Top 6 Best Surfboard Repair Kits (Solarez)

Your surfboard – no matter how tough they were made to be is going to get dinged. No matter how careful you are, they’d still get bumps and bruises. All thanks to the reef, rocks, baggage handlers, and the brute force of the ocean.

Even your recklessness. One of these things has the potential to ding or shatter your surfboard. And, when that happens, especially to your favorite board, it is not always necessary to have to take it to the surf shop to have it fixed. 

Repairing your dinged, damaged, or broken surfboard is easy and can be done at home. In this write-up, we will tell you how and the best surfboard repair kits to use. 

Top 6 Surfboard Ding Repair Kits

Repairing by yourself is easy particularly if you use a dependable surfboard repair kit. The market offers many types of these, but be sure to get to know the products first. These repair kits have differences and some are more appropriate for a particular type of board than the rest. 

  1. Epoxy Ding Surfboard Repair Kit by Solarez
  2. Standard Surfboard Repair Kit by Ding All
  3. Standard Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit by Ding All 
  4. Q Cell Filler Repair Kit by Ding All
  5. Sun Cure Polyester Fiberglass Repair Kit by Ding All
  6. Polyester Ding Repair by Solarez

#1. Epoxy Ding Repair by Solarez – Best Overall Surfboard Repair Kit

SOLAREZ UV Cure Epoxy Ding Repair Resin - SUP Paddle-Board & Surfboard Repair (0.5 oz) Cures in 2-3 Mins! Non Yellowing, eco-Friendly - Zero Vapors, Comes with 60/240 Grit Sand Pad ~ Made in The U...


  • Resin Type: Epoxy
  • Sizes: 0.5 oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz
  • No mixing required
  • Provides complete crosslinking
  • Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad

Wahoo International – the makers of Solarez started with created composite surfboards and bodyboards in 1985. They utilized unusual materials and approaches like UV curing resins, composite structures, and vacuum reserving methods. 

During the testing phase of this method, they saw how UV curing can have potential in cleaning and field repair, as much as it has for manufacturing. Thus, the birth of the first Solarez polyester putty field repair kit became a smash in the surfing community, worldwide. 

One of the popular repair kits they released is the Epoxy Ding Repair. It is a repair putty that is a blend of clear, extremely tough, fiber-reinforced epoxy resin with an incredible solar-activated catalyst. This product comes in a travel-friendly 2oz bottle sealed with a tight screw cap. 

The packaging makes it very portable and you can carry it around every time you need to take the board with you. 

Solarez Epoxy Ding Repair is one epoxy resin that you can use for either polyester or epoxy boards. It doesn’t require mixing and you can use it straight from the tube. Just lay it smoothly in the area that you needed fixing and let it dry – preferably under the sun. 

This eco-friendly resin is known to take care of all sorts of dings. You can use it without wearing a face mask since it doesn’t smell as toxic as most repair kits. It is non-flammable, too. The package comes with fine-grit sandpaper that you can use to smooth the surface when you are done. 

Can be used for both epoxy or polyester boardsUsers complained of the package arriving tampered
Strong and tough outcomeMore effective if used under the sun
Comes with sandpaper
Feels tacky and sticky
Portable yet powerful
Quick-drying resin

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#2. Standard (polyester) Repair Kit by Ding All – Best for Polyester Boards

Ding All 2 Oz Polyester Repair Kit for Small to Medium Sized Polyester Surfboards Repairs


  • Resin Type: Polyester
  • Sizes: 2 oz
  • Easy application
  • The kit comes with:
    • 6” x 13” – 4 oz. Lightweight Fiberglass Cloth
    • 2-Sided Sanding pad
    • Measuring cup
    • Clear mylar cover sheet
  • Allows easy sanding

Who would have thought a class project would blow up into proportions and make a small company known for it? Dale Christenson formulated the repair kit Ding All in 1985, as a class project at a college in Florida. 

It became successful that Ding All eventually had its line of repair kits. Along with that were the births of other lines that include Sun Cure and Surf Science Products. Fast forward to today, Dale has partnered up with family members. Their company, The Surf Source now caters to the US and global consumers for more than 300 products/surfing needs. 

The Standard Repair Kit contains Silmar brand 250A Polyester Sanding Resin. This is undeniably the highest-quality resin that is available for the industry. And, are normally used for surfboard hot coatings. This material is very successful for use in ding repairs. 

