Pyzel Surfboards Review: Epic or Rip Off?

The best surfers from around the world have used Pyzel surfboards, hoarding numerous awards and prizes on multiple occasions.

Starting from an individual addicted to surfing and board shaping, the Pyzel brand ended with some of the most innovative and advanced surfboards for all surfing levels and loved by the best surfers around the globe.

Pyzel surfboards are loved because of their high performance and strength, and the wide variety of surfboards to choose from. Whether you are looking for a beginner surfboard or for serious competitions, Pyzel has something to offer.

Here are some of the favorite Pyzel surfboards.

Top 10 Best Surfboards From Pyzel

  1. Ghost
  2. Slab
  3. Pyzalien 2
  4. Pinball Wizard
  5. Astro Pop
  6. Gremlin
  7. Happy Twin
  8. Grom Shadow
  9. Log
  10. Tank

#1. Ghost

ghost surfboard

A high-performance surfboard, the Ghost is good for intermediates and advanced surfers. It is a one-board quiver- be it the bigger waves that you want to paddle in or the small ones, it works excellently well in any surf conditions.

While designing, they knew that these boards are a perfect company for the hollower. But to everyone’s amazement, they are classic performers in the reef breaks as well. Moving further, they even do not hesitate to play with dumpy beaches and love to offer their surfers the most exciting experience of the pointed waves.

#2. Slab

slab pyzel

The Ghost added with more performance on the wave and a wider tail & a nose at the shaper’s bay is the Phantom. If you have surfed on the Ghost and now get a view of the Phantom you can’t avoid being nostalgic and with a pleasant feeling of all-round enhancement.

The nose rocker remains there with the flattening at the center by adding more concaves. And what you get as a result is more velocity and flow.

#3. Pyzel Pyzalien 2

Pyzel Pyzalien 2

The Pyzalien is a sweet memory for all the passionate experienced surfers. They have loved it all through its existence till now. New Pyzalien 2 is a wonderful improvisation of the older version.

A great performer in any surf condition, the Pyzalien 2 can work in the pointed waves as wonderfully as on the beach break. Despite having a simple-to-use design, the surfboard is a high-performing rocker. The neat and smooth board offers great ease in the turning- thanks to the single concave in the bottom that runs under the front foot after starting from the nose. Moving forward the single concave blends into the double concave and finally converges into a VEE in the last half a foot on the tail.

#4. Pinball Wizard

pinball wizard pyzel

The Pinball Wizard short board is sturdy. The stiff surfboard absorbs all the thrust and still remains flexible enough not to distort. The dual stringers give strength to the board that the wide carbon tape supports well on the deck and also on the bottom.

The fin boxes, both of them, are designed to anchor the dual stringers with the I-beam and to make the entire board strong, stiff and sturdy. The concave deck offers great comfort while offering a highly convenient holding.

The super-flat bottom rocker ensures high-speed paddling. Besides, the easy release is what the kick tail along with the beveled rails deliver in style.

#5. Astro Pop

astro pop pyzel

It is really fun riding on the Astro. The shortboard is fast and brings performance into action with some fascinating design features. The tail outline is ultra-wide. It blends with the modern rocker design to create speed with the concave bottom supporting it with super ease.

Not that it would sell on the water like a boat but for sure the surfboard glides over it to face any type of wave and steer its way through even in the shortest of turns like a knife through butter.

#6. Gremlin

gremlin pyzel

If you want a surfboard more on the bulkier side to feel the joy of surfing small waves, the Gremlin perfectly fits your choice of board. It has the basic characteristics of the Ghost and is a shorter and wider version of the Phantom. With much more volume the surfboard has a high torque to allow for quicker acceleration. The design also supports maintaining the speed for long distances and offers more paddle power to the board.

#7. Happy Twin

happy twin pyzel

The Happy Twin lives perfectly to its name. It’s a fun and enjoyable ride with the Happy Twin all through surfing. The supersonic fast turns coupled with smooth paddling offer a unique experience to the surfer.

It has a flatter rocker and full outline having the wide point forward. The fin behind the front fins pivots well for not-so-smooth turns. The bottom is designed with a double concave meeting the tail VEE offering a super smooth transition from rail to rail.

#8. Grom Shadow

grom shadow pyzel

The Grom Shadow is a refined version of the Phantom. The redesigning has created a high-performance surfboard without compromising the characteristic flow and smooth gliding of the Phantom.

You have a wide selection of surf conditions to choose from. The Grom Shadow is capable of gliding through any wave of any size.

#9. Log

log pyzel

The most convenient option for a beginner, Log is a modern model of classical longboards with a single fin. It offers good maneuverability and control on small waves.

The board also showcases the creative expression of the glasses in the pigment work over the surface.

#10. Tank

tank pyzel surfboard

The Tank has all the design features exactly where you need them on a surfboard. For instance, the extra volume under the chest that gives you maximum paddle power and allows you to enter the waves early. It also enables you to get out of the wave impact much more quicker. It has a lot of added rocker to glide through bigger and stronger waves while offering great maneuverability.

