Hubboards Bodyboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

If you are new to bodyboarding, the many manufacturers and dealers might overwhelm you with the tons of products they offer. All are claiming to be the best.

There are several high-quality bodyboards on the market, but what makes them different is how suitable they are, based on your preference, riding style, body weight, and skills.

Thus, it is not enough to learn the best bodyboard in the bodyboarding industry. You must learn how to find the best bodyboard that will suit you.

This Hubboards review will introduce you to one of the leading brands in the bodyboarding world. You will also learn how to pick the best bodyboard for yourself and find out some of the best Hubboards that are worth checking.

Top 6 Best Hubboards Bodyboards Reviewed

A bodyboard is an essential piece of equipment in bodyboarding. One of the best dealers to find some of the high-quality boards in the market is the Hubboards. Here are some of its best products that you should consider.

  1. Hubboards Lite Fun Size Mini Bodyboard
  2. Hubboards Edition Quad Core Sci-Five Hubb Tail Bodyboard
  3. Hubboards Dubb Edition PP Pro Plus Bodyboard
  4. Hubboards Edition FireStarter PE Bodyboard
  5. Houston Quad-Core ISS Bodyboard
  6. Hubboards Dubb Edition PP HD Bodyboard

#1. Hubb Lite Fun Size Mini Kickboard

If you are a child or a beginner in bodysurfing, you will love the Hubb Lite Fun Size Mini Kickboard. It is the best choice if you want something to use for a hobby in the shore break or pool.  It comes with a leash and a DVD.

Although it is not a high-end type of bodyboard, you will feel grateful for starting your bodyboarding journey with this board because of the floatation and flex it gives. It is cheap too, which is an excellent starter for those who want to experience bodyboarding.

This bodyboard has an EPS core that gives a lot of floatation, and it weighs less too. Although it uses HDPE slick for a skin, it is cheaper and the most ideal for kids and beginners. The crosslink wave deck makes this bodyboard absorb less water, making it durable.

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#2. Hubb Edition Quad Core Sci-Five Hubb Tail

If you are not a beginner, you will love the high-end Hubb Edition Quad Core Sci-Five Hubb Tail. Unlike the Hubb Lite Fun Size, the materials used for its construction are high-quality. Aside from the double mesh suspension, its structure contains a layered core that makes this product durable.

What Hubboard boasts about this product is its Sci-Five concave bottom.

Unlike the typical boards with a concave bottom, this board provides better speed, responsiveness, and control because of the five hydrodynamic channels that lift the tail.

Another impressive feature of this board is that it uses Surlyn slick skin that makes this board resilient and durable.

This bodyboard is available in three sizes.

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#3. Dubb Edition PP Pro Plus

If you are a skilled bodyboarder who lives in warmer places, you should consider adding a Dubb Edition PP Pro Plus in your quiver. Its PP core provides you better control, speed, and projection. It is also a great option if you are the drop knee, riding prone, or stand-up type of bodyboarder.

This product features lined contour, PE deck, Surlyn Slick skin, mesh, crescent tail with the tailpiece, and Dubb Deep Parallel Channels.

This bodyboard is available in three sizes. It may be available with double or single stringer depending on the size you choose.

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#4. Hubb Edition FireStarter PE

Hubb Edition Fire Starter PE

As its name implies, the Hubb Edition FireStarter PE is another excellent option for beginners. Unlike the Hubb Lite Fun Size, it is a step upgrade. It is the best choice for aspiring bodyboarders who are serious about learning the sport but still not ready for more advanced skills or boards.

This board has a PE core, making it a great option if you live in a cold region. It features a crosslink deck, graduated channels, crescent tail, and single stringer.

Its HDPE slick skin makes it an excellent choice for new riders because it makes the board affordable.

#5. Houston Quad-Core ISS


The Houston Quad-Core ISS is another excellent option for professional bodyboarders. Hubboards is proud to claim that it is the type of board that helped Jared Houston win the APB World Title in 2018.

What makes this board impressive is the quad-core and the interchangeable stringer system (ISS). Because of these features, the riders can customize the stringer system according to the wave condition. Customizing the stringer enables the bodyboarders to control the board’s stiffness and flex, making it a versatile choice.

Aside from the mentioned features, this bodyboard also has an eight-pound PE deck, line contour deck, crescent tail, Surlyn Slick skin, and parallel channels.

This product is available in two sizes.

#6. Dubb Edition PP HD

If you do not like the Dubb Edition PP Pro Plus, you can select the Dubb Edition PP HD because of its price. Although it is a downgrade of the Pro Plus, it still enables you to do all the tricks that you can do on Pro Plus. You can even stand, prone, or drop-knee with this board.

Like the Pro Plus, the PP HD has a PP core, crescent tail, and an eight-pound PE deck, except that the PP HD uses an HDPE slick for the skin.

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About Hubboards

Hubboards came into the picture because of the founders’  love for bodyboarding. A team of riders that include the founders, Jeff and Dave Hubbard, started its operation in 2018. The members shared their knowledge and experiences to create premium products.

Hubboards claims to be one of the leading brands of bodyboarding because of its continuous product innovation, design, development, and research.

This brand is famous for its bodyboards. Aside from this product, Hubboards sells swim fins made from floating rubber with a stiff fin blade and soft foot pocket design to provide power and comfort.

It also offers wetsuits made from premium materials that aim to provide comfort, warmth, and mobility.

