Top 7 Best Surfing Sunglasses (WindRider)

Finding the best surf sunglasses isn’t an easy task, but one you should consider very carefully. In extreme water sports like surfing, you are going to face harsh outdoor conditions like the intense glare of the sun. The sun’s glare comes with harmful UVA and UVB rays that are detrimental to your eyes. If you often go surfing, you need some protection, and surf sunglasses do that. Not all sunglasses out there are perfect for water activities, especially surfing in the ocean. 

Top 7 Best Surf Sunglasses in Review

Your regular sunglasses won’t cut it when you go into the waters and enjoy the waves. Good thing, you can now choose the best surf sunglasses to keep your eyes safe and protected while you go on and enjoy ocean activities.

  1. WindRider Polarized Floating Surfing Sunglasses – Best Overall Surfing Sunglasses
  2. Zionor Hypoallergenic Swimming Goggles – Best for Sealed Protection
  3. ProSport floating Polarized Mirrored Shades – Best Value for Money
  4. Ombraz Armless Sunglasses – Best for Multi-Use
  5. Fiore Polarized Floating Sunglasses – Best for High Performance
  6. Ponsoo Polarized Sunglasses – Best for Classic Look
  7. Cressi Ninja Floating Polarized Sunglasses – Best for Rugged Use
  8. Surf Shades X Sunglasses – Best High-End Surfer Sunglasses

#1. WindRider Polarized Floating Sunglasses – Best Overall


  • Polarized lens with water and oil repellant properties
  • Soft rubber earpiece
  • Specialized air chamber
  • Vent system
  • Soft rubber nose pieces

Though it may seem like all sunglasses will work for something, the opposite is true. For surfing specifically, you need perfectly crafted glasses that can withstand the common surfing conditions, and the WindRider Polarized Floating Sunglasses fit the gig. They has every feature and function that will help surfers ride the biggest waves to the best of the abilities and more.

The WindRider Sunglasses are very lightweight at only four ounces. That makes them extremely comfortable to use, even in extended surfing activities. The frame material of the sunglasses is made using a sturdy plastic frame but with bendability that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The quality is also impressive and comes with equally exciting features such as scratch resistance and impact resistance. Overall, the frame of the WindRider Sunglasses is highly durable and can last for several years without wear and tear.

The lens material is also vital when choosing the best surf sunglasses, and the WindRider Sunglasses comes with impressive polarized lenses. Not only are they great for providing maximum protection against the UVA and UVB rays for the eyes, but the two lenses are scratch and impact resistant as well.

And like any good surf sunglasses, the WindRider floats in water as well, so there is no worry about losing them while surfing in the ocean. What’s even better is that when not in use, you can store the sunglasses inside the semi-hard carrying case it comes with for ultimate protection during storage.

With all the features, functionality, and durability it offers, you might think that the WindRider Sunglasses are very expensive. That’s where you are wrong. While it might not be the cheapest you can find in the market, the glasses are reasonably priced.

Lightweight and very comfortable to use
Tend to make things a bit darker
Provides 100% UV protection
Scratch and impact resistant
Great value for money

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#2. Zionor Hypoallergenic Swimming Goggles – Best for Sealed Protection


  • Weight: 2.7 ounces
  • Polarized lens
  • Wide-view vision
  • Hypoallergenic silicon frame material
  • Easily adjustable strap

If you are looking for surf sunglasses that offer watertight protection, then you might want to go with goggles like the Zionor Swimming Goggles. When it comes to functionality and versatility, you can never go wrong with this pair of glasses.

For one, they come with special polarized lenses that enhance eye protection, which is especially important if you are swimming in the outdoors or surfing in the ocean. But despite its snug and fitted design, these surf glasses are super flexible and comfortable to use. It features a dual strap band with a push button to give it maximum adjustability. This feature of the shades offers you watertight protection and for the goggles to firmly stay in place even in big wipeouts. This unique design also ensures you get a tangle-free experience when using the Zionor Swimming Goggles.