Buyer’s Guide to Pyzel Surfboards

Knowing about the features of the top 10 Pyzel surfboards would have helped you in shortlisting 2-3 boards fitting your purpose. We recommend you go through the buyer’s guide before finalizing the best one for your purpose.

Type of Surfboards

You would like to buy a surfboard depending on your experience level. For instance, for a beginner, a longboard would be ideal because it would offer better control and help the newbie in learning the tricks of the trait. So, a Log with a length over 9’ would be a good choice for them to start with.

For a thorough professional Gun would test surfers’ extreme skills. Tank, for them, could be a great option.


The volume of a surfboard is a highly critical factor to consider before buying a surfboard. It affects your performance to a large extent while surfing. For this, you need to calculate your volume which is a derivative of your weight, age, fitness, and ability. The volume of a surfboard is a multiplication of its length, width, and height.

Based on the above calculations you can select either a low-volume or a high-volume board. For a beginner, it is recommended to go with high-volume boards as they are easy to control and balance.

Surfboard Size 

The size that you choose would depend on your body weight and your experience. The size of an individual with low weight is less than compared of a heavyweight individual. Similarly, a beginner would require a larger size surfboard compared to an experienced one with the same weight.

Type of waves you intend to ride

No two waves are the same. The type of wave that you wish to catch would also be a factor to select the right surfboard. For instance, the fish or grovel boards are perfect for small waves, and for this reason, surfers from beginners to pros can ride on them. On the other hand, high-performance and step-up performance boards are for advanced and Advanced-level surfers.

Variants like Ghost & Tank fall in the latter category while Log would be the perfect selection for beginners.

Pyzel Surfboard Company and History

Pyzel Surfboard Company is named after Jon Pyzel. From Santa Barbara, California, Jon started surfing in junior high and became addicted to it. Matt Moore then started shaping his boards and placed him on his team.

In 1992, Jon permanently moved to the North Shore of Oahu where he can surf in warmer waters with better waves. There, he works fixing dings at the Country Surfboards where he works as a laminator and hot coater, allowing him to learn the ins and outs of surfboard crafting.

Then he met Jeff Bushman, a master shaper, teaching him all his knowledge. Soon after, Jeff offered Jon a job to be his back shaper—the start of his shaping career.

In 1998, Alex Florence came to Jon asking him to make a board for his oldest son, John John who was only 5 at the time. From that moment on, JJ and Jon work together to redefine Grom surfing. Fast forward to almost 2 decades, JJF became the 2016 World Champ and is dubbed as the Best Surfer Alive, riding Pyzel surfboards.

Today, the Pyzel Surfboard company has grown to be an international organization, run by the family. Jon and his wife, Dali, along with their 2 daughters live on the beach of Hawaii, running the surfboard factories in Oceanside CA, and on the North Shore.

They also have licensees in seven countries around the world—California, South America Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, and Europe.


Customer delight is at the forefront of the minds of the team working at Pyzel while designing and shaping any surfboard. The expansion of business in 7 countries is a testimonial to their excellent quality and performance.

From the beginner to the professional, every surfer would find a surfboard at Pyzel and that too without worrying about the loyalty each surfboard would display out there in the ocean.

Pyzel surfboards have been one of the most preferred choices of many world-class surfers. However, it does not mean that the Pyzel serves only the champs. Rather they serve all surfers to become champions one day.

Finally, going through the reviews you had already selected 2-3 Pyzel surfboards. The buyer’s guide would have helped you in assessing your exact needs. We hope that now you can find the surfboard that best fits your requirements.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): 

Q: What are the different types of surfboards available with Pyzel?

The following are the different types of surfboards available with the Pyzel: high-performance, daily drivers, guns, grom, foilboards, longboards, and legacy models. You can choose as per your level of experience and your style of surfing.

Q: Does Pyzel offer products other than surfboards?

Yes. Pyzel sells T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodie, Hats, Beanies, Swimsuits, Onesies, etc. It also sells used boards.

Q: Why should I choose a Pyzel surfboard to surf?

Buying a Pyzel surfboard gets you a high-performing, excellent-quality surfboard. You can bet on the durability of the board which is made with high-quality foam, resin, and fiberglass. The high-level craftsmanship is yet another reason for the fine finishing of the board giving the most aesthetic looks to one of the most affordable surfboards.

Q: What are the different accessories available at stores?

Many useful accessories are available at the stores including, Fins, Leash, Wax, Tail Pads, Traction, Beach Towels, Boardbag, Surf Foil and Skin Care, etc.

Q: How long will it take for my surfboard to be manufactured?

It usually takes around four weeks to manufacture a surfboard. However, some standard boards can be made within two weeks also. On the other hand, some high-end surfboards using epoxy and carbon technology may require 5-6 weeks to manufacture.

Though you would receive regular updates, you can contact the company to enquire about the status of the surfboard.

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