Aside from these, Hubboards also sells other bodyboard essentials, such as bicep leash, fin tethers, snapback hats, sweaters, etc.

Surfing vs. Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding and surfing both provide an incredible experience and adrenaline rush satisfaction. However, the two are different in some ways. If you are a beginner, you need to know the difference between the two, to find the best product for the sport that you want to pursue.

Generally, bodyboarding is different from surfing because the riders have to ride their boards almost horizontally. They commonly ride the face, curl and crest of the wave until the bodyboarders reach the water shore.

Bodyboarding is almost a recent invention. Tom Morey, a surfer, was the one who created this sport in 1971. It was because he wanted to get as many people to love watersports.

Thus, Tom created a shorter board made from different materials, so that even old surfers and beginners can get into watersports.

Most skilled surfers started as bodyboarders. They often compare it to riding a bike, wherein surfing is like riding a professional bike, which is the real deal, and bodyboarding is like riding a bicycle with training wheels.

It is easier to catch waves in bodyboarding because of the more stable position of the riders. There was no falling or wiping out.

Surfing started several years ago, where only the royal-blooded Pacific dwellers could surf.

Unlike in bodyboarding, it is more difficult to catch waves in surfing because of the different styles and tricks that you can do. The equipment also comes in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the different sizes of the waves.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bodyboard

Hubboards offer different kinds of products, which are bodyboards, fins, leashes, and accessories. All are essential considerations for having the best experience.

However, this article will focus on buying the best bodyboard for your use because it is the sport’s core gadget. If you buy the board that does not fit your style, you will have many frustrations. Bodyboards come in different variations to satisfy the needs of the users.


The height and weight of the board affect the riders’ performance. The typical ideal length is from knees to the chin.

Heavier riders should choose the one with extra volume for buoyancy.

Skill Level

Although anyone can get into bodyboarding, not everyone’s skills are the same. Some are pro, and some are not. If you are the type who only wants the experience, buy a cheaper board. If you are serious about the sport and already have the skills, that is the time to buy the high-end one.

Core Type

The core is the heart of the board that dramatically affects the riders’ performance. It comes in different varieties.

Polyethylene (PE)

It is the most common type, which most riders use for cold waters. It is heavier than the polypropylene (PP) and gives more flex than control, making it an ideal core type for bigger waves.

Polypropylene (PP)

The PP is best for warm waters.

It is lighter than the PE, which is why it provides faster performance. Because of its stiffness, it is not ideal for cold waters.

Unlike PE, it gives more control than flex. It is also slightly longer than PE.

3D Cores

The 3D cores have the characteristics of both the PP and the PE, but it is extra durable.

Low-Density PP

It is less rigid than the PP. Many surfers claim that this type offers the best of both the PP and PE. It provides excellent buoyancy and flex. You may also use this type either for cold or warm waters.

Expanded Polystyrene Core (EPS)

It is the core used for entry-level boards. It is stiff but lightweight, flex, and buoyant.


It is the part of the bodyboard where you lie. Its construction is either PE or crosslink. The most typical is the eight-pound PE, which is less durable.

The better option is the six-pound crosslink that is thinner. It absorbs less water, and it is more durable but less stiff. The only problem with this deck construction is that it needs waxing.


The contour enhances the board’s appearance, but it also affects the flex and responsiveness by providing extra grip. That is why you should select the board that has a better grip than what it looks.


The tail can also affect the riders’  performance. There are two main types of it, which are the crescent and the bat.

The bat gives more surface area and maneuverability, while the crescent provides more control.


The skins are the area that has direct contact with water. Its construction is either Surlyn or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The Surlyn slick is the better choice if you are a determined bodyboarder because it makes the board responsive, durable, and resilient. The problem is that it is expensive.

The HDPE is the cheaper option, which is best for entry-level riders. It is not expensive, but it is not as durable.


The channels refer to the grooves at the slick bottom. Compared to the surfboard’s fins, the channels function almost the same way because of their ability to hold wave faces.

The channels enhance control for direction and mobility. Most boards have a narrow entry and full exit for increased surface area.

The concave type has a large channel going through the half of the bodyboard length up to behind the hull. This setup provides better control.


Rails refer to the board’s side edges.

It often comes in two parts: the chine and the rail. Its representation is numbers separated by a slash.

For example, the 70/30 means that the chine’s 30 percent connects to the deck, and 70 percent of the rails contact water.

It is up to the user to choose what will work the best. Typically, the one with 60/40 provides better control, and the 50/50 gives better speed.


Hubboards offers a variety of products that include bodyboards, fins, leashes, and accessories. Now that you know how to select the best bodyboard for your use, you can now head to your Hubboards dealer or its online store to buy the product that suits you.

If you feel overwhelmed by the several products it offers, you can check out the bodyboards mentioned in this Hubboards review, because these are users’  favorites.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Is the Difference Between a Bodyboard and a Boogie Board?

A: Although bodyboards and boogie boards seem to be the same in appearance, they are different when it comes to functionality, price, and design. Boogie boards are for hobbyists who only want to explore the waters but not interested in performing tricks or barreling. It is also cheaper compared to bodyboards because of its fewer features. Unlike the bodyboards, the boogie boards provide few grip features and less hydrodynamics. That is why the boogie boards are typically the best one to use when you are a beginner, kid, or a hobbyist.

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