Best Luxury Surf Resorts and Destinations

Visting some of the best luxury surf resorts around the world is a travel adventure every surfing enthusiast ought to experience, even if just once. From the Caribbean coasts to the pacific and other destinations, there are a variety of different waves you can explore. Some offer a gentle roller, while others are challenging barrels. Going on a luxurious surfing adventure is an experience to add to your bucket list.

You can plan a wealth of events before going on a surfing adventure. But most importantly, you must choose the right destination. And in this guide, we will walk you through ten of the best all-inclusive resorts for surfing.

7 Best Luxury Surf Resort Travel deas

After working hard for months, you deserve to treat yourself with nothing but the best when it’s time to go on holiday. Going to a luxury surf resort is the perfect get-away plan to lavish yourself on unrivaled comfort, fine dining, exotic cuisine, access to some of the best beach breaks, and so much more.

Whether you know how to surf or you are just beginning to learn, finding the perfect destination is vital. If you are unsure where to go to experience that thrilling luxury surfing adventure, below are our top seven best surfing destinations hand-picked by our experts.

Maldives Luxury Surf Retreat

Maldives Luxury Surf Retreat

When you think about the Maldives, you might think about luxury surf resorts Europe due to the Maldives’ relationship with Europe, but be prepared to be awed. Resorts in the Maldives stand out due to their pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Maldives is an excellent destination to visit when looking to have a luxurious time. It has a good number of surfing spots and great resorts to visit. So, you can be certain you will be spoiled with choices when you visit the Maldives.

The Maldives has 26 atolls, broken down into the North and South Male, Central, and Southern. At each of these atolls are top-notch resorts like the Kandooma Resort, Niyama Resort, Six Sense Laamu, and Ayada Resort.

The Kandooma Resort is popular for its luxurious villas, idyllic spa, decadent eateries, and top-notch facilities. It combines the astonishing beauty of South Male with a wide range of both water and land-oriented entertainment. The Niyama Resort is another luxurious hotel in the Maldives in the middle of a tropical paradise.

Six Sense Resort, located on the uncharted Laamu Atoll, deep in the Indian Ocean, has white sand, crystal clear waters, and outstanding beaches, making this an eco-friendly destination. While the Ayada Resort is a multi-award-winning luxury resort located in the Southern Atolls of the Maldives. Overall, when you’re in the Maldives, there are so many activities you can indulge in.

Private Villa Surf Trip in Bali

Private Villa Surf Trip in Bali

Like the many luxury surf resorts Central America offers, Bali, known as the Lands of the Gods, appeals to many through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes. At Bali, be prepared to be mesmerized by its lush, terraced rice fields and its serenity and peaceful ambiance. Bali is a destination famous for its surfers’ paradise.

Located 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali is a destination also loved for its climate. It has a typical tropical, humid, and warm climate all year round with two main distinctive seasons; the rainy and dry seasons. Bali is a destination to add to your bucket list, as you will surely be enchanted by its luxurious beach resorts, exciting nightlife, dramatic sceneries, and colorful crafts and arts.

There are so many activities you can do when you get to Bali, but planning your travel to its private villa is a great way to explore the beauty of this destination. Many of Bali’s starred hotels are located near the beach, making this destination a great place for those looking to enjoy a wonderful moment at sea.

Some private villas in Bali have private spots at certain beaches where you can splurge on exclusive privileges. You can find this private villa at surf spots like Canggu, Uluwatu, Kuta, and Seminyak.

Surf and Safari in South Africa

Surf and Safari in South Africa

South Africa is another destination with a diverse landscape and coastline, offering travelers looking for adventure and outdoor activities a range of options. South Africa has over 1600 miles or 2500 kilometers of coastline, which spoils surfers with several surfing spots. Its beaches combine the rugged Atlantic coast with the balmy shores of the Indian Ocean.

You can explore several world-class surfing spots and bays when you visit South Africa. These spots attract thousands of surfers worldwide as it has some of the best wave breaks. Jeffrey’s Bay is a typical example of what South Africa offers. This small town on the Eastern Cape is popular for hosting the annual J-Bay Open surfing competition.

Muizenberg and Durban are other destinations to consider visiting in South Africa, as they feature some of the best waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. South Africa is also a popular destination for exploring wildlife and safari.

