Akona Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

Before there were Akona wetsuits, the brand first focused on providing top-quality but affordable luggage and bags for the scuba diving industry. However, the Akona Frog logo became more than just the face of the bag company. The brand now provides a wide range of neoprene products, equipment, and diving accessories, including its famous wetsuit collection.

If you are in the market for an eco-friendly and top-quality diving suit at an incredibly affordable price, our Akona wetsuits review will give you several great options to consider.

Top 10 Best Akona Wetsuits Reviewed

Check out ten of the best-selling Akona wetsuits suitable for tropical to cold waters and in varying styles and designs.

  1. Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. Akona 1mm Tropical Water Full Wetsuit – Best for Summer
  3. Akona 7mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit – Best for Winter
  4. Akona 3mm Tropical Water Shorty Wetsuit – Best Warm Water Suit
  5. Akona 2mm Kids Shorty Spring Suit – Best for Kids
  6. Akona Quantum Stretch Neoprene 5mm Full Suit
  7. Akona Long Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top
  8. Akona Short Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top
  9. Akona Quantum Stretch Standard Hood
  10. Akona Lycra Dive Skin Bodysuit

1. Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit – Best Overall

Akona Wetsuit 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit

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Akona offers a wide range of adventure gear perfect for whatever watersports you have in mind. Whether you want to go surfing, diving, snorkeling, surf skiing, or swimming, the Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit is an excellent choice.

If you are conscious about your impact on the environment, this wetsuit will also fit your needs. Akona used earth-friendly neoprene material for its wetsuit collection. The fabric comes from limestone with 99.7% calcium, less harmful to the environment than traditional petroleum-based neoprene.

Aside from that, this Quantum Stretch wetsuit offers maximum performance while you are in the ocean. It’s incredibly lightweight with 100% flexibility, fitting your body like a second skin while following your movement for maximum maneuverability. The 4-way stretch technology and laminated knee pad also make the wetsuit durable against the harsh diving environment.

The glued and blind-stitched seams, on the other hand, make the diving suit watertight. Plus, the zipper entry features marine-grade brass materials for longer-lasting use.

2. Akona 1mm Tropical Water Full Wetsuit – Best for Summer

Akona Wetsuit 1mm Tropical Water Full Wetsuit

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Although you may not need top-quality insulation when surfing or diving during warmer months, you still need protection from the sun. If you want to keep your body as dry as possible when scuba diving, a full wetsuit is necessary.

With that in mind, Akona created a full wetsuit that is suitable for summer use. Its 1mm Tropical Water Full Wetsuit gives you 100% protection from the water and the sun without feeling too warm inside. The limestone-based fabric is exceptionally breathable. It comes rated for use at a water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius or higher.

It has a flatlock seam construction that ensures the wetsuits stay watertight, keeping the water out of the way. The elastic binding on the wrists, neck, and ankle enclosures is comfortable and avoids flushing.

The Super-Flex knee pads are nice additions, providing soft panels and extra protection from sharp rocks or corals underwater. Plus, the brass zipper is marine-grade and durable. It’s also large enough that makes the wetsuit easy to zip up and down.

3. Akona 7mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit – Best for Winter

Akona Wetsuit 7mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit

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Don’t let the cold water hold you back from enjoying a day out in the water chasing waves or scuba diving. With the right wetsuit, you can brave the frigid water condition.

The Akona 7mm Quantum Stretch Full Wetsuit is your ideal companion for winter surfing or diving. The 7mm wetsuit thickness will give you enough insulation to stay toasty in cold waters with temperatures as low as seven degrees Celsius.

Although the wetsuit is incredibly thick to give you maximum warmth, it didn’t compromise on flexibility. Akona used a unique neoprene material for this diving suit that provides 300% more flexibility than other wetsuit fabrics. It fits like a second skin and allows you 100% freedom of movement. 

The knee pads made of Super Flex Armortex material are also durable and soft, adding extra protection from accidental bumps on sharp rocks. The GlideSkin and flush-cut seals also make the wetsuit incredibly watertight.

Overall, this model is the thickest wetsuit you can find that offers Quantum Stretch to get the most comfortable and flexible time underwater.

4. Akona 3mm Tropical Water Shorty Wetsuit – Best Warm Water Suit

Akona Wetsuit 3mm Tropical Water Shorty Wetsuit

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Tropical waters are often the best environment to enjoy the ocean. Whether you like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, or water skiing during warmer months, the Akona 3mm Tropical Water Shorty provides ample protection.

The 3mm wetsuit means you get enough insulation against the chilly environment after hours spent in the water without being too warm. The shorty style ensures that you get warmth where it’s necessary, leaving your arms and lower legs free to feel the ocean.

This wetsuit is perfect for all water-based activities in temperatures from 24 degrees Celsius or warmer. It uses the same limestone-based neoprene fabric, as all Akona wetsuits. That means you can get an eco-friendly surf suit that offers incredible flexibility, durability, and warmth.

This wetsuit also boasts a unique zip entry design, creating a watertight enclosure. The reinforced pull loop at the bottom part of the zipper makes it easy to wear or take off the wetsuit.

5. Akona 2mm Kids Shorty Spring Suit – Best for Kids

Akona Wetsuit 2mm Kids Shorty Spring Suit

Kids who love spending hours in the water need enough protection against the sun’s harmful UV and the chilly air and water temperature. The Akona 2mm Shorty Spring Wetsuit is perfect for when the kids go out to surf, dive, swim, or snorkel during the summer or warmer months. This surf suit is suitable for use in a water temperature of 23 degrees Celsius or higher.

The wetsuit has an ideal fit for youngsters, giving maximum flexibility for them to move freely. It has a flatlock seam construction that ensures the suit remains watertight, perfect for scuba diving.

