Top 8 Best Kiteboarding Kites | 2023 Reviews (Prism, HQ)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Kiteboarding kites are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to kiteboarding. It’s the thing that’s going to make your kiteboarding experience worthwhile. Because of that, it’s crucial to consider what type of kites to buy. Here are the two primary kite-types:

  • Leading Edge Inflatable (LEI) Kites – These kites have inflatable bladders for structuring. It can float on the surface of the water for an unspecified time, yet it can be relaunched quickly. Plus, these are stress-free to fly. Some of the four designs include bow, hybrid, delta, and c-kites.
  • Foil Kites – These kites don’t have inflatable bladders. It works with closed or open-air cells, which take shape via airflow. However, when it’s dropped, water will fill up the air cells, which will cause it to sink. On the brighter side, this type can produce more power, and it can function in lighter airstreams. Some of this type includes bridled and ARC kites.

Top 8 Best Kiteboard Kites for Beginners and Pros

If you’re in search for some of the best kiteboard kites, here are options to consider:

  1. Tantrum 220 Dual-line Kiteboard Kite
  2. Kitesurfing Trainer Kiteboard Kite
  3. Mentor Three-line Power Kiteboard Kite
  4. Synapse Dual-line Kite
  5. Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kiteboard Kite
  6. Ignition V2 Kiteboarding Trainer
  7. Tensor Convertible Power Kiteboard Kite
  8. Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite

#1. Tantrum 220 Dual-line by Prism – Best Kiteboard Kites for Beginners

Prism Kite Technology Tantrum 220 Dual-line Parafoil Kite with Control Bar


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 86.5 inches
  • Wind Range: 5 to 25 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Beginners to intermediates

The Tantrum 220 Dual-line by Prism is a great deal for beginners who are looking for kiteboard kites. This kite comes with a control bar, which also has a storage bag and a safety leash. Plus, it includes a low-stretch Dyneema flying cables. Also, the control bar is padded for a comfortable grip.

The Tantrum 220 Dual-line measures 86.5 inches by length, and 30 inches by width. When it’s packed down, it shrinks to 28 inches by 7.25 inches by 2 inches, making it portable for easy carrying. Plus, its frameless construction makes it more comfortable to set up.

This kite’s pull-strength is from medium to strong, while the wind range is from 5 to 25 miles per hour. Because of that, it makes it perfect for novice to intermediate kiteboarders. Furthermore, it has smaller pilots, it features a learning bar control, and it has a controllable pull.

Customers admire the Tantrum 220 Dual-line because of its inclusive safety leash. They also admire its quality despite its price. Furthermore, it can pull heavy-weighted kiteboarders without any hassle.

Delivers an imposing speedOnly available in one color combination
Has padded control bar

When it comes to speed and quality, the Tantrum 220 Dual-line is undoubtedly recommendable. The pull-strength ranges from medium to strong. Also, it’s easy to set up, which makes it ideal for beginners. Plus, it can help you enhance your kite control skills.

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#2. Kitesurfing Trainer Kite by FLEXIFOIL – Best Kiteboard Kite for Trainees

FLEXIFOIL Kitesurf Trainer Kite with Bar | Kitesurfing 2.6m Control Training Kite | Kids & Adult Kiteboarding | Best Beach Summer Sport Power Kite | Fun Kiteboard Kiting Activity | Easy to Fly 2.4...


  • Kite Type: Foil Kite
  • Size: 3,720.01 square-inches or 5,115.01 square-inches
  • Wind Range: 10 to 12 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Beginners (kids and adults)

The Kitesurfing Trainer Kite by FLEXIFOIL is the most suggested kiteboard kite for trainees as it’s easy to fly. It’s available in two sizes; the 3,720.01 square-inches is ideal for 12-year-old kids and up, while the 5,115.01 square-inches is recommended for 14-year-old kids an up. Plus, it comes from quality materials, which assures its durability despite any pull-strength.

You’ll love the Kitesurfing Trainer Kite because it’s straightforward to fly, and it’s guaranteed safe, making it perfect for newbies. It comes with a bar fit and 59.05-foot flying lines, as well as a carry bag with draw-cord closure and a handle. Furthermore, when this kite is packed down, it 25.59 inches by 7.87 inches by 5.90 inches.

