Speedo Wetsuits: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

If you plan to participate in a triathlon, then it is needless to say that you require a suitable wetsuit. It hardly makes any difference whether you participate in the sport for fun or competition; a perfect swimsuit can boost your performance. The swimsuit is like a crucial weapon that you need to conquer the waves. 

The big question here is, what is a perfect wetsuit, or rather, which is the perfect wetsuit for you? Many people are entirely clueless about the factors which make a swimsuit appropriate. To be honest, it is impossible to predict one perfect wetsuit because everyone has individual needs and preferences. But, even in this dark cloud of confusion, the Speedo brand emerges as a silver lining.

Speedo is a well-known brand in the world of Swimwear essentials. They sell top-notch products, each of which has been specially curated for world-class swimming competitions. Speedo is a brand that serves novices and professionals equally well in terms of the diversity of products they sell.  

Top 7 Best Speedo Wetsuits Reviewed

  1. Women Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless Neoprene Proton By Speedo
  2. Men FastSkin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit By Speedo
  3. Men’s Triathlon Wetsuits Sleeveless Neoprene Proton By Speedo
  4. Women FastSkin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit By Speedo
  5. Women’s Swimsuit One Piece ProLT Super Pro Solid By Speedo
  6. Women’s Trippy Stripe Drop Back Swimsuit By Speedo
  7. Unisex Child Swimsuit By Speedo

1. Women Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless Neoprene Proton

Speedo Wetsuits Women Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless Neoprene Proton

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For all the women who are fond of exploring the waters like a pro, this is a perfect choice. It is indeed the best gear that can make your swim close to excellent. Built with the best of materials and carrying the flagship of one of the most renowned brands, speedo wetsuits for women are classic. The four best features of these suits are: –

  • Flexibility
  • Style
  • Smooth
  • Great performance

The Speedo women’s triathlon neoprene proton swimsuit materials are endurance 10 type fabric, one of the most robust flexible fabrics ever known. The swimsuit features a ventilation mesh at the backside, which is perfect for maintaining breathability. The leg bands are made of silicone and fit the legs correctly. This particular style of wetsuit is specially meant for resisting compression pressures. 

It also performs well in highly chlorine-resistant water bodies. To ensure a better fit, there are leg grippers. The chamois is an added appendage that aims to improve the comfort level. The presence of mesh panels plays a pivotal role in managing moisture. This tri-suit has been engineered for women to rule the water. The suits are sleeveless, facilitating better hand strokes.

2. Men FastSkin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit

Speedo Wetsuits Men FastSkin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit

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There are plenty of passionate swimmers who always prefer full-sleeve suits over sleeveless ones. This one is a perfect choice for them. They are specially curated for buoyancy balance that allows propelling at maximum speed. The entire range of Xenon swimsuits from Speedo’s House aims to enhance the swimmer’s core propulsion, which subsequently boosts the performance. The swimsuit’s built material is neoprene, which allows maximum buoyancy to keep you in the winning position always. 

The suit has been featured with several mechanistic details to improve the swimmer’s comfort and performance. This swimwear has a drag-reducing element in it that elevates the level of stabilization around the core. This feature exclusively aids better movement during strong strokes.

The swimwear is highly flexible, as well as adjustable. This swimsuit has a special coating that prevents the suit from sticking to the swimmer’s body. The unique attraction of this suit is the fuse neck collar that is double-sided. 

Are you frustrated with water tightness in the neck? Then this is your ultimate need. This collar will eliminate the probability of chafing. There are specific thick panels that act as buoyancy promoters to regulate your body’s position in a perfect swim state. The material built is Y39 or Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene rubber. 

