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A common dilemma faced by surfers is how to change clothes on the beach. Getting changed is always a bother and a source of confusion. Thanks to the surf poncho, you can now switch to your summer outfits easily in public.

Although the surf poncho may seem like a simple summer accessory, this piece of clothing comes in different shapes, sizes, and forms. It is a part-clothing, part-towel, and part-changing room. It provides surfers or beachgoers a convenient way to change in and out of their wetsuits while maintaining privacy.

This surf poncho buying guide will walk you through some of the best surf ponchos on Amazon. It will help you make your surf poncho online shopping much easier as it includes a product review, best brands for surf-changing ponchos, surf poncho buying guide, and a helpful FAQ section. Take a look at the best surf ponchos available on the market and find out how they can help you gear up for your next surf session.  


Top 8 Best Surf Ponchos Reviewed

  1. Wetsuit Changing Poncho by Ho Stevie! – Best Overall
  2. Surf Poncho Changing Robe With Hood by Sun Cube – Best Value
  3. Surf Poncho Towel Changing Robe by Winthome – Editor’s Choice
  4. Surf Poncho Changing Towel Robe With Hood by Cor Surf
  5. Swim Parka Changing Poncho by Open Road Goods
  6. Microfiber Surf Poncho Changing Robe by Hiturbo
  7. Surf Poncho Wetsuit Changing Robe by Besta
  8. Vintage Turkish Towel Surf Poncho Changing Robe by Lost & Leisure

1. Wetsuit Changing Poncho by Ho Stevie! – Best Overall



  • Sleeveless robe with a full hood
  • Low lint to prevent getting all fuzzy
  • One size fits all at 47 inches long
  • Thick, heavy microfiber material
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Absorbs water easily
  • Doubles as a towel

The Wetsuit Changing Poncho from Ho Stevie has made wetsuit changing easier. Fumbling with your towel while changing in and out of a wetsuit can be tricky. In one slip of the knot, your body is out there, exposed to the public. That is why Ho Stevie designed the Wetsuit Changing Poncho. It gives you privacy while changing clothes in public while making it easy to get in and out of your clothes without exposing yourself.

The Wetsuit Changing Poncho is a sleeveless robe with a full hood. It has low lint, which means you won’t feel all fuzzy after drying or changing. It comes in two types: the cotton material or plush microfiber that will both keep you warm and cozy. Wearing it will let you dry off quickly after a swimming or surfing session.  It is also unisex, allowing men or women to fit in this surf robe.

Since the most common pitfalls among surf ponchos are their short length, Ho Stevie made sure that they give their ponchos an extra length by providing 47 inches of fabric. Since its founder, Ho Stevie, has a tall height at six feet and two inches, he made sure that the surf poncho is long enough to fit even tall people like himself.

Plush microfiber to keep you warmSmall holes for the arms
Long enough for tall peopleMicrofiber feels terrible
Low lint materialEasily acquires holes

2. Surf Poncho Changing Robe With Hood by Sun Cube – Best Value

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  • Made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • Doubles as a full-absorbent towel
  • Personal changing room
  • Comfortable oversized hood for weather protection
  • Large kangaroo pocket for wallet, keys, and phones
  • Wide armholes and bottom opening

The Surf Poncho Changing Robe from Sun Cube is the ultimate personal changing room, allowing you to discreetly swap clothes at public places, such as beaches, parking lots, and parks. It comes with a large-sized hoodie for more space to move around and remove your wet and dirty clothes. It also comes with an adjustable sleeve and a zippered pocket.

This surf poncho consists of microfiber polyester that doubles as a water-absorbing towel for drying off after swimming, surfing, or showering. It serves as a personal changing room for discreet changes in public places. The bottom opening and wide armholes ensure ease of movement while changing in and out of the wetsuit.

Sun Cube ensures coverage and flexibility while changing, adding an adjustable button at the sleeve openings. The roomy armholes provide additional coverage when you need it, while the wide opening ensures ease of movement while changing. It also has a sturdy sewn-in handle at the back for easy hanging, carrying, and attaching to other objects. Plus, it’s easy to fold to make it compact and portable for traveling.

This surf poncho has a large kangaroo storage pocket and bonus zipper pocket to store your personal belongings, such as keys, wallets, electronic gadgets.

