Top 5 Best Surf Earplugs | 2023 Reviews (Surfears)

Last Updated January 27, 2023

As a surfer, it is crucial that you use surf earplugs to prevent constant contact with water. Surfer’s ear is a common condition that is developed with the constant and prolonged contact of the ears to the water.

This is why you need to wear surf earplugs before you plunge into the water. It protects your ear and prevents the need for a surgery.

For the best surfing experience, wearing surf earplugs are highly recommended. But other than letting you enjoy the waves, surf earplugs give the peace of mind of not having to worry about getting an injury while doing a favorite sport.

Top 5 Best Surf Earplugs Reviewed

Buying the best surf earplugs is vital. It can prevent ear infection and bone growth in the ears. Most surfers suffer from long-term ear damage due to spending most of their days at the sea. You don’t have to be one of them.

Since there are lots of surf earplugs in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best earplugs for you. It varies in size, shape, and key features such as hearing disruption.

To narrow down your options, we’ve listed the top five best surf earplugs in the market, with an overrun of their highlighted features, the pros, and the cons.

  1. Silicone Surf Earplugs by Putty Buddies
  2. AquaBlock Surf Earplugs by Mack’s
  3. Silicone Molded Surf Earplugs by TYR
  4. Unisex Surf Earplugs by Surfears Creatures
  5. Water Sports Surf Earplugs by Xiemen

#1. Silicone Surf Earplugs by Putty Buddies

Silicone Surf Earplugs by Putty Buddies


  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.3 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Designed for: Kids and adult
  • Custom Fit: Yes
  • Hearing Disruption: No

For premium quality, take a look at these surfing earplugs by Putty Buddies. One remarkable thing that makes this pair of surf earplugs from the other products is the fact that it was invented by an ear, throat, and nose physician.

These surf earplugs can fit into anyone’s ears. It is moldable and easy to shape to ensure optimal comfort while wearing it to the sea.

The earplugs also come with a seal to keep all the water out and keep your ears safe. If you notice the tacky feel in your earplugs, it only means that no matter how you move, your earplugs will stay in place.

But if for some reason that your surf earplugs fall out of your ears, rest assured that it will float so you can recover it easily. Thanks to its vibrant color, you’ll be able to easily spot it in the water to retrieve it.

These surf earplugs are also made from moldable and soft silicone. This is one of the most comfortable pair of surf earplugs that you can find in the market.

For adults who prefer a muted tone, you can choose a variety of colors and shape of your surf earplugs.

To ensure safety of your ears when surfing, these premium-quality surf earplugs is the answer to your problems.

Reusable and last longerLeaves residues on ears and hair
Provides optimal comfort
Can build up in the ears
Can fit anyone’s ears
Hard to remove

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#2. AquaBlock Surf Earplugs by Mack’s

AquaBlock Surf Earplugs by Mack's


  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Designed for: Adults
  • Custom Fit: Yes
  • Hearing Disruption: Yes

Relax, play and swim in the water without worries. The AquaBlock surf earplugs by Mack’s is exactly what you need to enjoy a worry-free surfing.

These surf earplugs have gathered positive reviews from the market thanks to its premium quality and great functionality. If you can notice, it also has better reviews compared to most surf earplugs listed on the market.

It features a triple-flange design that allows you to custom fit the surf earplugs to enjoy optimal comfort. It also means you can put your earplugs to varying depths, whichever is more comfortable with you.

These surf earplugs can offer a more locked-in fit to ensure that it doesn’t fall out of your ears when playing in the water. It also allows zero water inside your ear canals.

Thanks to its high-quality design, you can use these earplugs not just to surfing but also for snorkeling, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. It is the perfect earplugs to prevent surfer’s ears in the long run.

Aside from that, these surf earplugs are washable and reusable. You can wash it thoroughly without the worry of the earplugs breaking down as it can withstand heavy-duty abuse.

The package includes two sets of surf earplugs that can last for a long time.

