Pelican Paddle Boards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP as it is popularly called is attracting more sports enthusiasts nowadays than any other water activity. With the increasing popularity of this sports activity, the demand for high-quality paddleboards is also growing day by day.

Pelican has responded very positively to the rising demand for paddlers. Through their innovation, support, care, and belief, Pelican has offered many high-quality SUPs to paddlers of varying skills.

Among the wide range of paddlers in its portfolio, Pelican showcases Flow 116 as one of the best SUPs for heavyweight paddlers with a huge weight-carrying capacity of 260 lbs. On the other hand, they have Vibe 80 which is ultra-lightweight with a weight carrying capacity of 140lbs.

Here we are reviewing some of the most fascinating SUPs built by Pelican. Come and join us to learn more about these amazing water floaters.

Top 10 Best Pelican Paddle Boards Reviewed

  1. Antigua Paddle Board by Pelican
  2. Vibe 80
  3. Cross X 106
  4. Flow 106
  5. Baja 100
  6. Flow 116
  7. Saona 106
  8. Moorea 116
  9. Flow 94 MIX
  10. Rush 116

1. Antigua Paddle Board by Pelican 

Pelican Paddle Boards Antigua Paddle Board by Pelican 

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The Antigua 106 Paddleboard is a lightweight inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP). The premium SUP is easily transportable- thanks to the convenient carrying handles attached at both ends of the paddleboard. It has a maximum capacity of 250lbs making it suitable for larger paddlers. 

To support this weight, the board is made with highly durable PVC material. The 6” tough and rugged board is also abrasion-resistant. The SUP is suitable for paddlers with varying skill levels. Besides, it is also ideal for all types of water conditions. The board also has 2-way air valves to inflate the board in quickly time.

With Antigua, you never have to worry about keeping the paraphernalia on board. The elastic bungees fitted on the board can keep many of your necessities. Besides, the D-rings allow holding many other articles you wish to carry while enjoying your fishing or cruising expeditions.

2. Vibe 80

Pelican Paddle Board Vibe 80

The Vibe 80 from Pelican is a class apart. Thanks to their smaller size- the stand-up board offers absolute fun and excitement to the small paddler. The SUP has high portability due to its lightweight and easy-to-grip handles. Besides, the board has an anti-skid surface that keeps you on board even in slippery paddling conditions. As the board is meant for small peddlers, it has a carrying capacity of 140 lbs.

The SUP is made with RAM-XS™ material that offers very high durability to the board. The high impact resistance offered by the making material prevents wear and tear and thus further enhances the durability of the board.

The board comprises a flexible fin and a holder to keep the bottle. Besides, the SUP also features a drain plug for convenience. The standing surface of the board is designed in a concave shape. This enables the board to restore easily in case of accidental tilting.

3. Cross X 106

Pelican Paddle Board Cross X 106

With the Pelican Premium CROSS X 106, you can roam freely on any flat-water body. It is a durable paddleboard designed for light surfing. The material consists of sturdy polyethylene skin that covers an airy lightweight foam core. This light core offers maximum buoyancy to the board while not adding to the weight of the body. 

Besides, the board also features an ultra-comfortable anti-slip deck pad for supreme footing for long durations. This way, the board offers relaxed paddling as well as yoga sessions. 

Besides, you get a bungee cord to carry all your personal belongings throughout your adventure comfortably and safely. 

The board has a 10-inch removable fin as well as an inset center carrying handle. Apart from this, the superior quality Vortex SUP paddle for even more convenient.

Finally, the leash rings included with the board add to its value. Overall, it is a pretty decent choice, especially for flat water and light surf.

4. Flow 106 

Pelican Paddle Board Flow 106 

Flow 106 is ideal for smaller paddlers to have the best of fun and enjoyment during the summers. With the board weighing 46 lbs, it has a carrying capacity of 230 lbs. The SUP with multiple carrying handles on all sides makes it very easy to transport from one place to another.  

The anti-slip properties imparted to the board make it safe and stable for the newbies to learn the basics of paddling without needing to worry about getting imbalanced from the board.

The patented RAM-X™ material offers SUP impact resistance and makes it highly durable even on harsh use. The board is equipped with highly useful bungee cords, flexible rubber fins, and in-built rail ramps to enhance control and flexibility.

