Top 7 Best Costco Canopies | 2022 Reviews (Coleman)

Last Updated September 16, 2022

Rain or shine, outdoor events are made possible with the use of canopies. These covers provide us with ample protection against changing weather conditions, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of getting sick.

Costco, the one-stop-shop that this retailer is, provides us with a competitive selection of canopies that could be your outdoor adventure companion. We ranked them in this list according to their usability and value for your money.

Top 7 Best Costco Canopies Reviewed

  1. [amazon link=”B07KBPMXDM” title = “Eurmax EZ Pop UP Canopy Tent”/] 
  2. ABCCANOPY King-Kong Canopy 
  3. Coleman Instant Eaved Shelter 
  4. Quik Shade Go Hybrid Sun Protection 
  5. [amazon link=”B000NRPN8E” title = “E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Canopy”/] 
  6. Rawlings NFL Dome Canopy with Sidewall 
  7. Logo Brands NCAA Checkerboard Canopy 

#1. [amazon link=”B07KBPMXDM” title = “Eurmax EZ Pop UP Canopy Tent”/] 

Eurmax EZ Pop UP Canopy Tent 


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 10 x 10 x 11 feet
  • Materials: 500D Polyester Canopy and Full Truss Steel Frame
  • Hammertone Powder Finishing Coat
  • Thumb Lock Slider and Height Adjusters
  • Massive Foot Pads

The Eurmax EZ Pop Up Canopy is perfect for your outdoor event for its incredible stable built. It comes with four standard-weight sandbags that keep this canopy in place even in the harshest wind conditions.

Its canopy passed the Canvass Products Association International CPAI-84 Fire Retardant Certification, assuring this canopy’s safety. The 500D polyester material makes this excellently durable and protects you from 99% of the effects of Ultraviolet rays. All of its stitching is secured with a seal at the seams making this canopy completely waterproof.

Hammertone powder coating on the poles gives the entire frame a sleek finish, making it rust-resistant. The footpads included making this canopy have a firm grip on the ground, assuring its stability.

This canopy’s frame is secured with thumb lock sliders, making sure that it stays in place even in extreme weather conditions. Thumb lock height adjusters give you three options that allow for better adaptability on different types of surfaces.

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#2. ABCCANOPY King-Kong Canopy 

ABCCANOPY King-Kong Canopy


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 10 x 10 x 9.33 feet
  • Materials: Silver Coated Polyester Canopy and Steel Frame
  • Peak Protection Mechanism
  • Truss Washers and Heavy-Duty Adjustment Locks
  • Canopy Velcro

The King-Kong Canopy is a perfect all-around tent for your outdoor activities that give terrific value for your money. Its inclusion of four canopy sandbags assures you that the canvas stays in place even on the windiest of days, which adds to its stability.

Rest assured that this canopy can take a beating with its silver-coated polyester canopy and steel frames. The silver coating makes this canopy tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Its steel frame promises to be rust-resistant, making King-Kong entirely weatherproof.

This canopy’s peak protection mechanism lessens the pull on the top, decreasing the risk of puncturing it from constant usage. Velcro is reinforced on specific areas of the canopy to ensure that it stays in place regardless of the weather.

King-Kong’s adjustment locks are strong enough to secure the canopy’s poles from sudden collapse. The truss washers keep the roof’s frame in shape during use, making the awning more stable. This canopy comes with a carrying bag with heavy-duty wheels that allow for more comfortable transport and storage.

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#3. Coleman Instant Eaved Shelter 

Coleman Instant Eaved Shelter


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 13 x 13 x 9.58 feet
  • Materials: Polyguard 2X Canopy and Steel Frame
  • UVGuard Technology
  • Comfort Grip Technology
  • Instant Setup with Wheeled Carry Bag

Coleman’s Instant Eaved Shelter makes sure that you stay protected on the hottest days with its patented UVGuard Technology. This coating on the canopy provides you with 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor, protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun.

The canopy’s materials assure you that it could withstand constant weather changes, letting you get your money’s worth. Its rugged Polyguard 2X canopy is a type of Polyester that promises twice the thickness compared to regular ones, making it more rigid. 