Made of microfiber polyesterThe fabric easily gets damaged.
Ensures ease of movementTight at the neck

3. Surf Poncho Towel Changing Robe by Winthome – Editor’s Choice

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  • Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide microfiber
  • Easily washable
  • Ideal for sports and outdoor changing
  • Quick-dry after swimming
  • Super absorbent material
  • Thick and warm material

Changing in public can be very awkward. Good thing there’s Winthome Surf Poncho Towel Changing Robe, allowing you to experience privacy while changing in your wetsuit in public. Although this surf poncho only has one available size, Winthome ensures that it can fit females up to 5’7″ and males at 6’1″ in height.

The Winthome Changing Robe is like have a portable changing station. You can change in and out of your swimsuit, board shorts, bikini, or regular clothes. It is made of thick fabric materials, including 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It can help you dry faster while keeping you warm.

This surf poncho has a perfect design that will make you feel cozy. The comfortable hood will help your hair dry with additional protection against the sun rays or cold winds. It has a unique design that splits the poncho at five cm on its ends on both sides so you can walk or run easier. Meanwhile, the loose sleeves allow your arms to bring them inside or outside the poncho to easily change your clothes.

For machine care, the Winthome Surf Poncho has a quick-drying ability. It is also super absorbent and easily washable. 

Made of polyester and polyamideBits of fabric are missing
Keeps you warmAttracts grass and plants
Dries you fastMaterial feels sticky

4. Surf Poncho Changing Towel Robe With Hood by Cor Surf


  • Changing robe and towel rolled into one
  • Fast drying and fade resistant
  • Made of quick-drying microfiber material
  • Super soft and color resistant
  • Features front pocket to keep hands warm
  • Fits big-sized kids and small-sized adults

The Cor Surf Poncho Towel is the must-have summer essential for those who want to hit the beach or pool. It is a kid and an adult beach towel and changing robe rolled into one. As one of the best surf towels, you can always count on it during beach vacay, weekend pool party, or camping trip.

Cor Surf ensures that the Surf Poncho Towel is the only beach towel you will need. It is made of a super absorbent and cozy microfiber fabric that is quick-drying, making it easy to dry off after getting out of the water while keeping you warm. The vibrant colors also ensure that the fabric is fade resistant to stay for a long time without fading easily.

What’s more, Cor Surf uses a thoughtful design for ultimate convenience. They use a super soft material that is color resistant to balance style and functionality.

Cor Surf ensures that the Surf Poncho Towel has generous size with just enough space to change in and out of your wet clothes easily even you are in public places. The handy front pocket will not only keep your hands warm, but it’s ideal for keeping your personal belongings. You can have your phone and keys with you while checking the waves or hanging in the pool.

The Surf Poncho Towel is easy to wash. Despite being a large beach towel, it doesn’t require special care as it is highly functional and durable. 

Uses a thoughtful design for maximum convenienceNot soft and absorbent enough

5. Swim Parka Changing Poncho by Open Road Goods

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  • Changing robe for swimming, surfing, and diving
  • Heavyweight and durable
  • Made of 100% Cotton-Woven Jacquard
  • No smudgy feeling unlike microfiber
  • Machine washable
  • Large head opening and armholes

For those who need an easier way to change out of your swimming outfit, the Open Road Goods Swim Parka Changing Poncho ensures you get a hassle-free changing experience while keeping you dry, warm, and cozy. It is the perfect changing robe when you want to change in or out of your wetsuit and water polo parka, including water outfits for swimming, diving, and surfing.

The Swim Parka Changing Poncho is made of heavyweight and durable fabric material. Open Road Goods uses a special weave called Cotton Woven Jacquard with no smudgy feeling like microfiber. Since most competitors use microfiber with surf ponchos, Open Road Goods wants to make it different by providing you a convenient wearing experience.

Open Road Goods ensures that the Swim Park Changing Poncho has a specially-designed ergonomic fit that will keep you secure even you’re the tallest among the guys or the smallest of ladies. It comes with a large head opening and armholes that will not leave your body exposed and a long fabric bottom to keep your legs covered. This way, you can change in and out of your wetsuit in private.