When it comes to performance, this kite can convey power increasingly and effortlessly. It’s apt to any wind condition, and it has a wide wind range, wherein despite having a low wind, you can still have an excellent experience. Furthermore, it’s stable, which adds more fun as you use it.

Customers admire the Kitesurfing Trainer Kite because it’s workable for a wind range from 9 to 20 miles per hour. They also admire its durability, as well as its flying performance. Plus, this kite is recommended by users because assembling it is stress-free.

Has minimal set-upNot ideal for freestyle tricks
Easy to fly
No safety leash included

Despite having a meek detail, the kitesurfing Trainer Kite is suggested for beginners who want to start their kiteboarding journey. Since the basics are necessary for newbies, this kite’s performance can help them enhance their balancing skills as they start practicing in open-water areas. Also, it’s safe to use, even if it doesn’t have a safety leash.

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#3. Mentor Three-line Power Kite by Prism – Best Kiteboard Kite for Solo-Flying

Prism Mentor 3.5m Water-relaunchable Three-line Power Kite Ready to Fly with Control bar, Ground Stake and Quick Release Safety Leash


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 132 inches
  • Wind Range: 4 to 25 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Intermediates to Pros

The Mentor Three-line Power Kite by Prism is a suggested kiteboard kite for intermediate to professional kiteboarders because the wing span measures 132 inches. It provides easy control due to the pressure valves and airfoil shape for exceptional turning and acceleration. Also, it’s ideal to use despite gusty winds.

This kiteboard kite features a three-line control, which makes it easier to depower and relaunch during emergencies. Thanks to its fabric intake-valves, it can safely fly on constricted beaches. Also, these valves will keep the water out to allow the wind to float.

One of the best things about the Mentor Three-line Power Kite is the quick-release safety feature. It comes with a removable wrist strap and a safety leash for easy-depowering at struggling situations. Also, the flexible stiffeners prevent the wing from crumpling through internal pressure.

Customers love the Mentor Three-line Power Kite because of its excellent inflation, which gives ease to them as they use it to fly. They also admire it because it provides a big pull. Also, they love the overall quality of this kite despite its meek look.

Comes with a stainless ground stakeOnly available in one color
Excellent inflation
Not ideal for beginners

The Mentor Three-line Power Kite may not have the most appealing look. Yet, this kiteboard’s three-line control will make it easier for kiteboarders to relaunch or depower, especially on emergencies. It’s safe to use as well because of its quick-release protection system will keep you safe if things become uncontrollable. Furthermore, it has an inclusive stainless ground stick for safe solo-flying.

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#4. Synapse Dual-line Kite by Prism – Best Kiteboard for Stability

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite, 140


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 53 inches
  • Wind Range: 6 to 25 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Beginners to intermediates

The Synapse Dual-line Kite by Prism features dual-lines for compact and easy-assembling. It doesn’t come with any frame, which makes it easier to pack up as well and store inside backpacks. Furthermore, it comes with three different styles, such as Cilantro, Coho, and Mango.

This kiteboard kite comes with a flying line, which measures 60 feet. These lines come from an excellent quality of polyester material. Furthermore, it comes with a storage bag, a winder, and instructions on how to assemble it.

The Synapse Dual-line Kit’s wing span measures 53 inches, which files 6 to 25 miles per hour. The size of the wing steers like a racing car’s precision without compromising stability. Also, users can quickly learn basic tricks like dives, figure 8’s, and spins.

Customers enjoy using the Synapse Dual-line Kit because of its performance. They also admire the durability of this kite, wherein it doesn’t need immediate stitching within its wind range. Also, they love this kite because it also works well for kids.

Easy to assemble and disassembleNo safety leash included
Comes with a winderLines get tangle easily

If you’re also looking for a kiteboard kite that your kid can use, the Synapse Dual-line Kit is one of the recommended kites. The wind span is suitable for beginners, wherein you can quickly learn how to glide and fly, as well as do tricks. Furthermore, it’ll provide you stability despite strong winds and powerful pulls.

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#5. Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Design – Best Stunt Kiteboard Kite

HQ Kites Symphony Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite 51 Inch Dual - Line Sport Kite, Color: Rainbow - Active Outdoor Fun for Ages 8 and Up


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 51 inches
  • Wind Range: 6 to 31 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Beginners to professionals

The Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Design is one of the most famous brands of kiteboarding kite because of its versatility. It features a notable power and speed, which makes it’s the ideal kite for stunts. Also, it also has steady flying features.

