Lib Tech Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Lib Tech prides itself on its stylish theme, which boosts brand awareness and makes it one of the most popular brands in the market. Aside from that, people love every surfboard it sells for using eco-friendly materials. 

Their surfboards are ideal for both competitions and fun. There’s a variety of options to sneak-a-peak on their website, having different board-types. Professionals rely on Lib Tech for their performance. 

Top 9 Best Lib Tech Surfboards Review

Here are some of the top surfboards introduced by Lib Tech and Lost Surfboards in the market today. 

  1. Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard
  2. Funnelator Surfboard
  3. Pickup Stick 7’6″ Surfboard
  4. Lost Round Nose Fish Surfboard
  5. Nude Bowl Surfboard
  6. Lost Quiver Killer Surfboard
  7. Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard
  8. Lost K.A. Swordfish Surfboard
  9. Lost Sub Buggy Surfboard

#1. Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

Lib Tech considers that every turn for surfers is crucial, which is why this company, along with Lost, conceptualized the Lost Puddle Jumper surfboard. It’s very suitable for beginners and professionals because it performs well on small waves. Another thing that makes ideal for beginners is the nose’s volume. 

The concave shape-bottom of this surfboard helps a lot in boosting surfers as they ride waves. The pulled-in steps let it move and increase speed. Also, it retains a loose-feel as surfers use it, thanks to its low VOC Bio Matrix Resin. 

Lib Tech created the Lost Puddle Jumper to be shorter than typical shortboards. It focused on the shape more than making it over 4 inches long because the form helps a lot as surfers stand forward on their boards. It also promotes exceptional balance, along with excellent glides. 

It’s lightweight, which is convenient to use. Despite its lightness, it’s very durable because of its magnesium fiber. Another material to contribute to its flexibility is the Basalt-Fibre material. Moreover, there’s an ease in repairing it because you can restore it with epoxy. 

#2. Funnelator Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

Promoting speed is one of the fortes of Lib Tech when it comes to surfboards. Waves alone are not the boosters for speed, so the company introduced the Funnelator surfboard in the market.  

You can assure an ultra-high performance from this surfboard because it comes with Compression Flow Accelerator Technology. It features a swift groveler, which is similar to the features of shortboards. Nonetheless, surfers enjoy using it, from beginners to pros. 

The shape also contributes to the overall speed of the Funnelator surfboard. The deep concave-shape funnels water to a contracting double V, enhancing agility and lift as you surf. Aside from the shape, the tail rocker-curves set up a constricted radius turn. 

Aside from speed, safety is another priority of the company. The leash plug features 6061 T6 Aircraft pins from aluminum material. Any leash will fit this plug, making it convenient during big waves. 

#3. Pickup Stick 7’6″ Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

Since Lib Tech is famous for offering a variety of board types and sizes, the Pickup Stick 7’6″ Surfboard is one of the best-sellers. The main reason why customers love this board is because of its excellent turning freedom. 

Small surfers prefer this surfboard despite its long size because the performance is favorable during gliding along waves. The grace while riding waves makes it in-demand even though it provides a short longboard vibe to the rider. 

The thickness of the 7’6″ board is 2.75 inches. However, it doesn’t have any undesirable impact on a surfer’s control as he or she rides it. 

This surfboard has a slimmer, rounded pintail, along with a rocker and a flowing shape. The overall volume of this board promotes versatility, making it more apt for various conditions. Whether the waves are calm or wild, the form doesn’t compromise the performance. 


#4. Lost Round Nose Fish Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

You can find one of the best fish-style surfboards in the world in Lib Tech’s list of products, such as the Lost Round Nose Fish Surfboard. This time, the team introduced a full nose in a less-concave shape. It also has an overall rocker. 

The shape of this surfboard influences performance when it comes to speed. The rockers hold the momentum. Furthermore, it supports in making lengthier and stiffer carves. 

Control was never a problem with the Lost Round Nose Fish Surfboard because it features a longer tail. Surfers find it promising during turns. Also, the straight outlines enhance hold and drive. 

If you’re looking for more speed, the deep wing can assist every surfer in controlling high rates. Furthermore, paddling was never a challenge with this surfboard, despite hard carving turns. 


#5. Nude Bowl Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

If you’re into aggressive surfing, Lib Tech got your back by offering the Nude Bowl Surfboard. It’s a masterpiece because Jeff Henderson, or Hendo, designed it. Furthermore, this in house shaper aligns it along with versions of the Bowl Series. 

If you’re up for a challenging ride, this surfboard will undoubtedly work well on hard waves. The shaper recommends it for professional surfers for optimum control because of its FCS II compatibility. 

The Nude Bowl Surfboard has a solid construction as it comes from magnesium fiber for a resistance that pleases surfers. The carbon power spin stringer spread the tension throughout the entire board. 

Flexibility is another point why the shaper recommends this surfboard. The polyester material makes it exceptional, aside from its sturdiness. It’s ideal for paddling or doing tricks with this surfboard, making it a perfect skill-range. 


