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Over the last decade, electric longboard skateboards have become significantly popular globally as they are an incredibly efficient, fun and safe mode of transport. For generations, traditional skateboards have been a form of transportation for millions of people; however, electric skateboards combine the usual thrill with the unmatched convenience of electric power.

Electric longboard skateboards are like traditional skateboards, yet they come standard with an electric motor. The motor functions as an effective propulsion system, seamlessly integrated into the underside of the board or its rear wheels. The electric motor is controlled by a handheld remote. 

It is worth noting that numerous high-quality, dependable, and desirable electric skateboard models are currently available. While premium electric skateboards are expensive, they are worthy of their price tag, induced by advanced safety features, longer ranges on a single charge and a higher top speed. Have you considered buying an electric longboard skateboard but want to know more?  Keep reading for the Top 5 things you need to know about electric longboard skateboards.

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1. What Is an Electric Longboard Skateboard?

While numerous electric longboard skateboards are currently available, most are considered traditional skateboards with an additional electric propulsion motor.

These skateboards are similar to usual longboard skateboards. However, an electric motor connected to the device’s rear wheels or underside enables users to travel several miles without inserting any arduous physical effort.

Electric longboard skateboard owners commonly control their devices with a handheld remote or a smartphone application. This can be used to decelerate or accelerate, depending on the situation. Some higher-end electric skateboard models use a regenerative braking system, allowing users to travel substantially further on a single charge.

Despite most electric longboards being limited to shorter or medium distances, they are an effective and exciting alternative to traditional modes of transport such as regular skateboards, bicycles, scooters, or walking.

The longer wheelbase associated with electric longboard skateboards is beneficial. This significantly enhances the ride’s smoothness, stability, and safety compared to archaic ones. Purchasing an electric longboard skateboard is a decision you will never regret. It will allow you to effortlessly travel around your local area completely free of charge.

2. How Do Electric Longboard Skateboards Function?

Electric longboard skateboards work by efficiently combining a traditional longboard skateboard design with modern battery and electric motor systems.

The best ones are designed with a narrow deck comprising lightweight composite materials. A high-quality deck is essential as it provides the rider unparalleled stability, especially at higher speeds, with the accompanying electric motor providing the required forward power.

Moreover, the remote controller that comes with the skateboard is the most critical aspect of the entire experience as it manipulates the battery and onboard motor to accelerate, brake, or reverse.

Suppose your electric longboard skateboard comes standard with LED lights. In that case, you have purchased one of the better models.  Lights are directly responsible for your safety while riding due to their illumination characteristics. In addition, the LED lights indicate how much of the battery is currently available, the indicated temperature, and other safety features.

3. What are the Main Benefits of Using an Electric Longboard Skateboard?

There are countless benefits directly associated with modern electric skateboards, especially when considering how much more advantageous they are compared to traditional longboard skateboards.

While there are numerous benefits of utilizing an electric longboard skateboard, these are the top seven unseen aspects worth noting:

  1. Speed and range. Most modern electric longboard skateboards can reach speeds of between 10 and 20 miles per hour, with an accompanying range of between 15 and 25 miles on a single charge.
  2. Convenience. Premium electric longboard skateboards do not require any additional physical effort, meaning users can ride forwards or backward without taking their feet off the deck.
  3. Inclines and hills. With the associated power and torque, modern electric longboards.
  4. Skateboards can traverse most hills and inclines without necessitating significant physical user effort.
  5. Customization. The best electric longboard skateboards can be highly customized, meaning you can adjust crucial settings until they suit your riding style, requirements, and skill level.
  6. Health and fitness. Despite electric longboard skateboards requiring almost no additional physical exertion, users must maintain their stability, balance, and direction, indirectly benefiting their overall health and fitness.
  7. Fun, enjoyment, and pleasure. Any electric longboard user will agree that riding modern equipment induces unparalleled levels of enjoyment, fun, and pleasure, especially when used as a recreational device.
  8. Improve your surfing and snowboarding skills, without having to hit the waves or the slopes!

It is important to remember that while these skateboards are convenient and thrilling, they can be risky if utilized incorrectly or recklessly.

4. Which Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Longboard Skateboard?

You must comprehensively account for numerous considerations before purchasing a pricy electric longboard skateboard.

While there are too many considerations to analyze entirely, here are the most critical ones:

  • Fundamental purpose. Knowing what you intend to use for the electric longboard is vital. By knowing your specific purpose for purchasing a pricy device, the selection process will be streamlined and efficient.
  • The electric longboard skateboards range. Before purchasing your device, check its range, battery life, and power, directly influencing its overall convenience, practicality, and usability.
  • Power and speed. Consider the electric longboard’s power and speed. It must be powerful and fast enough to account for your intended usage effortlessly.
  • Your current budget and the electric longboard’s price.
  • Overall safety.
  • Long-term reputation and online reviews.
  • Build quality. It is vital to check the electric longboard skateboard’s overall build quality and accompanying deck, as this will directly influence its longevity, usefulness, and practicality.
  • Suspension and wheels. Larger wheels and suspensions usually mean the device’s ride quality will be outstanding.
  • Braking and control. How fast your device can brake and how well it can be controlled by a user of your current skill level is critical as it will impact your general safety and the security of those around you.

It is important to consider the abovementioned factors fully as they will positively affect your final decision if done thoroughly and correctly.

5. What are the Best Electric Longboard Skateboards on the Market?

The top electric skateboards currently available on the market are constantly changing. However, some long-standing premium brands should not be overlooked in the greater scheme of things.

Here are our top picks in 2023:

  1. Evolve Skateboards
  2. Boosted Boards
  3. Meepo
  4. Backfire
  5. Onboard
  6. Exway
  7. WowGo

While these are the best electric skateboards currently, the top model for you will be based on your specific requirements, necessities, budget, and longevity.


Modern electric longboard skateboards are exceptional pieces of technology and equipment. Purchasing a premium electric longboard skateboard can be considered one of the best decisions you will ever make.   Electric longboard skateboards allow you to freely and safely travel around your local area while ensuring optimal health and fitness.

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