Top 9 Best Wakeboard Life Jackets (Astral)

Wakeboarding is not an easy sport, yet it’s undoubtedly one of the most fun to experience. A lot of people are trying it, while some continue to pursue a career as a pro athlete. You may find it challenging at first because you’ll need excellent balancing skills, especially when the cable starts to pull you.

It’s going to take some time before you can finally keep your balance on the surface of the water while moving. As you practice, you’ll need an exceptional wakeboard life jacket to keep you safe, especially when you trip. You’ll find a lot of options in the market, yet only a few brands are worth trying. If you want the best wakeboard life jacket, here are some brands to consider.

Top 10 Best Wakeboard Life Jackets in Review

  1. V-Eight Wakeboard Life Jacket by Astral 
  2. Youth Reactor USCG Wakeboard Life Jacket by O’Neill 
  3. Connelly Team Comp Neoprene Life Jacket by CWB 
  4. CAMO Cool Kwik-Dry Neolite Flex Life Jacket by Airhead 
  5. Coral Competition Watersports Vest by Ronix
  6. Youth Fit Life Jacket by Stohlquist Waterware
  7. V1 Series Hydroprene Life Jacket by Stearns 
  8. Ramp Life Vest by Airhead 
  9. Curve Movement Paddle Sports PFD by Onyx 

#1. V-Eight Life Jacket by Astral – Best Overall Wakeboarding Life Jacket

Astral V-Eight Life Jacket PFD for Recreation, Fishing and Touring Kayaking, Ocean Blue L/XL


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: EVA, Polyester, and Nylon
  • of Buckles: 1
  • Weight: 1.22 pounds
  • Available Colors: Ocean Blue, Burnt Orange, and Glacier Blue

Astral has been one of the famous brands offering outstanding wakeboarding life jackets. If you can’t decide what to buy, you can check out the V-Eight Life Jacket. From style to quality, this life jacket will never disappoint.

It features Airescape System, which reduces too much heat. This feature provides a comfy temperature, keeping them fresh despite staying under the sun. It’s excellent for breathability. Plus, it comes with large zippered pockets in front of the gears.

Aside from this feature, it comes with an EVA and PE foam for exceptional floatation. It can keep a 16-pound wakeboarder afloat. When it comes to the vest’s fabric, the Denier Ripstop Nylon material guarantees a long-lasting one. Also, it comes with a Self-Locking Vislon Teeth advantage.

What makes it exceptional from other brands is that it uses non-toxic materials, making it safer for marine wildlife. Plus, the manufacturer uses recyclable materials, including coffee bean compost. If you’re into conserving the environment, this life jacket is what you should consider buying.

Has a Self-Locking Vislon TeethA little weighty
Uses toxic-free materials
One buckle only

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#2. Youth Reactor USCG Life Vest by O’Neill  – Best Wakeboard Life Jacket for Kids

O'Neill Youth Reactor USCG Life Vest, Coal/Red/Flint, 1SZ


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: Nylon and Nytrolite
  • of Buckles: 2
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Available Colors: Black/Pacific/Dayglo or Black/Pet/Turquoise

When it comes to wakeboarding, you’ll need an exceptional life jacket. O’Neill offers the best, such as the Youth Reactor USCG Life Vest. It features a stylish design that’s suitable for both men and women. Also, wakeboarders admire it because it’s lightweight, providing them further convenience while wearing it.

It features foam padding, which comes from an excellent quality Nytrolite material. It’s one of the best features of this life jacket because it will let you float without any worries. Plus, it comes with a flexible design, which doesn’t meddle with your performance.

Wakeboarders love this jacket more because of its drainage system. It has a mesh, which drains water effectively. Also, it gives you a lighter feeling while you’re performing your tricks. It comes with a zipper safety tab as well, which guarantees strong seams for durability.

When it comes to the buckle’s closure system, it keeps the life jacket secure on the body for any movement. Another thing that makes it very satisfying is the Anatomical Flex Points, which doesn’t limit your movement.

Very lightweightDifficult to use the zipper
Non-bulkyToo small for others

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#3. Connelly Team Comp Neoprene Vest by CWB – Affordable and Performing

Connelly Team Comp Neoprene Vest, Medium (36"-40")


  • Vest Type: Comp
  • Construction: Neoprene
  • of Buckles: None
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Available Colors: Black/Gray

Looking for an exceptional wakeboard life jacket may not be accessible due to the numerous options available in the market. If you’re struggling in deciding what to buy, you should consider the collection of CWB. One of the most recommended vests is the Connelly Team Comp Neoprene Vest.