5. Baja 100

Pelican Paddle Board Baja 100

The Baja 100 is all about versatility. With its unique features, it is suitable for all water conditions and all skill levels. The board features an anti-skid deck surface for stable and balanced paddling while standing on the board.

Besides, it also comprises a bungee cord for easy storing, carrying handles for easy transportation, a bottle holder, and a rubber fin, etc. for convenient paddling. The board is made with patented RAM-XS™ material that offers the board very high durability.

6. Flow 116 

Pelican Paddle Board Flow 116 

With its weight carrying capacity of 260 lbs, the Flow 116 is highly suitable for heavy paddlers. It is also ideal for long-distance paddling. The paddleboard has a bungee cord that allows you to keep your necessities safe during paddling. The bottle holder can keep your bottle securely over long distances.

The cushioned deck has anti-skid properties thus keeping you stable even in difficult conditions. Besides, it also provides a smooth landing. There are many handles on all sides of the board making it extremely easy to carry the board from one place to another. 

The board is made with high-quality RAM-X™ material which makes the heavy paddler long-lasting and also protects it from any damage caused by heavy impacts common during long-distance paddling.

7. Saona 106

Pelican Paddle Board Saona 106

The Saona 106 is one of the most versatile paddleboards from the House of Pelican. The board has a superb design that makes it suitable for varied age groups and multiple skill levels. However, with only 200 lbs weight carrying capacity, it is not quite suitable for larger paddlers.

With an ultra-lightweight of 25 lbs coupled with easy-to-carry handles, the board is highly portable. The paddleboard is built using a waterproof foam core. Besides, full-length stringers on both sides and the addition of the fiberglass layer provide ultimate strength, rigidity, and durability to the board.

8. Moorea 116

Pelican Paddle Board Moorea 116

If you are looking for a comfortable and stable paddleboard that offers you a bagful of useful features, the Pelican MOOREA 116 is among the best you can get. It is a lightweight Paddleboard with a standard size of 3.35m specially designed for serious paddlers and light surf looking to pursue it as a hobby.

The MOOREA 116 like many of its other Pelican counterparts comprises a top-quality anti-slip cushioned deck pad that brings comfortable footing to a whole new level. 

Besides, this masterclass paddleboard also offers a variety of structural features like an air vent, a leash ring, and a 10” removable fin for added stability.  The inset carrying handle coupled with the impressive Pelican Leash and Vortex Paddle offers extremely easy controlling and high maneuverability to the paddleboard.

With so many features and high quality up its sleeves, the MOOREA 116 is undoubtedly an ideal choice for a variety of paddlers.

9. Flow 94 MIX 

Pelican Paddle Board Flow 94 MIX 

The Flow 94 MIX is a superb board for newbies. The board offers absolute balance and stability on simple to moderate water waves. The small paddler will relish the anti-slip deck of the board keeping them secured onboard without skidding in unfavorable conditions.

The board comes fitted with many handles making it easy for you to carry the board to places without any problem.

The paddle board is made using RAM-X™ material which is creating waves across the paddleboard circuits for its extremely high durability. The impact-resistant material prevents the damages caused by the harshest of impacts common during paddling in remote waterways.

The board features a bottle holder, a flexible rubber fin, and integrated rail ramps that allow more flexibility and stability while paddling. Besides, the bungee cords allow storing your necessities safely. Moreover, to enhance friction with the water surface, the board has been designed with bottom grooves. 

10. Rush 116

Pelican Paddle Board Rush 116

One of the most versatile Pelican Paddleboards, the Pelican Premium Rush is designed to give ultimate stability on almost any flat-water body. With a polyethylene skin wrapped over the feathery light foam core, this 3.33m board can roam anywhere on the water. 

Moreover, the Rush 116 features a lavish anti-slip cushioned deck pad that offers highly comfortable and very safe footing while paddling. It also includes a bungee cord that can be used to secure all your essential items safely with you. 

The Vortex SUP paddle coupled with the removable fin and a center carrying handle adds to its value. This board also has leash rings for added convenience.

History of Paddle Boards

In its simplest form, Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) is simply standing on a board floating on water and using a paddle to move forward through the water. Its origins go back several thousand years. However, the credit for inventing its modern avatar goes to a Hawaiian named, John Ah Choy.

