Top 8 Best Surf Skateboards (Flow Surf Skates)

Surf skateboarding has become a thrilling blend of surfing and skateboarding, offering riders the experience of riding waves on land. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice looking to dive into the world of surf skateboarding, selecting the right board is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Surf skateboards, also known as surf skates or surf skateboards, simulate the feeling of surfing on concrete. These specialized skateboards feature a longer wheelbase, a wider deck, and unique truck systems that mimic the fluid motion of surfing. Designed to carve and pump like a surfboard, surf skateboards offer riders the ability to perform surf-inspired maneuvers on flat surfaces, making them an excellent training tool for surfers and a thrilling recreational activity for skating enthusiasts.

Surf skateboards first appeared in the water sports scene before the new millennium. Pioneers of these excellent longboards or skateboards designed them to copy the dynamic motion of riding waves using a typical surfboard.

Versatile surf skateboards are useful in various riding styles and moves, including cruising, carving, street skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and many more. As you can see, manufacturers of surfskates designed them to copy actual sea or ocean surfing motions.

Here we tackle eight of the top-rated and versatile surf skateboards, which are the following:

Top 8 Best Surf Skateboards Reviewed

  1. Surf Skateboard by Hamboards
  2. Surf Skateboard by Flow Surf Skates
  3. Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard Black Sox
  4. Surfeeling USA Bone Breaker Surf Skateboard
  5. Austin Keen Pro SwellTech SurfSkate
  6. Surfeeling USA Snap Surf Skateboard
  7. Carver Surfskate Resin 31-inch C7
  8. City Surf Longboard Skateboard by Krown

#1. Surf Skateboard by Hamboards


  1. Product Dimensions: 59¼ inches [Deck Length]; 11¼ inches [Width]
  2. Construction: Premium, nine-ply maple-birch
  3. Color: Red
  4. Riding styles and moves: Cruising, Carving, Noseriding, Stand up paddle boarding or SUP skating
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  6. Other Features: Hamboards Surfskate Trucks, Durable, ultraviolet or UV-resistant grip coating

Among the best surf skateboards available today that is popular for its versatility is the Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard Surf Skateboard. Hamboards is a Huntington Beach, California-based company that designed this all-around surfskate.

The Hamboards Surf Skateboard is long and narrow. It allows you to perform cross-stepping and profound leans. Plus, its Hamboards Surfskate Trucks facilitate marvelous carving. You will love the material and design applied in the construction of this surf skateboard.

Hamboards restyled this product for retro and epic thrash design to give you the ultimate cruising and carving experiences. You can feel assured that your Hamboards surf skateboard will last long because it is high-quality and made using premium, nine-ply birch-maple. Hence, the Hamboards Surf Skateboard can take any beating and still remain sturdy.

The fantastic surf skateboard also features heavy-duty, ultraviolet, or UV-resistant grip coating. As it copies ocean surfing encounters, this piece of water sports equipment features heavy slides.

You can expect the ultimate versatility with the Hamboards Surf Skateboards because it caters to riders of all capability levels, including novice, advanced, and intermediate. Plus, this all-around surf skateboard can accommodate people of all ages and sizes. The Hamboards Surf Skateboards is ideal for plenty of weight limits, starting from 100 to 200 pounds.

Smooth surf skateboard rides and the classic longboard feeling are undoubtedly within your reach with the Hamboard Surf Skateboard. Its ideal mix of height, length, and flex make classic surf flow and carve possible. You will not get inconvenienced by rail drag, wheel bite, or wheel lift, too. You will just relish noseriding, cruising, carving, and stand up paddle boarding or SUP skating fun!

Suitable for surf skateboard riders of all ages and ability levelsWe got nothin'
Capable of accommodating various rider sizes


#2. Surf Skateboard by Flow Surf Skates


  1. Product Dimensions: 33 inches long [Deck Length]; 10 inches wide [Width]; 19 inches [Wheelbase]
  2. Construction: Exotic veneer and seven-ply maple
  3. Color: Black
  4. Riding styles and moves: Surfing, Street skating, Skating in urban landscapes
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: All surf skateboarding capability levels
  6. Other Features: 69-millimeter Flow Surf Cruisers (Wheels), Snappy Flex Flexibility, Flow Surf Skate Truck Technology

The Flow Surf Skates Surf Skateboard with Carving Truck is another of the best surf skateboards with unprecedented versatility. The Swell 33 model features an adjustable truck spring tension that facilitates customizable surf skateboard rides. You can loosen or tighten this feature of the Flow Surf Skates to suit your preferences and body size. This surfskate is truly well-suited for surf skateboard riders of all capability levels and ages.

Furthermore, this product, which is best for skating and surfing and inspired by the sea, allows you to relish surf skateboarding in the city. Its manufacturer designed it for you to enjoy surfing in urban streets and sidewalks. On flat days, this product enables you to practice your surfing moves.