Aesthetically, you get a sporty design and look for this pair of surf shades. It comes with non-leaking and non-fogging technology to provide you with a crystal-clear and unobstructed view. It uses non-toxic and only high-quality silicone material as well to make the entire glasses as durable and long-lasting as possible. The sunglasses come with a padded cushion as well to offer you maximum comfort. It also features a unique nose gasket that is very ergonomic to improve its overall feel and fit.

Dual-strap at the back makes it comfortable
Blurry vision when used underwater
Snug fit makes it extremely watertight
Extremely lightweight

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#3. ProSport Floating Mirrored Shades – Best Value for Money


  • Polarized orange lens
  • Titanium alloy frame

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the best protection for your eyes when going surfing. The key is to find that functional surf glasses that offer some of the best features for water sports and a very affordable price, and that is where the Prosport Floating Mirrored Shades come in.

Prosport provides a budget-friendly pair of surfing shades that didn’t scrimp on the quality. This mirrored shades looks very stylish and works great at the same time, even in substantial water activities such as surfing. When it comes to design and construction, you will never go wrong with the Prosport Mirrored Shades. It features a titanium alloy frame, which is exceptionally durable but impressively lightweight. It comes with scratch and impact-resistant features as well, perfect for the harsh surfing conditions. The flexible strength of the frame is also impressive. There is no worry about it breaking as the structure is very bendable, and even if you bed it hard, it can quickly return to its original shape.

When it comes to the lens quality, these glasses also offer a lot from its polarized UV400 mirrored lenses that can block the damaging UVA and UVB rays from the sun 100%. The lens is also scratch and impact resistant.

The sunglasses also floats in the water, so if ever it comes off, you can easily spot it. The Prosport Floating Mirrored Shades comes with a few extra accessories as well, such as a waterproof case made from hard nylon, sunglasses strap, and a microfiber cleaning bag.

Overall, these shades pack a significant amount of quality and function at a very affordable price.

Includes a lanyard to help keep the shades in place
The rubber ends are thin and can easily tear
Excellent value for the money
Reflects glare adequately
Comfortable to use

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#4. Ombraz Armless Sunglasses – Best for Multi-Use

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses


  • Scratch and smudge resistant lenses
  • 100% recycled Japanese nylon
  • Plant-based acetate frames
  • Simple adjustment system
  • Lifetime warranty

Ombraz’s removal of the traditional sidearms puts these sunglasses on our list as one of the top contenders in this category. Sure, they aren’t the first company to think of putting straps on glasses, but what sets them apart is their sleek and seamless design that makes you proud to wear them. 

Ombraz has a few models in their lineup, all of which have the same lightweight yet tough design perfect for really any adventure, including surfing. Most of what I’ve seen about Ombraz had to do with their performance in more dry settings, so I was a bit hesitant about them being a water-friendly alternative. While they aren’t exactly advertised as being “perfect for watersports,” they sure do the job. And, again if I’m being honest, they do have a much sleeker look than the other sunglasses on the list, like the windriders. 

Honestly, it can take a bit of time to get used to the straps and the overall feel of it. That being said, after a couple of weeks, it wasn’t an issue. 

The Ombraz sunglasses come in three different frame styles and their straps are made from abrasion resistant nylon, which will definitely help you from some rough marks around your head. Plus, they are your envionmentally friendly option, pledging to plant 20 trees for every pair sold. 

Overall, you can’t really go wrong with the Ombraz. They’re perfect for surfing, other watersports, and pretty much everything outdoors. That being said, they’re probably not going to serve as your daily driver (they’re not supposed to anyway). 

Good fit for a lot of facesSome fogging for heavy breathing
Tough and durable
Sleek design

#5. Fiore Polarized Floating Sunglasses – Best for High Performance


  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Polarized lenses
  • Aerodynamic floating frame

One of the essential features that you need to look for when it comes to choosing the best surf sunglasses is its quality to get you going in the ocean. If you are a high-performing surfer, then you need to get a pair of surf shades that can stay dependable no matter what big or harsh a wave you are trying to accomplish.

The Fiore Polarized Floating Sunglasses is an excellent option for high performance. It has loads of impressive features that can meet the standards of any surfer enthusiasts. For the frames, The Fiore surf glasses come with an aerodynamic design that provides you with an unobstructed peripheral vision. It comes with Tri-Acetate Cellulose polarized lenses as well with shatter and scratch-resistant coating. This pair of surf glasses comes with extremely durable construction but is extremely lightweight at only 2.4 ounces. You won’t even feel that you are using it.