You’ll find it comfortable to wear and remove because it doesn’t have any buckle or straps. All you need is to zip it, and you’re all set. You can guarantee the durability of the front zipper. Plus, it features X-shaped rear panels, which provide exceptional mobility.

It comes with contoured armholes, which gives ease for users to move their arms while executing tricks. It also uses high-quality Neoprene material for full comfort. Also, the 4-way stretch advantage makes it flexible.

This wakeboard life jacket’s style contours the body well, which can make you feel lighter despite getting wet during the activity. You don’t have to worry about this vest’s drag because the upper panels will help you drain the water immediately. Also, it’s cheaper, yet it’s worth the shot.

Comfortable to wear and removeThe longevity of the zipper
No other styles available

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#4. CAMO Cool Kwik-Dry Neolite Flex Life Jacket by Airhead – Most Stylish Wakeboard Life Jacket

Airhead Men's CAMO COOL Kwik-Dry Neolite Flex Life Jacket, Blue, X-Small (15002-07-B-BL)


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: NeoLite, Denier Polyester,
  • of Buckles: 2

The CAMO Cool Kwik-Dry Neolite Flex Life Jacket is one of the best wakeboard life jackets when it comes to sturdiness because it can fit someone who’s over 90 pounds. The 200-Denier Polyester material never fails to satisfy users, assuring the life jacket’s durability. Plus, it’s stain-resistant and UV-resistant.

When it comes to comfort, you can count on this life jacket. It comes with Kwik-Dry NeoLite and quality foam padding. This feature provides a hassle-free performance to any wakeboarder because it doesn’t feel weighty, even when it’s wet. Regardless of any movement, you can move without any discomfort.

It comes with a unique design, which wakeboarders love. The style provides a manly vibe that can boost any wakeboarder’s confidence as they step out on the field. Plus, it’s available in various sizes, providing options to those looking for an excellent fitting.

People also like this wakeboard life jacket because of its zippered closure. It comes with two hidden straps, which measure 1.5 inches. Also, it comes with two quick-release buckles to secure it further in your body as you wear it.

Can fit someone who's over 90 poundsSizing is too small for others
Unique style

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#5. Coral Competition Watersports Vest by Ronix – Best in Mobility

Ronix Coral Women's Athletic Impact NCGA Vest (2017) -medium-BLK/PURPLE


  • Vest Type: Comp
  • Construction: Neoprene
  • of Buckles: None
  • Available Colors: Black or Purple

Women sometimes have a hard time looking for wakeboard vests that will fit their bodies. Some brands don’t conform to most shapes, yet RONIX can meet the expectations of women wakeboarders. If you need a reliable one, you should buy the Coral Competition Watersports Vest.

This vest is versatile because you can use it in different water sports. Also, it’s one of the best when it comes to safety because of its excellent floatation advantage. Regardless of any weight, you’ll stay afloat without worrying about your life.

Aside from the padding, it comes with holed Ariaprene for further comfort. The lightweight design makes it comfier to wear, leaving no discomfort even when you dip your whole body in water. Plus, it drains water well, assuring optimum performance while wakeboarding.

The Neoprene material of this vest never fails to meet the expectations of wakeboarders when it comes to sturdiness. It also provides exceptional mobility, which makes it more in demand for women wakeboarders. Also, there’s no need to compromise flexibility while wearing this vest.

Has perforated AriapreneNot USCG-approved
Excellent floatation
Meek by style

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#6. Youth Fit Life Jacket by Stohlquist Waterware – Simple yet Tough

Stohlquist FIT Personal Floatation Device | Youth (50-90 Lbs) PFD Vest, High Mobility Life Jacket, Coast Guard Approved, Red/Gray


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: Nylon
  • of Buckles: 3
  • Available Colors: Red or Blue

If you’re looking for a wakeboard life jacket, make sure you’re checking from reliable brands, such as Stohlquist Wateware. The Youth Fit Life Jacket will not be a disappointment if you’re after performance and comfort.

This life jacket may feature a meek style, yet you can count on its safety. It comes with back panels with seatbacks. These thinner panels help in reducing interference, letting you move without any hindrances or discomfort. Plus, its foam panelling promotes outstanding mobility.

When it comes to the outer shell, this life jacket comes from a premium-quality of 200D Nylon material. It doesn’t only provide excellent durability but also because it’s easier to dry and store.

As you wear this vest, you’ll find it very convenient since it comes with three buckles in front for easy entry. Also, you can adjust these with ease, depending on your preference. You don’t have to worry about loose vests because it clings to the body well, even if you do tricks while wakeboarding.