#6. Lost Quiver Killer Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

Lib Tech’s trademark is its minimalistic surfboard style, like the Lost Quiver Killer Surfboard. It’s the best board for everyday use, regardless if you’re a novice or a pro. Moreover, this surfboard provides the most satisfying performance to any surfer. 

The leash plug comes from a fiber composite material, and it has aluminum pins to assure durability. If you prefer to attach a leash to guarantee safety, it’s suitable for any strap. 

This surfboard comes in a full shape with a smaller nose and a rounded tail. This feature will let you do your tricks despite challenging conditions. 

Control is also one of the best features of the Lost Quiver Killer surfboard. Solid waves are no match against the performance of this surfboard. On the other hand, if you want maximum performance, the ideal waves are waist to head-high. 


#7. Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

A lot of surfers consider Lib Tech because it offers distinct surfboards that are ideal for full speed. One of these boards is the Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard. It comes with a reversed shallow set-shape, which lessens the surface area after the rear foot. 

Do you want to know more about other factors behind its agility? In line with its shape, the set features an afterburner release channel. Moreover, it exits to the square tail. It’s the reason why lots of surfers call this board a speed machine. 

The thickness of this surfboard varies by its length. It ranges from 2.32 inches to 2.8 inches, which can add minor effects on the performance. Nonetheless, the Hexzylon Fiber foam skin provides smooth sailing despite its thickness. 

The inverted shallow-form adds further control as you ride it on small waves. You don’t have to compromise your drive as you surf. Furthermore, it will let you use it with maximum speed and confidence as you go on rail surfing. 


#8. Lost K.A. Swordfish Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

Are you looking for a fish surfboard? Lib Tech doesn’t only have a pleasurable one for you, but also a board that can take your skills to higher levels. Hence, you should check the Lost K.A. Swordfish Surfboard. 

The performance of this surfboard makes it on top of the list for pro and beginners. You’d love to use it on waist-high waves. It’s undoubtedly the ideal one for any conditions, especially in steep surf. 

The Lost K.A. Swordfish Surfboard needs further enhancement on control, yet it can satisfy you with its speed. A little twist while surfing will draw a lot of people to give this activity a try. All you need is a current wave to help you execute an exceptional show in the water. 

Durability is another edge of this surfboard. It comes from quality materials, such as magnesium fiber. The Basalt fiber material also provides natural dampening characteristics for smoother rides. 


#9. Lost Sub Buggy Surfboard

lib tech surfboards review

A good surfer doesn’t settle on straight lines. It’s time you move on to rail surfing, and Lib Tech has the best surfboard you can consider for this skill. If you’re curious to know more about it, check out the Lost Sub Buggy Surfboard. 

This surfboard’s agility is not questionable because it features a squash-shaped tail and an FCS fin system. The thickness ranges from 2.25 inches to 2.38 inches, yet it doesn’t meddle with the board’s performance, especially during rail surfing. 

You should get this surfboard if you’re a newbie in the sport or participating in small wave competitions. The concave structure of the board also has an impact on its control. Moreover, it features Carbon Power Spine Stringer for outstanding flex turning. 

The Lost Sub Buggy Surfboard features a meek design, which makes it suitable for both men and women surfers. Furthermore, dent constraining-foam makes it very sturdy because of the Hexzylon fiber material. 


Lib Tech Surfboard: Company and History

Lib Tech is not only famous for selling the best surfboards in town. It also offers snowboards, which were their products way back. Everything began when Mike Olson invented the first one in 1977. After dropping out of college in 1984, he started creating more as his full-time task. 

Mervin Manufacturing, the company that owns Lib Tech, started to operate its headquarters in an old barn. Olson worked in this racehorse barn for two years. After putting all his efforts, Pete Saari joined him as they continue to produce more products for the community of snowboarders. 

Nowadays, Lib Tech is one of the most famous brands. It doesn’t only offer snowboards, preferably a variety of board products, including skateboards, skis, surfboards, and boards for wake surfing.  The team composes of hands-on and highly-skilled experts that never fail to meet every customer’s expectation. Aside from the company’s experts, it’s also accessible to many nature lovers because it uses non-hazardous materials under eco-friendly processes. If you visit their site, you’ll find it convenient to navigate because everything you need to know is there. 

Getting the Best Surfboards – Buyers Guide

You can find different surfboards, whether you’re on the beach or browsing online. You can buy the first option you see or whatever is available without considering if it’s the ideal one for your needs. Skip buying random surfboards, and consider this guide to find the best apt surfboard for you.

Types of Surfboards

Considering what type to buy is the first guide to keep in mind. These boards may look the same, yet these don’t have the same performances. Here are the different types of boards:

Fish Surfboards

This type of surfboard is broader and thicker than the common ones. Most surfers consider it on smaller surfing days that will need your paddle strength. Furthermore, it features a swallowtail, which promotes speed as you ride it. Lib Tech is famous for offering competitive fish surfboards to surfers. 

