Top 11 Best Paddle Board Brands | Reviews (Boardworks)

This guide is an introduction to the world’s best paddle board brands. Since stand-up paddleboarding has become immensely popular in different parts of the world, many people want to try it and purchase the most reliable SUP board.

It would not be a problem getting through the waves with these pieces of equipment. SUP boards from the top 11 brands listed below offer excellent stability that helps riders maintain control in and out of their turn. Plus, some of them provide heat-laminated equipment that guarantees superior performance that other manufacturers do not offer. Please keep reading to learn more.

Top 11 Best Paddle Board Brands Reviewed

  1. Stand on Liquid
  2. Boardworks Surf
  3. Connelly
  4. Bay Sports
  5. iROCKER
  6. Thurso
  8. Bluefin
  9. Goplus
  10. BOTE Board
  11. Pau Hana

#1. Stand on Liquid

stand on liquid paddle board

For over ten years, Stand on Liquid has been known for its expertise in long-lasting construction. However, during the early years, this company primarily focused on SUP boards. A few years later, it started building an impressive reputation for other projects, such as sports accessories and paddles.

With its core values of affordability, quality, and durability, Stand on Liquid has improved its technological capabilities in developing surfer-friendly products.

Since the 20th century, Stand on Liquid has been putting extra efforts to differentiate its products from the competitors. During the era where shortboards and longboards are famous, Stand on Liquid promised to excel and perfect their models.

After a few years, Stand on Liquid SUP boards rose to fame, and the company developed different sizes to guarantee that their products will fit everyone. What makes this manufacturer more impressive is its specialized technology that improves SUP boards for different surfing requirements. Two of the most famous models here are the Stand on Liquid Good Vibes Superlite and the Namaste 10′ Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board, which are affordable, maneuverable, and light.

Most SUP boards at Stand on Liquid are ideal for a quicker and far-reaching turn. This company also has models that boost the rail line rocker so users can enjoy tight and controlled turning. You can always count on this manufacturer when it comes to durability, too. According to several riders, Stand on Liquid boards can withstand wind-buffed barrels.


#2. Boardworks Surf

boardworks paddle boards

Boardworks Surf is the world’s most trusted soft-top surfboard company in the United States and the United Kingdom. It primarily produces affordable yet high-quality surfboards and beach accessories for both beginners and experienced athletes. However, most customers here are beginners due to its famous entry-level soft-top surfboards.

If you are an experienced rider, you can still have amazing selections at Boardworks Surf. They have hybrid soft-top surfboards that are suitable for smaller waves and paddleboards for accustoming.

If you don’t know yet, Boardworks Surf uses the latest technologies, including the high-density IXPE foam construction and tri-fin system with spherical rockers, to ensure its customers are keeping up with the mainstream. With these capabilities, both beginners and advanced riders can rip through the wave easily.

Boardworks Surf sells pretty much everything that you would probably need to improve your surfing skills. This trusted manufacturer carries an impressive surfboard and beach accessory lineup full of versatility and premium quality.

Since Boardworks Surf is an American native, you can guarantee that they value every rider’s respect and value for Mother Nature. With this manufacturer, you can ensure that your surfboard comes with environmentally friendly yet sustainable and hard-wearing materials.

#3. Connelly

connelly paddle boards

Connelly has a pretty interesting history. If you don’t know yet, this company operates under a passionate surfer who started hitting the waves when he was only a teenager. After a few years, Connelly decided to build a small business called Connelly in his hometown. He started to put time and effort into developing well-designed, unique, and powerful surfboards.

This manufacturer brags attention to detail that is hard to find in today’s market. From the Colan carbon inlays to the Future fins designed leash plug, Connelly’s fabrication is unbeatable.

Any surfer will surely appreciate Connelly since it provides heavy-duty products to every surfing level. Whether you are looking for your seven-year-old son’s first board or something competitive, you can surely find it. Some famous riders used Connelly SUP boards when they participated in national and international competitions.