3. Men’s Triathlon Wetsuits Sleeveless Neoprene Proton

Speedo Wetsuits Men’s Triathlon Wetsuits Sleeveless Neoprene Proton

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This one is the men’s swimsuit of the neoprene proton range. This whole proton range aims at improving the agility of the swimmer. This is best suited for swimming under adverse conditions where the resistance is too high. The built material is neoprene endurance elastane, which provides better chlorine resistance than any usual swim fabric type. The whole fabric has been strategically equipped with the ventilation fabric of mesh types. There are three primer roles of this ventilation fabric namely:- 

  • Moisture management
  • Wicking
  • Provide better ventilation and make the suit breathable and comfortable to wear

To ensure that the swimsuit remains in position without getting disfigured, it has been provided with silicone bands. The bands are thick strapped, providing better performance and comfort. Silicone bands also provide considerable compression for the leg muscles for long-distance swimming. 

The whole suit provides immense muscle support and comfort. It is comfortable to wear and take off, thanks to the auto-lock zipper at the front. This one is indeed a stylish swimsuit because it has a covered back pocket to store things, reducing the drag. 

4. Women FastSkin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit

Speedo Wetsuits Women FastSkin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit

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Are you in search of the best buoyancy swimsuit for yourself? Then here ends your search. Made of one of the best quality buoyant foams called Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene Rubber, the Speedo fast skin xenon swimsuit is perfect for reducing foam drag. When the body is immersed in water, the swimsuit’s foam gives rise to a dragging force that counteracts the forward movement, and the swimmer has to put in extra effort to overcome that. With the Xenon Fastskin swimsuit, it is no more a problem. 

The Yamamoto Super Composite Skin or SCS is a unique feature introduced in this swimsuit. This is a type of advanced coating mechanism on the surface that greatly minimizes friction with water during swimming. Speedo xenon range pays special heed to the swimmer’s maximum mobility and introduces the same purpose’s neoprene panels. The thick neoprene panels are 1.5mm in thickness and hence are incredibly flexible, providing a wide range of uncontrolled motion. 

The thick panel straps’ strategic placement is excellent for maintaining the body correctly while swimming. They help to adjust the posture to ensure maximum buoyancy and hence act as a body positioning regulator. 

Xenon Fastskin swimsuit has an impressive core stabilizer that reinforces the connection between the body’s three connecting points – the torso, upper body, and lower body. Thus, the alignment and efficiency of the whole body are restored. 

So, get ready to switch to ultimate flexibility with great comfort. 

5. Women’s Swimsuit One Piece ProLT Super Pro Solid

Speedo Wetsuits Women’s Swimsuit One Piece ProLT Super Pro Solid

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One of the best swimsuits that women are absolutely in love with. The highly comfortable material is the first USP of this swimsuit. Made of 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex, this is a perfect go for your uninterrupted swimming experience. The fabric type is ProLT, which features excellent durability and maximum comfort. The next best feature of this swimsuit is the price. 

Users love the Amazing features at the best price. The material is soft and subtle to fit the body perfectly and provide maximum comfort while swimming. These swimsuits feature notch finishing with no room for complaints. The prominent leg cut enhances the mobility of the swimmer. ProLT super pro solid adult swimsuit provides optimum compression to boost performance. The recovery is increased even after tiring sessions. 

You might be a little anxious about the fit of the swimsuit since it is a one-piece. The brand has taken ultimate care of this part by providing thick back straps to hold the swimsuit always in place. The best part is that these straps are quick-drying in nature. The interior of the suit is completely lined to avoid skin irritation and discomfort while swimming. 

It is resistant to probably every obstructing material you can probably think of like UV rays, Chlorine, Sand particles, and oils. This is my favorite because I don’t have to worry about sun tanning once I wear this. This swimsuit comes in multiple colors. 

6. Women’s Trippy Stripe Drop Back Swimsuit

Speedo Wetsuits Women’s Trippy Stripe Drop Back Swimsuit

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This is another one-piece adult swimsuit for women from the House of Speedo. The built material is again 85 polyesters coupled with 15 percent spandex. This one also features the ProLt fabric which is unique and revolutionary in the world of swimsuits.

