Best Wakesurf Board for Big Guys + Size Chart

Here’s the truth — searching for the best wakesurf board for big guys is very challenging. However, it’s not impossible. 

Heavy riders are often faced with the dilemma of settling to wakesurf boards that are not suitable for them. But if they take the time and effort to find the one that’s compatible with their body size, they’ll see that it makes all the difference when it comes to their ride and performance. 

What are the cheapest and best wakesurf boards for big guys with large physiques? How do you know which one’s for you? This guide contains all you need to know about these things and more. 

Wakesurf Board Size Chart

Retailers and manufacturers often rely on size charts to determine the suitable board for their customers. But for big guys, this could be a tricky situation. 

Most charts can only accommodate up to a certain weight range. They can also be inaccurate and produce different results for their customers because of certain factors like height, wakesurf location, and wakesurfing capability and style

The rule of thumb goes, your board should be able to reach your chin or chest level if you’re a beginner or intermediate rider. As you progress to being an advanced rider, you can opt for smaller boards. 

If you’re a big guy, however, we recommend getting a board that measures about 5 feet or more. This board will give you more control, especially when performing tricks. 

The wider base also offers more stability and prevents you from tipping off when surfing. With the right board thickness and volume, you’ll also avoid sinking. 

Bigger boards are easier to learn with because they’re slower, and the larger space area offers more room for foot placement. Since they’re also more buoyant, they’re suitable to use with boats that produce small wakes

To help you find the wakesurf board according to your height and weight, take a look at this size chart that specifically caters to heavy riders. 

Wakesurf Board Size Chart (for big guys)

Board Length Rider Height Weight Limit
4’3” 5’2” to 6’0” 200 lbs.
4’5” 5’4” to 6’2” 220 lbs.
4’6” 5’6” to 6’4” 240 lbs.
4’7” to 5′ 5’7” to 6’5” 250 lbs.
5’ to 5’4″ 5’8” to 7’ 325 lbs.
5’2” to 5’9″ 5’8” to 6’8” 350 lbs.

Top 8 Best Wakesurf Boards for Big Guys

For heavy riders, the first board that you’ll be using will have a big influence on your initial sessions. Bad wakesurf boards can cause frequent tipping, which could eventually make you lose your interest in wakesurfing. Meanwhile, the right size will bring out your best performance every time and inspire you to progress more. 

We’ve searched high and low for forums, surveys, and user reviews. Finally, we found the 8 best wakesurf boards for the big boys. Take a look at our list below: 

  1. Chaos Bamboo Series Ringer XL and XXL — Best Overall
  2. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer 5.9 — Best Budget
  3. Soulcraft A-Series Slider 6.0 — Best High-End
  4. The Walker Project Bazooka
  5. 2022 Phase Five Kong
  6. Doomswell Nubstep- Kevlar
  7. 2022 Phase Five Doctor
  8. Victoria Wake Captain XL

#1: Chaos Bamboo Series Ringer XL and XXL — Best Overall

Chaos Bamboo Series Ringer XL and XXL


  • Price: $899
  • Length: 5’ and 5’4”
  • Weight limit: 320 to 365 lbs.
  • Skill level: Beginner to Advanced

Sometimes, larger wakesurfers tend to purchase lower-end boards because there’s a sale or someone has recommended it to them. But after they struggle with using them, they get tired eventually and move on to purchase other boards, which causes them to spend more money instead of saving. We can’t stress this enough — 

Buying a good board the first time will make all the difference.

And if you’re going to spend a little bit more on quality, then we recommend our top pick for this lineup, the Ringer XL and XXL. These boards are from the Chaos Surf Company and were designed by Nick Wiersema who is a renowned shaper and competitive surfer.

The Ringer lineup is specifically designed for bigger guys. Measuring at 5′ and 5’4″ respectively, the XL and XXL boards can carry a weight capacity of 320 to 365 lbs. 

Not that heavy? Well, these boards can also ride one adult and one child at the same time. This way, a parent can wakesurf with their kid and guide them so they don’t get scared of the water.

The Ringer is the most commonly used wakesurf board of big boys who want solid performance in the water. Although they’re bigger than regular boards, these can go fast and they’re very responsive, too.

