G23 Nautique Wakesurf Review

Nautique is a name well known to wakesurfing enthusiasts, and for good reason.

Nautique’s G23 Super Air is one of the best wakesurfing boats on the market and a six-time winner of WakeWorld Riders’ Choice Awards for the best wakesurfing and wakeboarding boat of the year.

As the longest-standing first-place holder of this position, the G23 is often considered the best wakesurf and wakeboard boat on the market.

If you are looking to avoid the high prices of recent models but don’t want to sacrifice quality, then the G23 Super Air may be what you are looking for.

Nautique G23 Super Air Specs (2022 Model)

Length Overall 23’/ 7.01 m
Length With Platform 25’2”/ 7.65 m
Lift Ring Spacing 21’6”/  6.55 m
Beam 102”/ 2.59 m
Draft 31”/ 0.79 m
Approximate Dry Weight 6,000 lbs/ 2,722 kg
Fuel Capacity 65.6 gal/ 248.2 L
Maximum Capacity 16 people/ 2,500 lbs/ 1,134 kg
Maximum Factory Ballast 3650 lbs/ 1656 kg
  • 8LV – 370 HP
  • ZZ6 – 450 HP
  • ZR7 – 475 HP
  • ZZ8 – 600 HP
  • 595 Ft – Lb (8LV)
  • 465 Ft – Lb (ZZ6)
  • 500 Ft – Lb (ZR7)
  • 608 Ft – Lb (ZZ8)
Gear Reduction Ratio 2.0:1

1.48:1 (8LV & ZZ8)

The Performance

Designed from the footprint of the G23 Paragon hull (known for creating the best ever waves and wakes behind a wake boat), the Super Air is capable of creating waves for all levels with its completely customizable wakes, Waveplate technology, Garmin integration, integrated steering assist, and state of the art Running Surface.

Nautique Configurable Running Surface

The Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS) takes most of the credit for this boat’s outstanding performance.

Working as an extension of the hull, the NCRS automatically deploys and stows based on the provided conditions from the user.

This automatic system allows the G23 Super Air to perform at optimum levels regardless of speed, full wave, and wake customization, and self-optimizes for the running attitude of the boat to aid in creating the perfect surfing situation.

Nautique Surf System

The Nautique Surf System (NSS), with its unique WAVEPLATE technology, is integrated into the hull of the Super Air G23 allowing for maximum configuration of waves.

The WAVEPLATE extends from the transom in an out and downward direction which is used to redirect the water flow moving below the boat.

The NSS allows surfers to move the wave to either side of the boat without changing the ballast or shifting people on the boat.

Not only does the NSS allow you to change the side of the boat you are surfing on, but includes variable settings for fine-tuning the shape of the waves while surfing.

GARMIN Watch Integration

The Nautique app for Garmin watches can be used to control your boat’s speed, music, wave, and wake settings wave side and shift the ballast, all while riding the wake.

The app works with a wide range of Garmin watches and will connect to any Select 3.0 equipped G23.

This integration brings an entirely new level to wake surfing as you as the rider now have full control over the waves.

Steering Assist

The Super Air G23 has an optional Integrated Steering Assist that provides outstanding maneuverability and control.

With a thruster mounted on the stern, this steering assist will make docking in tight spaces and reversing in a straight line a breeze.

The assist also allows you to quickly move the transom from left or right which significantly improves the driving experience, both on the open water and while docking.

G23 Super Air Engine Options

The Super Air Nautique G23 comes standard with the PCM direct-injection 6.2L ZZ6 which provides 450 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of torque.

For added power the Super air comes in three additional models: the ZR7, 8LV, and the ZZ8 (refer above for specific specs0.

G23 Super Air External Highlights

  • Bimini: Regardless of which tower option you choose, the accompanying bimini will provide perfect coverage from sun and rain and includes a surfboard storage pocket on top.
  • Strapless Board Racks (Optional): With an “over-molded” design that allows for maximum protection while remaining convenient, these strapless board racks are the best way to store your boards while you are not using them on the water.

Although they are optional, the ability to store your board away from the deck will provide more space for those on the boat.

  • Docking Lights: LED docking lights on the bow of the G23 make docking at night a breeze while creating a unique daytime look.
  • Transom Stereo Remote (Optional): The G23 comes optionally with a stereo control on the transom of the boat.

Located at the stern of the boat, the remote makes changing your music easier than ever.

  • Transom Seats: Seats located on the transom facing the stern of the boat and adjacent to the swimming platform, the transom seats make spending time with friends and family in the water easy if you are the type that likes to stay dry.

G23 Super Air Internal Highlights

  • Adjustable Helm Seat (Optional): The Actuated helm seat provides optimum comfort and support with the ability to adjust forward and reverse at the touch of a single button.
  • Helm Command Panel: Strategically placed on the armrest and directly above the throttle, the helm panel gives the driver the ability to scroll through menus and settings on the display screen by simply turning a dial.
  • LINK Panoray Touch Screen: The LINK Parorays intuitive interface provides easy-to-read menus with a timely touchscreen response.

With a 12.4” display neatly secured into the helm, the LINK Panoray will make your driving experience more relaxing than ever.

  • JL Audio Stereo: The JL Audio stereo system comes standard with every Super Air Nautique G23.

The system includes the JL Audio Head Unit, 6 M6 speakers placed throughout the boat, a 10” subwoofer, and an 8-channel amplifier. 

  • Reversible Stern Seats: Acting as a lounge seat and SeaDek covered step to reach the back of the boat when stored away, the reversible stern seats can easily be pulled out and flipped up to create a comfortable seating area to view all the surfing action.
  • Bow Lounge Seats: The bow lounge seats create the perfect place to relax in the sun as you ride. 

With comfortable armrests on either side and storage space below, these lounge seats add a special level of comfort and convenience.

  • Wireless Charging: A wireless charging pad is located at the help of the G23 which is compatible with most Qi-enabled devices.

The wireless charging pad is covered with DeaDek to prevent your device from sliding which makes it ideal for a quick but safe charge.


The Nautique G23 Super nAir is a surf and wake boat in a class of its own. With its unique helm design, no boat makes a better wave.

What makes the G23 truly stand out, however, is the ease of manipulating the waves, whether you are on the boat or surfing.

As a six-time boat of the year winner, there is no surprise that you will only ever hear good about the boat.

Although you can expect to pay top dollar for this boat, the pure power, quality, and luxury you will experience will make the price seem only a fraction of what it is worth.

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