This tent’s Comfort Grip Technology secures its collapsible poles’ height, assuring you that it will stay in place. Once fully erected, the canopy has a ventilation system on the roof, making sure you stay comfortable. Overlapping eaves maximizes the shaded area of this canopy, allowing for more coverage on a relatively smaller space.

Its frame, combined with the collapsible poles, extends easily, allowing for fast assembly and folds for efficient storage. A wheeled carry bag will enable you to safely and conveniently transport this canopy.

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#4. Quik Shade Go Hybrid Sun Protection 

Quik Shade Go Hybrid Sun Protection


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 7 x 7 x 6 feet
  • Materials: 190T Polyester with Aluminex Canopy and Aluminum Frame
  • Integrated Half Wall on One Side
  • Mesh Eaves Covering
  • Pull Pin Slider, Push Button Locks

Quik Shade’s Go Hybrid Sun Protection makes sure that any outdoor weekend trip will be more comfortable with its compact storage backpack. Carrying it during hikes or beach trips will be more convenient because of the equal weight distribution.

The 190T Polyester assures this canopy’s exceptional durability, while the Aluminex coating ensures your protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Its Aluminum frame makes this canopy incredibly lightweight but promises to be strong enough to stay in place even with harsh winds.

This canopy’s integrated half wall efficiently deflects a cross-breeze, which allows for better air circulation and gives you more protection against other elements. The mesh covering on its eaves keeps the canopy from getting blown away by strong winds.

Pull pin sliders secures the canopy legs from suddenly collapsing, while the push-button locks allow for easier assembly. Teflon bearings protect the poles from getting damaged easily, assuring a longer lifespan for this canopy.

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#5. [amazon link=”B000NRPN8E” title = “E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Canopy”/] 

E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Canopy


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 10 x 10 x 6.25 feet
  • Materials: CPAI-84 Fire Resistant Canopy and Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Cathedral-type Ceiling
  • Angle Leg Design
  • Incredibly lightweight at 31 lbs. during Storage Mode

E-Z Ambassador Instant Shelter Canopy’s incredibly lightweight feature makes this a perfect travel companion during sunny days. When disassembled, the canopy is compact, which makes transporting with the wheeled storage back sufficiently convenient.

Its cathedral-type ceiling has a clear span, which maximizes the height capacity of this canopy. The angle leg design assures its stability and lets you entirely use up the canopy’s covered area. Sandbags are not included in the package, though, something you might need to have for windy days.

The canopy’s fabric assures you of 99% protection against Ultraviolet rays and is also CPAI-84 certified, promising you that this canopy will not catch fire, guaranteeing its safety. White powder coating on the frame makes it rust-resistant, assuring you of this canopy’s durability. 

Assembling only takes minutes as there are no loose parts in this canopy. Storing is also very easy with its completely foldable construction that does not require any equipment.

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#6. Rawlings NFL Dome Canopy with Sidewall 

Rawlings NFL Dome Canopy with Sidewall


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 10 x 10 x 9.33 feet
  • Materials: Polyester Canopy and Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Coleman UVGuard Technology
  • Coleman Comfort Grip Technology
  • Team Colored with Logo Wheeled Bag

The NFL Dome Canopy with Sidewall allows you to support your team wherever you may be. Rawlings gives you an abundance of choices, making sure you get to pick your top football team.

Coleman’s UVGuard technology on its polyester canopy assures you of increased protection against the sun’s harmful effects. The same brand’s Comfort Grip Technology secures this canopy’s collapsible poles, guaranteeing you of its sturdiness. Its feet are welded to assure you that this canopy will stay in place regardless of the weather.

This canopy’s roof has two-way vents that allow for better air circulation, improving your comfort on hotter days. Its inclusion of a sidewall, which adds to the protection this canopy allows, makes this a practical choice.

Its powder-coated steel frame makes it excellently durable, making this canopy weatherproof. Setting up and storing is very convenient, with two people working as the canopy, combined with the collapsible poles, is entirely foldable.

You can proudly support your team until your car with its wheeled carry bag with the team logo and color.

