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The best kitesurfing spots for you depend on your skill level, craving for adventure, and interests away from the water. The US has four destinations with waves, weather, scenery, and land activities – whether you want to glide across the sea for the first time or take on one of the world’s biggest waves.

Reliable winds, favorable water conditions, and warm weather make Maui, Kailua, Key West, and the Florida Keys four of the US’ best kitesurfing destinations. These top kitesurfing spots also have exquisite natural environments and tourist attractions to make them worth a visit.

Get amped as you dive into why Maui, Kailua, Key West, and the Florida Keys deserve to be on your bucket list of kitesurfing destinations.

Discover Four Epic Kitesurfing Destinations in The US

Are you looking for your next kitesurfing adventure? Set your sights on the US, where you’ll find some of the world’s top kitesurfing destinations for beginners and experts.

In this article, we’ll explore four of the best kitesurfing spots in the US: Maui, Kailua, Key West, and the Florida Keys.

Maui, Hawaii

best kitesurfing spots

This tropical island is the classic choice for a surfing holiday.

Here’s why Maui is one of our best kitesurfing spots:

Close Your Eyes And Imagine

The sparkling turquoise waters surrounded by palm-tree-scattered hills that you see when you picture your ultimate island getaway.

Best Beaches For Kitesurfing

Kanaha Beach Park (for both flat water and waves) and Kite Beach (with winds and waves to challenge advanced riders).

Waves, Winds, And Weather

It’s ever warm and windy on this kite surfer’s paradise, with water temperatures averaging mid-70 throughout the year.

This island’s conditions let your kitesurf year-round. The summer brings more predictable, stronger winds, but winter creates better waves. So, book your trip from March to October if you’re after more vigorous winds or from October to March for waves that make a splash.

What Makes Maui An Epic Kitesurfing Spot

As if looking like paradise wasn’t enough. Maui also stands out as one of the only places in the world where beginner and pro kite surfers can catch a satisfying surf almost any day of the year.

Life On Land

Maui has a lively nightlife and offers many opportunities to let your (seawater-tousled) hair down.

There’s plenty to delight in on your days off from the waves, including whale watching, scuba diving, and coffee tasting at one of the several plantations.

Fun Fact

Maui is known as where kitesurfing began (earning it the first mention on our list). This stunning island offered its glittering waters for the first-ever kitesurfing competition in 1996, spiking the sport’s popularity.

Before You Pack Your Bags

Take note, thrill-seekers eager to tackle Jaws (the record-breaking ginormous surf break, not the shark): you must plan your Maui trip to coincide with the few times a year when the conditions are right for generating awe-inspiring waves. And only attempt this feat if you can navigate your kite and board like a pro.

Kailua, Hawaii

This gem is the go-to spot for beginner kite surfers and fitness enthusiasts who enjoy combining surfing with exhilarating hikes in strikingly beautiful natural environments.

Here’s why Kailua makes it onto our list of must-visit kitesurfing spots:

Close Your Eyes And Imagine

Clear, blue-blue waters, shallow lagoons, and golden sand with dramatic volcanic headlands.

Best Beach For Kitesurfing

Kailua Beach Park (with lots of space to launch and land your kite).

Waves, Winds, And Weather

It’s always slip-slop-friendly weather in Kailua. And usually kite-friendly, too!

Kite surfers can choose calm waters and consistent gentle winds in July and August or stronger winds and wilder waves from about October to January. You’re most likely to get a decent wind in the afternoon.

What Makes Kailua An Epic Kitesurfing Spot

Kailua is an ideal spot to dip your toe in the kitesurfing waters. The conditions let you a feeling for the sport without being intimidating. And the scenery makes even failed attempts to launch your kite enjoyable.

Life On Land

You’ll be rewarded with spectacular 360° island views, waterfalls, and swimming holes for lacing up your hiking boots and setting out on one of Kailua’s trails. Or with satisfied taste buds after visiting one of Kailua’s top-notch restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, or farmer’s markets.

