Discovering The Best Kitesurfing Camps

Kitesurfing camps are everywhere, and joining one is the quickest way to learn the exhilarating sport that merges flying with surfing. Joining a kitesurfing camp is recommended for beginners as the sport of kitesurfing can be difficult to learn without an experienced guide showing you the ropes.

The best kitesurfing camps around the world include many exotic and beautiful locations, such as Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, Tarifa in Spain, and El Gouna in Egypt. The best kitesurfing camps include accommodation, meals, kitesurfing lessons, and non-kiting activities for the overall price.

Joining a kitesurfing camp is easier than ever before, with a host of high-quality camps popping up in favorable locations for kitesurfing. You’ll find them in Ecuador, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Greece, and Down Under. Let’s explore where you will find some of the best kitesurfing camps around the world.

Why Joining A Kitesurfing Camp Is The Best Way To Learn

Kitesurfing, also referred to as kiteboarding, is a difficult activity to master, especially when starting. The sport of kitesurfing can be described as a combination of the following:


  • Wakeboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Surfing
  • Paragliding
  • Skateboarding
  • Gymnastics


Kitesurfing is an extreme sport involving certain elements of other extreme sports while you’re strapped to a harness pulled by a power kite…strapped to a board in the ocean at the mercy of the wind.

Joining a kitesurfing camp is a wise decision if you want to enter the flying-over-the-ocean world inhabited by numerous adrenaline seekers.

At a kitesurfing camp, an experienced instructor will guide you through how to use kitesurfing equipment, how to read the conditions, all the relevant safety procedures, and ultimately how to kitesurf confidently.

Joining a kitesurfing camp is the quickest and most fun way to learn the ropes and confidently surf the wind.

It’s estimated that it takes between 6-8 hours of one-on-one instruction to get to a level where you are comfortable to continue your kitesurfing journey without the aid of a kitesurfing coach.

Top Kitesurfing Camp Destinations

There are many excellent kitesurfing destinations around the world. From the sandy dunes of Morocco to the challenging Australian coast, we are blessed with high-quality kitesurfing camps and beautiful destinations.

When looking for the best kitesurfing camps in the most exotic locations, look no further than the following destinations:


  • Caribbean – Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Curaçao
  • Americas – Brazil, Mexico, and Peru
  • Europe – Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal
  • North America – Florida, California, North Carolina
  • Africa – Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa
  • Asia – Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Thailand

What Does It Cost To Learn To Kitesurf?

Good kitesurfing camps cater to all skill levels, solo travelers, or group bookings, and their prices depend on the service they offer. The more expensive kitesurfing camps are the ones that include the following, above and beyond the kitesurfing lessons and equipment:


  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Extra activities such as sightseeing trips or additional adventure excursions in the area, such as SUP tours, horse riding, or bike and whale-watching tours
  • A combination camp, such as a yoga-kitesurfing camp or a scuba-kitesurfing camp
  • Alternative therapies or holistic ceremonies will also hike up the total cost of the camp


On average, you can expect to pay the following for kitesurfing lessons:


  • $100 for a 90-minute introductory lesson
  • $150 for a supervised rental
  • $200 for a 2-hour Private Any-Level VIP training session
  • $300 for a 3-hour Private Any-Level VIP training session
  • $500+ for a 3-day kitesurfing camp (excluding accommodation, transfer costs, and additional activities)
  • $850 for a 5-day kitesurfing camp (excluding accommodation, transfer costs, and additional activities)
  • One-on-one private lessons will always be more expensive than a two-person per-instructor lesson.
  • $600 for a Private Half-Day training session (one student per coach)
  • $1,000 for Full-Day Offsite Coaching (coach travels to your destination)
  • $1,200 for a Private Full-Day training session (one student per coach)


Kitesurfing camp costs range from $200 to $2,000, depending on the camp inclusions and the actual hours of training lessons per day. Most kitesurfing lessons cost around $100 per hour.

If you’re joining a local kitesurfing camp, you will only pay for the lessons themselves (hours), whereas a tourist will pay for lessons, accommodation, and other inclusive services.

The Best Kitesurfing Camps

What Is A Kitesurfing Camp?