South Africa is home to wildlife like lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalo, etc. As such, while you plan a trip to South Africa to surf, you can also visit places like the Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, and the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

Luxury Surf Yacht Charter in Indonesia

Luxury Surf Yacht Charter in Indonesia

With up to 61567 miles of coastline spread across 17508 archipelago islands, Indonesia is one of the best places to surf. Many archipelago islands are fringed by volcanic reefs, which further help raise the barrels and tubes to create the perfect wedge waves. The Indonesian beaches are a perfect combination of War and Peace surfing destinations.

If you consider a destination allowing you to go on a yacht cruise and surf simultaneously, Indonesia is the destination. If you seek a unique and memorable experience, one of Indonesia’s popular luxury surf yacht charters is the Ratu Motu. This popular luxury yacht is a 164-foot yacht specializing in surf charters in the Mentawai islands.

Similarly, the Blue Horizon is another luxury surf yacht for charter. This 110-foot yacht cruises Mentawai Island and other popular destinations in Indonesia for surfing. This yacht comes equipped with a range of amenities such as a dive deck, a Jacuzzi, and a cinema room and can accommodate up to 12 guests in six staterooms.

Each luxury surf yacht charter has several features that provide an unforgettable adventure. As a surf enthusiast looking to explore as many surfing spots as possible, Indonesia is a great destination to enjoy the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Costa Rica Luxury Surf Resort

Costa Rica Luxury Surf Resort

Costa Rica is one of the world’s more renowned destinations for surfers of all levels. It is a country with a coast on the pacific and Caribbean, offering various waves from gentle rollers to challenging barrels.

If you are looking for a luxury surf camp Costa Rica has several offers. This destination features a range of amenities, including spa service, top-notch accommodations, gourmet dining, and so much more. The Four Seasons Resort, situated on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is a popular destination for luxury surfing in Costa Rica by many.

The W Costa Rica – Reserva Conchal is another one of the luxury surf resorts Central America has to offer. Located on the stunning Guanacaste Cost, this luxury resort offers access to most of the popular surf breaks in Costa Rica. This destination also offers a range of activities, including zip lining and snorkeling.

Other destinations to consider visiting when planning a trip to Costa Rica includes the Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, the Latitude 10 Resort, and the Tropicsurf at Florblanca. Each luxury resort offers unique and unforgettable experiences for anyone looking to have a great time at the country’s beautiful and world-class surf breaks.

Luxury Surf Camp in Portugal

Luxury Surf Camp in Portugal

Portugal is another excellent destination for surfers, with great waves and beautiful beaches. Also in Portugal are several luxurious surf camps offering a range of amenities to travelers seeking adventure in Portugal. Some of these amenities include a gourmet dining option, top-notch accommodations, and surf lessons with experienced instructors.

One of the renowned locations to consider visiting when you choose to go to Portugal is the Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira. This location has several picturesque towns and is about 30 minutes from Lisbon. It offers a luxury surfing experience and high-end accommodations on a hilltop with a panoramic ocean view.

Another location to consider in Portugal to get a memorable surfing experience is the Soul Surf House. This location is satiated in the charming Algarve region with a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. Furthermore, its accommodation features a mix of shared dorms and private rooms with pools, a garden, and a rooftop terrace.

Also, if you visit the famous town of Lagos in Portugal, there are two main surfing beaches you shouldn’t miss: Meia Praia (beach break) and Porto de Mos (beach and reef break). The Salty Pelican has its fair share of stylish and modern features, making it a great destination for surfers.

Surf and Wine Tasting in California

Surf and Wine Tasting in California

California is the most popular destination in North America. Widely known for Hollywood and Disneyland, California is also popular for its surf culture. Planning a trip to California to combine surfing and wine tasting is a great way to enjoy this Central Coast region.

Santa Barbara is one of the most recommended destinations to visit while in California. Santa Barbara is a coastal town that offers several great surf spots, such as Summerland and Rincon Beach. And to get the best wine taste in Santa Barbara, visit the Pinot Noir or the Chardonnay vineyard.

Another great spot in California to go for the best wine and surfing spot is San Luis Obispo. In this laid-back city are the two best surfing spots in California; Morro Bay and Pismo Beach. Also, there are several vineyards and wineries in San Luis Obispo, such as the Edna Valley Vineyard and Tolosa Winery.

Additionally, Santa Cruz, located north of the Central Coast region, is a popular surfing spot. It has one of California’s most lively beach scenes, with great wave breaks. Santa Cruz also has several wineries, including the Bargetto Winery and Soquel Vineyards.


In summary, enjoying the luxury of surfing in some of the best destinations will change your perspective on surfing. With so many travel destinations you can plan to visit, you will be spoiled with options. As elaborated in this guide, you can go to any one of the destinations for an unforgettable experience.

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