It contains 2oz. Sanding Resin Plus Hardener is intended for small to medium-sized surfboard dimple repairs. If used under 77°F, the resin can cure in 60 minutes or so. It dries up quickly and is non-tacky so you can easily sand it for a smoother finish. 

Comes with everything you need to repairNot for epoxy boards
Cheaper than most repair kitsStrong smell
Easy to follow instructions

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#3. Standard Epoxy Repair Kit by Ding All – Best for Epoxy Boards

Ding All 3 Oz (84ml) Standard Epoxy Repair Kit for Epoxy and Polyester Surfboards Repairs


  • Resin Type: Epoxy
  • Sizes: 3 oz
  • Easy application
  • The kit comes with:
    • 5.9” x 13.38” – Lightweight Fiberglass Cloth
    • 2-Sided Sanding pad
    • 1 Measuring cup and 3 mixing sticks
    • Clear mylar cover sheet
  • Allows easy sanding

Proof that tells you a brand is good is when it has 2 of its products in one list of “best of” items. The second entry from Surf Source under their Ding All line – Standard Epoxy Repair Kit is for epoxy boards. 

This repair kit is their version for epoxy surfboards. Containing Ultra Clear, SS 2000 resin that is used in Epoxy surfboard construction, it is dual-purpose and can also be used to repair polyester boards, too. 

Standard Epoxy Repair Kit by Ding All is remarkable and it comes with a handful of items that you will need useful when you are repairing boards. It is known to simply and efficiently fill the cracks on the surfboard sans the fumes that usually become the problem with repair kits. 

You are guaranteed a tough lamination that will cover any dings or cracks leaving your surfboard looking and feeling as good as new. With components that are quick-drying, especially when exposed to the sun, the repair will not take long.

Standard Epoxy Repair Kit by Ding All comes in a package along with a tube of epoxy, hardener, filler, and cloth. The complete kit allows an easy method for small or medium surfboard repairs.

Works for small and minor repairsToo much cloth for the amount of resin provided
Cheaper than most repair kits
Needs sun to cure entirely
Easy to follow instructions
Takes a shorter time to dry
Reduced fumes

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#4. Q Cell Filler by Ding All – Best for Filling Big Scrapes

Ding All Q-Cell Filler- 12 oz. Bag for Surfboard Ding Repairs, Boat and Fiberglass Repairs


  • Resin Type: Polyester and Epoxy
  • Sizes: 
    • 12 oz
    • 1 gallon
  • Easy application
  • Added to the resin at a 5% rate 
  • Great for all surfboard, boat and other fiberglass repairs

The 3rd entry by Surf Source, Q Cell Filler is used for thickening Polyester and Epoxy resin to make a “Foam white” fill the paste that is simple and straightforward. This amazing one-off surfboard repair is inexpensive and easy to use. 

It can repair in a matter of minutes, if under UV exposure – whether artificial or natural, regardless of the temperature. It has lamination strength that lays down incredibly tough, getting your surfboard back to the waters in no time, and looking brand new. 

After every product Surf Source releases, they improve more and more on reducing VOCs or the fumes that come off from the resin when being used. This lessens the need to use a mask when doing repairs. Since it dries quickly, you won’t get the sticky and tacky mess on your board when you are done. No more wasting resin from a small bottle. 

Too bad, it doesn’t come in travel-sized bottles, unlike most Ding All products. Probably to have a bit more resin to use for future dings? Maybe so. Q Cell Filler by Ding All is what you need if you want a solid UV resin for your polyester board – no more extra applications, all you need is the sun. 

Dries within a few minutes in UV lightSuperfine and may need facemask for anyone allergic to dust
Cheaper than most repair kitsNot portable
Comes with all supplies
Reduced VOCs
Easy to use

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#5. Sun Cure Polyester Fiberglass Repair Kit by Ding All

Sun Cure Fiberfill Repair Kit - 4.4 Ounces


  • Resin Type: Polyester 
  • Sizes: 2 oz
  • Easy application
  • The kit comes with:
    • 2oz. Clear Sun Cure Resin
    • 5.9” x 13.38” Fiberglass Cloth patch
    • Sanding pad
    • Cup and mixing sticks
    • Clear mylar cover sheet and tape stickers
  • Travel-friendly

Sun Cure Polyester Fiberglass Repair Kit by Ding All is Surf Source’s original repair kit, the one that was prepared as a class project back in the day – only, it is reborn with Sun Cure UV cure resin. This is to keep up with the standard that is for most small to medium polyester repair kits. 

