Wakesurfing in Miami: 2024 Ultimate Guide

Miami is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, and one of the most thrilling activities you can try is wakesurfing. Wakesurfing is a form of surfing where you ride the wake of a boat or a jet ski without being towed by a rope. You can carve, jump, and even perform tricks on the water while still enjoying the sun and the breeze. That said, what should you know about wakesurfing in Miami?

With over a dozen beaches in Miami offering wakesurfing opportunities, the most popular one is in Miami Beach. This watersport is not difficult to learn, and many places provide wakesurfing lessons and rentals in Miami, such as Miami Wakesurfing Academy, Wake Life Miami, and Wake Zone Miami.

Get ready to shred the wakes as we explore the vibrant wakesurfing scene in Miami and learn everything from where to catch the best waves to how to choose the right equipment for your skill level. You can hone your wakesurfing skills and have a blast on the water whether you’re already a natural pro turtle cruising about or a beginner looking to start something new.

What Is Wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is a fantastic water sport that lets you surf in the wake of a boat or jet ski without a rope. You can have the thrill of surfing on a wave that never ends and that you can adjust to your liking. There are many benefits of wakesurfing, such as being more eco-friendly, safer, and easier to learn than surfing.

That’s why wakesurfing in Miami is pretty popular, where you can get gnarly in the water and admire the stunning beaches and scenery.

It is not just a sport; It’s all about shredding the wake, feeling the flow, and living the dream. It started in the 1950s and 60s as “boat surfing” and evolved into a sport combining wakeboarding and surfing elements. You can do tricks and maneuvers inspired by surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and even skimboarding.

It is for everyone who loves water and adventure, and wakesurfers usually ride boards that look more like surfboards than wakeboards.

Note: Wakeboarding and wakesurfing are similar in some ways and different in others. The main difference is the rope. Wakeboarders always use the rope to ride, but wakesurfers only use it to get up and then let it go surfing the waves. They also do different kinds of tricks, like airborne tricks and jumping over the wakes with their boards.

The aim is to surf a small wave like an ocean swell. It’s not hard to learn; you only need balance, swimming skills, and a boat with a v-drive design and a propeller safely tucked under it to create a good wake. Other types of equipment required are a board – suitable to the size of the surfer, a life jacket, and a rope to get you in the momentum.

As you get used to the activity, let go of the rope and impress your friends by jumping, carving, and doing various tricks on the water.


Where To Wakesurf in Miami?

Miami has many incredible places to go wakesurfing, whether you are looking for a calm or a challenging spot. You can look at the gorgeous views of the city skyline, the ocean, and nature while you surf in the wake of a boat or jet ski, and there are plenty of places to find wakesurfing boat rentals in Miami. That said, here are some rad places to wakesurf in Miami:

  • Miami Beach: Wakesurfing Miami Beach is among the most popular and iconic watersports; where you can ride in the wake of a boat or a jet ski along the famous coastline of the iconic area, where you can see the sandy beaches, palm trees, and colorful buildings. You can also experience the vibrant atmosphere and culture of Miami Beach, where you can find many restaurants, bars, and shops.
    • If you want to try wakesurfing behind a jet ski in Miami Beach or by boat, you can contact Hirooka Surf and Sport, which offers lessons and tours for this exciting activity.


  • Biscayne Bay: This large body of water offers plenty of space and variety for wakesurfing. You can find different types of waves and currents depending on the wind and tide. You can also admire the stunning scenery of the bay, including the islands, the bridges, and the downtown area.
    • If you want to learn wakesurfing or improve your skills, you can book a lesson or a charter with Miami Wake Academy by Austin Keen, one of the top wakesurfing schools in Miami.
  • Key Biscayne: Located south of Miami, this island has some of the best beaches and watersports in the city. You can find some strong waves and currents here, making it ideal for more experienced wakesurfers. You can also enjoy the island’s natural beauty, such as the mangroves, the lighthouse, and the wildlife.
    • If you need some equipment or training, you can check out Gator Bait Wakeboard & Wakesurf School of Miami, which offers lessons and rentals for wakesurfing and other tow sports.