A kitesurfing camp typically consists of a structured training program, ranging from a couple of training hours per day, spread over a couple of days to a week, with the sole aim of helping participants to improve their kitesurfing skills. Kitesurfing camps provide the following:


  • Kitesurfing lessons (specially designed according to skill levels which include beginner to advanced)
  • Equipment rental
  • Personalized training program provided by an experienced kitesurfing instructor or coach
  • Accommodation


Some kitesurfing camps include travel arrangements such as flights and transfers and extra non-kiting activities in the itinerary package.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Kitesurfing Camp?

The benefits of joining a kitesurfing camp are numerous. If you’re uncertain of why a kitesurfing camp is beneficial, besides learning how to kitesurf, here are a few benefits of joining a kitesurfing camp:


  • Learning how to kitesurf with professional kitesurfing equipment and a personal kitesurfing instructor
  • Learning how to read wind and water conditions
  • Learning about kitesurfing safety regulations and emergency procedures
  • Meeting new people and forming part of a community of fellow kitesurfing enthusiasts
  • Discovering new destinations and experiencing different cultures, cuisines, customs, and natural beauty.
  • Getting to explore the area of life outside of your comfort zone


Kitesurfing is a sport that challenges you on all levels. Getting actively involved in the sport of kitesurfing is a brilliant way to challenge yourself physically and mentally. It’s good exercise and great fun, but it can take hours of one-on-one tuition to master.

The Best Kitesurfing Camps

What Skills Can You Learn From A Kitesurfing Camp?

You need a certain skill set when kitesurfing. The skillset includes balance, strength, and the ability to read weather conditions. Being able to swim and having a body in relatively good health is also recommended.

When you participate in a kitesurfing camp, the instructor will teach you the basic (and advanced) techniques required to get the kite in the air and train you to maneuver the board and kite combination by jumping waves and using the wind. Ultimately teaching you to ride, surf, and fly.

If you’re a beginner, the first skill set you will be taught is kitesurfing safety. The first couple of lessons will typically involve a trainer kite setup, which you must master before moving on to the big power kite. Body dragging is a basic technique for using downwind and up winds to drag your body through the water.

Once you master body dragging (upwind and downwind), which means you can comfortably control the kite, the kiteboard will be added to your setup after learning about self-rescue and the relevant relaunching techniques.

After the camp, you should be able to set up a kitesurfing rig without a hitch and control the kite and board combination while flying confidently over the water.

How Do You Choose The Best Kitesurfing Camp For You?

It would help if you strongly considered a few of the following factors when choosing a kitesurfing camp that’s best for you. Factors you’ll need to think about and base your decision on are the following:


Factors To Consider Why You Need to Consider Them
Cost of the kitesurfing camp ·        The cost of a kitesurfing camp is often linked to the duration of the camp. The longer you stay, the more expensive the camp will be. Beginners require a longer camp than more experienced kite surfers.

·         The cost of a kitesurfing camp will be affected by the duration, the location, general inclusions, and if accommodation and other travel arrangements are included.

Location of the kitesurfing camp ·        If you join a local kitesurfing camp, the cost won’t be as steep as joining a camp located in a popular tourist foreign destination, which will include additional accommodation costs and living and traveling expenses.

·        Expect to pay more for kitesurfing camps in popular tourist destinations than camps in less popular and remote locations.

Equipment rental ·        Some kitesurfing camps will charge the client an equipment rental price per day, while others will include it in their overall rates. Ensure you do the math on which option is most cost-effective when comparing kitesurfing camps.
Accommodation ·        Many kitesurfing camps include accommodation in their rates, which bumps up the price considerably, but it removes the burden of booking accommodation from you.

·        When booking a camp, ensure that you are comfortable with the accommodation arrangements, as these options will range from sharing a communal house to living in a resort to staying in a yurt.

Inclusions and non-inclusions ·        Not all kitesurfing camps offer the same inclusions. Some only offer lessons and equipment, whereas others will include flights, transfers, accommodation, lessons, equipment, and other extra mural activities in the package, which will be more expensive.

·        A kitesurfing camp may seem inexpensive, but you must consider non-inclusive costs (accommodation, traveling, and food and beverage costs) to understand the price.

Type of training ·        The best type of training, especially if you’re a beginner, will be at kitesurfing camps that provide individual personalized tuition. A one-on-one approach works best when starting your kitesurfing journey.

·        Look for kitesurfing camps that offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses where personal one-on-one training is provided (or a maximum of 3 trainees per instructor).

