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Back in the day, surfing behind a sterndrive-powered boat was but a dream – it was dangerous and illegal and most places. If you wanted to wakesurf, you had to get an inboard or V-drive boat that safely tucked the propeller under the hull.

One innovation changed that – the Cobalt R5 Surf

Cobalt Boats came with a simple twist. That is to turn the propellers on the dual-screw sterndrive propulsion system a full 180 degrees to position them safely away from the surfer. It was a technology that blew up all the rules about wakesurfing.

Who Are Cobalt Boats?

Cobalt Boats

Founded in 1968, Cobalt has inspired a sense of ownership equivalent to accomplishment. Cobalt Boats has been recognized as America’s boat-building experts. Their commitment to standard-setting performance and luxury continues to make it more than just a purchase but a destination.

Cobalt Boats places a premium on meticulous construction and technical excellence in its design. They have built their reputation on quality instead of price. Buyer satisfaction has always been at the top of the list in all major categories.

In July 2017, Cobalt Boats was acquired by its competitor Malibu Boats. This valued deal will have Malibu Boats maintain Cobalt Boat’s manufacturing operations in Neodesha, Kansas.

Cobalt R5 Surf Reviewed

The most important thing people love about Cobalt R5 Surf is how it allows sterndrive fans to experience the most popular watersport. One of its optional features, the Flip-Down Swim Step, is no longer just an option but a standard feature in this lineup.

As the name suggests, a simple flip down the broad step recessed into the platform allows reentry from the water and is an effortless step for humans and pet passengers. This step is a great place to sit while immersed on warm summer days.

Aside from the swim step, another great feature is the Sundeck Convertible Lounger. This lounger has its flip-up backrest set into the sun pad that creates a rumble seat for two people to sit facing aft with their feet on the swim platform.

All of these, including the interiors, are designed exquisitely. The beautiful white, pleated upholstery supported by Varadense from padding accommodates up to 14 passengers. Plus, its Free Space Reclamation maximizes interior space by reducing the width of the gunwales.


Volvo Penta 5.3L V-8 300Cobalt R5 Surf’s standard engine is a Volvo Penta 5.3L V-8 300. This engine draws from its forward-facing drive and large IPS Pod Drive systems scaled down to their inboard and outboard outdrives to create the first-ever forward-facing outdrive.

This boat utilizes proprietary surf tabs bigger than the Forward Drive competition with a straightforward deployment through its integrated touch screen at its dash. Turn on the Performance Mode, and the surf tabs automatically deploy.

It doesn’t matter whether the ballast is full or empty. The Performance Mode will help the boat get on the plane quickly.


The Forward Drive system offers more benefits, including the slightly forward boat’s pivot point. This position allows for faster and harder turns – to the point where drivers should take it easy for the first few attempts until they get the hang of it.

It makes Cobalt R5 Surf exceptionally responsive during docking maneuvers. This responsiveness comes in handy against stiff crosswinds. Typically, most ski boats beat passengers up in a chop because of their flat-bottomed hulls – this is not a concern with the Cobalt R5 Surf.

This boat’s extended running surface offers a sharp entry and 21 degrees of deadrise at the stern. This valuable feature of Volvo Penta is called the Power Trim Assist, which maintains the boat appropriately trimmed at all speeds.


While the name implies that Cobalt R5 is for surfing, it isn’t. The Cobalt R5 Surf is not limited to surfing only. With its 2,100 pounds of ballast spread over three hard tanks combined with the boat’s dry weight of 4,880 pounds, it has the immensity to plow up a decent surfing wake on either side.

This power allows you to switch sides quickly without heeling far over because of the surf tabs. The wakes aren’t as massive and don’t have quite as much push as the wakes V-drive surf boats create. But, they are certainly large enough to get the job done efficiently.

The Cobalt R5 Surf’s list of standard features is remarkable. Its Zero Off cruise control system is GPS-based for accuracy and is perfect for letting the driver set the speed, advance the throttle all the way and concentrate on steering.

This boat also comes standard with a wake sports tower plus Samson board racks for surfboards and wakeboards. In addition, a screw-in pylon delivers a low tow point for an active day of tubing and slaloming.

Lastly, Cobalt Boats introduces their patent-pending technology, Wave Control System, in the Cobalt R5 Surf. This technology automatically tunes the boat’s attitude for optimal surfing. It allows the pumping of huge waves and can take the variables out to perfection when used with Zero Off.


Cobalt R5 Surf Interior

The insides of the Cobalt R5 Surf define the style and fashion of Cobalt Boats even more. Its interiors are refined with double-stitched leather, tilt steering, flush-mounted pop switches, stylish gauges, and a superior sound system.

Its bow features a one-of-a-kind layout that offers a lounger seat on the port side and a captain-style seat on the starboard side, all with folding armrests for that comfortable seating.


Cobalt Boats speaks for itself. The company’s dedication to water sports gave us some of the most natural evolution in boats, including the Cobalt R5 Surf. Considering the existing and newly added features, we won’t be surprised just why a lot want to jump on it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the Cobalt R5?

A: The Cobalt R5 is a luxury bowrider boat manufactured by Cobalt Boats, a leading boat manufacturer in the United States.

Q: How many people can the Cobalt R5 seat?

A: The Cobalt R5 has a capacity of up to 16 people.

Q: What is the length and weight of the Cobalt R5?

A: The Cobalt R5 is 26 feet 11 inches (8.20 meters) long and weighs approximately 5,200 pounds (2,359 kilograms).

Q: What kind of engine does the Cobalt R5 have?

A: The Cobalt R5 is typically equipped with a Volvo Penta or MerCruiser engine, ranging from 300 to 430 horsepower.

Q: What are the features of the Cobalt R5?

A: The Cobalt R5 comes with a range of standard features, including a Kevlar-reinforced hull, a walk-through transom, a Bluetooth-compatible stereo system, and an extended swim platform. Optional features include a folding arch tower, a cockpit refrigerator, and a premium sound system.

Q: What is the price of the Cobalt R5?

A: The price of the Cobalt R5 varies depending on the options and features chosen, but typically ranges from $100,000 to $150,000.

Q: Where can I buy a Cobalt R5?

A: Cobalt Boats sells its boats through a network of authorized dealers. You can find a dealer near you by visiting the Cobalt Boats website.

Q: Does the Cobalt R5 come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Cobalt R5 comes with a 10-year structural warranty and a 5-year bow-to-stern warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Q: How fast can a Cobalt R5 Surf go?

A: The Cobalt R5 Surf, with its tabs automatically retracted, can reach 30mph in just 5 seconds. The top speed is recorded at 50 mph.

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