  • Amelia Earhart Park: This park is located in Hialeah, north of Miami, and it has many attractions for kids that make it worth the drive. You can find several lakes, pony rides, a farm village with animals, a pioneer homestead, a skate park, a dog park, and a vast playground. You can also rent bikes on weekends and ride on the park’s mountain bike trails.
    • If you want to learn wakesurfing or rent a boat in this park, you can visit Miami Watersports Complex, which provides wakesurfing lessons in Miami and boat rentals for all levels.


What To Expect During a Wakesurfing Session?

During a wakesurfing session and lessons, you can expect a thrilling experience while learning wakesurfing safety pointers and new skills. You’ll learn how to get on the boat, get on the board, stand up on the board, drop the rope, and carve the wake. That said, here are some of the things you can expect during wakesurfing lessons and sessions:


  1. Getting on the boat

Before you start wakesurfing, you’ll need to get on the boat that will tow you. Your instructor will provide you with a life jacket, and you should bring a wakesurf board and a wake surf-specific rope. Your instructor will also guide you through the boat’s ballast system, which controls the size and shape of the wake.


You can adjust the ballast to create the best wake for your skill level and preference.


  1. Getting on the board

You’ll start by lying back in the water with your feet resting loosely on the board and your toes pointing up. Your instructor will then slowly accelerate the boat, and you’ll feel the rope tighten and the board adjusting to your position to meet your feet.


And in one motion, you’ll then place your feet on the board, with your back foot near the tail and your front foot near the middle.


  1. Getting up on your feet

The next step is to stand up on the board. You’ll keep your knees bent and your arms straight as you hold onto the rope. You’ll lean back slightly and use your heels to steer the board. Your instructor will guide you to stay in the pocket of the wake, which is the area behind the boat where the wake is steepest and most powerful.


  1. Dropping the rope

Once you feel comfortable and stable on the board, you can drop the rope and toss it back to the boat or let it sink into the water on the opposite end of the forming wake. You’ll then use your body weight and your feet to control the board, lean forward to speed up, and lean back to slow down. You’ll also use your toes and heels to carve left and right on the wake.


  1. Carving the wake

The final step is to carve the wake and have fun. You can try different maneuvers and tricks, such as pumping, stalling, floating, sliding, spraying, spinning, or flipping. You can also play around with various styles and techniques!

Keep in mind that learning to wakesurf can be challenging, but it’s also highly satisfying. Many wakesurfing tutors and academies have enough experience to practice their teachings in various ways. Just don’t forget to have fun, stay safe, listen to your tutor, and experiment with different styles and techniques.


What Is the Cost of Wakesurfing in Miami?

Wakesurfing is a fun and exciting water sport that lets you ride the endless wave created by a boat. But what’s the price range of wakesurfing in Miami? Well, that depends on whether you have your own equipment or not and which company you choose to book with. Factors to consider when planning your wakesurfing adventure in Miami are the following:


Equipment Costs

If you have your own boat, board, and accessories, you can save money on wakesurfing. However, owning a boat is not cheap, nor is maintaining it. A good wakesurf boat can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000.

If you don’t have a boat, you need to rent one or book a session with a wakesurf school or charter. Renting a boat depends on the size, model, features, duration, and location of the rental. According to Boatsetter.com (an online boat rental marketplace), renting a boat in Miami costs $1,200 per day.

A good wakesurf board can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 or more. Since safety is a top priority, you also need a life jacket, a rope, and a surf leash/rope. These items can cost another $100 to $200, but you can also rent them from a wakesurf school or charter for a lower price.


Wakesurf School Or Charter Costs

Another option for wakesurfing in Miami is to book a session with a wakesurf school or charter –an excellent way to skip spending too much on renting or buying everything you need, where you just show up and shred the ride.

A wakesurf school or charter will provide you with a boat, a captain, an instructor, and all the necessary equipment. They will also teach you how to wakesurf and help you improve your skills.