Considered one of the most competitive SUP brands in today’s global surfboard marketplace, the Connelly Company will not disappoint you. This brand will continue to develop impactful innovations in surfboard engineering to help you achieve the most impressive performance.

#4. Bay Sports

bay sports paddle board

Over the years, Bay Sports have stepped up their game in SUP board engineering. Currently, the manufacturer is one of the most successful surfboard companies that experienced an uphill struggle for acceptance.

According to Bay Sports, they embody humanity. Thus, this manufacturer takes pride in using materials with the lowest impact on the environment. Bay Sports’ primary goal is to keep everything sustainable while still providing innovative design and construction to deliver top-level surfboards.

Furthermore, Bay Sports commits to achieve zero landfills by keeping the EPS foam dust out. The company makes it by tuning the materials into walkable elements.

What makes Bay Sports SUP boards stand out against its competitors is its patented sandwich blank conduction that delivers lighter yet sturdier design. The manufacturer claims that this technique produces a slighter density that is only one pound of EPS foam. Regarding the shells, Bay Sports uses fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Other innovative technologies that Bay Sports blend the perfect combination of Bay Sports’ parabolic rail construction, lightweight EPS core, an Entropy bio-resin hot coat. These smart technologies have earned the company several recognitions and awards. Thus, if you are looking for the best SUP boards with the latest technologies, make sure to visit Bay Sports.


irocker padde boards

The one-and-only iROCKER is another trusted manufacturer that creates original, high-quality, and innovative boards. Started by passionate riders, this company has grown from a local business to a progressive organization that continuously caters passionate surfers in improving their skills.

If you don’t know yet, the famous iROCKER is one of the most influential brands in surf’s history. This trustworthy manufacturer swore to improve shortboards and longboards when they were only made from cheap plastic materials that are only 12-feet long. Since then, the iROCKER Company has been developing the most rewarding and ultra-modern surfboards.

Several customers claimed that some famous surfers have been using iROCKER SUP boards in different national competitions. With these proven stories, it is quite clear that globally, iROCKER is one of the most trusted SUP brands.

Currently, iROCKER consistently maintains itself as one of the unfailing and trustworthy SUP brands for both beginners and advanced riders. With the company’s success, it is no surprise why several talented Australian and American riders have won their competitions using iROCKER SUP boards.

#6. Thurso Surf

thurso surf paddle boards

Thurso is another reliable SUP brand that helps beginners and pros enhance their skills. If you are wondering where this brand came from, it was established by Shenglong You. He has been interested in SUP boards since the 2000s.

According to the manufacturer, they only sold less than a hundred SUP boards during their first business year. To gain more attention from the public, Shenglong You decided to use a better marketing strategy. This talented man eventually worked with master shapes and other professionals, who happened to be competent surfers. As the brand became more popular, the Thurso Company started to produce more SUP board models.

Riders who are looking for appealing surfboards consider Thurso as their go-to shop. Over the years, this trust company has developed a wide range of visual designs and color combinations thanks to the gifted graphic artists that Shenglong You chose.

Sturdiness and attractive design are two of the essential features that you can expect from Thurso. Several professional surfers prefer this brand since they can quickly choose a board that suits the performance they need for training or competition. Regardless if you are a newbie or a pro, it is time to give Thurso a try.


kialoa paddle boards

KIALOA is another trusted Hawaiian SUP brand with many years of experience in the surf world. This company became famous due to its outstanding entry-level and high-performance surfboards. Thus, several Hawaiian riders have been choosing this brand for several years.

To be exact, some of the most recommended boards at KIALOA are the Napali II Fusion and Napali II Inflatable. These two models have received hundreds of positive reviews from professionals due to their top speed and maneuverability.

Over the years, different famous Australian, British, and American riders have used KIALOA surfboards. According to some of these personalities, KIALOA is the best brand to combine modern technology and big waves. If you don’t know where to find a speedy board for your practice or competition, make time to visit KIALOA. The sturdiness of their products is one of the plus-factors why several pros love this company.