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#7. Logo Brands NCAA Checkerboard Canopy 

Logo Brands NCAA Checkerboard Canopy


  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 9 x 9 x 6 feet
  • Materials: 420 Polyester Canopy and Steel Frame
  • Ground Stakes Included
  • Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Wheeled Bag with Dedicated Canopy Pouch

Logo Brands NCAA Checkerboard Canopy lets you proudly support your team. With its vast array of schools to choose from, you need not look anywhere else for the perfect tailgate companion. The alternating panels show the variations of your team’s colors, making the canopy appropriate for both home and away games.

This canopy’s 420 Polyester promises excellent durability that can withstand all types of weather. Air vents allow for better circulation, letting you get more comfortable over the summer.

The collapsible, rust-resistant steel poles let you conveniently adjust its height, allowing for better mobility. You would not have to worry about the tent toppling over with the ground stakes included on its poles.

Two persons could quickly assemble this canopy in minutes with its hook and loop fasteners on the poles. Storing is quite convenient since the completely foldable canopy has a dedicated slot on the bag included upon purchase. Transporting and getting it out of the storage is also accessible, given the wheels on the storage bag.

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Top Pick: The Eurmax EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

What makes the Eurmax EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent outshine everyone else in this list its exceptional value for money. The inclusions upon purchase also make this canopy a complete package making it a practical and convenient choice.

CPAI’s Fire Retardant Certification also makes this a cut above the rest for its added safety layer. The excellent quality of the 500D polyester material on the canopy makes it highly weatherproof. Combined with the full truss steel frame, its durability is unquestionable, assuring you the canopy’s comparatively longer lifespan.

While the sandbags already provide ample stability to this canopy, having foot pads to improve its grip towards any surface assures you that it will stay in place regardless. The thumb locks make adjusting and securing the frame very convenient, is not something we could say for other variants on this list.

While the King-Kong Canopy and Coleman’s Instant Eaved Shelter are excellent choices, they also lack the completeness of the EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent. Eurmax’s attention to detail quickly makes this canopy an all-around shade provider that could smoothly go from work to play.

Costco Canopy Buying Guide

As a general rule, knowing the canopy’s purpose and where you would be using it allows you to choose a more fitting tent. The canopy’s weight, assembly time, size, and materials all come after as factors you need to account for better decision making.

For outdoor events like bazaars and the like, you would need more massive canopies with heavy-duty frames and weather-resistant roofs to provide better coverage. More substantial, thicker frames could also improve the canopy’s stability, ensuring your guest’s safety.

Your weekend outdoor trips would require fewer frills on the frame to allow for more comfortable transportation, so lightweight materials are more ideal picks. While that may be the case, ensuring that the canopy’s material is weatherproof and can provide sufficient ventilation to create a better overall experience.

Lastly, you need to consider the assembly time the canopy requires. While it is always good to choose the heavy-duty canopies for better durability, these usually require some time assembling, which ends up exhausting later on. Add the usual two-person requirement to hold everything together; some canopies allow you to assemble alone, making your weekend getaways hassle-free with their straightforward assembling.


While Costco offers a good enough selection of outdoor equipment, it is always wise to consider other options before settling. It is undeniable that this retailer is excellent at providing a quick answer to possibly anything you might need. There is always a good chance of getting something with better quality, though, should you exert more effort in looking.

Canopies protect us from the effects of varying outdoor elements and weather changes. These covers would ultimately make or break any event or adventure, so it is best to choose wisely instead of picking out of convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between straight and slant leg canopies?

A: Canopies with straight legs are more space-saving because their legs stand within the canopy’s dimensions. Slant-legged canopies are comparatively less stable because of the unequal distribution of weight. Straight leg canopies also provide for shaded coverage than slanted ones, making it better suited for sunny days.

Q: What are canopy sidewalls?

A: Sidewalls on a canopy provide privacy and a layer of protection against certain elements. These walls are usually attached to the canopy eaves, but not all tents are capable of holding them. While installing sidewalls have its benefits, it would lessen the amount of air circulating, so you need to consider the material’s breathability before purchasing.

Q: Is it possible to set up a canopy by myself?

A: While most canopies require the assistance of one or two more people during assembling, there are a couple that allows you to do it by yourself. Canopies of the latter type have Quick Lift Technology on their frames, allowing you to set up the canopy alone. This technology embeds spring on specific parts of the tent to allow for easy setup and storage.

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