Total hours of training ·        Search for kitesurfing camps that offer the most training hours. The camp providing the most training hours is the type of camp where you will walk away with confidence in your kitesurfing skills.
Season ·        Do your homework regarding the best time of year for kitesurfing in the destination you plan on visiting and book a camp during this time.
Cultural vibe ·        With so many excellent destinations to choose from when it comes to kitesurfing camps, ensure that you choose a destination that aligns with your traveling vibe and culinary preferences if you’re a picky eater.


What Should You Look For In A Kitesurfing Camp?

The first thing you must inspect before even considering a kitesurfing camp is the kitesurfing school’s accreditation level and the kitesurfing instructors giving the lessons.

International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) issues official certificates that accredit the holder as having a standard level of expertise at specific levels of kitesurfing and will indicate the instructor and coaching levels.

A good kitesurfing camp, or kitesurfing school, will have the appropriate IKO accreditation, indicating that the business is a certified provider of kitesurfing lessons at the required instructor, coach, and trainer levels.

The different levels for instructors, coaches, and trainers include:


  • Assistant
  • Instructor Level 1
  • Instructor Level 2
  • Instructor Level 3
  • Coach Level 1
  • Coach Level 2
  • Coach Trainer
  • Assistant Trainer
  • Examiner
  • Training Master


Before joining a kitesurfing camp, look at what is included in the deal, online reviews of the camp, and if the price is competitive with similar kitesurfing camps regarding the expected experience.

The inclusions play a big role when visiting a foreign destination, and it’s easy to compare regarding overall experience.

Any camp worth its salt must be authorized to issue you an IKO certificate at the end of the camp.

What Is The Cost Of A Kitesurfing Camp?

The cost of a kitesurfing camp can range from $100 to over $2,000, dependent on the training hours, the camp duration, and the added inclusions.

Where Are The Best Kitesurfing Camp Destinations?

Location is an important factor when looking at joining kitesurfing camps around the world. The following destinations are considered to be some of the best due to a combination of favorable wind and water conditions, natural beauty, and the overall quality of your stay and experience:


Best Kitesurfing Destinations Why Go Here? Popular Kitesurfing Camps
Ecuador, Manta Manta features some of the best beaches in South America and offers excellent opportunities for kitesurfing, especially from May through to December.


What makes the stay here so special is that some kitesurfing camps also include Spanish lessons, doubling up on the cultural experience while learning the extreme sport.


Expect to dine on some of the most delicious seafood ever to come from the ocean.

Surpacifico Spanish School
Morocco, Dakhla One of the best destinations to learn kitesurfing in Africa is Dakhla, Morocco.


Here you are immersed in a desert landscape with flat water lagoons, complemented by a constant wind source.


Dakhla offers a unique way of learning the art of kitesurfing.

Fennekite Dakhla
Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya The best location to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is on the golden shore of the tropical Kalpitiya. Kitesurfing lessons occur either in the Laccadive Sea or the neighboring flat-water lagoon, as Kalpitiya is centered between the two.


The first local kiter, Susantha Fernando, owns Sun Wind Beach, and ” the flying man” and his family operate the famous kitesurfing business.


His mother is a well-respected cook who provides clients with local delicacies during their stay, which is worth the price on its own.

Sun Wind Beach Kalpitiya

Club Mango

Tanzania, Zanzibar If you’re looking for a kitesurfing camp that features some of the most breathtaking shorelines in the world, intertwined with tropical weather and a laid-back island-style experience, then Zanzibar is for you!


Combine a yoga camp with a kitesurfing camp to get the best of both worlds. The best months for kitesurfing are June to mid-October and from December to February.

Paje by Night
Australia, Queensland Kitesurfing is alive and well down under. Australia is renowned for its beautiful coastlines and favorable kitesurfing conditions.


Brisbane in Queensland leads the way regarding quality kitesurfing camps and boasts a big kitesurfing community.

Surf Connect Watersports Center
Curaçao, Willemstad Curaçao forms part of what people call the Dutch Caribbean. The island offers access to both deep and shallow water and has a steady wind to work with.


The underwater walking tour is a firm favorite amongst tourists who love exploring crystal-clear water.

Awa Salu Kiteboarding Curacao
Peru, Máncora Máncora is a fishing village on the northern shore of Peru and offers visitor access to untouched waters and secret kitesurfing spots.


A favorite destination for surfers due to the large waves and lively nightlife.

Wild Kite Peru
Egypt, El Gouna Most tourists visit Egypt to see the pyramids, but how cool is joining a kitesurfing camp that operates using the famous Red Sea as a training pitch?