The price can vary from school to school and can be influenced by things like the session duration, the number of people in your group, and the quality of the service. According to the examples mentioned before, booking a session with a wakesurf school or charter in Miami costs around $260 or less per hour.

This price includes tax, gas, equipment, and instruction. Some lessons allow you to share your session with up to six people, so the more people you bring, the cheaper it gets per person.


How To Prepare for a Wakesurfing Session?

Before you hit the water, you must physically and mentally prepare for the best experience possible. Here are some straightforward tips on how to get ready for a wakesurfing session.

  • Check the weather forecast. Look for a sunny day with calm waters and a moderate temperature. You can also follow online sources to keep track of wind and tide levels. You don’t want to go wakesurfing when it’s too windy, rainy, or cold.


  • Pack your gear. Ensure you have everything you need for wakesurfing, such as your board, rope, life jacket, helmet, and gloves. Remember to pack drinks and snacks to keep your energy up.


  • Apply sunscreen. The sun can be harsh on your skin, especially when you’re on the water. Protect yourself from sunburns and skin damage by applying sunscreen with a high SPF before you go wakesurfing, and don’t forget to reapply it every few hours.


  • Hydrate yourself. Wakesurfing can be physically demanding and make you sweat a lot. Drink plenty of water during and before your session to stay hydrated and avoid cramps and fatigue.


  • Avoid overeating or drinking alcohol. You don’t want to feel bloated or dizzy when you’re wakesurfing. Eat a tasty light meal a few hours before your session while also (if possible) avoiding alcohol altogether. Alcohol can impair your balance, coordination, and judgment, which is essential for wakesurfing.


  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. You can wear a swimsuit, shorts, or leggings with a rash guard or a T-shirt. You can also wear a wetsuit if the water is cold or if you want extra protection from any possible scrapes and bruises if you’re still a beginner.


Tips For Wakesurfing in Miami

If you are a water-sports lover and want to have a blast in Miami, you should definitely try wakesurfing! Wakesurfing is a fun and exciting activity that involves riding the wake of a boat without a rope. You can surf the waves, do tricks, and enjoy the sun and the breeze. Here are five indispensable tips to help you get started with wakesurfing in Miami for the best experience.

  1. Use the right boat.

You need a boat that can create a significant and consistent wake for you to surf on. Some boats are specially designed for wakesurfing, but you can also use a regular boat with some modifications. You can add ballast bags, trim tabs, or wake shapers to enhance the wake quality.


  1. Choose the right board.

Different types and different sizes of wakesurf boards include skim boards, surfboards, and hybrid boards. Skimboards are smaller, lighter, and good for spinning and sliding, while surfboards are larger, heavier, and suitable for carving and cruising. Hybrid boards are somewhere in between and offer more versatility – so choose a board that suits your skill level and style and speak to your instructor if you are unsure.


  1. Pick the right spot

Miami has plenty of beautiful spots for wakesurfing, but you should also consider the water conditions, the traffic, and the regulations. The key is to find a spot that has calm and deep water, low boat traffic, and no speed limits or restrictions.


  1. Go with the right gear.

Besides the boat and the board, you also need some other gear to make your wakesurfing experience safe and comfortable. You need a life jacket that fits and does not restrict your movement and a long rope to reach the sweet spot of the wake, but not too long before it gets tangled or dragged.


In most cases, wearing a helmet is necessary for tricks or riding in choppy water. And don’t forget some sunscreen, sunglasses (when out of water), and a hat for protection against the sun.


  1. Select the right instructor.

Getting some lessons with a professional instructor is a good idea if you’re new to wakesurfing. You can find many wakesurfing schools and clubs in Miami that offer lessons for all levels. You can also join some wakesurfing events and competitions to meet other wakesurfers and have fun.



Wakesurfing in Miami offers a gnarly opportunity to catch some sick waves without a rope allowing you to do so much more behind a boat or jet ski. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced; Miami has excellent water and cool views that will make you happy for days – just don’t forget to remember all the steps to take, be prepared, and most importantly, have fun!



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