Has thin back panelsDoesn't fit well on other body-sizes
Comes with meek designs

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#7. V1 Series Hydroprene Life Jacket by Stearns – Best in Floatation

STEARNS Women's V1 Series Hydroprene Life Jacket, Small


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: Hydroprene and PVC
  • of Buckles: 2

Stearns earns its spot as one of the top wakeboard vest brands because of its quality. If you’re looking for a competitive one, the V1 Series Hydroprene Life Jacket will undoubtedly satisfy you with its V-Flex back style. Lots of wakeboarders use it because you can adjust it with ease as you jump on the water.

It comes from an excellent-quality of Hydroprene material, which makes the outer shell very resilient. It provides a lightweight advantage, making it comfortable to wear, especially when you’re doing tricks. Plus, the construction offers exceptional maneuverability at any speed.

When it comes to foam padding, it uses high-quality PVC material, which can keep you afloat. Safety is never questionable with this brand because it fits most body sizes well. Regardless if you’re wakeboarding, or doing other activities, this vest is suitable.

Aside from that, it also comes with two buckles for further security, which measure 1.5 inches each. Plus, it also comes with a zipper, which makes it favourable to users who don’t know how to swim well.

Easy to readjust when you're in the waterToo tight for others
Features a creative designAbsorbs the sand

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#8. Ramp Life Vest by Airhead – Best in Versatility

Airhead Adult Ramp Life Jacket, Red, adult universal (10094-15-A-RD)


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: 200-Denier Polyester
  • of Buckles: 3
  • Available Colors: Red or Blue

The Ramp Life Vest by Airhead is one of the best options you can consider if you need a wakeboard vest. It’s suitable for all ages since it’s available in different sizes. Any child between 30 and 50 pounds can wear it, as well as adults that weigh more than 90 pounds. It’s one of the reasons why wakeboarders prefer it.

This vest comes with a crotch strap, which gives extra safety while you’re executing wakeboarding tricks. It also has belts with side-release buckles, keeping it in place. Plus, the open-sided advantage makes it convenient for users to move for optimum performance.

When it comes to its construction, it uses an excellent quality of 200-Denier Polyester. It will not disappoint you because it’s durable. Also, what makes it more interesting is that it’s both stain-resistant and UV-resistant.

It may not be stylish enough by design, yet this brand doesn’t fail to meet customers’ expectations regarding safety. You can move without any discomfort, especially when it’s all wet. Also, it’s fast-drying with its style.

Features a side-release advantageOthers find the sizing too small
Suitable for all ages
Doesn't have any pockets

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#9. Curve Movement Paddle Sports PFD by Onyx – Best Wakeboard Vest for Beginners

ONYX MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports Life Vest, Yellow, X-Small/Small


  • Vest Type: USCG
  • Construction: 200D Nylon
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Available Colors: Yellow, Blue, or Black

If you’re looking for a unique wakeboard vest, you should check out what Onyx has to offer, like the Curve Movement Paddle Sports PFD. It features a style that most wakeboarders will not expect from typical brands. However, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to convenience.

It’s comfortable to wear, thanks to its large arm-openings. It also comes with adjustable torso straps, providing an exceptional fit on the body. Plus, it comes from a premium-quality of 200D Nylon material, making it very durable despite wearing it frequently.

You’ll also love this wakeboard vest because it provides excellent suppleness. The padded sides don’t meddle with your movements, especially when you’re doing tricks. Also, the PFD paddings dry quickly, making it awesome because it doesn’t add extra weight to the vest while wakeboarding.

Another exceptional feature of this wakeboard vest is that it doesn’t go up when you jump in the water. It’s lightweight, yet it provides excellent floatation, which is its primary purpose of it. Plus, it comes with a zipper on the front part.

Provides excellent mobilityUneasy-zipping
Unique style
Too bulky

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Top Pick – V-Eight Life Jacket by Astral

You’ll need a top-performing wakeboard life jacket as you enhance your skills for competitions, and the V-Eight Life Jacket by Astral is the top pick among these brands.

It comes in three different colors, and it uses high-quality materials to assure every wakeboarder that this life jacket will not tear quickly despite frequent usage. The fabric comes from Denier Ripstop Nylon material, which ensures comfort as you wear it. Plus, the EVA and PE foam will keep you afloat, even if you weigh over 16 pounds.

The materials that this life jacket uses are also non-toxic, making it best for marine wildlife. You’ll find it very interesting that it uses recyclable materials to create a masterpiece that can save lives. It even uses coffee bean compost, yet the quality is never questionable.

The Airescape System of this life jacket is one of the best features. It lessens excessive heat while wearing it under the sun, which makes it exceptional for breathability. It also has large pockets with zippers for accessing some kits with ease.