More and more people are going for this range of products from Speedo due to its affordable price. The ProLt fabric is a real superhero when it comes to the best quality at affordable prices. The material is super soft, body-hugging, comfortable, and breathable. The core feature of the ProLt material is the excellent fit it creates with the swimmer’s body. 

The fantastic teardrop shape of this swimsuit is ergonomically designed to facilitate effortless swimming and faster recovery. The straps are wide for better support. They dry quickly. Both the front and back are lined. If you are searching for a swimsuit that will make you win a competition, go for this one. 

In a nutshell, it is a perfect combination of style, usability, comfort, and affordability. 

7. Unisex Child Swimsuit

Speedo Wetsuits Unisex Child Swimsuit

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They are curated with care for all the kids to fall in love with the water—one of Speedo’s best-selling wetsuits. The wetsuit is built with sun rays and chlorine-resistant materials. The peak attractions are durability and comfort. Gift your kid this incredible wetsuit to carry on with their watery adventures. It is even perfect to wear for tough competitions and intense training sessions.

The colors and designs are fascinating for kids. Apart from looking cute, the wetsuits also feature a perfect ergonomic design according to the kid’s body’s contour. 

UPF 50+ material blocks the harmful sun rays and prevents suntan, rashes, and skin burns even if they keep swimming for hours. The fabric even resists piling for huge water. Speedo unisex child swimsuit provides excellent coverage, and the leg openings are guarded by silicone grippers to prevent wedgies. 

Buyer’s Guide for Speedo Wetsuits

Bid farewell to confusions and dilemmas. Here is the ultimate buyer’s guide for getting the best wetsuit.

You will not differentiate between the advantages or disadvantages of the various wetsuits, especially if you are a novice. If this is the case, then this section is a must-read for you. As described earlier, a wetsuit is your shield to combat water forces and ensure your forte over the former. Under no circumstances can you compromise the quality of the wetsuit. Apart from quality, multiple other factors can impact your wetsuit buying decision, and here they come: – 

Which one is better – Full wetsuits or Short wetsuits?

If you have carefully read the review, you will know by now that both full and short wetsuits are bestsellers from the house of Speedo. This indicates that there is no absolute norm for answering this one. Full wetsuits cover your entire body, including the limbs. They are usually thicker ranging from 3 – 6 millimeters. They are perfect for swimming in cold waters because none of your body parts has to encounter the chilling water. 

On the other hand, short wetsuits cover your body parts, usually leaving the hands and legs half-naked. These are mostly ideal for competitions because the half suits improve your comfort and agility. However, you cannot dare to wear them at freezing temperatures.  So, the conclusion is that your need and purpose of wear will determine which out of these is best suited for you. 

Back zip vs. chest zip vs. Zip-free

  • The back zip features the chain or zip from the bottom-most part of the spine to the collar back. It is easy to enter into these wetsuits. Once you unzip it, a large hollow space is created that makes these wet suits far more convenient and easy to access. If the extent of the back zip is too much, you can have irritations while performing backstrokes. 
  • The chest zip versions are practically quite inconvenient to put on and take off. But the support and comfort of this type are better than the back zip one. It is more flexible and restricts flushes that can improve performance. 
  • The zip-free versions are the favorite of many people because you do not need to face the hassles of putting it on or taking it off. But, I find it inconvenient for myself, maybe because it is too suffocating. Pro athletes often prefer this variant because it keeps you warm and remains in contact with your body to give you immense strength during the performance. Also, you do not feel like you are wearing something enormous while swimming. 

Size Matters 

When it comes to wetsuits, the fundamental principle is to choose a size that fits your body best. It should have a tight fit because you do not want splashes of water gushing through the loose opening of the swimsuit. Refer to the size chart for better details. Your height and chest size will determine the size of your wetsuit. Try to choose a filling wetsuit for better comfort and warmth. 

