Top 9 Best Surf Gloves (O’Neill, Neosport, RIP)

Owning the right pair of surfing gloves will give you the freedom of surfing in ice-cold water without the fear of worrying about your hands getting cold. Gloves also provide a layer of protection to the hands against any cuts and abrasions while surfing.

Once you are an expert in surfing and surfing in the deeper water where the temperature is significantly lower than the shores, you need to keep your hands warm to be able to hit the waves. There are a variety of gloves available in the market for every weather condition. You can opt for a thinner or a thicker glove, which can either work well for protection or for warmth.

With new technology and manufacturing processes, modern-day gloves provide benefits that were not available a few years ago. There are gloves that offer warmth in spite of being thinner and fitting perfectly on your hand. They are also not too expensive and easily affordable for a beginner. You can also get multiple pairs and use them until you find the best fit, which offers warmth, dexterity, and grip for surfing.

Top 9 Best Surfing Gloves

We have done the research and found the top gloves for surfing. All you need to do is find the one that suits you and start surfing even when the water temperature goes below 50.

  1. O’Neill Psycho Double Lined Surf Glove
  2. Neosport Neoprene Surf Glove
  3. Hyperflex Men’s Access Surf Glove
  4. H2Odyssey Max 2MM Webbed Paddle SurfGlove
  5. RIP Curl Flash Bomb 5 Finger Glove
  6. Picasso Dyneema Gloves
  7. Scubapro Seamless Glove
  8. AKONA ArmorTex Kevlar Gloves
  9. BPS Wetsuit Gloves

#1. O’Neill Psycho Double Lined Surf Glove

O'NEILL Psycho 1.5MM Double Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves Black - Adults Unisex - 100% Sealed - Tacky Grip

This Glove is aptly engineered to give you the warmth and protection you will need in the water while surfing. The gloves are available in 2 versions: 3MM, which provides more warmth, and 1.5MM. Both these versions are made using UltraFlex Neoprene as a base material which is the specialty of O’Neill. The seams of the gloves are first glued, then blind-stitched, and lastly, a sealant is applied externally to make them waterproof and durable. There is a wrist gasket internally present which forms a seal. This seal makes the glove a little difficult to put on and take off but prevents cold water from gushing in through the gloves.

The palm area of these gloves provides a tacky grip that gives enough strength while surfing to hold the board. The glove protects the surfers exceptionally well from cold water without the need to compromise on surfing.

It is available in all sizes, so it is easy to get a pair that fits your hand perfectly for the best surfing experience. The material is stretchable, which makes the glove stick to your hand without causing any discomfort.

If you are looking for gloves that offer comfort, tackiness, and sealed protection, the O’Neill Psycho Double-lined gloves are your best bet. You can choose between the 1.5MM and 3MM options, slip it up to your hand on a cold day and surf in the cool water throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • O’Neill’s Ultraflex Neoprene material is used as a base material
  • The gloves are made with a sealed wrist gasket
  • It has a double lining internally
  • Gives a tacky grip on the palms

#2. Neosport Neoprene Surf Glove

NeoSport Wetsuits Premium 2mm Neoprene Glove

These Neoprene gloves from Neosport are made-to-fit for every hand. The two options available for these gloves are 3MM and 5MM, which might seem too heavy and uncomfortable. But on the contrary, they fit perfectly well and snugly onto the hands comfortably.

The gloves are made from the highest quality of Neoprene which works well in water. The palm and finger area of these gloves are raised and of a rubber-like texture that offers a firm grip to the surfers. It has an inner lining that helps in keeping the hands warm in frigid water. However, due to this extra lining, the gloves can be a little tighter. There have been reports from surfers about the glove being tight when they ordered their size. It is therefore recommended to buy a bigger sized glove (one size above your normal size should work fine).

The seams of this glove are glued and then sewn for additional strength and durability. The wrist of this glove has a Velcro strap that keeps the gloves in place and lets the surfer adjust the tightness. It also has a gator elastic hook-loop wrist closure that does not allow the gloves to slip away from the hand.

These gloves are highly popular for their quality manufacturing and comfort. They make a perfect choice for other winter sports like skiing and snowboarding as it keeps the hands warm and comfortable.

The gloves are available in all sizes and bear the company logo on the wrist.