And when it comes to protection to your eyes, Fiore does it ideally as well as this pair of shades can provide 100% UV400 protection.

Overall, the Foire Polarized Floating Sunglasses is perfect for those who are looking to high-performing surf shades that match their extreme lifestyle in the ocean.

Polarized lens are ideal for those who can’t stand the glare of the sunThe frame can be a bit flimsy
Very lightweight to use even in an extended period
Side windows offer an excellent peripheral view
Modern aerodynamic style provides a snug fit

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#6. Ponsoo Polarized Sunglasses – Best for Classic Look


  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Polarized anti-reflective lens
  • Wood frame

The wayfarer style is the classic look when it comes to sunglasses, but the Ponsoo Polarized Sunglasses is not your ordinary shades that are only all about the look. Despite its fresh design and aesthetics, it is a perfect companion to protect your eyes 100% while surfing in the ocean.

The style of the Ponsoo Sunglasses is unmatched when you look at most surf glasses available in the market. It features handcrafted frames from natural bamboo that went into carbon treatment to provide the best strength to its materials and a much more luxurious finish as well. The wood frame is also porous, making the shades naturally buoyant. And since the frames are handcrafted, it features a uniqueness to it. You will never find another Ponsoo Polarized Sunglasses similar to what you own.

Plus, this surf shades can give you more than just aesthetics as it packs with excellent qualities ideal for surfing. It comes with top-quality polarized lenses that can offer your eyes 100% UV400 protection. The lenses feature protective coating as well to make it scratch-resistant.

When it comes to construction, the Ponsoo Polarized Sunglasses offer the utmost comfort with its flexible hinges. Plus, you also get a microfiber cloth and a stylish, sturdy wood case along with the glasses itself. What’s even better is the manufacturer only uses eco-friendly wood for the frames, and they plant around ten trees from every purchase of their impressing signature surfing shades.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear
The wood frame can be rough on the ears
Provide excellent sun protection
A charming and stylish option
Polarized lens quality is great

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#7. Cressi Ninja Floating Polarized Sunglasses – Best for Rugged Use


  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • TAC Polarized hydrophobic lens
  • Heavy-duty plastic frame
  • Includes carrying case

The outdoor condition can be harsh and unpredictable, so it pays to have accessories that pack function and extreme durability that can withstand even the ex water activities. One of the best names when it comes to creating quality sunglasses for sports activities is Cressi, a famous brand from Italy. With its 70 years of experience, it is not surprising that they provide some of the best quality sports accessories, and their Cressi Ninja Floating Polarized Sunglasses is no exception.

The quality of the design and construction of this pair of glasses is impressive and ideal for rugged use in the ocean. The plastic frame of the shades is heavy-duty and well-made, which can handle the most challenging water activities. It’s very durable but extremely lightweight with the overall weight of the glasses at 3.2 ounces only. The frame is also impact and scratch-resistant. It also floats in the water, which is an essential feature for all surfing accessories.

For the lens, Cressi made this pair one of the best surf sunglasses. It features the modern and innovative TAC polarized lenses that provide unmatched protection from the harmful UVA and UVB radiation. And like the frame, the lenses of the glasses come with a scratch and impact-resistant features as well. They are also very lightweight and offers incredibly clear vision above and underwater.

The Cressi Ninja Floating Polarized Sunglasses also comes with a protective carrying case and a soft cleaning cloth for the lens.

Super light and comfortable to use even in extended periods
Lens coating tends to wear off
Offers a good fit without any worry of it falling off
Feature-packed at an affordable price
Solid construction

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#8. Surf Shades X Sunglasses – Best High-End Surfer Sunglasses


  • Polarized plastic lens
  • Polycarbonate plastic frame
  • Hydrophobic lens coating
  • Safety leash system

Surf Shades X might look like regular sunglasses at first look, but it’s not anything like traditional shades. Once you clip in its leash and head strap, it’s ready for anything, which is perfect for use in any extreme water sports like surfing. It’s a unisex glasses as well, so it will fit perfectly to both men and women surfers.

