Beach Chairs Reviewed

  1. Tommy Bahama Beach Chair 
  2. Timber Ridge Reclining Director's Chair 
  3. Rawling's NFL High Back Chair 
  4. Timber Ridge Folding Director's Chair 
  5. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger 
  6. Klymit V-Stadium Seat 
  7. Tall Swivel Outdoor Chair 

#1. Tommy Bahama Beach Chair 

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair 


  • Adjustable to Five Positions
  • Adjustable Pillow
  • Polyester Seat
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Comes with a Side and Insulated Rear Pouch
  • Foldable Towel Bar

The Tommy Bahama Beach Chair’s classic, the folding look gives us a feeling of nostalgia. The affordable price tag comes with an abundance of features that effortlessly makes this our top choice.

Allowing you to pick among five levels of recline makes this seat highly versatile, optimizing the level of comfort this chair could offer. An adjustable pillow creates better neck support and is perfect for taking naps by the beach.

The aluminum frame assures you of the chair’s durability, with the polyester material of its seat promising to provide you with adequate support. Padded backpack straps are reinforced on the bottom to allow for equal distribution of weight during transport.

An insulated pouch would keep your snacks warm or drink cold for a longer time. Another storage pouch above would let you keep some of your essentials adding to its convenience. On the chair’s side, you’d find a drink holder that includes a can opener, which makes this chair perfect for your picnics.

This beach chair’s foldable towel bar makes it possible for you to dry your clothes before storing them, adding to the list of positives going for this product.

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#2. Timber Ridge Reclining Director's Chair 

Timber Ridge Reclining Director's Chair


  • Padded Seat
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Upright or Recline Seating Option
  • Reflective Ribbon

Timber Ridge’s Reclining Director’s Chair lets you get the best of both worlds. It enables you to sit upright like the regular chair while giving you to option to recline at night when you want to stare up at the sky. Like the two other variants from Timber Ridge, the Reclining Director’s chair also has a foldable side table that holds your essentials.

Much like the brand’s regular director’s chair, this reclining variant’s frame comprises of Aluminum, assuring its excellent durability. A PVC coating ensures that this chair is weatherproof, making it a sturdy travel essential.

Storing this chair is also very convenient since it folds completely, and since it is not as massive as the Zero Gravity Lounger, it is very compact when collapsed. Carrying the chair is also relatively more comfortable because of its lightweight frame. Locking switches secure this chair’s frame, assuring you of its stability.

The ergonomic padded armrest, along with the recline feature, assures your comfort. This type of armrest also ensures your stability whenever you get in and out of the chair. It also comes with a reflective ribbon that makes it easier to find at night.

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#3. Rawling's NFL High Back Chair 

Rawling's NFL High Back Chair


  • Padded Air Mesh
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • High Back Design
  • Two cup holders

Rawling’s NFL High Back Chair allows you to support your favorite team even outside the field. The Aluminum material found on its frame promises excellent durability, making you get your money’s worth. Despite the heavy-duty frame, this chair remains lightweight and comes with a bag that allows for secure storage and transport. Even the bag makes things easier for you with its Click and Carry design.

The high back design allows for better support on your head and neck. This feature makes lounging at the beach more comfortable as you wouldn’t have to sit upright all the time. The padded air mesh material makes this chair well-ventilated without compromising your comfort, making hotter summer days more bearable.

With a higher weight capacity, this chair caters to a broader range of people, making it a practical choice. The chair comes with two cup holders on its armrests, which could also serve as a phone holder. This chair comes as a two-pack, making it highly affordable and practical.

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#4. Timber Ridge Folding Director's Chair 

Timber Ridge Folding Director's Chair


  • Polyester Seat
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Ergonomic Armrest
  • Foldout Side Table

What makes Timber Ridge’s Folding Director’s Chair stand out from your usual beach chairs is its foldable side table with both cup and phone holders for safer storage. This feature allows you to maximize the side tables space for other items, like snacks or books.

Ergonomic padded armrests help with your stability in getting in and out of the chair, ensuring your safety. Combined with the polyester material on the seat itself makes this chair very comfortable. Its weight capacity allows this chair to cater to a broader range of people, making it relatively versatile.

Its Aluminum construction assures you of its excellent durability. The frame has a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating, which makes it resistant to immediate damage.

The use of Aluminum does not take a toll on the chair’s weight, though, because despite its sturdiness, it remains incredibly lightweight. Storing and moving would also be very convenient as the chair is entirely foldable and compact.

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#5. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger 

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger


  • Padded Seat
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Kickback Feature
  • Removable Headrest

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger makes your outdoor trips more comfortable with its kickback feature. This chair allows you to control its level of recline, allowing for better lumbar support. Like the brand’s folding Director’s Chair, this variant is also fully foldable, making transport and storage relatively easier.

Its removable headrest works well with the kickback feature because it will allow better head support. The padded seat will let your lounge longer, improving on the comfort it offers. This chair has a foldable table with holders for your drink and phone, keeping them secure with enough room for your other essentials.

Zero Gravity’s frame comprises of Aluminum with PVC coating that makes it sturdy and weather-resistant. The Polyester on its seat is strong enough to support its maximum weight capacity adequately. It has locking mechanisms that make the chair secure, whether fully reclined or on storage mode.