Know About the Brand Speedo 

Speedo International Ltd. is one of the best brands in the world that offers swimwear and swimming accessories. Alexander MacRae, a British immigrant, founded this brand in Sydney, Australia, back in 1914. Now, it is wholly based in Nottingham. England and operates from here itself. This brand is now a subsidiary of the famous group, the British Pentland. 

Alexander was a milkman and started this label as a hosiery manufacturing brand under the name of Fortitude. Later on, the company was named Speedo Knitting Mills. In fact, they were the first brand to introduce the open-back swimwear style. Back in those days, this product was subject to controversy. But later on, the brand proved that this style of swimwear ensures high agility and mobility of the swimmers and hence is a knock-on design. 

They sold underwear and socks initially. They made a maximum profit during World War I. In the year 1972, the company had enough funds to start its production of Swimwear. They even introduced a whole new concept of essential swimwear costume known as Racer Back Costume. 

After years of Expansion, today, there is no single swimmer in the world who has not featured Speedo’s products. It has become one of the best-selling brands in the domain of Swimwear essentials. It has a pan-global presence with a vast customer base. Speedo is a famous brand that is featured in the Olympics Games and every other International game. The renowned swimmers are fans of this brand and endorse it. On today’s date, Speedo has an overwhelming net worth and is the father of many innovative technologies and fabrics in the world of Wetsuits. 

The fast skin range is the most popular product line from this brand and is subject to International appreciation. 

Final Verdict

The presence of multiple options in the market makes a choice for the perfect wetsuit even more difficult. There are plenty of governing factors including comfort, price, and brand loyalty which may influence your decision. Determining the correct size for yourself can be a real challenge especially if you are shopping online. However, when it comes to Speedo as a brand, the superior service does nullify many of these issues. Speedo has a wide range of products, and hence you can actually carry out streamlined and efficient shopping. The options for designs, colors, and types are vast. In short, if you are in search of any wetsuit that can influence your swimming performance towards the steep, Speedo is your ultimate junction. It is also immensely popular among users because of the affordability of the product. Thus, Speedo is worth all the hype that it receives and will never disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are full wetsuits perfect for competitions? 

A: The dilemma between full vs. half wetsuits is never-ending. But, if you plan to buy a wetsuit for competitions, then it is always better to go for the half wetsuit. Full wetsuits often restrict movement and compromise the agility of the swimmer. A 6 mm Full wetsuit can cause immense suffocation for long-duration competitions. Though they are usually suitable for competitors in the cold season, short wetsuits win the ultimate battle for competition. 

Q: Are Speedo wetsuit materials comfortable? 

A: Speedo wetsuits are usually made of spandex material. Though each range of wetsuits from the house of Speedo, is made up of different materials, each of them ensures the ultimate comfort of the swimmer. The fabrics that are used are highly breathable and special care is taken for the ventilation feature. Also, the Speedo wetsuits are soft and body-hugging; hence you do not feel any discomfort. They are even perfect to wear for long-term competitions or intensive training sessions. 

Q: Other than wetsuits, what are the other products that Speedo offers?

Other than wetsuits, Speedo offers a lot of swimming essentials as follows:- 

  • Men’s swimwear briefs
  • Men’s Swimwear Jammers
  • Long swimwear shirts for both men and women 
  • Swimming accessories 
  • Towels
  • Snorkels
  • Swimfins
  • Scuba masks
  • Swimming goggles
  • Flip-flop swimming footwear
  • All the essentials for swimming training and competitions

Q: How to care for a swimsuit?

A: To enhance the durability of your Speedo Wetsuits you need to take due care of the water wear. Rinse the wetsuit in cold water. Do not use any detergent for washing the wetsuit. Leave it to dry naturally away from direct sunlight. Avoid wrapping your swimsuit in a towel. This may cause the cloth to damage irreparably as the garment retains heat and chemicals.

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