The Swim Parka Changing Poncho has a few extra goodies, such as a fleece-lined hood and zippered front pocket. What’s more, buying a Swim Parka Changing Poncho is equivalent to one donation at SEE Turtles, a non-profit organization that seeks to save baby sea turtles.

Made of special weave that is durable and thicker than microfiberCannot withstand machine wash
Keeps you warm, dry, and cozyDoesn’t absorb liquid
Fabric shreds easily

6. Microfiber Surf Poncho Changing Robe by Hiturbo

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  • Ideal for outdoor changing
  • One size fits most, unisex
  • Small volume and ultra-absorbent
  • Made of microfiber with good water absorption
  • 44 inches long from top to bottom
  • Closed under the waist with a button under the armpit

The Hiturbo Microfiber Surf Poncho Changing Robe is the best outdoor changing outfit, perfect for changing wetsuits. It makes changing in and out of your clothing easy while keeping you warm and private in public. Hiturbo did not only add some privacy while changing, but they also provided your much-needed protection from the cold.

The Microfiber Surf Poncho Changing Robes suitable for swimmers, surfers, divers, mountain bikers, triathletes, or anyone who wants to hang out by the pool, beach, lake, or any outdoor environment. It is made of windproof and water-absorbent material that allows you to dry yourself quickly, keeps you warm, and isolates bacteria.

This surf poncho is made of 90% polyester and 10% polyamide. It has quick-drying properties and great water absorption. Not only that, the Microfiber Surf Poncho Changing Robe is lightweight with small volume, making it easy to carry and keep in your bag while traveling.

Hiturbo guarantees that their surf poncho works best for beach time. They added several protections from outdoor elements, including the cold, sand, and UV rays. It comes with short sleeves with a hood design to help your hair dry quickly and a flexible buckle to keep your waist from sudden exposure. 

Multi-purpose use for outdoor activitiesVery thin material
Made of highly-advanced fabricsEasily rips

7. Surf Poncho Wetsuit Changing Robe by Besta

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  • Portable privacy changing room
  • Made of plush microfiber that is thick, warm, and absorbent
  • Front pocket to keep hands warm or storage for small belongings
  • Extra width to enable changing under the poncho
  • Hood design to keep head warm
  • Warm and quick-absorbent

Beachgoers who don’t have time to line up at the changing rooms, you need the Surf Poncho Wetsuit Changing Robe from Besta that allows you to change even in public. It is a robe-like poncho that will keep your torso and body parts concealed. You don’t have to worry about the long lines as you can easily change in and out of your beach outfit without leaving your body exposed.

The Surf Poncho Wetsuit Changing Robe is made of thick, plush microfiber material that will keep you warm while keeping the cold and wind out of your body. It features a hood and front pocket to keep your head and hands warm. You can also use the front pocket to stash in small personal items, such as keys, sunscreen, wax, etc.  

At 45 inches long, Besta provides extra length and width for this surf poncho to prevent sun exposure on your legs and change easily under the robe. There are also other available sizes to find your exact fit based on your height and build.

Although this surf poncho is ideal for changing in public, you can also use it in your home as a bathrobe. What’s great about this is that you don’t need to tie it in front. The plush microfiber is comfortable to wear and can be easily cleaned.

With extra length and widthNeeds more room for changing
Made of plush microfiberNot warm enough

8. Vintage Turkish Towel Surf Poncho Changing Robe by Lost & Leisure

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  • Made of 100% natural cotton
  • Surf poncho for men, women, and teens taller than 5’6”
  • Made in Turkey from soft Turkish towels
  • Large hood, hanging loop, and front pocket
  • Subtle waffle weave that wicks water off
  • No fabric loops

Vintage Turkish Towel Surf Poncho Changing Robe by Lost & Leisure is a Turkish towel poncho that serves as the perfect surf poncho hoodie towel made for men, women, and teens. While other microfiber ponchos feel artificial and scratchy, Lost & Leisure designed a Turkish poncho made of beautifully-textured cotton and quick-drying natural fiber that feels great and soft with a wonderful vintage look.

Lost & Leisure ensures that you get the true benefits of a surf poncho that you will enjoy. They use hand-loomed cotton to produce a softer poncho using 100% natural, long-staple Turkish cotton. This material is made by artisans using traditional handlooms with a luxurious feel and excellent absorbency. Plus, the plush cotton feeling combines with its retro styling for elevated style.