Key Features:

  • Premium Neoprene is used.
  • The glued and then sewn seams provide added strength
  • Gator elastic hook
  • Hi-grip on palm and fingers
  • Velcro wrist closure

#3. Hyperflex Men’s Access Surf Glove

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's 5mm Access Glove

If looks matter to you, then this sleek and flexible glove is made for you. They are sleek yet thick enough to keep you warm in cold water and not make your hands sweaty in warmer weather. They make for a good pair of gloves for warm as well as coldest water.

The gloves are available in 3MM and 5MM thicknesses and are made 100% from Neoprene. It features a Hexgrip Palm which gives enough tackiness and traction while surfing. The 5MM gloves have a thick layer internally made of neoprene mesh which snugs onto the hand, making it comfortable and flexible at the same time when compared with other 5MM gloves.

It has a closed-wrist design that provides warmth in cold waters. The seams of the glove are glued and blind-stitched, making them durable. The gloves, however, do not protect your hands from injuries and cuts but will keep them shielded from small jags or splinters.

They are very cost-effective and made for those who only want to surf without any higher expectations from the gloves. They will act as a barrier in the water and repel it efficiently but do not provide 100% waterproof benefits.

Key Features:

  • Keeps hands warm in colder water.
  • Highly stretchable in spite of being thick
  • Hexgrip palm helps in traction
  • Sealed seams

#4. H2Odyssey Max 2MM Webbed Paddle Glove

H2ODYSSEY Max 2mm Webbed Paddle Glove - Available in

This is one of the most unique products on our list. The gloves are made with Sharkskin’s palm, a kind of synthetic leather, which offers a good grip and works well for daily use. It has a Lycra back, which makes it easily stretchable and offers flexibility while moving hands in water.

The H2Odyssey webbed paddle gloves enable the surfer to paddle powerfully in water and move ahead with minimum energy. They are also an excellent tool for muscle workouts as their web design increases the resistance in water that tones and strengthens the muscles.

The glove has a Velcro strap for closure that can fit easily onto the hands. It also makes sure that they are tight when in use due to its easy tear-and-grab Velcro fabric. These gloves are available in all sizes, so the size of the palm does not matter. It has a PVC coating that is sticky and provides an excellent grip to the surfer.

At a 2MM thickness, these gloves are ultra-thin and fit on hand-like skin providing maximum dexterity. This makes it an ideal choice for a lot of other tasks underwater, like using a camera or adjusting swimming gear. They make the best choice for surfing, swimming, watercraft and other sports activities. However, they are not recommended for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Key Features:

  • Lycra back and sharkskin palm
  • Very thin
  • Velcro strap at the wrist
  • Suitable for many water-based activities

#5. RIP Curl Flash Bomb 5 Finger Glove

Rip Curl Fashbomb 5 Finger Wetsuit Gloves | 5/3mm | Durable Surfing Gloves, Textured Grip | Use With Surfing Wetsuits For Men and Women | For All Watersports, Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling

The Flashbomb 5/3MM 5-finger glove is the latest edition from Rip Curl and is one of a kind with its new, improved and remarkable E5 Neoprene. The E5 Neoprene makes it a comfortable and warmest glove available in the market for cold water. They are different from the rest because they are made for water temperatures warmer (below 50 degrees). It lets the surfer maintain warmth in apt water temperatures to a maximum.

The glove is available in 2 versions: 5/3MM and 3/2MM. This means that the 5/3MM is 5MM thick throughout except at the cuff where it is 3MM thick, and 3/2MM is 3MM thick throughout with 2MM thickness at the cuff. This makes it ideal for extremely colder temperatures while not being too bulky throughout. As a surfer, if you surf in cold water, then this glove is meant for you.

To reduce the water flush within the glove, the inner wrist is sealed with an Aquaman sealant and also has a low profile heated tape which adds to the durability and water resistance. Providing a good grip, the gloves feature a gel-textured palm grip which is tacky enough. It might seem a little stiff to look at but does not affect the flexibility of the glove. The gloves are lined with E5 flash dry-lining which helps in keeping the glove dry.

Key Features:

  • E5 quick dry Neoprene material is used
  • E5 flash dry-lining inside the glove
  • Aquaman seal used on the seams
  • Flexible and durable
  • Internal gasket seal

#6. Picasso Dyneema Gloves

Picasso Top Dyneema – Spearfishing Gloves - Cut and Puncture Resistant

These gloves are made primarily using Dyneema as the base material, which makes them seamless and thin gloves yet strong enough. Polyurethane is used on the palm side and fingers to increase the grip without sacrificing sensitivity. It acts as a mesh layer while surfing or diving.

These gloves are thin, so they are not your saviour in the coldest weather. But in medium water temperatures, they are a perfect choice as they offer flexibility.