The XL and XXL boards are made from bamboo deck and bottom inlays. They are constructed by utilizing four types of core, laminating them with layers of S-glass and structure fabrics, and then finally coating them with epoxy resin. Because of the quality materials they’re made of and their excellent construction process, these boards are expected to last for years.

Every purchase of the Ringer comes with fins and traction. The boards also come in black and blue colors. 

We highly recommend the Ringer XL and XXL for beginners, but their prices could be a little steep. To protect your investment, Chaos also offers a premium wakesurf bag for your board, as well as board socks to protect it from dents. 

Durable and can handle abuseExpensive
Can accommodate two riders
Fast and responsive 

#2: Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer 5.9

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer 5.9


  • Price: $399.99
  • Length: 5’9”
  • Weight limit: up to 300 lbs.
  • Skill level: Beginner

When it comes to wakesurf boards for big guys, size really does matter. This next board is from the company that makes the softest and thickest rails, Hyperlite. 

With 25 years of experience, Aaron Stumpf leads the Hyperlite team in the research and development of their best-selling boards. Their most innovative products include the Landlock Wakesurfer — one of the longest wakesurf boards in the market today. 

Measuring 5 feet, 9 inches long, this board is designed for heavy riders, beginners, and cruisers. It’s a large board that works well in small wakes; however, it’s not something you should get if you plan on performing tricks like aerials. 

The Landlock Wakesurfer is made by utilizing a technique called monocoque construction. It’s wherein the top and bottom fiberglass layers are integrated into one to prevent delamination. This method also helps with the board’s durability as it helps resist damages and dents on the sides. 

This board features Biolite 3 Core, the lightest and most durable core of the Hyperlite brand. It also has rounded rails to help keep your feet at the center of the board. All these contribute to the board’s stability, as well as buoyancy. 

Finally, this surf-style board has a tri-fin set-up. You can remove the fins as you progress or keep the center fin to help with stability and control. To avoid slides and to keep your feet planted on the deck, the Landlock Wakesurfer is molded with an EVA traction pad for grip and comfort. 

Made from layered fiberglass, not wovenNot recommended for progressing beginners
Suitable for small wakesNot suitable for performing tricks
Good value for money

#3: Soulcraft Slider 6.0 — Best High-End

Soulcraft Slider 6.0


  • Price: $1,298
  • Length: 6’
  • Weight limit: 125 to 275 lbs.
  • Skill level: Beginner to Advanced

With over 15,000 wakesurf boards created and 10 years of experience, the Soulcraft brand leads the industry in creating handcrafted boards. This California-based company is led by Jeff Wahlers, with whom you can also get in touch if you want customized wakesurfers.

The Soulcraft Slider is a board meant for REALLY big guys. It’s the longest board on this lineup, measuring an astounding length of 6’. It can accommodate a guy that’s about 5’ to 6’6” tall, with a weight of up to 275 lbs. 

Now, if you’re a guy who’s taller and heavier than that, no problem! Soulcraft can customize the thickness and length of the board to accommodate your weight and height. Its graphics can also be altered; however, all these come with a higher cost. 

The Slider has a steep price of $1,298, but it’s well worth every penny that you’ll spend on it. It’s one of the best boards to ride with if you’re a large guy, and a lot of riders can attest to its quality. 

This board rides similar to a surfboard. But because of its massive size, it’s nearly impossible to do flips and spins with it. On the other hand, its rounded rails and a diamond tail help the board recover and get back to the wake when derailed. While its slight bottom concave keeps the Slider fast and responsive despite its size. 

The fins and traction are included for every purchase of this board. It’s best for beginners and can be progressed with until advanced level.

Customizable according to rider’s weight and heightVery expensive
Handcrafted by artisans

#4: The Walker Project Bazooka

The Walker Project Bazooka


  • Price: $1,099
  • Length: 5’1” and 5’5”
  • Weight limit: 190 to 250 lbs. and 255 to 350 lbs.
  • Skill level: Beginner to Advanced

Nothing beats experience, and this statement rings true for The Walker Project’s team. This brand was founded by Mike Walker, who’s been crafting and shaping boards for surfing and wakesurfing for 20 years and counting. 

Walker started creating wakesurf boards in 2004 when the demand for boards used in landlocked states was at an all-time high. But unlike others, he created custom boards specifically crafted for his clients’ needs. One of Walker’s products, the Bazooka, for instance, is a board meant for the bigger guys. 