El Gouna is famous for its coral reefs, vibrant nightlife, and legendary kitesurfing spot, Mangroovy Beach.

Discovery Kite
South Africa, Cape Town Cape Town needs no introduction as it’s a tourist hotspot. Blessed with natural beauty, such as the infamous Table Mountain, the Cape coastline is a thing of beauty.


Bloubergstrand and Big Bay are where you will find an abundance of kitesurfing fanatics and a vibrant coastline lined with many eateries and nightclubs.

Goodvibes Kiteschool
United States, California The West Coast state of sunny California is known for its sun, surf, and mountains. Home to Hollywood and the Golden Gate Bridge, the state lures watersport-loving travelers all year round.


From Ocean Beach in San Francisco to Belmont Beach in Los Angeles, kitesurfing along the coast of California is a special experience with its beautiful people and busy nightlife waiting when the kitesurfing is done for the day.

SoCal KiteSurfing
Mexico, La Ventana Margaritas, warm weather, strong winds, and a supportive kiting community are what you get when visiting La Ventana in Mexico.


While you’re here, do some snorkeling in the crystal-clear water, enjoy the bonfire parties, and learn how to make the perfect margarita!

Nomad Kitesurf School
Italy, Sicily A town in Sicily called Marsala gives visitors access to a large, flat, and shallow, windswept lagoon called Lo Stagnone. It’s one of the best kitesurfing spots in Italy, and the conditions are very beginner friendly.


Add winetasting excursions to nearby Trapani and a cooking lesson straight from an ancient Italian cookbook, and you will struggle to say “arrivederci” at the end of your magical stay.

Oasis Kite

What Are The Top Kitesurfing Camp Destinations In Europe, Thailand, And The Caribbean?

When you must choose a kitesurfing camp in Europe, Thailand, and the Caribbean, you might want to have a look at the following destinations, which are considered the best kitesurfing destinations in the world:

Top Kitesurfing Camp Destination In Europe

  • Spain, Tarifa: The wind loves Tarifa in Spain, and being one of the windiest areas in Europe helps to attract kitesurfing students from all over the world. And the fact that the town has an electric nightlife, beautiful scenery, and a healthy kite community also plays a part in Tarifa being heralded as the European kitesurfing capital.
  • Popular kitesurfing camp in Tarifa: Addict Kite School Tarifa

Top Kitesurfing Camp Destination In Thailand

  • Hua Hin: Hua Hin is a popular resort town in the Gulf of Thailand. The condition for kitesurfing is excellent between December and May, with windy conditions making up most of the days spent here. The local food is superb, and the vibe is laid-back and chilled. February is a good month for beginners as the wind comes from the south resulting in more shallow water in the month of love.
  • Popular kitesurfing camp in Hua Hin: KBA-Kiteboarding Asia

Top Kitesurfing Camp Destination In The Caribbean

  • Dominican Republic, Cabarete: One of the best kitesurfing destinations on the planet, never mind the Caribbean, is Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. The surf is great, the wind reliable, and you get to train on tropical beaches with names like Kite Beach. Add a vibrant kite community, exciting adventure activities, and an organic dining experience, and you’re set for an epic adventure.
  • Popular kitesurfing camp in Cabarete: The Yoga Loft

Are There Kitesurfing Camps For Beginners?

Kitesurfing camps are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced clientele. Beginners make up most of the bookings at kitesurfing camps.

Can You Join A Kitesurfing Camp As A Solo Traveler?

Most kitesurfing camps welcome solo travelers with open arms. You don’t need to form part of a group to join a kitesurfing camp.

The nice thing about joining a kitesurfing camp as a solo traveler is that you get to be included in a group, which can result in friendships and people to talk to during your stay at a specific destination.


Kitesurfing camps offer students the chance to learn the art of kitesurfing by providing lessons through experienced kitesurfing coaches and instructors. Joining kitesurfing camps in foreign destinations is a wonderful way to explore different cultures and beautiful scenery while connecting with like-minded people from different countries.

Many kitesurfing camps include accommodation, travel arrangements, and a host of non-kiting activities in their prices to give the client a comprehensive service and an itinerary that focuses on an overall experience compared to kitesurfing lessons only. From the big lagoons in Italy to the secret kitesurfing spots in Peru, kitesurfing camps cater to the adventurer in everyone.

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