This surf glasses pack some excellent features that every surfer will love. It provides 100% protection from the harmful UV radiation through its polarized lenses with hydrophobic coating and impact-resistant features.

The frame of the Surf Shades X is also high-quality. The materials used to create the structure is polycarbonate, which is a lightweight material with slight flexibility to it. It wraps and fits your head snugly to offer incredible protection from both the sun and the water. The glasses come with a head strap as well to keep it secure and safe during massive wipeouts. You are not going to lose it in the surf anytime soon. Surf Shade X also features padded eyebrows and nose to give you the best comfort possible when using the surf glasses even in long surfing activities.

The lens doesn't fog up and offers clear visionThe snugness can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it
Snug fit and water doesn’t enter the glasses
Ideal glasses on a sunny day
Cool and stylish look

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Top Pick – Best Surf Sunglasses

There are countless options for best surf sunglasses. But our top pick is the WindRider Polarized Floating Sunglasses for a lot of reasons. It is proof that you don’t have to break the bank to get the best protection for your eyes while surfing.

The WindRider Sunglasses is reasonably priced but comes packed with all the features you need in the best surf sunglasses. For one, it floats, which is an essential feature for all gears and accessories ideal for use in any water sports. That way, you will not worry about your glasses sinking in the water if it comes off. And like any accessory for extreme sports like surfing, this pair of sunglasses features impressive durability and quality on both the materials and construction.

Overall, you cannot find something that packs a perfect balance of affordability and function in surf glasses than with the WindRider Polarized Floating Sunglasses.


The best surf sunglasses should allow you to enjoy your favorite water sports fearlessly. It should also erase any worry about not having enough protection for your eyes from water or the harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.

These sunglasses should offer not only style, but comfort, durability, and function, more importantly. And while there are tons of options available in the market, this comprehensive review should give you the idea of what makes an excellent surf shade that provides superior protection for your eyes while you enjoy the waters.

Why Do You Need Surfing Glasses?

The sun can be very intense, especially if you are in the middle of the ocean. The wind and ocean spray is equally as bad for your eyes when you are surfing. There are also significant problems when it comes to harmful UV radiation.

Spending prolonged hours in these outdoor environments can lead to short term damages to you, such as eye sunburn. It also causes long term issues like pterygium and cataracts.

Those who go surfing in the southern hemisphere or the tropics are especially prone. Wearing quality surf shades is the only way that you can protect your eyes from the glare and avoid any short term or long term damages to your eyes.

Things to Look For When Buying Surf Sunglasses

When it comes to purchasing your first pair of surfing glasses, the countless option available in front of you can often make everything a lot confusing than it should. So to help you spot the best surf sunglasses here’s a quick checklist of features that you need to consider when buying a pair of glasses before you go surfing the next time.


One of the first things you have to look out for when buying the best surf sunglasses is the materials of the shades, both the frame and the lens or any additional coating it might have. The type of construction and its quality affects the overall features and functionality of the surf shades. That includes its durability, comfort, fit, and overall effectiveness as eye protection.

For the frames, the standard options include metal and plastic. Metal frames offer the best durability and strength of extreme sports. However, they can be heavy on the nose or ears, which becomes uncomfortable after using it for more extended periods. Plastic frames, on the other hand, are much lightweight but are much easier to crack.

But, there are also options for frames that come with silicone material, which usually adds a certain level of bendability, flexibility, and durability. Ultimately, it will come down to your preference.


You don’t want to use sunglasses that easily break in harsh tides. So, when choosing the best surf sunglasses, look for those which come with durable materials that guarantee how dependable it is as protection even in extreme water sports.


No one wants to wear very heavy surf sunglasses. The heaviness of a pair of glasses is often directly related to its lens and frame, so check those parts out when buying one.

Fit and Comfort

You are most likely going to wear your surf glasses for an extended period. In that case, you need to find the best surf sunglasses that not only offer the best eye protection but optimum comfort as well. Make sure that the design features soft paddings in the right places. Adjustability for glasses with a strap and leash is critical to secure the sunglasses in your head. However, it should not be too loose nor too tight.

