Top 5 Best Wetsuit Glues | Guide (Gear AID, Stormsure)

It’s almost always easy to buy a replacement when your swim cap rips or when you damage your boardshorts. But, it is an entirely different thing when your wetsuit is damaged.

Wetsuits cost hundreds, maybe even thousands. They are so costly that it feels hard to check your budget if you can afford a replacement when they get damaged. Luckily for small tears, rips, and damages, there are quick and easy repair alternatives.

Wetsuit glues save you from spending another grand for a new wetsuit. These adhesives may not be able to turn your wetsuit back to normal, but they can hold everything together until that time you can afford to buy a new one.

This article gives you a list of the best wetsuit glues and discusses topics including:

  • What is a wetsuit glue
  • How do you fix damages in a wetsuit
  • When to call the wetsuit repair professionals

What Is Wetsuit Glue?

Wetsuit glue, or a neoprene contact adhesive, is a wetsuit repair glue you can use to patch up small holes, tears, fingernail cuts, or detached seams in a neoprene wetsuit. These wetsuit glues can be black or clear and are stored in tubes or resealable cans.

Neoprene contact adhesives are one-part polychloroprene-based adhesive dissolved in different organic solvents such as acetone, alcohol, ethers, or esters) or in water (for water-based adhesive).

Top 5 Best Wetsuit Glues Reviewed

Many things can happen to a wetsuit – tears, cuts, zippers get stuck, and sometimes, funky odors emanate. These and more make us want to DIY and salvage our expensive wetsuits.

Yes, our wetsuits are costly. This part is what we need to understand before repairing them ourselves. They are not cheap. Therefore, we must not fix them with low-quality materials. Most importantly, let’s stay away from duct tapes. Here are five of the best wetsuit glues you can consider.

  1. GEAR AID Aquaseal NEO Contact Cement for Neoprene and Wetsuit Repair
  2. Stormsure Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Glue
  3. Trident Black Neoprene Cement
  4. IST Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Glue
  5. Profile Designs Wet Suit Seal Cement

1. GEAR AID Aquaseal NEO Contact Cement for Neoprene and Wetsuit Repair

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The Aquaseal NEO makes neoprene and wetsuit repair quick and straightforward. This adhesive, previously known as Seal Cement, is a black cement formulated to permanently bond with neoprene and other bits and pieces.

With this flexible wetsuit glue, repairing a neoprene wetsuit can be done in less than an hour. Apply on ripped or torn part of your wetsuit. This contact cement puts together stretchy and high-performance fabrics and keeps them from further damage.

The Aquaseal NEO is the top choice for repairing not only wetsuits for surfing but professional triathlon wetsuits. The application is simple. All you need is a sharp tip to apply the contact cement, or you can squeeze directly from the nose of the tube into the tear.

It won’t take more than 10 minutes to dry the application up. However, be sure not to touch or force the two sides together. Allow it to dry, then repeat the same process.

It doesn’t end up brittle or stickyThe material shuts the can so hard you almost can’t open
Forms solid but flexible bond
Dries quickly

2. Stormsure Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Glue

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The Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Glue from Stromsure is a fast-curing, thick, dark adhesive. Regular use may surely bring normal wear and tear to your wetsuit, but it won’t be a problem with the premium quality and properties for repairing this glue has.

This handy wetsuit glue lets you make easy and long-lasting repairs to rips, tears, cuts, leaks, and split seams on both your wetsuit and drysuit material. Simply apply the glue to both sides (or edges) of the rip. Bond firmly together for about 15 to 20 seconds. In 5 minutes, it should be dry and ready for the water.

The Neoprene Queen Repair Glue should be part of your to-bring list if you are a surfer, diver, angler, bodyboarder, or the likes. It is perfect for casual watersports enthusiasts and professional triathletes who want no time wasted dealing with a ripped wetsuit.

Stormsure has been in the repairing industry since the year 2000. For over 20 years, their formula has successfully repaired and maintained a considerable range of household, industrial, and outdoor sporting items. You can’t go wrong with Stormsure.

It comes with a repair sealantShort shelf life
Cheap and easy to use
Fast curing

3. Trident Black Neoprene Cement

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Marketed by Coral Sea Scuba and Water Sports, the Trident Black Neoprene Cement is another wetsuit glue you can trust with your neoprene. It allows you to make good quality repairs for both wetsuits and drysuits.