The Bazooka is built for speed and high performance. While other boards for heavy riders measure 5’5” and above, the Bazooka is significantly smaller and lighter. It has a measurement that starts from 5’1”, and since it can be considered a shortboard, intermediate riders can perform tricks with it.  

This board is proof that wakesurfing isn’t only for the small guys. With the Bazooka, big boys can also wakesurf ropeless, thanks to its quad fins that allow more stability in the water. They can also choose to use a twin fin for more aggressive carving.

The Walker Project team also takes their customer service to another level. If their clients are unsure about their board dimensions, the team will contact them personally and coordinate with them. From then on, customers can choose their board’s color, designs, and upgrades in decks and wraps. 

Highly customizable boardsExpensive
Good customer service
Fast and agile

#5: 2022 Phase Five Kong

2022 Phase Five Kong


  • Price: $1,069
  • Length: 5’2” 
  • Weight limit: up to 350 lbs.
  • Skill level: Beginner to Advanced

If you need that much-needed push to make the most out of your wakesurfing sessions, then Phase Five’s Kong is right up your alley. This monster board is created for fun and performance. With a weight capacity of 350 lbs., the Kong can ride two small adults or one heavy rider effortlessly. 

The Kong is for longboard surfers, newbies looking for bigger boards, and large fellas who need more space area. It offers tons of volume so it’s highly stable and responsive in the water. 

This board is constructed with flexspine carbon stringer and EPS core. It also utilizes the Flextec V2 glass system that allows the board to have the features of a wakesurf board, but with the functionality and feel of a surfboard. 

Meanwhile, the Kong’s quad fin FCS set-up, along with its wide round nose and pintail, will allow you to carve and cruise airs. For wake ripping and keeping up with the bow, you can remove two fins or surf without them.

Massive boards like this need good traction, and with this, Kong doesn’t disappoint. This board includes the Kong surf pad and the P5 Technogrip Traction V2 for the grippiest ride ever!

Can accommodate two riders
Light and durable
Comes with good traction pads

#6: Doomswell Nubstep

Doomswell Nubstep


  • Price: $799
  • Length: 5’2” 
  • Weight limit: up to 300 lbs.
  • Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Our next board is from the company that won the ‘Wakesurf Board of the Year’ from 2018 to 2020 — Doomswell. 

The Nubstep from the Doomswell brand is a hybrid board that has the most similar feel to a surfboard. The only difference is it surfs behind a wake. Doomswell redesigned Nubstep’s 2022 model to include more surf-style features such as the pulled back wing and diamond tail to allow better maneuverability in tight turns. 

This board is reinforced with a carbon fiber stringer that runs throughout the EPS foam core. This provides buoyancy while keeping the board lightweight at the same time. This also enables a steadier and smoother ride. 

Meanwhile, the single bottom concave, rounded rails, and increased nose rocker gives the wakesurf board more speed and drive. Nubstep is an agile board that rips in the water, regardless of its size. 

This board is also equipped with the lightest and strongest fin system in the world. The set-up, of course, can be customized. Keep the rear fins for more stability or remove them for a better ride. The only issue most users have about this, however, is that the fins are quite difficult to install. 

Cheaper than most wakesurf boardsNeeds some getting used to
Feels the most surfboard-like
Good floatation

#7: 2022 Phase Five Doctor

2022 Phase Five Doctor


  • Price: $799
  • Length: 4’9” 
  • Weight limit: up to 325 lbs.
  • Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Phase Five specializes in creating wakesurf boards for the big fellas, that’s why we have included another board from their lineup — the Doctor. 

With a length of 4’9”, this board can carry a weight capacity of up to 325 lbs. It also features a larger volume, thanks to its domed-top deck laminated with the Flextec V2 glass shell. 

The Doctor is a surf-style wakesurf board that includes a removable quad-fin setup. These fins keep the board stable, and as you progress to being an advanced rider, you can remove them for an extra challenge. It also has the Deluxe Surf Pad and P5 Techno Grip Traction for extra grip. 

Built for speed and performance, this wakesurf board consists of a single concave line for charging down. The rocker, on the other hand, keeps the board on top of the wave. This way, it’s able to surf small wakes and carve at the same time.  