This kiteboard kite comes with quality lines and control handles, which includes a winder. The lines come from a premium-quality of polyester material, and it measures 80 feet. Furthermore, it can pull kiteboarders with not more than 100 pounds.

The Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Design is also ideal for kids because of its easy-handling advantage. There’s no need to worry that it’ll rip during strong winds because it’s very durable. Also, it’s easy to set up and fold down for storage.

The Beach III, 1.3 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Design, is recommended by buyers because it’s stress-free to fly. They also admire this kite’s performance and durability, which helps a lot in honing their kiteboarding skills. Furthermore, they love inclusive winder.

Can stand 31-miles per hour wind rangeUsers may find Instructions complicated
Uses soft foil-material
No other styles available

The Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite is the ideal kite for kiteboarders who want to practice their stunts. It’s undoubtedly sturdy, and it’ll enhance your stability as you practice kiteboarding with it. Furthermore, it can withstand a wind range of up to 31 miles per hour.

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#6. Ignition V2 Kiteboarding Trainer by Ozone – Best Versatile Kiteboard

Ozone Ignition V2 3-Line 2.5 Meter Kiteboarding Trainer with Bar & Lines


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 59 inches, 78.74 inches, 98.42 inches or 118.11 inches
  • Wind Range: Less than 10 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Beginners to intermediates

The Ignition V2 Kiteboarding Trainer by Ozone is one of the most suggested kiteboards for those who don’t have any background about kiteboarding. It comes with three different sizes, such as 59 inches, 78.74 inches, 98.42 inches, and 118.11 inches. Because of these sizes, it makes it suitable for all ages.

This kiteboard kite is easy to assemble and use, thanks to its pre-attached lines. With this advantage, no flying experience is necessary. Also, it’s manageable to control because it’s lightweight, yet it doesn’t affect its flying performance. Furthermore, it comes with a hassle-free relaunch and safety system.

The Ignition V2 Kiteboarding Trainer comes from premium-quality materials, which guarantees its durability. Aside from the storage bag and safety leash, it also comes with lines that can pull kiteboarders that weigh 100 kilograms to 200 kilograms. Furthermore, it’s affordable than other kiteboard kites in the market.

Customers love the Ignition V2 Kiteboarding Trainer because it’s quality-made. They also love how it’s available in different sizes, which provides ample options for customers to choose whichever is suitable for their skills. Also, they appreciate how convenient it is to use and carry.

Has four wing-sizes available
Only available in green and black combination
Ideal for children’s useLimited wind range-capability

If you’re looking for the best entry-level kiteboard kite, you can never go wrong with the Ignition V2 Kiteboarding Trainer. This kiteboard kite has a size that’s suitable for kids, and it’s safe to use, as well. Furthermore, anyone can use it without any hassle, even if you don’t have any experience yet in flying one.

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#7. Tensor Convertible Power Kite by Prism – Best Kiteboard Kite for Pros

Prism Tensor 3.1 Convertible Dual/Quad-line Power Kite


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 114 inches, 138 inches, or 155 inches
  • Wind Range: 5 to 25 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Intermediates to professionals

The Tensor Convertible Power Kite by Prism features a transformable dual-line control bar, which more comfortably alters to quad-line grips. It can enhance the control after learning the basics, which can provide you two power-kites at a time. Plus, it offers exceptional power.

This kite is available in 114 inches, 138 inches, or 155 inches. Each size varies on your skill-level. The 114-inch wing is perfect for higher winds, the 138-inch size provides more flexibility, and the 155-inch size is intended for an extreme pull.

The Tensor Convertible Power Kite also comes with a low-stretch flying line, which measures 65 inches, aside from the handles. It also has a kite stick and a backpack for easy carrying. Furthermore, it comes with a quick release and safety leash advantages.

Buyers of the Tensor Convertible Power Kite love this kiteboard kite because it’s very sturdy, and fun to use. They also love how it performs smoothly, especially on light winds. Plus, they admire their strong pull.