The Vintage Turkish Poncho is convenient to pack without unnecessary bulk. You can fit it in as a packable hooded beach robe in your beach bag or backpack. The subtle waffle weave gives the poncho its quick-drying abilities. It wicks water off, allowing it to dry faster than terry-cloth beach towels. Plus, it also lasts longer between washes.

Other outstanding features include the large hood, hanging loop, front pocket, and sand-free properties. It has no fabric loops, so the sand stays at the beach.

Made from soft Turkish towelsNot durable enough

Top Pick for Best Surf Poncho: Wetsuit Changing Poncho by Ho Stevie!

Everyone just hates it when a towel falls while you’re in the middle of changing into your swimming outfit. It leaves your half-naked body in the cold, or you end up flashing your body for the public to see.

While there are countless surf ponchos available on the market, Ho Stevie helps surfing, and water sports enthusiasts change into their wetsuit in public with the Wetsuit Changing Poncho. Not only it removes the risk of flashing your hidden body parts, but it can make your pre- and post-surf changing convenient and easier.

The Wetsuit Changing Poncho is 47 inches long and 33 inches wide, giving you more room to change without feeling constricted. Ho Stevie ensures that the fabric is long enough even for tall people with a six feet height. It is also made of thick microfiber that is warm and soft on the skin and dries quickly. With its water-absorbing abilities, the poncho also doubles as a towel, allowing you to stay dry.

This surf poncho is also easy to clean without ruining the fabric material. Once it gets dirty, you can simply throw the poncho on the machine on cold. You don’t have to worry about finding the right fit as it comes with only one size for men and women.

For those who have other preferences for their surf poncho, you can still check out other bestselling ponchos in this buying guide. Its manufacturers used the best fabrics and materials to give you maximum protection and comfort at an affordable price.

Best Surf Poncho Brands

While surf ponchos may seem highly-specialized surfing items, they are quite easy to find, especially on online markets like Amazon. You can find there some of the reputable and bestselling brands with a great following of surfing enthusiasts. Here are some of the best surf poncho brands to make the buying decision easier for you.

Ho Stevie!

Ho Stevie! is a surfer-owned business that caters to the different needs of surfing enthusiasts. Born in Wisconsin, Steve moved to San Diego, California, in 2009 to pursue his surfing career. His love for surfing led him to establish his company, Ho Stevie!. His mission is to provide surf gear with the same quality as other big surfing brands but for a much cheaper price.

The Ho Stevie product line varies from surf ponchos, surfboard socks, changing mats, GoPro Accessories, surfboard fins, accessories, and apparel.


Founded in 2004, Winthome is a professional production for towel suppliers located in Shenzhen, China. Their product line mainly focuses on all of the kinds of towel products and cotton towels. They distribute their towel products worldwide to companies that produce jacquard, square towels, bath towels, embroidered towels, beach towels, scratch print bath towels, spiral taffeta, etc.

Winthome adheres to the company principle of “customer first, reputation first.” Its development as a towel manufacturing company led them to reach stable and long-term cooperation with several companies and suppliers worldwide.  

Sun Cube

Sun Cube offers premium quality products that protect their customers from the harsh sun rays, allowing them to perform better and enjoy outdoor activities. They ensure that all their clothing underwent a meticulous design process using the finest materials and functions. This way, you get functional and versatile summer wear.

Their flagship product is the Surf Poncho Changing Robe, ideal for surfing, beach, and watersports. It offers a range of benefits by helping you swap out clothes discreetly while allowing spacious movement and multi-purpose function.

Features to Consider When Buying Surf Poncho (Buyer’s Guide)

Upon entering the keywords “surf poncho” on the Internet, you will immediately receive hundreds of results in just a matter of seconds. It can get overwhelming and confusing at times, but with the right knowledge about surf ponchos, the purchase decision will be easier for you. Here are the key attributes to take note of when buying a surf poncho.


The fabric or the material used for the surf poncho should be the first thing you should consider. You need something soft, comfortable, and warm. After a long cold session in the ocean, the first thing you will look for is the poncho, so you need to make sure it has an inviting material.

The material also helps determine the poncho’s overall durability. It needs to have quick-drying abilities and easy to wash. You don’t want a surf poncho that easily gets ripped or tattered after a single machine wash. Most of the time, microfiber and pure cotton are the typical materials used for surf ponchos.