Quality of Lens

While protecting your eyes from the common surfing elements, you also have to make sure that you are getting the best vision from your glasses. That feature comes down to the quality of the lens as it directly affects the color clarity and optics of your shades. The standard type of lens in a lot of surf sunglasses is a polarized lens, which offers the best UV protection and color performance in outdoor conditions.

Strength of Lens

Especially when surfing, you’re going to face some extreme outdoor elements, which means you also have to consider the sturdiness of lens when buying surf glasses. The lens strength will come down to a couple of features, such as crack/impact resistance and scratch resistance.

Anti-Fogging Ventilation

One of the most significant issues when using surf sunglasses that offer watertight and snug fit is the risk of lens fogging. It becomes very annoying when you continually have to take the glasses off and wipe down the inner pair of the lens so you’ll have a clear vision while using it. Fogging in the lens also obstructs your view while surfing, leaving you riding the waves blind, which can be very dangerous. So, when you purchase the best surf sunglasses, make sure that it comes with anti-fogging ventilation.

Vision Range

Visibility is an essential factor when trying to buy the best surf sunglasses. As much as the primary purpose of surf glasses is to protect your eyes from the glare, saltwater, and UV radiation, you also need to get an unobstructed view of what’s around you. Surf glasses offer different features to achieve the best vision range and clarity. That includes polarized lenses and UV coatings for a clearer vision and anti-fog technology.

Some surf glasses designs are unique as well to provide oversized lenses for a much fuller field of vision. Some options also leverage on your peripheral vision to allow you to see an entire 180-degree line of sight.


Surf sunglasses that offers that best snug and fit and stays in place even after big wipeouts are ideal. But, there will be times when your shades fall off. And if you are in the ocean, it helps if your accessories will float in the water. It’s much easier to spot and retrieve them that way than when they are sinking in the water.

Types of Lenses for Surf Sunglasses

Surf sunglasses differ from traditional shades, mainly because of the quality of lens it features. For the best surf sunglasses, it has to offer 100% UV protection and an unobstructed and clear view at the same time. That function comes down to the type of lens of the shades, which comes in four different options.

Polarized Lens

This type of lens is the most common for surf shades. It is useful in reducing the glare from both the sand and water, which is very useful if you are out in the ocean. Polarized lenses also offer a broader range of vision and help you see even across choppy waters.

Smoke Lens

Smoke lenses can help in reducing overall brightness, which makes it ideal for outdoor water sports. This type also provides maximum clarity on sunny days.

Mirrored Lens

A mirrored lens works bets in reducing brightness during sunny days as well as block an extra 10% to 60% of visible light.

Amber Lens

Amber lenses work better in giving your vision and increased contrast, which helps you differentiate the darker waters from the blue skies. It can also keep your vision sharp even on partly cloudy days, which is ideal during unpredictable weather in the ocean.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Should I get prescription surf glasses?

Wearing contacts can be a bit problematic if you are in the water, much more if you go surfing. There’s a risk of losing your contact lenses while you are in the water or get you a severe eye infection. Getting prescription surf glasses is a much better option for those who have a terrible vision but wants to enjoy the waters without any worry.

Q: What are bodysurfing glasses? Should I get one?

Bodysurfing glasses offer a looser fit for your eyes and head. This design allows more ventilation in the lenses to minimize or altogether avoid fogging that often impedes your vision. Bodysurfing shades usually come with durable lenses with hydrophobic coating and a sturdy plastic frame. This kind of surf glasses is ideal to use in much smaller surf where you are most likely going to ride relaxing waves.

Q: Should I get surf sunglasses that float?

While it is not necessary to get sunglasses that float, it is a very convenient feature to have in surfing glasses. In any case that the sunglasses come off while you are surfing in the ocean, it’s much safer and easier to find if you have a floatable glasses. You might not be able to retrieve them if it starts to sink in the water. Regardless, most surf glasses you can find right now are already floatable.

Q: Are lenses of surf glasses shatterproof?

Surf glasses usually come with shatterproof lenses. However, that will often depend on the quality of the sunglasses. There are low-quality options that don’t include shatterproof features, so it’s ideal to look at the specifications of the product before you purchase anything.

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