Fun Fact

Not only can you do rare birdwatching in Kailua (it’s home to endangered waterbirds), but celeb-spotting as well. Big names like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Jessica Simpson escape the spotlight to sun themselves on Kailua’s beaches.

Before You Pack Your Bags

If you’re an expert kite surfer looking for a daring adventure, Kailua might disappoint you.

Key West, Florida

best kitesurfing spots, key west florida

This surfing hotspot, right at the tip of the US, promises excitement-filled days and nights in the water and on land.

Keep reading for reasons Key West is one of our favorite places to kitesurf:

Close Your Eyes And Imagine…

Peaceful sandy white beaches, shallow waters, lapping waves, and thousands of coral reefs.

Best Beach For Kitesurfing

Smathers Beach (with a stretch of white sand long enough for you to easily launch and land your kite).

Waves, Winds, And Weather

The water is warmest and winds are most reliable in the summer months (June, July, and August). But these months tend to also be muggy and rainy. Key West also gets consistent winds in the fall but experiences a hurricane risk during this season.

With temperatures seldom dropping below the 70s and 80s, Key West is a hit with US travelers who want to escape cold winters.

What Makes Key West An Epic Kitesurfing Spot

The gentle waves and flat terrain make Key West a wonderland for new kitesurfers. These waters boast the world’s third-largest living coral barrier reef: the Florida Keys Reef Tract.

Life On Land

Key West has no shortage of attractions, including the world’s longest street: the coast-to-coast-stretching Duval Street with its many eateries and bars, and daily sunset parties featuring magicians and street dancers at Mallory Square. You’ll also find kitesurfing schools and rental shops if you want some pointers or aren’t ready to invest in your own gear.

Fun Fact

Ernest Hemmingway lived in Key West for almost a decade, and this beautiful location inspired some of his best work. His home is now part of a museum.

Before You Pack Your Bags

Think twice before planning a winter trip; this is Key West’s peak (and most expensive) season.

The Florida Keys, Florida

Kite surfers flock to this chain of little islands (keys) stretching over 100 miles to freestyle and wave ride to their heart’s content.

Find out reasons to add the Florida Keys to your kitesurfing bucket list:

Close Your Eyes And Imagine

Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, glittering aquamarine waters filled with dolphins, turtles, and manatees, white sandy beaches, and palm trees.

Best Beaches For Kitesurfing

Islamorada and Marathon (for a mix of flatwater and wave spots).

Waves, Winds, And Weather

The wind blows strongest from October to June, though early spring is the best for reliable winds without summer’s scorching sun.

Water temperatures stay at 77 to 80°F, so you shouldn’t need to brace yourself before getting in.

Winter temperatures in the Florida Keys are much higher than in regions further North. Still, this area does get chilly when it experiences occasional cold fronts.

What Makes The Florida Keys an Epic Kitesurfing Spot

Conditions at the Florida Keys make kitesurfing a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner looking for flat waters or a soul surfer wanting to try your moves in a wavy sea, this versatile destination is spot-on.

Life On Land

The Florida Keys are known for their thriving sea life. Use your time away from the water to get to know the fascinating sea creatures better – pop in at Marathon’s Dolphin Research Center or Islamorada’s Theatre of the Sea.

Fun Fact

Many Florida Keys beaches are flawless because they were created to look that way. Much of the sand was brought in from the Caribbean, not made by Mother Nature.

Before You Pack Your Bags…

Take your wetsuit with you to be ready if a cold front strikes.


When the kitesurfing bug bites, you must feed it. The US boasts four world-class destinations to satisfy every kitesurfing enthusiast. Sunny weather, water conditions ranging from flat to record-breaking waves, dependable winds, stunning views, and land adventures make Maui, Kailua, Key West, and the Florida Keys must-visit kitesurfing spots for newbies and pros.

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