Has convertible dual-line control barOnly available in one style only
Comes with a safety leash
Not suitable for novice

The Tensor Convertible Power Kite earns its spot as ideal kiteboard kites for professionals because of its exceptional flying performance and durability. The dual-line control bar, which converts to a quad-line angle, can help you enhance your skills in no time. Plus, you can choose between three sizes, whichever skill you want to improve.

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#8. Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Designs – Top Discreet Performer

HQ Kites Symphony Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite 87" Dual - Line Sport Kite


  • Kite Type: Foil Kites
  • Wingspan: 87 inches
  • Wind Range: 4 to 31 miles per hour
  • Ideal for: Beginners to pros

The Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Designs is one of the most advisable stunt kites for beginners because of its featured stunt foils. These foils are filled with air throughout the flying, and it forms a wing shape for steadiness. It comes from an excellent quality of polyester material, which guarantees its sturdiness. Plus, it can fly in 4 to 31 miles per hour.

This kite is multipurpose as you can use it in the backyard, lawn, and beach. It comes with a winder, a line, and a strap, which are necessary for kiteboarding. Also, it’s easy to set up, thanks to its soft foils.

The Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its flying performance, despite having a single design. Also, it pulls smoothly, allowing kiteboarders to perform different tricks without any hassle. Advanced stunts are also workable with the 87-inch wing span-size of the kite.

Customers can’t get enough of the Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite because it’s useful in honing kiteboarding skills, and it’s stress-free to use. They also love its colors, as well as its sturdiness. Furthermore, they appreciate how it’s also ideal for children that are aged 14 or older.

Ideal for advanced tricksNo other designs available

The Beach III 2.2 Stunt Kite may look simple, but this kiteboarding kite is versatile enough that kids and adults can use it. There’s no performance issue, especially when doing tricks. Plus, it’s adaptable, in case you fly it in the backyard, lawn or beach.

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Top Pick – Best Kiteboard Kite

The Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite by HQ Kites and Design earns its position as the top pick kiteboard kite. It features remarkable power and speed, which helps a lot in executing different stunts and tricks. Also, it can handle a wind range of up to 31 miles per hour. Furthermore, 51-inch wing span-size helps a lot with the kiteboarder’s stability during stance.

When it comes to convenience, this kite uses soft-foil material, which makes it easier to assemble. Even if there are no other styles available, you can guarantee its durability. Furthermore, it can pull up to 100 pounds without any hassle.

Best Kiteboard Kites Buying Guide

Significant Tips in Choosing the Best Kiteboard Kite

Finding the best and suitable kiteboard kite for you is crucial because it will help you enhance your skills further. If you bought something that doesn’t provide you any convenience, you’d undoubtedly find it more struggling to move forward. As you look for the best kite, here are some points to consider:

Determine your preferred style or shape. The shape can affect the turning speed, upwind drive, and stability. Some of the recommended shapes are bow and delta kites. Here are four different kite shapes:

  • Bow kites – These are ideal for light wind, freeride, race, and old school. This shape has excellent upwind competences, and depowering is hassle-free. Plus, it provides a terrific lift.
  • Delta kites – These are for beginners, as well as freeride. This shape is recommended because of its easy-relaunching advantage. Plus, it’s slower than the typical speed, and it gusts excellently.
  • C-Kites – These are perfect for wakestyle and unhooked freestyle. This shape provides excellent stability despite doing unfastened tricks. Most of these kits have an attractive price, yet the development is harder to attain.
  • Hybrid kites – These are best for big air, freestyle, freeride, megaloops, and wave. This shape is known to provide an ultimate kite experience. However, it needs more control.

Aside from the kite shape, you also need to consider the size. A significant point in looking for the best size is based on three things, which include board size, the weight of the rider, and the average speed of the wind. If the kiteboarder weighs over 100 kg, he or she’ll need a bigger kite. If he or she’s 50 kg, a smaller kite is ideal. Also, since the board size affects as well, all you need to remember is that smaller board sizes need bigger kites, while bigger board sizes require smaller kites.

Plus, the brand is the least point to consider. Each kiteboarder has their preferred brands. However, it will still depend on a lot of things such as the skill, body weight, or the location where to kiteboard. Sometimes, the brands you prefer are not suited for you. If you want to enhance your skills more, you should consider the above points to find the ideal one for you.

