Sage Erickson, a Role Model for Female Surfers

Sage Erickson is one of the most high-profile female professional surfers. While no longer competing on the Championship Tour, Sage has been at the forefront of the female surf scene, both in and out of the jersey.

A Professional surfer, model, and artist, the Californian is an inspiring role model for young female surfers around the world. 

In this post, we dive into the life of Sage. From her upbringing and how she discovered surfing, to her professional career, achievements, and where she is today. With a decorated resume and an interesting introduction to surfing, we have a lot to get through, so let’s get down to it. 

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Who is Sage Erickson? 

Sage Erickson is an American professional surfer from California. A competitive surfer, free surfer, and model, Sage is the whole package when it comes to being a professional surfer; positioning herself as someone highly attractive and valuable to brands. Sage has competed and won some huge events on the competitive surfing roster, including multiple seasons on the Championship Tour; including some high finishes at notable events and taking out he coveted US Open of Surfing twice! 

Sage’s Early Life & Upbringing 

Originally from Ojai, California, young Sage moved from California to Oahu’s famed north shore at the age of 9. The North Shore is one of surfing’s most notorious stretches of coastline and the best palace on earth for a budding surfer. With beautiful white sands, warm blue waters, consistent swells, a variety of spots, and some of the world’s heaviest and most notorious waves–it’s a surfing paradise and ground zero for aspiring professional surfers. However, Sage had a somewhat late introduction to surfing by North Shore standards. 

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However, it wasn’t until the age of 11, that Sage discovered surfing. Sage’s family moved to Sunset Beach and after walking down the beach one morning, she discovered an old, battered-up surfboard in the sand. She dusted it off, paddled out the back, and rode her first wave–a moment that would dictate the rest of her life. From here, Sage surfed every day with her father, a keen surfer, at the various North Shore breaks. 

In 4th grade, Sage attended Sunset Beach Elementary, the famous North Shore high school that produced the likes of John Florence, Mason Ho, and Barron Mamiya. It was here, that she met Coco Ho, the same age and also an aspiring pro surfer, from one of the most famous surf families in the world, The Ho’s. The two become best friends and took to surfing some of the North Shore’s heavier breaks together. 

California and North Shore Hawaii

At aged 14, Sage moved back to California, but this time to Ventura, a surf town in Central California, wave-rich, consistent, and famous for producing one of the best surfers of all time in Dane Reynolds. It was here, that would further develop Sage’s surfing and where she began dominating local NSSA events. It was success in these early events that would spark her competitive drive and drive to reach surfing’s highest level-the World Championship Tour

Sage Erickson’s Professional Surfing Career 

After a prolific junior career and dominating the NSSA scene, Sage was ready to make a charge at the WQS and later, CT. In 2012, she qualified for the WCT and spent a few years on/off the tour before achieving her best finish (9th) in 2016. Between free surfing and modeling and following a number of other creative pursuits, Erickson achieved some notable results in both high-level WQS and CT events. Some of her best results include: 

  • 3rd place Roxy Pro France (2012)
  • 5th place Roxy Pro France (2013)
  • 3rd place Roxy Pro France (2015) 
  • 5th place US Open of Surfing (2016) 
  • 5th place Roxy Pro Gold Coast (2016) 
  • 1st place Pantin Classic Galicia (2016) 
  • 1st place US Open of Surfing (2017)
  • 1st place US Open of Surfing (2019)

The high-level results speak for themselves when it comes to Sage’s competitive prowess, and while she never took out the world title, there’s much more to Sage than professional surfing. 

Personal Life 

Sage has a keen interest in fashion, music, and art. Most notably, drawing, which you can see featured on many of her surfboards. The wicked designs you see on her boards were hand drawn by Sage herself! Pretty cool, huh? As a high-profile surfer and model, Sage has collected several great sponsors throughout her career. After riding for RVCA for much of her time on tour, Sage is now sponsored by Buell Wetsuits, CI surfboards, Oakley, and Perfect Fit. 

Final Words 

Undoubtedly, Sage Erickson is a hugely influential and prolific figure in professional women’s surfing. An inspiration to many who want to follow in her footsteps and chase the professional surfing dream. If you want to follow more of Sage’s life, check out her Instagram and YouTube Channel.

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