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Now, when it comes to the best paddle board brands, nothing comes close to the experience and expertise of Connelly. For over 50 years, this company has been designing and manufacturing boards for different water sports like paddle boarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and surfing. 

Connelly is known for making quality and durable products that are well worth your investment. Sure, their paddle boards lean more on the expensive side, but that’s only because of the integrated and innovative features they come with. 

If you’re looking to buy a Connelly paddle board, this guide contains all you need to know about this brand’s top products, as well as things you should look out for before purchasing your own gear. 

Top 6 Connelly Paddle Boards Reviewed

Connelly has a wide selection of high-rated specialized and entry-level boards that are fit to use for all-around paddle boarding, SUP yoga, and touring. Their boards also vary from inflatable ones to hard and soft top boards. Here’s the brief summary of their best products: 

  1. 2021 Classic
  2. 2021 Highline
  3. 2021 3D Softy
  4. 2021 Pacific
  5. 2020 Tahoe
  6. 2021 Drifter

#1: 2021 Connelly Classic

Connelly Paddle Board Review
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Length Width Weight Volume Maximum Capacity
11 ft 6 in 33.0 in 30.5 lbs 220 L ≤260 lbs
10 ft 9 in 32.0 in 29.5 lbs 190 L ≤230 lbs
9 ft 9 in 31.0 in 25.5 lbs 155 L ≤210 lbs

You can’t just go wrong with classic gears — they’re durable, stylish, and has long-lasting value. 

Just like Connelly’s Classic, it’s an all-around paddle board that features bold designs and high-performance features for riders of any skill level. It has a roomy deck that offers more stability and balance while allowing quick turns; hence why it’s most suitable to use for paddle boarding beginners. 

This versatile board can be used both in waves and flatwater. That said, you can use it for paddling in oceans or lakes. It’s also lightweight and rigid, as it is made from epoxy construction with an EPS foam core. With the deck’s soft sanded EVA foam pad, your feet will be glued onto the board even with all the sharp turns and rough waves. 

The Connelly’s Classic features a wide outline on its tail and a displacement nose for balance, including one removable 9″ FCS II center fin for tracking. To prevent the internal pressure of the board from fluctuating, this SUP also includes an auto-vent.

Although it’s big and heavy, the Classic is quite easy to carry, just make sure to watch out for hitting surfaces and bumping into walls! This board is available in three colors that stand out in the water while maintaining that refined and polished look. 

The Classic’s price ranges from $$1,099.99 to $1,249.99. It’s one of the high-end products of Connelly, and possibly also one of the bests in the market. The only thing that’s missing? A good paddle to get you started!

Versatile; suitable for both saltwater and freshwaterNot suitable for riders weighing more than 260 lbs.
Includes a bungee-cord tie downExpensive
Compatible with beginners
High-quality construction

#2: 2021 Connelly Highline

Connelly Paddle Board Review
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Length Width Weight Volume Maximum Capacity
11 ft 6 in 33.0 in 32.5 lbs 240 L ≤300 lbs
10 ft 6 in 32.0 in 30.0 lbs 205 L ≤260 lbs

With the Connelly Highline SUP, you can’t help but think of summers in the lake, slowly paddling the waters and just taking all the views in. It has that vibe to it that can entice novice paddle boarders to hop on the board and get gliding pronto

Perhaps, the reason why is because of the Thermo-shell technology that makes it durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and dings. Or maybe because it has a higher weight capacity than its competitors. With these features, you don’t have to worry too much about playing with this paddle board, because you know it’s durable and it will keep up with your activities. 

The Highline is not an epoxy constructed board per se, rather, its outer layer sheets are molded together and secured by a strap for added protection. A coiled leash is included when you purchase Highline, as well as an ergonomic center handle and bungee cord tie-down for personalization and easy transportation. With its 9” FCS II center fin, this board will allow you to move forward and avoid any sideway slips.

Similar to Classic, Highline also features a soft sanded EVA pad for traction and to keep your feet planted on the board. Because it features a rounded nose and wider deck for more stability and buoyancy, beginners won’t have a tough time maneuvering with it even in rough conditions. 

Can accommodate heavy ridersMay not be compatible with advanced riders
Cheaper than the Classic
Durable; ding-resistant
Easy to handle

#3: 2021 Connelly 3D Softy

Connelly Paddle Board Review
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Length Width Weight Volume Maximum Capacity
11 ft 6 in 33.0 in 30.0 lbs 250 L ≤350 lbs
10 ft 6 in 32.0 in 26.0 lbs 200 L ≤300 lbs

What’s good about paddle boarding is you can also share this activity with your loved ones — for instance, your four-legged friends who also love the water! 

The next one we have is the Connelly 3D Softy, a soft top paddle  board with beginner-friendly features suitable for yoga paddling or relaxed tours with your dog(s). With its weight capacity that reaches 350 lbs/158 kg and full traction pads from tip to tail, you can paddle  away without worrying that you and your pal might fall off from the board’s deck.