Unlike other companies, the KIALOA surfboards are a little fuller. Most of their hips are strikingly fuller. If your primary concern is stability, you can find plenty of options here. Most surfers enjoy KIALOA surfboards due to their abilities to push back in small waves.

#8. Bluefin

bluefin paddle boards

Bluefin creates beginner-friendly and advanced SUP boards inspired by modern design and technology. Since the 20th century, this brand has been known for its best-selling and award-winning board model called Cruise Carbon. If you don’t know yet, this product has gathered hundreds of positive reviews in Australia and the United States.

Bluefin’s manufacturing process is way different than its competitors. According to the company, they use customized PE applications and patented FutureFlex technology. Besides that, the primary goal here is to offer the maximum functionality and innovation for each surfer.

Bluefin features a wide variety of SUP boards, and most of them have sleek and appealing designs. Plus, this company introduces new surfboard ideas with excellent upgrades from their previous models. Besides that, several experts highly recommend this brand for competitors.

According to Bluefin’s owner, their products have evolved to one of the most surfer-friendly boards over the years. Thus, if you are planning to participate in some competitions, this brand has a long list of options that can help you. Plus, amateurs can also rely on Bluefin since this company builds SUP boards for people who want to improve their surfing skills.

#9. Goplus

goplus paddle boards

Novices, intermediates, and advanced surfers in the United States have been purchasing the SUP board at Goplus due to its sleek designs and unique features.

Currently, most surf schools acquire training boards from this company since the price is more affordable than most of its competitors without compromising the quality. Besides that, their unique products have been winning the hearts of many surfers from different parts of the world.

Year after year, Goplus has conventional and innovative ideas that make SUP boards more accessible to children and amateurs. Plus, this company make sure that their products are built with the safest and highest quality materials. The most famous Goplus model is Goplus iSUP 11.

Goplus impresses novices and advanced players through its products that feature exceptional responsiveness that generates comfort and convenience on every sharp turn.

Customers also love the designs since some SUP boards have a double concave bottom that promotes better drive. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about your stability since your feet can comfortably grip on the surfboard’s adherent materials.

Nowadays, finding the firmest SUP board can be difficult and tricky, especially with enormous options available. Fortunately, Goplus makes it easier to decide which surfboard to choose.

#10. BOTE Board

bote paddle boards

Next on the list is the BOTE Board that became famous in several countries, especially in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Thousands of gamblers have trusted this company since 2008. Since then, it has continuously improved its products to maintain its spot on the world’s best SUP brands.

Any rider can appreciate the BOTE Board since it sells a wide variety of SUP boards. Thus, you can surely find something useful here to fulfill all the needs of your surfer spirit. Whether you are looking for SUP boards, kayak boats, paddles, or surfboards, BOTE Board has got you covered.

Regarding the manufacturing process, the BOTE Board uses customer model materials with multi-layered laminated wood stringers in crafting their SUP boards. They usually use the robust and high-density XPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam) and IXPE (Irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) to come up with a heat-laminated product.

As you would notice, this manufacturer primarily focuses on its product’s drive. Novices and professional riders can find easy-to-control boards here, regardless of the wave’s size and condition. Products from BOTE Board may be thicker, but you can guarantee that the quality will not affect your performance during a practice or competition.

#11. Pau Hana

pau han paddle boards

Pau Hana became known among experienced surfers due to their hybrid boards with a perfect combination of fiberglass and foam. These two materials offer better buoyancy and stability benefits and help riders transition from longboards to shortboards. Everyone knows that making a switch can be a challenge. Therefore, Pau Hana decided to build something that can help surfers adjust.

Regardless of a board’s design, length, or rail, Pau Hana creates its products with similarities to fiberglass surfboards. The most impressive thing about this company is it gives affordable prices for the same quality construction. According to some experts, this brand is one of the best SUP brands for first-time riders since the materials are definitely worth the money.

