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Last Updated September 16, 2022

If you’re a big fan of America’s Got Talent, then at one point, you must have been curious about how Damone Rippy performed his tricks in the air in Season 10 auditions. His double backflips and diving with a flyboard attached to his feet brought him through the judge cuts round.

Flyboarding was already big in Europe when Rippy auditioned but wasn’t as popular in the US yet, which is, perhaps, why he didn’t get much support. Nowadays, flyboarding is slowly gaining popularity not just in the US but all around the world.

Flyboarding spots are emerging in tourist spots everywhere, with some even putting their flyboards on rentals. But, if you want to ride your own and are looking to buy one for yourself, we reviewed five of the best flyboards for you and wrote down some things you need to know about flyboards.

  • What are flyboards
  • How much do flyboards cost

What Are Flyboards?

A flyboard is a PWC (personal watercraft) fitted with a water jetpack. This jetpack gives propulsion through air and water by directing pressurized water through nozzles.

Flyboards were invented not too long ago by a French watercraft rider and enthusiast, Franky Zapata. In 2012, he designed a watercraft that allows the rider to climb out of the water and be stable in the air through underfoot propulsion and hand-stabilization. Thanks to Zapata, we now experience how it feels to fly – through flyboarding or hydroflying.

Top 4 Best Flyboards Reviewed

How fun would it be to know how it feels like to fly and to have several degrees of freedom in the air and underwater? Flyboards let you do that and more.

Now that flyboards are becoming mainstream, many companies are coming out with their version of Zapata’s invention, that it has become overwhelming to decide which one to pick. Hopefully, these five best flyboards we selected narrow down your options.

  1. Flyboard Pro Series with Dual Swivel System
  2. Hoverboard by ZR® Complete Kit With DSS
  3. X-Board by FlyDive
  4. X-Jets Jetblade Scorpion Hybrid, Alloy / Carbon Fiber

1. Flyboard Pro Series with Dual Swivel System

The Flyboard Pro Series offers a design that evolved from the Flyboard® Legend. This version comes packed with many innovations and features, including the “secure twist” that lets the board spin on its axis from 10 to 20 degrees with the strength of the rider’s legs.

The “secure twist” innovation is outfitted with a return spring for a safe return to the neutral position. Moreover, it has stops that allow to lock and limit the angle of the spin. This flyboard is “u-pipe” modeled with a swivel at its end to let the hose rotate freely without getting knots.

The u-pipe is made ultra-resistant with injected polycarbonate to ensure the safety of the rider. All of the tests and measurements of force and torque were done with the same advanced system used to test the designs of Formula 1 vehicles.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 1 Flyboard Pro Series Deck
  • 1 Pair of bindings
  • 1 hose bearing
  • 1 hose
  • 1 u-pipe
  • 1 pump interface plate
  • 1 hardware kit (clamps, hose strap, fastening strap, carabiner)

Features and Innovations

  • Hydrodynamic efficiency enhanced by 32%
  • Variable independent feet with spring and stop pin system to keep it from over-rotation
  • Legend Board rotating on its axis (from 10 to 20 degrees)
  • Index finger to lock the spin function and adapt to the user level
  • Extensive and more stable footplates
  • Diameter, orientation, and angle of the nozzles adjustable forward or backward to optimize the use and compatibility with the PWC power
  • Futuristic design and transparency of the hydraulic system allowing a clear view of the water flow
  • Hose bearing is compatible with the entire range of Zapata Racing® products
  • Turbine interface equipped with a Venturi effect

2. Hoverboard by ZR® Complete Kit With DSS

If you don’t feel like wearing those boots, you can flyboard using a hoverboard inspired by the movie Back to The Future. The Hoverboard by ZR®is a hydro-powered board that lets its rider move and surf freely over the water.

This hoverboard is attached to the turbine of the VNM through its hose. This connection lets the rider steer the board effortlessly. Riding this hoverboard enables you to enjoy the view from (up to) eight meters above water level at 25 m/h speed.