Quick Overview about Kiteboarding: What You Need to Know Further

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a watersport that’s wind-powered. It needs a board and a kite for the user to drive through the water. One of the misconceptions about this watersport is that it requires waves, aside from the equipment. You’d be surprised to know that you can do this activity on mirror-flat bodies of water as well. All you need is the wind to pull you forward.

Kiteboarding began amid the ’80s to late ’90s, yet there’s no precise information on who was the first kiteboard. Kiteboarders continue to invest their efforts to develop the watersport further until it became one of the most thrilling sports that people can’t get enough.

Aspiring kiteboarders need to keep in mind that stamina is vital. It’s not necessary to be super-fit, or it doesn’t require a lot of muscle strength. However, there’s an edge because it can help you develop your skills effectively. With ample practice, you’ll learn more than the fundamentals of staying upwind and riding along. As you spend more time in the water, you’ll learn how to do freestyle tricks, how to jump, and how to go quicker. Nonetheless, here are some abilities that’ll make your learning easier:

  • Excellent balance – You can practice balancing at home, as this skill will help you practice your standing stance.
  • Calmness on under pressure situations – It’s usual for beginners to get nervous, but it’s crucial to relax so you can focus on controlling the kite more.
  • Patience and optimism – It’ll take time for you to master a necessary skill, yet with positivity and patience, it can ease your advancement.
  • Eye-hand coordination – Having excellent eye-hand coordination will hasten your learning.

Beginner lessons are always helpful. Regardless if you know someone who kiteboards professionally, or you look for an instructor. Since it’s not an easy watersport, you’ll undoubtedly need a hand from the pros who’ve been doing it frequently. Plus, you can find kiteboard schools around the world, and booking classes is more convenient these days because you can do it online.

Aside from boards and kites, you’ll also need a waist harness, control bar and lines, a floatation vest, a safety leash, a wetsuit, and a helmet.

Some Benefits of Kiteboarding: Why You Should Try It

Kiteboarding may require a lot of effort and patience, from learning the basics to applying it. However, this watersport can be very beneficial. Here are some of the advantages of kiteboarding:

  • Tones your body, especially the abdomen, upper body, legs, and arms.
  • Improves your concentration and coordination. Since you’re holding the kite on the one hand, while the other hand is holding the board, you’re getting used to multi-tasking.
  • Keeps your heart healthy since this sport is a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises.
  • Boosts your immune system by decreasing stress levels and increasing endorphins.
  • Improves your balancing skills.
  • Enhances your flexibility and impulses.
  • Introduces you to new people with a common interest, enlarging your circle.


Kiteboarding may sound new to the ears of some, yet this watersport is also considered as one of the most effective workouts for people these days. It requires not only quality stuff, but also a lot of effort and patience because it’s not easy to learn it. Furthermore, kiteboarding stuff is crucial, and one of the most important stuff is the kiteboarding kite.

In selecting one from the best kiteboarding kites, size is not always the basis. If you are to buy a kite, you should also check a lot of factors, and one is the flying performance. Also, the wind range is as important as the performance. Furthermore, if you’re aspiring to work on your tricks or stunts, you should get a kite that’s apt for stunts.

If you’re struggling in looking for the kiteboard kite for you, these kites are some of the most suggested for beginners to professionals. Also, these are the most effective kites that you should undoubtedly check out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need waves if I want to get into kiteboarding?

No, waves are not a requirement when it comes to kiteboarding. All you need is a good wind to kiteboard.

Q: Should all beginners get kiteboarding lessons?

Beginners should get some lessons since this watersport is not easy to learn by yourself. You’ll need some lessons from professional kiteboarders if you want to enhance your skills more.

Q: Do I need a bigger kite to improve my kiteboarding skills?

When it comes to enhancing your skills, the size has nothing to do with it. You need bigger sizes if you have a heavyweight or a smaller board size. If you want to improve your skills, you’ll need ample practice.

Q: Where’s the best spot to kiteboard?

Finding the best spot for you depends on your skill level, as well as your preferred riding-kind. Most beginners are recommended to start on flat water bodies. As for some kiteboarders who want to do freestyle jumping tricks, they need waves.

Q: Where should I focus on enhancing my kiteboarding skills?

Some kiteboarders focus on strength exercises. However, it’s better if you’ll focus on exercises that can improve your coordination, stability, and balance, since most of the time, you’re riding a board.

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