This repair kit contains an ultra-clear UV resin that is used by the majority of polyester surfboard manufacturers. The sandpaper that comes with it is big enough for all your repair needs. Some customers claim that there is not any noticeable discoloration from the time the resin is still liquid until it is cured. 

The surface that is repaired can be sanded easily even without a surfacing agent. Simply take the time to feather it in nicely and you will have borderline undetectable damage after a few patches with Sun Cure Polyester Fiberglass Repair Kit.

Dries within a few minutes in UV light, regardless of the temperature
Needs to be in the sun to cure
Easy application, cures quickly in the sun
Not for epoxy surfboards
Comes with all the supplies
Reduced VOCs
Sands well

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#6. Polyester Ding Repair by Solarez – Best for Travelers

SOLAREZ UV Cure Polyester Ding Repair Resin - Surfboard Repair Kit (2 Oz) Sun Cures 100% Dry in Under 3 Minutes! Includes 60/240 Grit Sand Pad. Made in USA!


  • Resin Type: Polyester 
  • Sizes: 1 oz, 2 oz, and 5 oz
  • Bubble-free mixture
  • Denser cross-linking and surface cure
  • No residual peroxides

Solarez entry for Polyester resin, this repair kit is a fiber-reinforced resin that dries onto your board nice and clear sans the addition of yellowish color like most cheap repair resins do. Polyester Ding Repair by Solarez is like Sun Cure by Ding All where you don’t need to mix anything – just apply and go. 

It dries in just a matter of minutes especially when exposed to the sun or artificial UV. Yes, like Sun Cure, it needs UV for it to effectively work. Solarez made sure this product does not have any lingering peroxides to make it safe and easy to use and work with. 

The best thing about it is that it comes in travel-friendly packaging. Its 2 oz tube is perfect for the nomadic surfer to bring it anywhere he needs to surf. Along with your purchase of this repair kit are two grit sand pads that you can use to finish off the repair. 

The kit has all the needed supplies
Must have UV light for it to truly work
Dries within a few minutes
Does not include written instructions
Travel-friendly size
Strong and clear

Check Price on Amazon

Our Top Pick

The best resin there is, Epoxy Ding Repair by Solarez helps you create several repairs not just on polyester but on epoxy surfboards, too. This whole resin that comes in a small tube can impeccably cover up and repair dings without any problem. 

The best surfboard repair kit, especially for a frequent rider is something that can be brought along anytime, anywhere. The packaging of Epoxy Ding Repair by Solarez is perfect. It can be put in the bag’s pocket or anywhere safe from being squeezed. 

Also, it does not include items that are not entirely necessary for repairing your surfboard and may just take up extra space from your bag. 

Choosing the Best Surfboard Repair Kit

The challenge to pick a repair kit lies in your experience with dings and dents. It can be particularly hard especially if you have not experienced such a scenario. But, just by understanding the basics, like the type of surfboard you have (to fix) and the types of surfboard repair kits there are, you will be able to independently pick the best for the job. 

A couple of factors you need to consider when deciding on a surfboard repair kit:

The type of surfboard you are repairing

Find out the type of material your surfboard is made of since some repair kits are designed particularly for certain materials. Understand the difference between epoxy and polyester to make sure you are picking the repair kit that is meant for your surfboard. 


Surfboard repair kits can be pricey but you don’t have to pick the expensive one just to make sure it is effective. Be sure to do your research for you to find the best kit that will repair your surfboard without breaking your budget. 

How to Repair Your Surfboard

Learning how to fix something is indispensable. The knowledge you have in fixing things will save you money from getting a professional to do the job for you. The same applies to dinged and dented surfboards. Learning how to fix it is a huge deal in being an independent surfer. 

No longer will you have to pay so much to patch that stick up. You can do it yourself! You’re not confident? By the time you finish this article, you will. 

Here is a rundown on how to execute a surfboard repairing session. 