Custom fit for optimal comfort
Not recommended for lap swimming
Washable and reusableUnresponsive customer service
Triple-flange design
Not suitable for bigger canals
Made of silicone

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#3. Silicone Molded Surf Earplugs by TYR

Silicone Molded Surf Earplugs by TYR


  • Product Dimensions: 2.03 ounces
  • Designed for: Adults
  • Custom Fit: Yes
  • Hearing Disruption: Yes

When you are out in the water and wearing earplugs, you wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. Most of the surf earplugs in the market will block out the noise as much as it blocks out the water.

Take a look at these molded surf earplugs by TYR. It offers minimal hearing disruption which is a key feature for surfers. You don’t want to block out the noise when surfing because you need to be alert all the time. It is also ideal when you’re surfing with your friends or your mentor.

Another key feature of these surf earplugs is the strategic design that will ensure it fits each ear individually. Most surf earplugs in the market are in the same size and shape.

Not many people know but the ear’s size are different from each other. It is not the same, so should be your surf plugs. It should fit each of your ear’s unique size and shape.

However, the only downside of these surf earplugs is it only comes as a set of one. You might need to buy another set if you frequent the beach to surf.

To compensate for it, these surf earplugs also includes a hard carry case. It will keep your surf earplugs protected and secured when you go to the beach.

Offers minimal hearing disruptionNeeds a second person to insert the plugs properly
Rugged and solid storage case
Doesn’t seal well under all condition
Molded for right and left ears
Hard to align

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#4. Unisex Surf Earplugs by Surfears Creatures

Unisex Surf Earplugs by Surfears Creatures


  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.2 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight:1 pounds
  • Designed for: Adults
  • Custom Fit: Yes
  • Hearing Disruption: Yes

We understand the struggle of looking for the best and comfortable surf earplugs in the market when you have a big ear canal. Most surf earplugs come in default shapes and sizes.

These surf earplugs are designed by surfers and only for surfers. Professional Swedish surfers have come up with close-fitting and premium-quality surf earplugs that will only block the water but not the sound thanks to its enlarged sound canal.

Its custom fit ensures optimal comfort when you are surfing and the sound that gets through the earplugs will make you forget that you are even wearing a pair.

You can also customize these surf earplugs to your liking. There is a variety of sizes that you can choose from. The sizes of the wings also vary to ensure that it will fit each of your ear properly.

Surfers who spend their time on the sea on a regular basis are recommended to wear these earplugs to prevent surfer’s ear. It is also recommended for people with surfer’s ear to suppress the damage.

You may use a leash for these surf earplugs to ensure that you can retrieve it if it falls out of your ears when you are out in the water.

Developed by professional surfers
Integrated drum in the plugs cannot hold up everyday abuse
Custom fit for optimal comfortA bit expensive
Enlarged sound canal

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#5. Water Sports Surf Earplugs by Xiemen

Water Sports Surf Earplugs by Xiemen


  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Designed for: Adults
  • Custom Fit: Yes
  • Hearing Disruption: Yes

If you’re looking for surf earplugs that you can use not only in surfing but for other water sports, look no more. The water sports surf earplugs by Xiemen might be the one you’re looking for.

These earplugs are designed to fit your ears and provide optimal comfort. It has hydrophobic coating to block the water out, but still allows the sound to get through.

One key feature of this product is it comes with a small cord that is attached to the earplugs. When things get serious and the earplugs accidentally fall out of your ears, rest assured that you’ll be able to retrieve it. It will not sink into the water.

It also has an extra protection to ensure that your earplugs will last for years to come.

The sturdy protective case that is included in the package with a drainage has a breathable effect. This is to ensure that mold will not build up in your surf earplugs even when you put it wet.

There are three sizes that you can choose from. Small size is most suitable for kids while the medium and large sizes are most suitable for adult surfers.

Made of BPA-free material and comfortableWater comes in through the mesh black piece
Small cord to keep the earplugs attachedHard to remove
Sturdy case that prevents mold

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Top Pick – The Best Surf Earplugs

To have the best surfing experience without the worry of your ears getting damaged, our top pick for this review is the Surfear’s Creatures Unisex Surf Earplugs.

