‘100 Foot Wave’ Garrett McNamara Series

Have you heard about the legendary big wave surfer Garrett McNamara? Garrett gained international recognition for surfing a 100-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, back in 2011. This surfer board in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, began surfing at a young age and soon became fascinated with the thrills of catching large waves.

He soon started traveling around the world to catch the biggest waves. Known for pushing the limits of what is possible on a surfboard. And in no time, Garrett McNamara’s feat in Nazaré cemented his legacy as one of the greatest big wave surfers ever. Garrett has inspired a new generation of surfers to pursue the thrill of massive waves.

What Is this ‘100 Foot Wave’ Netflix Documentary About Garrett McNamara?

So, is there a documentary about riding the biggest wave? Well, yes, HBO has produced a documentary about McNamara titled “100 Foot Wave.” This HBO surfing documentary is a chronicle about Garrett’s journey to surf the world’s largest waves. It premiered on HBO on July 18, 2021, and soon enthusiast surfers can watch the 100 Foot Wave online on other networks like HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on.

Directed by Chris Smith, the 100 Foot Wave is a single-season series with six episodes focusing on Garrett’s time in Nazaré, where he hoped to find and conquer a 100-foot wave.

The documentary captures the intensity and drama of that historical moment and the emotional and physical toll it took on Garrett. Overall, the series is an inspiring and thrilling documentary celebrating big-wave surfers‘ skill and bravery.

Will there be a season 2, and if so, when is the 100 Foot Wave season 2 release date? In August 2021, HBO renewed the series for a second season.

So, if you fascinate the culture and community of big surfers, stay tuned for the release date of the surfing documentary Netflix 100 Foot wave season 2 in 2023 by HBO.

Synopsis of the Episodes of Garrett McNamara 100 Foot Wave Amazon Prime, HBO, Netflix

Biggest Wave In The World Nazare Portugal, surfed by Garrett McNamara, as seen in his series 100 ft wave

The 100 Foot wave big wave documentary Netflix explores the mindset of big wave surfers. The series explores the sacrifices and dedication required of surfers to pursue such an intense passion. Garrett’s pursuit of surfing feat was broken down into six chapters in the series and are as follows.

Chapter 1: Sea Monsters

Aired on July 18, 2021, chapter 1 of the series begins with professional surfer Garrett retiring to pursue his lifelong dream of riding a 100-foot wave after winning at a competition at Maui’s world-famous Jaw surf break in 2003. In 2010, Garrett and his wife Nicole invited big wave surfers to Nazaré, Portugal.

Chapter II: We’re Not Surfers

Chapter II, aired on July 25, 2021, reviews Garrett and their team reconvening in Nazaré in 2011. In this reconvene, Garratt and his team kicked preparations into high gear to prepare for the upcoming attempt to make history as he catches a nearly 80-foot tall wave that captures him to international fame.

And as expected, there were some unexpected hurdles with Garrett catching the epic wave that will forever change him, the small seaside town, and even the legacy of the sport.

Chapter III: Mavericks

Chapter III, titled Mavericks, aired on August 1, 2021. It remunerates Garrett’s challenges at Nazaré and his decision to return to competitive surfing at big wave sites in 2017.

But before this, he visited his mother, whose presence promoted this exploration. Also in this chapter is the drama of a group of Brazilians who arrived at Nazaré in 2013 but failed to head to Garrett’s safety tips, which resulted in a near-fatal accident.

Chapter IV: Dancing With God

In 2017, several prominent surfers flocked to Nazaré for its largest swell. This episode aired on August 8, 2021, with Andrew Cotton suffering a devastating wipeout.

n 2019, after rallying through a back-to-back concussion and a broken foot, Garrett sustained another injury that threatened to permanently remove him as a big wave surfer. Meanwhile, his friend catches an 80-foot wave at Nazaré when big wave surfing, taking the Guiness world record from McNamara.

Chapter V: The Circus

Aired on August 15, 2021, chapter V of the 100-foot wave follows after the World Surf League announced that Nazaré would host the upcoming big wave competition; prominent from around the globe flocks to Nazaré to participate in the tournament.

But with the event getting closer, so did Garrett’s concerns over the proposed safety of protocols, and they tried to convince organizers to beef up their plans.

On top of that, he struggles with his mental preparedness and physical injuries. Despite the fact he was not ready, seeing other world-class surfers made him consider competing anyways.

Chapter VI: More Than Just a Wipeout

The final episode of the 100 Foot Wave series aired on August 22, 2021, is set on the day of the Nazaré competition. Garrett decides not to compete but to support his long-time friend and teammate, Andrew Cotton.

Sadly, the competition did not go smoothly, with a major accident that had a secondary effect on Cotty. But after the competition, Garratt tried to surf at Nazaré again and realized he could resume big-wave surfing. The episodes conclude with a retrospective of several surfers who appeared in various series episodes.

Critiques and Controversy of Garrett McNamara 100 Foot Wave Surfing

surfer Garrett McNamara rides a giant wave

With big wave surfing becoming more popular, it became a subject of criticism and scrutiny. Some raised questions about the ethics and safety of pushing the limit of what is possible in the ocean.

Some even raised criticism about the impact it can have on the environment. But the 100ft Wave Netflix does not shy away from these issues.

Rather the series explores the risks involved in big wave surfing and encourages prospective surfers to take proper caution when big waves surge.

It addresses the issue of the impact of the sport on the environment and the need for surfers to be responsible for the practices to ensure that the ocean remains a sustainable and healthy resource. And if you are a fan of Garrett McNamara Rich Rolls podcast, it further encourages surfers to engage in responsible practices.


For those wondering, “is a 100-foot wave possible” well, Garrett is a pro surfer that set this record. As documented in the series 100 Foot Wave, surfers and aspiring surfers can get a few cues about what it takes to be a professional surfer.

This incredibly thrilling and immersive series takes views on a wild trip through the world of big-wave surfing. Ultimately, the 100 Foot Wave documentary is a must-watch for anyone who loves nature, adventure, and human resilience.

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