#1. Collecting All the Necessary Tools

Before starting, you must be sure to have everything you need in place. Just like when you are cooking, you have to have all the ingredients prepared before firing up that stove. It should have: 

Fiberglass – to reinforce and strengthen the resin to hold up in tougher conditions. 

Sandpaper – to smoothen out the surface of the surfboard prior to and after applying the resin. The ideal should be an array of grits from 60-240.

Masking Tape – to keep the areas that are not part of the repair from getting resin. 

Q-Cell to fill in any cracks, cuts, or gaps in the problem area.

Cup – for mixing things in like Q-Cell and resin. 

Acetone – to make sure that your board is clean and spotless before initiating the repair. 

Mask – to be able to breathe well while working with chemicals

Razor Blade – to remove the loose fragments that are left on after the repair.

Paint Brush or Popsicle Sticks – for applying the resin onto the board, because really, we don’t want you to use your finger. 

#2. Cleaning Up the Damages

The first step is to make sure there is no loose debris on the board’s surface. Do this with a cloth with acetone or with a razor blade if the debris needs to be removed surgically. Dents that have been ignored for some time may have rotted, so be sure to be on the lookout for such. 

#3. Sanding 

Be sure to remove any top layers of wax before sanding. Once done, sand the problem area down to that exact spot that is somewhat sunken into your board. Do not sand too much, just enough that when you apply the resin, it will look like a flat surface. 

#4. Putting Masking Tapes

To make sure that the resin only gets to where you need them to be, put masking tapes on them. 

#5. Applying Q-Cell

Remember the first step, when we had to remove residues and debris? There could be instances wherein debris is hard to remove and you may need razor blades to remove them. This process may leave small cuts or cracks on the surface. This is where the Q-Cell comes in handy. 

It acts as an alternative to foam and binds with it. Mix a very small amount of sanding resin into the Q-Cell until it turns into a paste-like form. Once it becomes paste-y, add some catalyst. Cautiously pour it into the ding and use your popsicle stick to make sure every cranny is filled in. We do not want any hollow space before we do the next step. 

#6. Sanding (again)

After applying Q-Cell (if you needed to use one), you will need to sand it down to make sure it evens the surface of your board. You can try to sand it just a tad bit below the surface so that the top layer of the resin can be applied. 

#7. Applying Fiberglass and Resin

Measure the damaged area on your board and cut your fiberglass a bit bigger than the measurement you took. Combine sanding resin with catalyst until the blend hardens a little. Use a brush or popsicle stick to apply the mixture smoothly on top of the damaged spot. 

Lay your sheet on top of the smoothed part. Note that some may require multiple sheets of fiberglass. Feel the board if it needs some extra to strengthen it. Do the same process before applying the next sheet. 

#8. Wet Sanding

Allow the mixture applied to the board to cure. Then sand it off to polish. Be sure to have the damaged area match the surface of the rest of the board – without any bumps or rough edges. Do not sand too hard or you might end up damaging the fiberglass you just stuck. 


Surfboard dents and dings are simple to repair. If you’ve tried doing it yourself and failed, it could be something you are doing or not doing. To achieve the best results be sure to get the best surfboard repair kit that applies to the board you have. 

Ensure that you have all the materials you need and follow the instructions step by step. 

Remember, a damaged surfboard is not just less fun to ride, it can also be dangerous. And, you wouldn’t want to be at the repair shop all the time! With the best surfboard repair kit, you can effectively fix your board, in no time and with fewer expenses!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Should I get a travel kit or a small bottle of resin?

If you have done repairs or have some serious repairs to do, travel kits are what you need to have. But, bottled resins are highly recommended. Damages that are of great concern are not recommended to be done DIY, or you might ruin the board. Resin is perfect and is worth more to the surfing community since it is more travel-friendly and is perfect for quick-fix scenarios. 

Q: Should I get a polyester or epoxy repair kit?

Before picking any resin, be sure to know what kind of material your board is made of – epoxy or polyester. You would not want to get the wrong resin for your board. Or else, no matter how sure you are of following the instructions listed, it will simply not work. 

Q: Are repair kits for expert surfers only?

Anyone who uses a surfboard can benefit from them. As you ride your surfboard – whether it is for a surfing lesson or a pro-competition, it will unavoidably get dinged or scratched. 

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