Due to its thinness, you can feel the object that you are holding. But this does not make it any less than other gloves on the list. Dyneema is the most reliable fiber in the world. It is used in gloves to protect the surfer or diver from any cuts and injuries that may happen underwater. The whole point of using a single-thread glove is to make it cut and abrasion-resistant.

It has a Velcro cuff that makes them adjustable. The gloves are available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL. However, the fitting is not too perfect. The gloves are larger than the standard size dimensions, which means that if you have small hands, the gloves will let some water flow in.

Key Features:                         

  • 100% Dyneema gloves
  • Cut and abrasion-resistant gloves
  • They are thin and seamless
  • Polyurethane layer offers increased grip
  • Extremely sensitive and tough

 #7. Scubapro Seamless Glove

Scubapro Seamless 1.5mm Gloves

Due to their versatility, these gloves make an excellent option for water-based activities. Since they are extremely thin and provide good dexterity they make a perfect choice for scuba diving. For surfing as well they are a great choice.

As a surfer, one needs to have a good grip with the gloves on. The printed texture on the palm offers a good grip while creating an anti-slippery surface on the hand. These gloves are made from Neoprene, which is a quick-dry material and also performs well in harsher environments.

The gloves are light, and the seams are heat taped, which makes them easy to wear and remove quickly. They are seamless and provide second-to-skin fitness and protection. They also fit comfortably on most hands.

The thickness of these gloves is only 1.5MM, which should, in any case, not be mistaken for being an underperformer. These gloves make a perfect barrier for your hands in colder temperatures and keep them warm. However, they are not strong enough to protect you from any underwater injuries, cuts, or stabs. They do protect pointy and abrasive surfaces.

Key Features:

  • They are lightweight and the thinnest gloves for surfing.
  • Seamless gloves make it easy to wear and take off.
  • It provides excellent resistance to water.
  • The printed material offers a good grip.

#8. AKONA ArmorTex Kevlar Gloves

AKONA All ArmorTex Dive Gloves

If you are looking for some heavy-duty gloves, then these are your best friends. These gloves are made from Neoprene and nylon, which makes them stronger yet flexible. Even at a standard thickness of 5MM, these gloves perform very well underwater, providing the needed dexterity. The material of these gloves provides excellent protection to the hands from any external injuries as well as colder temperatures. They can be efficiently used for paddling in ice-cold water and icy water as they offer a good grip.

The gloves are too heavy but are worth the weight. They are made mainly for diving where it offers protection from critters and rocks that can cause severe cuts to the fingers. However, even for surfing, they make a fantastic pair due to the ease and warmth it offers.

These ergonomically designed pre-bent fingers let the surfer be in control of their hand in spite of wearing these thick gloves. The gloves are finished with a water-resistant coating that does not allow water to enter inside the gloves and keeps them to a minimum. The seams of these gloves are glued and then blind-stitched, which makes these heavy gloves even more durable.

Another unique quality of these gloves is that they are puncture-resistant, which means they will last longer than most other durable gloves. To make them a perfect fit, these gloves have a Velcro wrist strap for closure which is 1.5’ thick, making them fit securely when worn.

Key Features:

  • 5MM thickness provides protection and warmth.
  • The ergonomic design of the gloves provides flexibility and dexterity.
  • Offers a good grip despite the thickness.

#9. BPS Wetsuit Gloves

BPS 3mm & 5mm Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves - for Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Surfing and Other Water Sports - Choose from 6 Sizes

With a choice between 3mm and 5mm, these gloves are made for extended surfing sessions in colder environments. The gloves have a double lining of neoprene rubber that provides the necessary warmth. They are also suitable for other heavy water sports like snorkelling, diving, kayaking and so on.

It comes with a rubberized grip that is glued firmly to the palm area. On a close look, you can see pentagon-shaped protrusions made from rubber that offers a textured grip. It helps in giving extra grip while holding slippery objects.

For durability, the seams and sides of these gloves are entirely stitched, which makes them perfect for rough use. The rubber inside the gloves is appropriately trimmed to let it slide smoothly on the hands while wearing and taking off. It comes with a heavy-duty Velcro strap at the wrist which creates a seal that prevents it from moving. It helps in securing the glove easily on the hand while doing any activity. The Velcro also ensures that it fits the hand irrespective of the wrist size of an individual.

These gloves give you the freedom to move your hand, provide ample protection from injuries, and also prevent loss of body heat when in freezing water.

The BPS wetsuit gloves are available in all sizes with different color options and patterns to choose from.

