Intex Seahawk 4 Review: Ultimate Review + Guide [2022]

Last Updated November 25, 2022

Intex is one of the major brands when it comes to inflatables and watercraft, and it’s Intex Seahawk 4 boat is one of the brand’s best-sellers and affordable options. From one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, you can be sure that your raft has high-quality materials and dependability in the water with a fair price tag.

The Seahawk 4 inflatable boat is a typical vessel for a fun and smooth boating ride. If you can see a lake in the area, you’ll likely see a Seahawk boat or two in the water.

If you want to know if this inflatable boat is the right one for you, our Intex Seahawk 4 review should provide you an overview of why it’s one of our top picks along with other boaters.

Intex Seahawk 4 Review: Your Complete Guide

intex seahawk 4 review

The Intex Seahawk 4 is ideal for all types of boaters. It has the size and capacity to cater to a small family, providing ample space for two parents and two kids with enough room for your gears. It’s one of the top choices for an entry-level boat to bring the kids outdoors and enjoy the water.

The Seahawk 4 inflatable boat is also ideal for those who like to go fishing. The two rod-holders that come built-in the raft appeal to fishing enthusiasts so is the space for the trolling motor. Although it can carry up to four grown persons, it might be a tight squeeze.

This inflatable boat is also sturdy enough to tackle whitewater adventures. It has a Level I rapids rating, which is an excellent option for introducing the family with the thrill of river rafting.

It’s also an excellent option for day river cruises, perfect for nature lovers, water lovers, and birdwatchers.

Overall, it’s a very pocket-friendly entry-level boat to get in the water and start learning the ropes quickly.


  • Passenger Capacity – 3-4 persons
  • Weight Capacity – 1050 pounds (475 kg)
  • Length – 138 inches
  • Beam Width – 57 inches
  • Height – 19 inches
  • Weight – 37 pounds
  • Vinyl Material – heavy-duty and puncture-resistant PVC


  • (2) fishing rod holders
  • (5) air chambers; three-chambered design
  • Motor mount fittings
  • All-around grab line
  • Boston valves for easy and quick inflation and deflation
  • 30-day warranty period
  • Package includes:
  • Intex Seahawk 4
  • (2) inflatable seats
  • (2) aluminum 48-inches long oars
  • (1) Gear pouch
  • Repair pouch
  • Manual air pump and hose
  • US Coast Guard ID

The only thing that you need to purchase along with the Intex Seahawk 4 is a carrying bag, as the package doesn’t include one. You can also use a duffel or any durable storage bag when you are transporting or carrying your inflatable boat. The lack of storage or carrying bag can be a deal-breaker for some, but with the Seahawk 4’s price point, you should have extra cash to buy one.

Meanwhile, the aluminum oars that this package features are lightweight and float without issue when you drop it on the water.

The 30-day warranty period of the Seahawk 4 is also not par with what other comparable brands offer. However, it should cover any manufacturing defects of the product.

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intex seahawk 4 review

Looking at the price of the Seahawk 4, you might think that you’re getting a sub-par inflatable boat. However, Intex has done an excellent job with its quality product at a fair price point.

The design of the Seahawk 4 itself is of good quality. The vinyl material used for the boat is 30 gage PVC that is puncture resistant. The vinyl material is durable and resistant to most damages, so there are no worries about accidents when you occasionally collide with obstructions.

This inflatable boat is big enough to cater to a small family for a fun day at the lake. It’s also lightweight at only 37 pounds. It has a three-chambered design, and in any case that a leak happens, the separate air chambers of the Seahawk 4 provides an extra safety feature for emergencies.

It features an inflatable I-beam floor that provides extra firmness and balance to the overall structure of the boat. The two 48-inches aluminum oars can be broken down into four different pieces, making it easy for transport and storage. Also, there are built-in oar holders with welded locks that are easy to use while boating.

Quality of Construction

Based on the price range of the Seahawk 4, it’s important to remember that it uses affordable materials so that it wouldn’t be par with high-end inflatable boats in the market.

With that said, the quality of construction of this inflatable boat is perfect for use in most light water adventures and recreational use. The vinyl material is thick and durable, providing a robust and balanced structure to the vessel. The Seahawk 4 can take a beating, and it should last long when well taken care of and stored correctly.


intex seahawk 4 review

The 30-gauge PVC material of the Seahawk 4 allows it to resist light abrasion. You wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the boat when you drag it across some rocks at the side of the river or accidentally collide with some obstructions.

However, its affordable price means some features are missing, like reinforcement at the bottom of the boat. With that, you need to be careful when boating around cliffs as there is no side protection.


The Intex Seahawk 4 is a 4-person inflatable boat that can comfortably cater up to 1050 pounds. It has two inflatable seating cushions that should be comfy for all-day boating adventures. Fitting four adults in the boat is okay, although it can be a bit squishy. It offers much better comfort for two adults with two kids or three adults.

Other features of the boat make boating convenient as well, including two fishing rod holders, a grab handle on the bow, and an all-around grab line. The inflatable seats are comfy, although there is no backrest which could make the entire setup better. Also, the boat has two welded oar locks that make rowing much more comfortable and relaxed.

However, keep in mind that standing on the Seahawk 4 may be awkward and hard with its soft bottom and the lacking reinforcement. You won’t be able to comfortably stand on the surface unless you place a floorboard on it.

Intex Seahawk 4 Modifications

intex seahawk 4 review

Like other watercraft from Intex, the Seahawk 4 offers a lot of configuration possibilities. Especially with its affordable price, you’ll have extra cash to modify the raft to your needs and preferences.

There are three common modifications for Seahawk 4, so you can have a better and more fun boating experience.


Boating adventures can be fun, but when it’s summer season, it can get uncomfortable quickly with the hot summer sun. Fortunately, you can modify the Seahawk 4 to protect against the sun rays or the rain as necessary.