If you’re struggling in deciding what wakeboard life jacket to pick, you can never go wrong with this vest. It’s not only eco-friendly and durable but also comforting. Regardless if you’re wakeboarding for fun or training, this vest is what you need out there.

Getting the Best Wakeboard Life Jacket – Buyers Guide

Most people think that the best ones provide exceptional floatation alone. It’s the reason why they want to know whether they can float or not as they wear it. However, there are also other factors you need to consider when it comes to wakeboard life jackets. Here’s a guide to help you out.

Type of Vests

As you browse the market, you’ll stumble on two types, which are the following:


This type comes with approval from the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The vests undergo tests to check whether it can keep you floating correctly for safety. You’ll typically see buckles and straps to make sure you’re safer in deep water bodies. However, this type may provide lesser flexibility when it comes to performance.

Competition or Comp

This type doesn’t have any regulation or certification, yet it doesn’t mean that manufacturers don’t value lives. Vests under this type are comfier to wear because it’s lightweight, which is why most exhibitionists prefer them. However, you can’t guarantee an exceptional floatation, unlike USCG vests. If you know how to swim well, this type is workable for you.

Material of the Vest

You can consider either of these materials because it varies by preference:


This fabric material provides a warmer and softer feeling. It’s best for its elasticity, which doesn’t restrict movements to wakeboarders. They can swim or execute tricks without any hassle. Plus, it functions as excellent insulation from colder water. However, if you’re sticking to a budget, you may not find it favorable since it’s expensive.


Most entry-level wakeboard vests use Nylon because it’s affordable. It doesn’t compromise safety despite being weightier than the ones from Neoprene material. However, it might reduce flexibility and mobility as you do your stunts because these can be weighty, especially when the vest is wet.

Size of Vest

Wakeboard vests may have different sizing per brand. Most are form-fitting, so you should check if you’re ordering something for men, women, or children. It’s also best to check the brand’s sizing chart to make necessary adjustments before buying the vest. If you are to purchase one with straps and buckles, you can adjust it in your most convenient way.

As you search for the best wakeboard vest, you need to decide what material and type you need. Do you want it to be safer, or do you want to perform well with workable floatation? Besides the vest type and fabric material, you need to make sure you’re wearing a suitable size for you.

Some Tips for Cleaning Life Jackets

It’s always important to make sure that you’re cleaning your wakeboard life jacket well. It doesn’t only prolong it, but it also keeps you safer, especially from the risks of the COVID-19 virus. Here are some tips you should consider:

  • You might want to consider wearing gloves while cleaning to assure safety.
  • In cleaning your life jacket, never do a dry clean or use a washing machine. Hand-washing is the best way to clean it, and you need to use a sponge with soapy, warm water; 140 degrees Fahrenheit will do.
  • Never use chlorine bleach as a disinfectant.
  • When it comes to rinsing, use clean water only.
  • After you clean it, hang it on a plastic hanger for drying. Allow three days for drying before you can use it again. If you frequently wakeboard, you’ll need some extra life jackets to use alternately.
  • Store your life jackets in a fully-dried area, with excellent ventilation. Remember to keep it away from the sunlight.
  • You’ll need to disinfect your life jacket further by using 60% to 90% alcohol. Spray it on allowable areas.


Before participating in any water sport, especially wakeboarding, make sure you have your life jacket. Never go out of the field without wearing one. Also, it’s best if you have your size for the best fitting.

To float is the primary purpose these are necessary, yet it will be more favorable if you stay afloat without full flexibility and convenience. It’s the reason why you should invest in a quality wakeboard suit.

You’ll need more than durable fabric or foam materials. You also have to consider other factors, such as the buckles, zippers, or padding style. These influence the performance of the life jacket. If it’s too much to think about, you can consider these top brands. Each features an edge, which you may find very interesting, and any of these brands will undoubtedly hit your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will a wakeboard life jacket affect my performance during stunts?

Some life jackets can affect your performance, which can restrict your movements. These are typically the big wakeboard vests. However, you’ll find non-bulky ones in the market that don’t provide any discomfort or restrictions. If you want a comfier one, look for competition vests. The downside of this type is that it doesn’t have complete regulation.

Q: Which material should I choose between Neoprene and Nylon for my life jacket?

It depends on your budget. Neoprene is more favorable because it boosts mobility. However, it’s more expensive than Nylon. As for the other material, it’s not discomforting at all. Some wakeboarders have a good time even if they wear a life jacket that uses this material. Those who stick to their budget prefer this one over the Neoprene-made.

Q: Do I need to find a wakeboard life jacket with more buckles?

Buckles don’t always guarantee the perfect fit. These may help secure the vest on the body, yet some brands can also ensure excellent fit without having any buckles. It’s best to check different brands to see, which is more workable for you.

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