Key features:

  • These can be used in freezing waters.
  • Rubberized protrusions on the palm area provide extra grip.
  • Velcro wrist strap for closure offers a great fit.

Our Top Pick

We consider the Neosport Neoprene gloves as the best among the lot. The choice between the 3MM and 5MM gives the surfer to choose a thick glove without compromising on dexterity. These gloves are made from the finest quality Neoprene with a raised rubber-like texture for a stronger grip in the water. It comes with a lining inside which maintains the body temperature and keeps the hands warm even in cold water. The fit of these gloves is also perfect as they cling onto the hand just like the skin. The Velcro straps let the surfer adjust the fit and tightness at the wrist. All these features make the Neosport Neoprene gloves the best choice for all-weather and other water sports.

How to buy the right surfing glove?

It is very easy to buy a pair of surfing gloves today than before. But to own the best pair of gloves is a little more complicated. You need to know a few things before you spend your money.

Firstly, it is essential to determine under what conditions you will use your glove. The gloves are made to provide warmth in certain water temperatures, and knowing this detail proves to be vital for buying the right gloves. For colder waters, you will need a thick glove that does not let your fingers freeze, but thicker gloves will not work if the water temperature is warmer.

If you only want to hold your surfboard you don’t need a lot of movement in the fingers. So a less flexible glove will work for you. However, if you want to hold a rope or perform stunts on the waves, then you need your hand and fingers to move freely. In these situations, you need a glove that does not restrict your movements.

Lastly, do you need protection from injuries and cuts? The added protection is always better as you do not know what you will encounter when in water. Many gloves are resistant to cuts, tears, and abrasions; you can opt for them if needed.

Warmwater vs. Coldwater

A thicker glove will provide more resistance to the cold, but it has a disadvantage. If the thickness of the glove is more than 1/5th of an inch, then it will impair the use of your fingers.

If you don’t want your hands getting cold, you can opt for a hydrophobic material that will keep the hands dry as well as insulated from cold water. Rubber is a good insulator, but air provides better insulation as it does not let the heat disperse from the body. An excellent and tight seal on the wrist can also offer a benefit and can be more beneficial than thicker gloves.

Use of fingers

The main reason for using gloves while surfing is that one can use their fingers efficiently. Any model that you buy should give you the ability to use and stretch all your fingers comfortably.

When it comes to surfing, you can expect the glove to provide more grip in the palms and fold your hand to a fist easily. With a tacky palm side, a glove can add better grip and strength while surfing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How to choose the right size of gloves?

We recommended that you pick a size that fits you tightly. The gloves expand when it hits the water so a tight glove will suit your hand. Choosing a glove that fits loosely or has space within can make room for unwanted water, and it is the last thing that you might need. Since you will be spending a good amount of money on these gloves, you will expect them to keep your hands warm. If you choose a bigger size, it can also hinder you while paddling or holding the surfboard.

Q: What should I look for in surfing gloves?

Most surfing gloves are made using Neoprene. A few have some specialized rubber or nylon as well. Neoprene is water-resistant and a stretchable material that fits on the hand perfectly without any bumps. Pick a neoprene glove as it keeps the hand warmer than any other material. If you are surfing in colder waters for a long time, then a glove with 3MM or 5MM thickness is what you will need. They are thick enough to be used in icy waters and warmer. Thicker gloves may be heavier and make your fingers numb, but they are the best for cold water. In terms of the seams, a liquid taped or blind stitched is preferable. They make the glove waterproof and offer minimum leakage from the glove.

Q: How do I keep my Neoprene gloves clean?

The gloves can be cleaned just like any other delicate clothing. They need to be hand-washed and should never be washed in the machine. To wash them, you should first remove all the dirt by rinsing them with water. Then you can soak them in detergent or Neoprene cleaner especially made for neoprene accessories. To air dry them, you can hang them away from direct sunlight.


As a beginner, one might learn to surf in summer and only in shallow waters. At this time, gloves are of the least priority.

However, once you start enjoying it, you will want to experience it in all water temperatures. But surfing in cold water can be challenging. While wearing a proper wetsuit can prevent your body from the cold, protecting your hands and keeping them warm is also important. Once you start surfing in deep waters, the water gets colder, and the winds are bigger. This will result in a temperature drop, and your hands will not work as efficiently. So gloves become very important in such conditions.

Thankfully, the market is filled with a variety of gloves that can fit in a variety of conditions. You can pick the best surfing gloves for your exact requirements.

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