Aside from that, the wetsuit fabric comes with SPF 50+ protection, ideal for use when the sun is up.

6. Akona Quantum Stretch Neoprene 5mm Full Suit

Akona Wetsuit Quantum Stretch Neoprene 5mm Full Suit

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Ideal for water temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, the Akona Quantum Stretch Neoprene 5mm Full Wetsuit provides ample warmth and water protection. The Quantum Stretch technology that Akona is known for will keep you toasty and comfortable no matter what watersport you choose. You can wear this wetsuit for surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and many others.

It has maximum flexibility to cater to your movements without restriction. The Quantum Stretch neoprene isn’t only flexible but extremely durable too. It’s one of the long-lasting suits that you can find in the market. The Armortex knee pads are super soft and add extra protection and durability to the wetsuit against sharp and hard objects.

7. Akona Long Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top

Akona Long Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top

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When you need little insulation like during warmer months, the sun’s harmful rays are another outdoor element you need to consider. While you might not need as much warmth from a wetsuit, the best summer suit should shield you from the damaging UVA and UVB rays.

If you want to avoid getting sunburn and other long-term effects of prolonged sun exposure, the Akona Long Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top is an incredible option. This wetsuit top provides outrageous comfort, allowing you to stay in the water for extended hours.

It has incredibly stretchy fabric with enough breathability to keep your body from overheating during the summer. It’s a perfect top to use for a long day on a boat, beach, or in the water.

8. Akona Short Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top

Akona Short Sleeve SPF 50+ Watersports Top

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If you don’t want a long sleeve to restrict your movement while swimming or paddling in the water, a short sleeve watersports top is an incredible alternative. It has the same warmth, breathability, comfort, and protection as its long-sleeved counterpart.

9. Akona Quantum Stretch Standard Hood

Akona Quantum Stretch Standard Hood

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When the water is too cold, avoid getting hypothermia by shielding your entire body from the elements. The Quantum Stretch Standard Hood makes an incredible addition to any full wetsuit from the brand, covering your head, face, and ears.

It has the same premium quality fabric as all Akona wetsuits. it’s comfortable, flexible, and soft on the skin.

10. Akona Lycra Dive Skin Bodysuit

Akona Lycra Dive Skin Bodysuit

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A diving skin suit is perfect for getting extra warmth during colder months. Wetsuits are often one of the priciest gear you need to buy if you want to go surfing or diving. If you already have a surf on but need additional warmth for when you go surfing early in the morning, the Akona Lycra Dive Skin Suit is a perfect choice.

This skin wetsuit makes an excellent second layer to your 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm wetsuit. You can also use it by itself during the summer months if you want whole-body protection from the sun. The fabric boasts SPF 50+ sun shield properties, keeping you away from the dreaded sunburn.

What’s even better is it comes designed with a form-fitting construction. It sticks to your body like a second skin, which efficiently helps reduce drag when swimming.

Things to Look for When Buying Akona Wetsuits

Before buying a wetsuit, here are a few essential features you should consider.

Material Thickness

Wetsuits come in varying thicknesses measured in millimeters (mm). It defines the suitable water temperature or environment where the suit is ideal for use. For example, a 3mm wetsuit or thinner is perfect for summer use or when the water is a bit warmer. Meanwhile, for colder waters, you need at least a 4mm wetsuit to have enough insulation.

Seam Construction

A wetsuit’s seam construction will determine how watertight the suit will be. It’s especially crucial if you frequently go scuba diving. You wouldn’t want water leaking inside the wetsuit when you

Wetsuit Style

Akona wetsuits come in different styles: full suit, spring suit, and wetsuit tops. Full wetsuits are suitable for colder waters or when you need full-body protection. Meanwhile, spring suits and wetsuit tops are ideal for summer use when you need minimum insulation.


It’s useless to get a wetsuit that doesn’t fit snugly in your body. A loose wetsuit opens a lot of problems, including water leaking inside the suit. A wetsuit that is too tight, on the other hand, is extremely uncomfortable to wear.

When you buy a wetsuit from Akona, make sure that you based it on the brand’s sizing guide as different wetsuit brands can have varying size guidelines.

Hooded Design

When you go diving or swimming in cold open water, especially during winter, a hooded wetsuit design provides many benefits. It doesn’t only protect your body from hypothermia-inducing water but shields your head, ears, and face. 

Akona Wetsuits: Company & History

Akona started by creating travel luggage and dive bags for the scuba diving industry. It provides affordable options in the market, once saturated with high-quality yet extremely costly and cheaply priced yet low-quality diving gear.

The Akona brand stands in the middle. It produces high-quality dive bags at affordable prices. However, the brand is more than a bag manufacturing company, as it now provides other neoprene products for watersport enthusiasts and athletes. 

Akona wetsuits, like its other products, are affordable and top-quality options in the wetsuit market. It uses limestone-based neoprene fabric, which is lighter, warmer, stretchier, more comfortable, and more eco-friendly than traditional petroleum-based neoprene.


Akona wetsuits are an excellent option if you are looking for eco-friendly, affordable, and top-quality wetsuits. 

It’s cheaper than other high-end brands, but Akona wetsuits come with incredible flexibility, warmth, and comfort. The brand provides impressive seam construction that keeps all wetsuits watertight.

Our Akona wetsuits review should help you choose the best-value surf suit for your money.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the warranty period for Akona wetsuits? What does it cover?

All Akona wetsuits come with a limited two-year warranty from the date of purchase from authorized stores or dealers. It covers all material and quality issues but doesn’t include wear and tear from regular use or damage caused by chlorine or salt buildup.

Q: Do Akona SPF 50+ Watersports Tops provide enough sun protection?

Yes. Watersports tops from Akona come with SPF 50+ rating, which means the clothing can give you up to 97.8% protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.

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