You can also utilize the Flow Surf Skates Surf Skateboard with Carving Truck to merely go surf skating around the town to enjoy it. This product is undoubtedly ideal for enjoying any urban landscape’s paved waves.

The Swell 33 features a wide standing platform that facilitates you to have a comfortable position. On the rails, it is unnecessary for you to sacrifice leverage. You can enjoy stability at higher speeds with this lengthy, classic cruiser. Also, Flow Surf Skate’s Truck Technology enables you to enjoy smooth pumping and fluid and snappy carving, thanks to the internal spring.

This one-of-a-kind style mimics the feeling of actually riding a surfboard. The Flow Surf Skates Surf Skateboard with Carving Truck is among the all-around surf skateboards you can buy. With its affordability of less than $170 complementing its versatility, you surely will not regret your purchase.

Offers enjoyable and smooth ridesMinor complaint about some of the components falling apart
Smooth pumping
Excellent price
Fluid turns

#3. Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard Black Sox


  1. Product Dimensions: 31 inches long [Deck Length] / 32.01 X 10.24 X 5.24 inches [Product Dimensions]; 7.6 pounds [Weight]
  2. Construction: Canadian maple
  3. Color: Red and blue hues in the body
  4. Riding styles and moves: Simulation of carving feeling on land, Surfing, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Carving through a turn, Putting a surf skateboard on rail
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  6. Other Features: The patented spring-loaded truck system, Bevo Gold Seven high-speed precision bearings, Truck adjustment tool, Sticker pack

Do you think you are too busy to skate on the slopes? Also, do you think you do not have the free time to make it to the sea? You do not have to worry because you can still take your surfskating adventures to the next level with the Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard Black Sox.

This surf skateboard features the Whale shape, and it is the ultimate carving skateboard that delivers street-surfing style par excellence! Besides, you can feel as though you are carving on land with this highly rated surf skateboard. For its construction, its manufacturer used seven-ply Canadian maple. Plus, it features 65 X 44-millimeter wheels with 78A Hardness.

The Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard Black Sox’s spring-loaded trucks are under patent and let you pump the surfskate via turns once you begin. This measure enables you to keep momentum without the need to push. Plus, the slide performance front truck’s rotating axis design offers you the independence to give thrust or propulsion. Therefore, you enjoy the incredible feeling of carving a wave in actual waters.

The Slide Street Surf Skateboard is undoubtedly the ultimate cross-training surfskate and buddy you can enjoy for wakeboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Furthermore, if you merely want to carve through spin or feel like placing a surf skateboard on the rail, this product best suits you.

Features high-quality aluminum and patented spring-loaded trucksNot suitable for novice surf skateboard riders and children
Easy to pump with and use
Excellent quality
Great price
Check Price on Amazon

#4. Surfeeling USA Bone Breaker Surf Skateboard


  1. Product Dimensions: 10.6 inches wide [Width]; 30.7 inches long [Length]; 6.1 inches wide [Tail Width]; 2.9 inches [Nose]; 16.3 inches [Wheelbase]; 7.75 pounds [Weight]
  2. Construction: Maple
  3. Color: Yellow, Orange, Blue
  4. Riding styles and moves: Aggressive and hard turns, Street skateboarding, Cruising
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  6. Other Features: 70-millimeter, 78A Surfeeling burnout wheels,Wide and long deck, Double swallow wide format, Surfeeling technology grip tape

If you are searching for a surf skateboard that you can use in the streets, you should try the Surfeeling USA Bone Breaker Surf Skateboard. This product features a unique truck design. The front truck lets the surfskate pivot in either direction, and it swivels. Plus, the swiveling front truck enables this surf skateboard to copy actual ocean surfing.

In terms of its looks, the Bone Breaker is attractive with its 100-percent shortboard surfboard appearance. You can pick from the three colors available, which are blue, yellow, and orange. Plus, it features a black stringer crossing the deck lengthwise. On a white deck background, you can find turquoise tail pad graphics.

Moreover, are you aware that the Surfeeling USA Bone Breaker Surf Skateboard’s manufacturer partnered with Jesse Mendes? He is the world’s elite surfing star from Brazil and is the World Surf League tour professional. This fact makes the surfskate an exciting purchase.

The surfskate has a wide and extensive deck. Besides, it comes with the 70-millimeter, 78A Surfeeling burnout wheels. Moreover, the Surfeeling USA Bone Breaker Surf Skateboard has a slightly stubbier contour, stout outline, huge tail, and a relatively short wheelbase. These properties let you achieve a responsive and highly snappy ride. You also get a quick retort from the double swallow wide format without losing grip of the smooth line of surf skating.

The Surfeeling USA Bone Breaker Surf Skateboard is among the best surf skateboards available today that lets you rip the streets similar to your tub-thumping moves in the sea. It is versatile and thrives on hard and aggressive twists.