Some of the famous Pau Hana models are the Big EZ Hawaiian Ai, Endurance Air Touring Board, Calypso All-Around SUP, and Moon Mist TPU Inflatable SUP. These world-class SUP boards come with a durable and premium-quality foam that can rock with a squash tail, making it suitable for advanced riders that weigh around 165 pounds, and novices are about 95 pounds.

With the board’s EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core, EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) deck, and heavy-duty PP (polypropylene) bottom, you can assure that Pau Hana builds robust and sturdy SUP boards.

Our Favorite SUP Brand – Boardworks Surf

You will hear plenty of amateur and experienced surfers recommending the Boardworks Surf. Undeniably, this brand can be everyone’s surfing buddy for both practice and training. Boardworks Surf only uses the most innovative technology to confidently guarantee that its customers can enjoy ripping through the waves. The company’s heavy-duty SUP boards and hybrid surfboards can be your go-to equipment to improve your surfing skills.

All products at Boardworks Surf offers premium materials that can provide superior stability, especially for those riders who are only starting to master how to turn. Besides that, you can also have wax-free boards that don’t require you to clean and reapply wax after each use. Since Boardworks Surf products come with custom tails, riders can also enjoy epic release and floatability during a massive wave.

Features to Look for When Buying a SUP Board

It is entirely reasonable to feel overwhelmed when purchasing SUP boards. Lucky for you, this article will give you all the information that you would probably need to make the best purchase decision. Here are some of the essential features that you need to consider before settling with a particular SUP board.


Checking if a SUP board is stable for you when you are standing is something that you should not forget before purchasing. Remember that the broader and longer a SUP board is, the easier it will be to remain stable.

You may know whether a particular product is right for you if you check its length, width, and volume. Suppose you are a first-time rider, it would be best to choose SUP boards around 10 to 12 feet long with 31 to 33 inches wide. Regarding the volume, go for hard paddleboard with 175 liters or inflatables with 225 to 240 liters.

SUP Construction

Currently, you can find three different SUP constructions, and they are Epoxy, Inflatables, and Soft Top.

An inflatable is suitable for riders who don’t have enough storage at home or who always want to take their SUP boards during their travels.

The epoxy one is ideal for people who need better performance, control, and glide. If you have enough storage at home, this one is an excellent option.

Last but not least, the soft-top construction. This type is ideal for riders with tight budgets. Most beginners with ample storage space at home usually choose this one.


It would be best to choose SUP boards that can adapt to different waters. When searching online, use the keywords “recreational paddleboards” or “all-around SUP boards.” These two phrases can help you access the most versatile boards in today’s market.


Choosing the best SUP brand all comes down to your lifestyle, skills, and budget. If you are a beginner and are not 100% sure which product is ideal for you, taking some time to research is a must.

Suppose you want to rely on the most trusted SUP brands, relying on manufacturers like the Boardworks Surf, Connelly, and Bay Sports is an excellent idea. These companies have over ten years of experience creating entry-level and high-performance SUP boards. Besides that, they use innovative technologies to make sure that riders can have the best watersports experience.

Due to these manufacturer’s premium and heavy-duty materials, novice and advanced riders can cut more in-depth into the waves and learn the basics of curving, turning, and other tricks more comfortably. Besides that, these SUP boards come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can surely find the right equipment that can help you go fast and build incredible downturns.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are inflatable SUP boards worthy?

A: For recreational or leisure paddling, inflatable SUP boards are enough due to their durability, versatility, portability, and, most importantly, injury prevention. However, if you are participating in competitions, hardboards are the most worthy of your consideration.

Q: Is SUP a helpful exercise?

A: Yes, SUP boarding is a helpful yet underrated exercise. This activity provides upper body training, core strength building, and leg work. A bonus is t is a fun and low-intensity thing to do.

Q: Should I wear shoes when paddleboarding?

A: Most soft boards have been designed for bare feet. However, if you want to stay warmer, you should go for neoprene boots, especially during winter.

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