Meanwhile, the board’s tail maintains the board’s balance and stability. This also makes for easy maneuverability in tight turns.

Fast and responsive boardNot for beginners
Comes in various lengths
Good value for money

#8: Victoria Wake Captain XL

Victoria Wake Captain XL


  • Price: $770
  • Length: 4’5” 
  • Weight limit: up to 280 lbs.
  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

To end this list, we have one of the pioneers in making skimboard-style wakesurf boards, the Victora Wake. Since 1976, this company has been manufacturing high-performance boards for their customers all over the globe. 

If you’re into performing tricks, you’ll surely enjoy Captain L and XL. These wakesurf boards are designed for effortless rides. They give a lot more push than the other boards on this list.

Despite the size, the Captain makes it possible to learn tricks like 360 spins. However, there are factors that should be considered regarding this, like the surfer’s ability and the wakesurf boat’s ballast system. 

This wakesurf board features a tough and expensive high-density core that keeps it responsive and easy to maneuver. It has a thin core, but it’s efficient in keeping the board buoyant. 

The Captain XL also features a precise rocker perfected by their 45 years of experience. Its tail, on the other hand, provides better drive and control. With its removable three-fin thruster set-up, you can choose to go high and tight above the wave or let loose with a single fin. 

To keep the board lightweight, the manufacturer also utilized light fiberglass and/or carbon laminate in the deck’s top and bottom layers. For that extra texture and grip, an EVA traction pad with diamond pattern stitching is included with the board.

Built for power and performanceNot suitable for riders weighing 300 lbs. or more
Comes in two sizes

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Wakesurf Board


Which one should big guys choose, a smaller or a bigger board? Some pros and cons come with either of them, but generally, it all comes down to your riding style and preference. 

If you get a bigger board, you can expect it to be less responsive and loose. However, it’s more stable and buoyant. 

Meanwhile, smaller wakesurf boards may not handle your big physique and you may struggle to keep yourself afloat. You’ll also exert more effort in controlling it. The good thing about smaller boards, though, is that they’re faster in water and glide more easily. 


There are three wakesurf board construction: foam-based, compression-molded, and hybrid. 

Foam-based wakesurf boards are constructed just how regular surfboards are made. They’re integrated with epoxied fiberglass to make a more durable and lightweight board. Since they also have good buoyancy, they’re suitable for performing tricks and maneuvers in the water. These boards are best for intermediate to advanced riders. 

Compression-molded boards, on the other hand, are more similar to wakeboards. These boards are often used as starter boards because they’re heavier and slower.

Finally, hybrid boards are made with a new method of construction. They’re often soft-top boards, that’s why they’re more suitable for kids and novice riders who are still learning how to wakesurf

Board Style 

Big guys require boards that have more volume and buoyancy; therefore, we recommend choosing surf-style over skim-style boards. 

Surf-style boards are larger and they come with multiple fins for better control and traction. As you progress, you can remove these fins to achieve better carving and slashing in the water. You can also perform tricks like 360 with it, but not those that require aerials and flipping. 

Contrarily, skim-style boards are shorter. They also have less volume and buoyancy, which isn’t suitable for heavy riders. These boards consist of fewer fins, and they’re built for skimming and performing tricks. 


Wakesurfing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what their weight is. Big guys or anyone with larger physiques may find it a bit tricky to determine what kind of wakesurf boards are suitable for them, but brands are now manufacturing bigger boards to accommodate the demand. 

Some of the best boards we highly recommend for heavy wakesurfers are: 

  • Chaos Ringer XL and XXL
  • Soulcraft Slider 6.0
  • The Walker Project Bazooka
  • Phase Five Kong
  • Doomswell Nubstep

We hope that this guide enlightened and inspired you to go wakesurfing today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which wakesurf board is best for large guys weighing 300 lbs.+?

For heavy riders weighing 300 lbs (136 kg) or more, we highly recommend Ringer’s XL and XXL wakesurf boards. These can accommodate riders’ weight ranging from 320 lbs to 365 lbs. They also come in two sizes: 5’ and 5’4”. 

Q: Can big guys wakesurf?

Definitely! All you need is a good wakesurf board that suits your height and weight. Bigger boards may tend to move slowly, but the key to a good wakesurf session is technique and proper foot placement. A good tip is to keep your toes at the edge of the board to make your ride better.

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