This repair kit seals the rips or tears and makes them more robust than any other suit part. The black color of the glue blends well with black or darker colored suits. With the Trident Neoprene Cement, you will have to use a catalyst that speeds up the drying process so that you can use the wetsuit within 2-3 hours.

The Trident Black Neoprene Cement is easy to find, and most dive shops carry this brand.

Bonds almost any surface, including leather and fabricMore expensive than other glues
Clean and fresh smelling
Quick to dry

4. IST Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Glue

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The IST Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Glue makes a great addition to your neoprene emergency repair kit or your dive kit. It is an inexpensive means to repair your most priced wetsuit. Any wetsuit owner knows how important it is to repair and seal minor punctures immediately. This wetsuit glue takes care of that.

This modified polyurethane copolymer adhesive is clear and features outstanding bonding strength. Use it to rejoin broken seams and bind small holes. All you need is this 30ml tube for your next surfing trip to make sure you can repair your wetsuit right away, in case anything happens.

It can be used in rubbers, tooShort shelf life
Easy to use

5. Profile Designs Wet Suit Seal Cement

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The Profile Designs Wetsuit Neoprene Repair Cement is an industrial-strength glue that swiftly and effectively repairs neoprene for long-lasting usability. It claims to be the ideal adhesive for fast repairs, and it doesn’t seem to come short with its promises.

This 4 oz jar is enough to repair the neoprene’s multiple common fingernail holes, tears, and nicks. Ripped seams are also an easy project. Its black color blends easily not only with dark-colored wetsuits but other colors too.

Safe on natural and synthetic fabrics, including neopreneMay require stitching in addition to cement application
It comes with its own applicator brush
Dries quick and clear

How Do You Fix Damages In A Wetsuit

The first step in fixing damage in a wetsuit is to put the duct tape away. No matter how promising the duct tape looks, it can’t help in putting together your wetsuit and may only damage it in the long run.

Before deciding on repairing your wetsuit, understand that every time you pull the wetsuit on and off, any cut or tear that it may have increased the chance to expand and get worse. Avoid using the wetsuit once you notice any cut or tear.

Your first option is to check with the wetsuit manufacturer if yours is still covered by warranty. Many manufacturers work with loyal customers in repairing or even replacing the wetsuit at a considerable amount.

But, if you decide to repair by yourself, always make sure that the wetsuit is dry before doing anything. Some of the supplies you may need to repair a wetsuit includes:

  • Repair Adhesive/Sealant/Neoprene Cement
  • Small brush
  • Alcohol
  • Weighted object

Also, identify what kind of damage it has and proceed accordingly.

For Small Tear

Resist the urge to sew your suit up. Wetsuits are made with closed-cell neoprene, and threads or floss won’t hold the fabric during a surfing activity. Duct tape won’t work, too. Aside from eventually peeling away and leaving a sticky residue behind, it will also restrict movement.

For small tears, treat it with specially designed glues like Aqua Seal. Here’s a short video on fixing a tear in a wetsuit.

For Large Tear

If the damage is so extensive it goes all the way through the liner, gluing it up won’t be enough to fix. You may need to patch kits to provide extra reinforcement to the neoprene and seal the tear. This patch will also keep it from re-opening when stretched.

When To Call The Wetsuit Repair Professionals

Professionals better handle some damages to avoid further harm. Such damages include the wetsuit getting tangled up with a leash or long jagged tear. In such cases, calling the professionals is your best option.


No matter how promising your wetsuit is, mishaps can happen. As long as threats are surrounding it, such as nails, rocks, and reefs, your wetsuit may at one point get damaged. We hope that this write-up is enough for you to bookmark it for reference when you need it. Although we are hopeful, you won’t have to.

In general, the best wetsuit repair is to keep it from getting damaged in the first place. So, put your wetsuit correctly, handle with care, and never leave it in unsafe areas.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does Gorilla Glue work on wetsuits?

A: Some have reported having used Gorilla Glue on their wetsuits. While it can work with minor cuts and pinholes, it doesn’t hold up well with more significant cuts and tears.

Q: Does it matter if my wetsuit has a hole?

A: Water may take on as you swim with a holed wetsuit. This defeats the purpose of keeping you warm. Moreover, it runs the risk of further damaging the neoprene. A simple pull to get the wetsuit out of your body can turn a tiny hole into a big one if you leave it unrepaired.

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