The Hoverboard by ZR®’s height and speed are greatly affected by the power of the VNM to which it is connected to. The recommended is to keep it at a minimum of 180 HP.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 1 hoverboard deck
  • 1 pump interface plate
  • 1 “U” pipe
  • 1 hose
  • 1 hose bearing
  • 1 set of foot straps
  • 1 hardware kit

Features and Innovations

  • Flies up to 8 meters high
  • Energy is supplied by jet ski
  • Can carry up to 220 lbs
  • Controlled by the performer with or without wireless remote control

3. X-Board by FlyDive

Combining form and function at a price that anyone who wants to experience the thrill of hydroflying can afford are the selling points of the X-Board by FlyDive. This flyboard features an expert design and quality construction using only the highest Marine Grade components for long periods of trouble-free service.

It boasts of DRS Tech™ that stands for Dynamic Response and Stability Technology. It solves two of the critical performance challenges and makes of hydroflights in the world. With this technology, the feet are positioned lower and closer to the rotational axis for balance corrections and easy regaining of stability.

Moreover, the DRS Tech™ benefits advanced flyers with a better response for quick directional changes during tricks. It is also worth noting that it has the most comprehensive performance range available, making it the one-for-all board for the entire family to learn and progress on.

Complete Kit Includes

  • 1 X-board hydroflight device
  • 1 swivel hose adapter
  • 1 65-foot length hose
  • 1 aluminum u-pipe and adapter
  • 1 tension and shock reducer

Features and Innovations

  • Most straightforward water jet board to fly
  • Exclusive DRS Tech™ sets new standards for ease-of-use
  • Compatible with most wakeboard bindings and boots

4. X-Jets Jetblade Scorpion Hybrid, Alloy / Carbon Fiber

The Scorpion Ninja is X-Jets is the low-key entry to jet packs. It is accessible and cheap, but its performance can keep up with the more expensive ones. It is responsive, lightest, and has one of the lowest profile boards in the market today.

The Jetblade Scorpion Hybrid is designed to be as flat as possible. Conventionally, the binding sits on the housing. Doing so raises everything up on the binding. As a result, the engineers designed a unique system that mounts the binding to an insert with a special screw. This makes it level and close to the binding.

Overall, it is a compact, minimal, and high-tech flyboard with no extraneous styling to ensure you get the most clearance and room to control it, even in tight situations.

Complete Kit Includes

  • 1 Jetblade
  • 1 swivel hose adapter
  • 1 aluminum u-pipe and adapter
  • Set of special screws

Features and Innovations

  • Constructed of 100% carbon components and CNC alloy bearing races and flanges
  • Hardened smooth metal bearing races and hard Delrin balls
  • 94A durometer, elastomeric binding plate mounts
  • 55 Kilos, the lightest weight, highest spec hydro jet board in the world
  • NFC Short-range digital tags provide internet-connected manufacturing and digital owner information

How Much Do Flyboards Cost?

Flyboards amount anywhere in the range of $4000–$6000 for a complete kit. The price differs depending on the brand and options you spring for. This price point is cheaper compared to when it was first introduced in 2012. Back then, a complete flyboard set costs approximately $100,000.

As the designs and manufacturing process continue to improve and with more units marketed globally, the prices dramatically dropped since 2015.


Flyboarding is undoubtedly an exciting watersport, and surprisingly, according to those who have tried, it is quite a simple and easy sport. Most of them claimed to have attempted only once or twice before “flying” up to more than 10mm.

Perhaps the construction and building of the flyboard contribute to how easy and safe it is to do. Hopefully, the best flyboards we reviewed give you an idea of what you should pick when shopping for one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are Flyboards safe?

A: Hyrdroflying is, in fact, a lot safer than a handful of water activities, including jetskiing and wakeboarding, where speeds can go at more extraordinary lengths. Flyboards utilize a standard PWC that sets a maximum flying height of around 30ft and speeds of only up to 20mph. Moreover, flyboard float thus has no risk of sinking or drowning when you are in the water.

Note that flyboarding is not all about backflipping and dolphin dives, so you can be assured that your whole family will be safe.

Q: Are flyboards easy to transport or travel with?

A: Most flyboards and hydroflight devices weigh between 15 to 40 lbs making them easy to transport or travel with. These pieces of equipment are also permitted to be carried on-board commercial flights. The hoses can be rolled up for easy transport, as well.

Q: Is it costly to operate?

A: Using the flyboard will require initial costs for fuel which will be consumed at approximately three to eight gallons per hour. This amount of energy depends on the rider’s weight and throttle use. Maintenance will be required at least twice a year to ensure peak performance. Recreational riders or pilots can operate flyboards for less than $50 a day.

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