This is the best surf earplugs to protect your ears when you’re surfing without blocking the sound. It was designed innovatively with surfers in mind.

The surf earplugs are comfortable to use and provides full protection of your ears when you’re in the water.

The Surfear’s Creatures are known for their high-quality surfing gears. Rest assured that since they are professional surfers themselves, they know exactly what a surfer needs when he’s out in the sea.

What are Surf Earplugs?

Surf earplugs are gears designed to protect your ears from the cold wind and water. Earplugs are not inserted into the ear canal. You just have to put it in your ears at a varying depth until you’re comfortable.

The earplugs will block the water but not the noise when you are surfing. It also protects your ears from the cold wind.

These surf earplugs are an essential investment because it can prevent the ear infection and surfer’s ear. This is a condition where water and wax get trapped in your ear canal. As a result, you develop infection and worst-case-scenario, deafness.

Choosing the Best Surf Earplugs – Buyer’s Guide

The overview of the best surf earplugs above must’ve give you an idea of the features to look for when buying the best surf earplugs.

Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the most suitable earplugs for your next surfing session.

Surf Ear Plug Styles

Before you buy a pair of surf earplugs, take a look at the different styles of surf earplugs that you’ll encounter in the market:


This type of surf earplugs is universal-fit and comes in a conical shape. Most models have multiple flanges that will block the water from entering your ears. This type of surf earplugs is affordable and a good surf earplugs for starters.


This type of surf earplugs is molded to fit perfectly inside of your ear and lay flat against the outer skin of your ears, compared to flanged surf earplugs. It comes with one plug that is shaped specifically for right ear and the other one for left ear only.


This type of surf earplugs is made of moldable silicone putty that you can apply to the outer ear canal. It is more comfortable to use, custom-fit, and doesn’t block the noise. However, this type of surf earplugs can be a bit expensive.

Factors to Consider when Buying Surf Earplugs

Surf earplugs are typically made of silicone, wax, foam, rubber, of premium-quality plastic. Here are the following factors to consider when buying the best surf earplugs:

Ear Plug Size

Size matters a lot when it comes to earplugs. It will indicate the comfort level of your surf earplugs. Make sure that the surf earplugs you’re going to buy is the perfect fit for your ears.

Standard sizes when it comes to surf earplugs are small, medium, and large. Female surfers often opt for children or small size while male surfers are more comfortable with large sizes.

Modern surf earplugs nowadays are moldable. It means you can custom fit your earplugs to ensure maximum comfort to your ears. Also, always remember that the size of your right ear isn’t the same size of your left ear. For that matter, it’s crucial that you buy earplugs that will fit each of your ear individually.


When you are surfing, it is typical that your earplugs fall out of your ears because of intense movement. When this happens, the last thing you want to do is spend the rest of your day looking for your earplugs.

For this matter, it is vital to choose corded surf earplugs. In that way, you can rest assured that even if your earplugs fall out of your ears, you can easily retrieve and put it back to your ears.

But if you prefer the uncorded models, just make sure that your earplugs will float so you can easily spot it in the water.


Protect your ears from water and cold wind when you’re surfing by buying the best surf earplugs available in the market. Each type of surf earplugs has its own advantages and disadvantages that will suit a surfer’s needs. To maximize its benefits, it is best to be diligent in looking for the best-fit pair your specific needs and preferences.

Use the buying guide above to pick the best surf earplugs from the list and have a better surfing experience next time with your ears protected from possible infection. Surf earplugs are a must-have gear before you plunge into the water.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How do I maintain my surf earplugs?

Washing the surf earplugs with warm water and mild soap is recommended. Allow it to dry first before putting it back into the storage case to prevent the buildup of mold.

Q: How do I know that the earplugs are fit for surfing?

It should feel tight in your ears, but it should also be comfortable. You can push the earplugs at a varying length. Just make sure that you don’t insert it deep into your ear canal otherwise you’ll have a hard time removing it.

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