It was way back in the 1940s. John, who lived in Waikiki, used to surf over water. With growing age, he started finding it difficult to get up and down. So, he decided to remain standing on the board while using a canoe paddle to paddle the board to face the waves.

John had two sons, Leroy and Bobby. They along with one of their friends Duke Kahanamoku used to teach surfing to the visitors coming to Waikiki. The trio started imitating John. And that was the beginning of the new water activity called Stand-up Paddleboarding.

The credit for giving the activity its present professional sport form goes to Laird Hamilton. Laird restructured SUP activity in the 1960s and finally modernized it to make it a full-time sports activity in 2004 when stand-up paddleboarding was, for the first time, included as a new sports category in the Buffalo Big Contest.

Getting the Best Pelican Paddle Boards – Buyers Guide

Including the basic specifications like length, breadth, weight, thickness, etc., Pelican Paddle Boards come in an ocean-wide variety. However, the major and the broader consideration are the experience level & style of the user and also the effervescence of the water body.

Based on your preferred activity, paddleboards are of different styles and types. This includes:

The following are the main structural criteria that’ll help you match up the most suitable board for yourself.

Weight & Width

The weight and width of the paddleboard are the two main considerations that determine the carrying capacity of the board. Besides, the weight and breadth of the board are also responsible for variations in stability and control. With higher weight, though you will enjoy higher stability, controlling the board might get a bit tricky.

Size & Volume

The volume of the paddleboard should match suitably with your weight. For heavier paddlers, the board must experience greater buoyant force from the water to maintain stability. And for higher buoyancy, the volume of the board should be larger (with no increase in weight). Thus, choose the volume of the board wisely according to your weight.

Hull Types

The hull, which is the body of the paddleboard, determines its overall performance on different turbulence of the water. Paddleboards are mainly available in the planning hull or dispersion hull in the market. But nowadays, a third type, known as the Hybrid SUPs, which is the perfect blend of the other two hull shapes is getting more and more popular.

SUP Fins

SUP fins are the best ways to boost the stability and control of your paddleboard. Fins with greater size and higher width offer straight tracking while smaller fins keep the weight low, and provide smoother maneuverability but are comparatively less effective in increasing stability.

Almost all of the SUP Fins are easily removable, which means they will offer you stability exactly as per demand and also won’t trouble you much in terms of the board’s storage.

Materials and Construction

Materials and Construction of the board are undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors. The construction and design of the board not only signify the usage of the board but also define a lot of its other features like stability, control, strength, etc. 

  • Paddleboards consist of a thick single layer of material to reduce the weight of the board while not adding to its cost.
    • The layer is usually around 6” thick to compensate for the low strength of the construction. 
  • A variety of Pelican paddle boards are also made of the ‘fusion’ material that adds to the durability, rigidity as well as the cost of the board while keeping its weight at the same level.
  • Moving to the higher-cost range of these boards, you will find a dual-layer material with some lavish enhancements.
    • These boards are a lot more sturdy, stiff, and durable options and are the costlier ones.
    • The dual layer includes a reinforced PVC fabric second layer in addition to the normal main layer.
    • Though PVC is among the lightest materials in many industries, paddling boards add to the weight of the board quite significantly.
    • For this reason, these boards are not that popular as compared to their standard single-layered counterparts.


Pelican SUPs are gaining high popularity among water sports enthusiasts. With innovation as their core philosophy, they are fast adapting to technological advancement in the field of SUP manufacturing. They are setting new benchmarks for quality standards for the whole SUP industry.

We hope that the reviews of the top 10 best Pelican Paddle Boards helped select the best SUP for your forthcoming paddling expedition. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What size Pelican paddleboard do I need?

A: The standard and most common size dimensions of paddleboard have a length of 10-11 ft. and a width of 32-33 ft. However, for those who keep stability as a top priority and are uncompromising on safety, a 33-34 ft width is the best choice. Though there are some boards available with even higher widths, they might prove to be very boring and slack.

Q: What should I wear to paddleboard in the winter?

A: In the case of recreational paddling on a paddleboard you will have to wear a complete wetsuit, or you can go with some thermal base layers below a waterproof top and trousers. 

Q: Are there any other products Pelican manufactures aside from SUPs?

A: Apart from stand-up paddleboards, Pelican is also a leading manufacturer of different types of kayaks, sleds, boats, and accessories. 

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