Installing a canopy on the boat is simple and straightforward. It only takes a couple of minutes to secure it to the raft using a buckle. When not in use, you can fold the canopy neatly. Plus, you can also use it as a tent when you arrive at your destination, attaching it to the ground using pegs.

The canopy addition for the boat comes with high-quality and durable material as well. It can endure both sunlight and water, built to last for a long time.

Trolling Motor

You can pair the Seahawk 4 with a good quality trolling motor for a fantastic, faster, and more convenient boating experience. You will need to purchase a motor mount first so you can attach a trolling motor on the boat. Intex offers mounting accessories specifically for your boat model.

For this modification, you will need:

  • Trolling motor
  • Intex motor mount
  • Battery
  • Battery box (optional)

You can also get affordable and high-quality motor-battery packages directly from Intex for this raft.

Swivel Chairs, Hard Floor, Supply Box

A few modifications can bring this entry-level inflatable boat to a chosen vessel for fishers. Swivel chairs will make the raft more comfortable. Meanwhile, a hard floor is necessary to have on this raft when you go fishing. It will add more stability and balance on the boat, but you may need to build this yourself as there are no ready-to-buy hard floors for this vessel.

Who Should Buy the Intex Seahawk 4?

intex seahawk 4 review

The Intex Seahawk is a multi-use boat ideal for families in calmer and not-to-deep waters. It will appeal to small families who enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the lake. It can also tackle Level 1 rapids, perfect for newbie rafters.

This inflatable boat is an excellent fit for several types of boaters.

Entry-Level Boaters with Small Budget

You don’t have to have a lot of money to buy a reliable and good-quality boat, thanks to the Intex Seahawk 4. It appeals to all entry-level boaters with a limited budget. The vessel got a good design that could bring out in the water at the least investment possible.

If it’s your first time to buy a boat, then the Seahawk 4 is a risk-free and affordable investment. Plus, it has all the necessary features you need for a fun and thrilling water adventure.

Fishers Wanting a Lightweight and Portable Boat

The Seahawk 4 only weighs 37 pounds when deflated, which is lightweight compared to most watercraft. Its inflatable design makes it incredibly portable, especially during storage. When deflated, this boat folds nicely, so you won’t need a lot of space to store it. It will easily fit inside your car for transport as well, and you can haul it anywhere you want, although you may need to buy a carrying bag for that.

Seahawk 4 is an excellent option if you want a fishing boat that is as portable as possible.

Fisherman Looking for a Boat for a Gear-Heavy Setup

Seahawk 4 is a great portable fishing vessel, especially with the built-in rod holders. However, it can cater to a gear-heavy fishing setup, if that’s what you prefer. The boat can accommodate a 36-inches trolling motor, a battery box, and a wood floor. You can even add proper swivel fishing seats on this inflatable boat, something that you only often see on aluminum fishing rafts.


  • Good value for its affordable price
  • Low price tag means you can have extra money for modifications and DIY projects on the boat
  • Portable inflatable design can easily fit inside the trunk of your vehicle
  • Heavy-duty PVC material is sturdy and puncture-resistant than you would think about based on its price
  • Relatively spacious to fit one small family with enough room for gears
  • Setting up and taking down the boat is easy even for beginner boaters with the air pump included
  • Ideal as an entry-level boat for fishing with its trolling motor mounts and two rod-holders


  • There’s only 30-days warranty
  • The soft floor makes standing tricky without adding a hard floor
  • Long-term durability is lower than more expensive inflatable boats
  • There are no backrests on the seats
  • Doesn’t include a carrying bag

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What Is Intex?

Established in 1997 in California, Intex grew into a worldwide brand well-known for producing quality inflatable products. Intex now sells its inflatables in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Intex manufactures a variety of inflatable products, from toys to air beds to pools, and watercraft. The brand is well-known for providing many affordable models with good quality, especially in their boats, and Seahawk 4 is one of the best examples.

Although Intex doesn’t provide an extended warranty period, it offers support for its products better than other brands. For example, if you need a replacement accessory for your boat, you can easily order one directly from Intex.


The Intex Seahawk 4 is an excellent option if you are looking for the best entry-level boat at an incredibly affordable price. It can quickly get you out and exploring in the water without any issue. It’s a perfect beginner boat option for all types of boaters, including lake loungers, nature lovers, water lovers, rafters, and fishers.

It’s a super-portable boat that you can quickly inflate and float in the water during the summer. It’s also easy to deflate and stored away during the winter season. Its inflatable design means you don’t need an ample storage space or a separate trailer to house the boat when it’s not in use.

Overall, the Intex Seahawk 4 appeals to those looking for an entry-level model that is super affordable for recreational and light water adventures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Seahawk 4 durable for long-term use?

The Seahawk 4 is an entry-level boat with an extremely affordable price. With that said, it’s long-term durability won’t be similar to more expensive and ruggedly designed models. However, it should work very well for recreational use and adventures in light water conditions.

Q: Can I put a motor on the Seahawk 4?

Yes. The Seahawk 4 features extra space for a motor if you want to attach one. However, you will need to purchase a separate motor mount from the brand for that. It’s advisable to buy the mount from Intex itself as they offer accessories specifically made for the boat model.

Q: Can I fix the punctures or tears on the Seahawk 4 myself?

Absolutely, and it should also be simple with the inflatable boat repair kit that is part of the package. You can fix any small puncture or tear on the Seahawk 4 using what’s inside the bag, although you may need professional help for taking care of large holes on the boat.

Q: What is the best motor option for the boat?

If you want to attach a motor on the Seahawk 4, the best option is aa trolling motor. A 36-inches shaft motor would word great for this inflatable boat.

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