FunShape Surfboards

This type is a combination of a longboard and a shortboard by size, which measures 7 feet and 2 inches to 8 feet and 6 inches. It’s ideal for maneuverability, which you can find in shortboard surfboards. Moreover, it’s perfect for novice as it provides smooth transitions. This feature is what longboards provide to surfers as well. 

Shortboard Surfboards

This type is a suitable surfboard for high performance. It provides sharp turns, and it’s easy to control, regardless of any surfing conditions. Moreover, other surfboards under this type come from various materials, along with numerous fin setups. 

SoftTop Surfboards

This type of surfboard has a soft deck top, which makes it desirable to newbies. If you’re learning to ride waves, you should consider this type for comfier paddles. Furthermore, it’s lenient with dings or dents, and you can choose from different sizes and materials. 

Longboard Surfboards

This type of surfboard is an all-around one that you’ll find handy once your skills improve. It will enhance your stability and strength when it comes to paddling. Moreover, it’s apt for mid-level to professional surfers.

Tail Designs of Surfboards

Aside from the types, another important factor in searching for the best product is the tail design. Here are the conventional tail designs for surfboards:


Are you looking for smoother turns? Your surfboard should have this tail design. Using a board with a roundtail will refine your style despite any conditions. 


This tail design has the most release in the pocket, thanks to its wide exit zone. It has the loosest tail, making it a daily all-rounder. Furthermore, it’s convenient to drive off or flip on the face. 


If the surfboard has a swallowtail-cut, you can rapidly alter directions, and quickly pivot, even on the snuggest turning arc. This tail design is suitable for twin fins and quads. 


This tail design promotes a satisfying drive, yet expect for the surfboard to have limited mobility. 


This tail design came from the line of the squashtail. It’s snug on the rail, yet it provides a lot of releases. Also, surfers can drive it as if they are using a taller one. 

Rail Designs of Surfboards

You’ll stumble on various rail designs as you search for surfboards in the market. Some of the most common models include the following: 

Soft Rails

This rail design will let you turn the surfboard with ease, yet it provides lesser control than a regular one. Some surfers consider this design because it’s user-friendly. 

Hard Rails

There’s limited flexibility with hard rail designs because of the board’s running length. On the bright side, you can expect lots of drive. It’s also desirable to surfers with heavy back-feet. 

Full Rails

Flotation is the primary edge of this rail design. Even though there’s a limited turning-aptitude, it’s versatile for both small waves and big guy-surfboards. 

Surfboard Rocker

The rocker is also an essential part of the surfboard, so you should also take a look into the following: 

More Nose Rocker

This rocker doesn’t generate speed, but it promotes excellent maneuverability. If your surfboard has this rocker, keep in mind that it’s not ideal for hollow and mushy waves. 

Less Nose Rocker

This surfboard rocker is exceptional for grovelers. It’s also famous for enhancing the board’s speed-performance even though there’s a restricted pocket turning-range. 

More Tail Rocker

Agility is also not this rocker’s forte, even though surfers admire it for its maneuverability. Turning is not an issue, and it’s suitable for quick breaking waves. 

Less Tail Rocker

This tail rocker is what you need further if you want a faster surfboard. The downside is the difficulty in altering directions hastily. 

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins are also part of the checklist as you search for an ideal surfing board to purchase. Even though surfers need to install these separately, these also have few effects on the board’s overall performance. The main thing you need to remember are the two things; smaller fins are ideal for smaller surfers, while bigger ones are apt for bigger guys. 

Before buying a surfboard, it’s significant to consider the apt surfboard type for your skills. Another point is to check which rail and tail designs are suitable for your preferred model. You may consider adding surfboard fins if your first board’s performance doesn’t satisfy you yet. 

As you check the products of Lib Tech, you’ll encounter fish and shortboard surfboards. The products it provides have various tail designs, giving vast options for buyers to select. Aside from competitive products on the list, what else do you know about this company?


There may be numerous surfboards available in the market, yet it’s difficult to assure that all these products will provide reliability and excellent performance. Don’t waste time looking for various brands because Lib Tech is one of the highly suggested one. Regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro in the sport, every product that this company offers are worth the consideration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Lib Tech sell skimboards, longboards, or stand-up paddleboards?

No, Lib Tech doesn’t offer these surfboard types. The main products that Lib Tech concentrated more on innovating are shortboards and fish surfboards.  

Q: Will the cell foam inside the surfboards rot?

No, it will not rot. You can guarantee that the cell foam will not absorb water, which can save it from decaying. 

Q: What are the used materials of the leash plug of Lib Tech’s surfboard?

The plugs come from high-quality 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum pins, along with a fiber-composite cup. 

Q: Who shapes Lib Tech’s surfboards? 

Mike Olson, along with Jeff Henderson, are the primary shapers of the surfboards. 

Q: Can I adjust the fins? 

Yes, you have the option to adjust the surfboard fins. Remember to screw six to eight times before you use the board for surfing.

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