The 3D Softy has many features to make sure you and your furry friend are comfortable and safe while riding it. It has a recessed deck for easy paddling and a wider area for more stability. Meanwhile, its center handle has a cupped design for less hand fatigue when carrying the board. 

With a price tag that starts from $529.99, this board promises enjoyment and safety without breaking the bank! 

Has a soft and comfortable center for yogaThe wide deck makes for difficult turning
Cheaper than its competitors

#4: 2021 Connelly Pacific

Connelly Paddle Board Review
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Length Width Weight Volume Maximum Capacity
10 ft 6 in 34.0 in 28.0lbs 325 L ≤260 lbs

Whether you prefer lounging or standing up on your paddle board, the Pacific inflatable paddle  board from Connelly will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

This SUP is more than a SUP, as it is also integrated with an inflated seat and backrest that lie flush onto the top deck when not in use, and lift up when you need to sit down. It also has adjustable straps, so you can fit the seat according to your desired support. For added comfort and traction, this board’s deck is fully lined with a soft sanded EVA pad. 

The Pacific also features a fixed center fin for maneuverability and a 6” dual-layer, high-pressure drop-stitch construction for rigidity. The cleats at the back, on the other hand, are for the storage of the bungee cord.

Last but not least, when you buy Connelly’s Pacific paddle board, the package will include three pieces of adjustable carbon paddles, a carrying bag, its own pump and gauge, a repair kit, a coil leash, and one removable center fin. 

Versatile; can be ridden by standing or sittingMay deflate if punctured by a sharp object
Comes with a repair kit and own pumps
Cheaper than non-inflatable SUPs

#5: 2020 Connelly Tahoe

Connelly Paddle Board Review
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Length Width Weight Volume Maximum Capacity
11 ft 6 in 33.0 in 23.4 lbs 330 L ≤300 lbs
10 ft 6 in 32.0 in 21.4 lbs 290 L ≤260 lbs

An advantage of inflatable paddle  boards is you get to carry them around with ease. Because when they’re not in use, they’re compact and they easily fit inside a paddle board bag. They come cheaper, too, compared to hard paddle boards with foam core and fiberglass layers. 

If you’re on the lookout for a similar kind of inflatable SUP, check out Connelly’s Tahoe. This paddle board may be light, but it comes with heavyweight features such as the 6” dual-layer high-pressure drop-stitch construction wrapped around its rails for stability. 

It also comes with side fins for control and easy maneuvering. To prevent slipping and sliding, this board is integrated with soft sanded EVA traction pads from its tip to the tail. No need for waxing! 

When you buy the Tahoe, its package will include three adjustable carbon paddles, a carrying bag, roll-up straps, a high-pressure pump with its own gauge, a repair kit, a coil leash, and one removable fin.

Includes deck cleats for bungee cord storageMay deflate when punctured
Can handle heavy ridersSlightly expensive
Compact, easy to carry

#6: 2021 Connelly Drifter

Connelly Paddle Board Review
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Length Width Weight Volume Maximum Capacity
10 ft 30.0 in 16.0 lbs 185 lbs ≤250 lbs

The cheapest paddle board we have from Connelly is the Drifter that’s sold for only $419.99. Weighing only 16 lbs, the Drifter might also be the lightest inflatable paddle board in the market, too! It’s suitable for travelers who’re looking for an easy-to-carry board that deflates and fits a carry bag, so it’s easy to store when hiking or when not in use.

Connelly’s Drifter comes with three fins for easy steering and control. Because its rails are seamed with drop-stitch construction, it never bends or gets out of shape even after multiple deflations and rolling-ups. 

Like Connelly’s other inflatable paddle boards, Drifter also comes with its own carrying bag, high-pressure pump, patch and repair kit, and coiled leash. 

Lightweight, easy to store and transportBeginners may find it a bit tippy
Good value for money

Buyer’s Guide: What are the things you should consider before buying?

Hull design

The hull of a paddle board comes in two kinds: planing and displacementThe planing hull has a wider and flatter design, making it more stable and more suitable for beginners. The displacement hull, on the other hand, features a more pointed nose that easily displaces water; therefore, it’s faster but less stable. 


A paddle board with an EPS/epoxy construction is made from an EPS foam core that’s layered with fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Meanwhile, an EPS/plastic constructed board has an EPS foam core with an outer layer that’s made from fiberglass and styrene polymer. 


Some added features of paddle boards are stringers, fins, and carbon fiber; however, these features make the board costlier.

Kinds of paddle board

There are multiple kinds of paddle boards according to where and how you’re going to use them. Here are some of them:

  • All-around paddle board
  • Touring 
  • Fitness and yoga
  • Fishing
  • Racing/ performance  
  • Inflatable SUP
  • Whitewater 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Connelly Paddle Boards worth it?

Connelly is a reputable brand that’s been making water sports gear since 1965, and for many years, they’ve been manufacturing the highest-rating paddle boards globally. Their SUPs come at a higher price point; however, the boards are a good investment because of their durability and features.

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