The Rise Of Mikaili Sol: A Young Champion

Mikaili Sol is a remarkable young woman in the kiting community, and it’s safe to say she’s a prodigy thanks to her current six GKA World Champion titles, and she’s only 18 years old! Her life glitters championship after championship, and she’s had a remarkable journey that continues to impress the world.

Mikaili Sol started kitesurfing at the age of eight, thanks to the influence of her kitesurfing parents. By the time Mikaili was 13, she was a four-time winner of the Junior World Kitesurfing Championships. She holds GKA World Champion titles for 2018, through to 2023, and her pursuits continue.

 It’s almost impossible to miss how bright Mikaili shines, and the sheer magnificence of her talent continues to stun the kitesurfing community. There are plenty of interesting factoids about the rise of Mikaili Sol and there’s a story behind the legend she’s already become.

Who Is Mikaili Sol?

If you’re into kitesurfing, you’ve probably heard her name already! Mikaili Sol sometimes goes by Mika and is an American-Brazilian kite surfer. Kitesurfing is her passion and profession, and she’s insanely talented at it. Currently, she travels the world from competition to competition and practices at different locations in her spare time.

She was born on October 30, 2004, in Brazil. Her father is Brazilian, and her mother is American. Mikaili Sol feels her personality is more from her American heritage but honors both nationalities equally. Mikaili calls Brazil home when she’s not traveling the world.

The Rise Of Mikaili Sol

How Mikaili Sol Got Into Kiteboarding

Mikaili Sol has always been called to do sport and knew how to ride a horse by age four. Her parents owned a small beach hotel, and they were avid kite surfers who passed their passion down to their daughter when she was old enough – which was eight years old.

Once she started, she never looked back! Between ages 10 and 13, she claimed four Junior World Champion titles and another when she was 14. She started her GKA Championship journey at 13 and surprised the kitesurfing world with what she could achieve at such a young age.

Mikaili Sol’s Notable Achievements

It’s challenging to find a Mikaili Sol achievement that isn’t notable! She has won every world championship she’s ever taken part in! From 2018 to 2022 and counting. 2020 didn’t have any crowned champions because of the pandemic, but she won multiple titles in the competitions.

Her main GKA Championship titles are in freestyle, but she has claimed multiple GKA Strapless/Wave wins in 2019 and 2020. She also holds 1st in the Brazil National Championship in 2021 and 2022. In 2023, Mikaili won second in the GKA Kite World Tour opening in Qatar and then first at Salinas del Rey in Colombia, and hopefully, there will be many more titles to come.

The Rise Of Mikaili Sol

What It’s Like To Be A Young Champion In Kiteboarding

Indeed, there’s a lot of pressure to compete in massive competitions from a young age. Mikaili Sol takes it in stride, and the pressure hasn’t seemed to stop her thus far. She gets to travel the world, experience new places and cultures, and live out her undying passion for kitesurfing.

Being young, people she met along the way tried to shape her personality for the public eye, but she pushed back and stayed true to herself, so growing up in such a dynamic environment was not without its challenges.

She completed high school in 2019 after taking a break from 2017. She studied online while juggling competitions, which has its difficulties, but she feels blessed to have knowledge from around the world. Her rise to fame has also allowed her to connect with peers via social media, and she appreciates being able to share her life with others.

The Impact Mikaili Sol Has In The Community

Mikaili is a friendly, welcoming personality and a delight to meet. She promotes acceptance and strongly appreciates diversity and community, especially in the kitesurfing world. She aims to share her passion to inspire others to be true to themselves.

She is not particularly an LGBTQ+ activist, but she is gay and proud to be who she is, inspiring others who struggle to be delighted with who they are, no matter what others say. She promotes that the kitesurfing community is very accepting of different people from all walks of life, inspiring others to participate in the sport without fear of rejection.

Mikaili Sol’s Training And Fitness Regimen

Mikaili spends every moment she can kitesurfing. It’s her passion beyond just work. If there’s wind, she’s on her board. If she isn’t on the water, she spends plenty of her time in the gym, working on fitness and strength. Mikaili doesn’t have any particular regime, but she always practices at the location of her next competition to get used to the waves.

Tips And Advice For Aspiring Kiteboarders Based On Mikaili Sol’s Success

Mikaili appreciates people for their authenticity and advocates that people should stay true to themselves, in all circumstances. She had others try to influence how she should be in her career as a young person and was able to overcome it. She believes the best person you can be is yourself, and you should keep that in mind with anything that you do, whether kitesurfing or not.

Mikaili Sol’s Future In Kiteboarding

Mikaili Sol has dreams of competing in the Olympics sometime in the near future, but as for now, she has a Freestyle event in August 2023. She has been competing under her Brazilian nationality for her career thus far but has moved under her American citizenship. As of 2023, she competes for the USA. Mikaili has always had a competitive flair and will continue to do her best going forward.


Mikaili Sol is a kitesurfing prodigy and has been a consecutive winner for the past ten years of her kitesurfing career, which is incredibly impressive for someone who is only 18 years old. She aims to inspire others to be themselves and continue her eternal passion for kitesurfing.


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