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#6. Klymit V-Stadium Seat 

Klymit V-Stadium Seat


  • Made out of 75D Polyester
  • V-Chamber Design
  • Weld Patterning
  • Fast and easy inflation
  • Super Compact

The Klymit V-Stadium Seat is suitable for people who like to get up and go. This package comes in four sets, making it perfect for families and friends on the weekend. When deflated, the seat fits the palm of your hand, making it highly compact and easy to store.

Since the cushion would be in contact with sand or other varying surfaces, it needs to be durable. 75D Polyester, a highly-durable fabric, makes this seat strong enough to withstand constant pressure. The  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) laminate in the same material enables it to be airtight and resistant to the immediate effects of wear and tear.

As the seat it comprises of literally the cushion alone, you would need something to help it stay in place. This seat’s deep weld patterning gives it an excellent grip towards any surface. The same feature also makes inflating the cushion very easy as it equally distributes air. You augment this seat by breathing to a valve that closes to assure you that it will stay inflated.

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#7. Tall Swivel Outdoor Chair 

Tall Swivel Outdoor Chair


  • Heather Polyester
  • 360-degree Swivel Motion
  • Nylon Mesh Seatback
  • Disassembles into Two Parts
  • Carrying Case Included

You will not have the risk of missing out on any conversation with this Tall Swivel Outdoor Chair. This variant is the only chair in this list that allows a full swivel, making sure you get to see everyone around you.

The Heather Polyester material makes this chair durable, with its sides providing added support so you would not fall as you turn. Its Nylon Mesh seatback improves on this chair’s ventilation, making it usable during the summer.

This chair is entirely foldable and collapses into two parts, which allows more accessible storage. The same feature lets you choose to use the chair alone if you want to be in closer contact with the sand. Assembling is relatively easy well, while a knob secures the chair in place. It comes with a bag that allows for optimal transfers.

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Our Favorite Costco Beach Chair: The Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

What makes us pick the Tommy Bahama Beach Chair above anyone else in this list is its well-thought-in construction. You do not need to have separate bags for your food and clothes, as this chair provides you with ample storage space.

Another factor that makes this chair a cut above the rest is its highly affordable price tag. For the abundance of features you get, this beach chair is the second cheapest option next to the Klymit V-Stadium Seat. While the Rawling’s NFL High Back Chair offers a practical two-for-one pack on a relatively reasonable price tag, it lacks features to cater to your beach trip essentials.

Timber Ridge’s Directors’ Chairs and Loungers could have been deserving top picks, but considering their price range and the lack of features makes them fall short.

Costco Beach Chairs Buying Guide

Different Types of Beach Chairs

A beach chair’s primary purpose is to provide you with maximum comfort regardless of whether you would be sitting or carrying it. Knowing the different types of beach chairs would choose the perfect one that fits your needs.

Classic Beach chairs are your usual foldable ones that allow your feet’ closest possible contact towards the sand. While some of them fully recline, this type of chair would not let you lie down entirely.

Chaise lounges, as the name suggests, are best suited for tanning or if you wish to take naps sometime within the day. These chairs have varying recline levels, which will make for a more customized experience, but its massive size would make carrying them quite tricky.

Zero Gravity chairs, while they do not fully recline, offer a lot of positions that aim to provide better back support. These chairs are a slight improvement on the classic beach chair as they usually have a kickback feature to elevate your feet.

Weight, Material and Miscellaneous

You need to make sure that the chair you pick will handle the user’s weight. While it is usually indicated in their specs list, checking on the quality of the beach chair’s materials would assure you of its durability. Other features like drink holders, side tables, storage bags, and head pillows are unnecessary, but they make for more practical choices. These bonus inclusions would make the expense worth down to the last cent and allow a better overall experience.


Costco’s vast array of products allows you to get everything you need in one place. While the convenience is tempting, it’s best to determine your needs first to lessen your chances of getting overwhelmed with the abundance of choices.

Tommy Bahama’s Classic Beach Chair lets you enjoy effortlessly, which is how beach days should be spent. It gives you superior comfort at a very reasonable price, making it the best companion for your day in the sun.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I use camping chairs on the beach?

A: Beach chairs are usually shorter than your camping chairs to allow for better back support since it will enable your feet to be in closer contact with the sand. The legs on these types of chairs are usually connected to provide better stability. Compared to camping chairs that generally have open backs for better ventilation, beach chairs are generally closed to increase durability.

Q: What does Zero Gravity Technology do on chairs?

A: Zero Gravity Technology is a type of engineering designed to maximize your comfort level by optimizing your weight distribution on a chair. Chairs of this type allow for recline levels that give you the feeling of weightlessness as they mostly take the pressure of Gravity off your lower back. Its ergonomic abilities decrease tension on your body’s pressure points, which lessens the stiffness you end up getting from sitting.

Q: Could I bring a beach chair for a camping trip?

A: Camping chairs usually have added features on them to assure your safety in the wild. They typically have reflectors, ribbons, canopies, and whistles to prepare you for any possible scenario. While no one is banning you from using your beach chairs, they would lack features that would help you should danger arises. Beach chairs are also considerably more massive than camping chairs, so hiking with them might get you exhausted faster.

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