Like any other clothing you wear, finding the right fit is essential. Most surf ponchos come in a single size that fits men, women, and teens, regardless of their height. Some brands also design their ponchos as oversized so you can change clothes easily. However, you need a poncho that won’t look too big or too small.  

Water Absorption

Besides privacy and comfort, surf ponchos should be water absorbent as well. They act as beach towels to keep you dry as you wear it. Ideally, choose a material that is highly-absorbent with the ability to dry you off quickly. No one wants to wear a bulky wet towel.


At first glance, surf ponchos appear to be rare items that are limited to passionate surfers. In truth, they are incredibly easy to find, especially on local surf stores or online. Since surf ponchos usually have a one size fits all design, buying them online on shopping websites like Amazon is convenient.

Apart from all the best surf ponchos on the market, Wetsuit Changing Poncho by Ho Stevie reigns as the best surf poncho. Ho! Stevie is a surfer-owned brand that offers surf-specific products, such as surf ponchos, surfboard socks, changing mats, GoPro accessories, fins, apparel, etc.

Ho Stevie recognizes the fact that changing in public is awkward. That’s why he introduced the Wetsuit Changing Towel by allowing you to change in and out of your swimming outfit without exposing yourself in public. It has an extra length of 47 inches from top to bottom, leaving you more room to fit into your wetsuit while wearing the poncho.

The Wetsuit Changing Towel is available in two types: plush microfiber and cotton material. Both fabrics guarantee quick-drying abilities while keeping you warm and cozy. It has low lint to prevent feeling all fuzzy after drying or changing yourself off. It serves as a sleeveless robe with a full hood that is suitable for men and women. 

Getting out of the water and getting exposed to cold winds can be difficult for a swimmer or surfer. Having a premium-quality surf poncho will solve your beach dilemma pretty quickly. With this, you can change in and out of your wetsuit while keeping you warm inside.

For those who are serious about spending more time in the water, getting a surf poncho is a great beach partner.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are the benefits of wearing a surf poncho?

Wearing a surf poncho can offer great benefits, especially to surfers and watersports enthusiasts. Tying a towel around your waist as you change your clothes can be pretty risky, especially once the knot has come undone. You risk yourself from exposing your skin and body parts to outdoor elements and for the public to see.

A surf poncho serves as life-changing surfing apparel, allowing you to use both hands to change in and out of your wet suit. Plus, you don’t have to doubt your towel tying abilities. For those who surf before or after work, being able to change quickly at a parking lot makes a huge difference.

Q: What size should I buy for my surf poncho?

Finding the right fit for any clothing is indeed essential. However, you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect fit since surf ponchos are designed to be oversized. It allows you to have to slip on and out of your wetsuit easily without getting stuck inside. You can change underneath them without worrying about your body parts getting seen.

Meanwhile, surf poncho brands offer different sizes for small, medium, and large frames. Ideally, you need a poncho that won’t appear too big or too small.

Q: Are surf ponchos useful?

Besides helping you change in and out of your swimwear outfit, surf ponchos have various uses. They make changing into your wetsuit more convenient while providing a new level of comfort after surfing. In places with freezing water and icy cold winds, returning to the shore can be a challenge. You have to withstand the wind and the cold water that has clung to your body.

No one wants to experience getting cold after a post-surf activity. That is why surf ponchos come to the rescue to help you dry up while keeping you warm and cozy while lounging outside the water.

Q: Can surf ponchos be used for other water activities?

Yes, surf ponchos are versatile and can be used for various water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. They provide quick-drying comfort and added warmth in any aquatic environment.

Q: How do I clean my surf poncho?

To clean your surf poncho, machine wash it on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage the material. Hang the poncho to air dry thoroughly before storing.

Q: Are surf ponchos suitable for children?

Yes, there are surf ponchos specifically designed for children, offering smaller sizes and fun designs. Ensure the poncho fits comfortably and provides adequate coverage for your child’s needs.

Q: Can I use a surf poncho for changing clothes at the beach?

Absolutely! Surf ponchos are perfect for changing in and out of swimwear or regular clothes at the beach. Their absorbent and quick-drying properties make them ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable during changing sessions.


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