Very easy to slide and pump in driveways
Quick to get sold out online
Easy and smooth on turns
Responsive and snappy
Highly maneuverable

#5. Austin Keen Pro SwellTech SurfSkate


  1. Product Dimensions: 33 inches long [Deck Length]; 7.5 inches wide [Tail Width]; 20 Inches [Wheelbase]
  2. Construction: SurfSkate SwellTech System
  3. Color: Palms, Tube
  4. Riding styles and moves: Tight turns, Snappy maneuvers, Narrow stance riders
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  6. Other Features: SwellTech system, Annular Bearing Engineering Committee or ABEC 7s – 70-millimeter 78A wheels, Lifetime Warranty, For riders 4’5″ to 5’10″ tall, Removable traction pad

Austin Keen is a well-known board sports figure. He is the world’s skimboarding defender and praised for his spectacular and explosive surf skateboarding maneuvers. The manufacturer of the Austin Keen Pro SwellTech SurfSkate named the product after the skimboarding world champion, and you will fall in love with this product if you admire Austin Keen’s professionalism.

The Austin Keen Pro SwellTech SurfSkate features a generous concave. This property runs along its length. In snappy maneuvers and tight turns, you get a secure foot lock-in. Plus, the 20-inch wheelbase is sufficiently extensive. When carving down a steeper hill, this benefit offers outstanding stability.

The 33-inch long Austin Keen surf skateboard is short and compact. You will love how it copies a surfboard’s unlimited movements through the perfectly free-motion front truck. Thus, with this fantastic surf skateboard, you can turn in any direction or pump for more pace.

The Austin Keen Pro SwellTech SurfSkate will work best for you if your height is from 4’5″ to 5’10” tall. You can relish its excellent performance as a narrow stance rider doing quick maneuvers and tight turns. If you feel dissatisfied with the surfskate you bought, the manufacturer of this high-quality surfskate has a lifetime warranty. They will make you feel delighted by shipping and replacing the broken parts free of charge.

Suitable for beginnersNot available in Europe
Smooth performance
Check Price on Amazon

#6. Surfeeling USA Snap Surf Skateboard


  1. Product Dimensions: 31 inches long [Deck Length]; 9.98 inches wide [Width]; 5.7 inches wide [Tail Width]; 1.9 inches [Nose]; 18 inches [Wheelbase]
  2. Construction: K1 System
  3. Color: Blue, Yellow
  4. Riding styles and moves: Boardwalks, Sidewalks, Flat environments, Fast downhill rides
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  6. Other Features: 70 millimeters 78A Surfeeling Burnout Wheels, Grip tape

Riding a rapid and awesome midsize surfboard is a great feeling that the Surfeeling USA Snap Surf Skateboard offers. If you miss those times, this product is a must-try. The Snap is the ideal, all-around surf skateboard. It comes with a narrower and longer deck that measures 31 inches long and 9.98 inches wide.

Also, the Snap Surf Skateboard comes with an extensive and stable, 18-inch wheelbase. Therefore, similar to your exciting surfing days in the past, you get to experience faster speed and more excellent stability again. 

The Surfeeling USA Snap Surf Skateboard’s narrow, in-cut tail facilitates swooping and wide carves. At the end of the turn, you get to experience a rapid reentry as well. You will also adore this affordable surf skateboard for having eye-catching, flamboyant, and comic-like graphics with flashy blue, green, and yellow colors. 

The Snap Surf Skateboard comes with 70-millimeter, 78A Surfeeling Burnout Wheels, and a grip tape across the top deck. If you avail of this classic surfskate, you can expect the best moments of your life surfskating efficiently in flat and downhill environments. Plus, you can enjoy surfskating in boardwalks and sidewalks because this piece of equipment is the best surf skateboard for these landscapes.

Delivers snappy and sharp turns
Limited customer feedback online
Wheels have excellent grip
Smooth performance

#7. Carver Surfskate Resin 31-inch C7


  1. Product Dimensions: 31 inches long [Deck Length]; 9.75 inches wide [Width]; 6.25 inches wide [Tail Width]; 3.5 inches [Nose]; 17 inches [Wheelbase / Center Distance]
  2. Construction: Resin
  3. Color: Deck with blue, white, and grey hues
  4. Riding styles and moves: Smooth carving, Cruising
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Amateur, Professional
  6. Other Features: Carver C7 truck [Front]; Carver C4 truck [Rear],Stakes: Carver Roundhouse, 69-millimeter Con Wheel, HL-78A Custom Smoke wheels, ABEC 7 Built-ins

An unforgettable and excellent surf skating time awaits you if you buy the Carver Surfskate Resin 31-inch C7. This long-running favorite surfskate lets you enjoy your time in the water and land because of its delivery of smooth and comfortable experiences.

The Carver Surfskate lets you relish incredibly soft and non-skid grip. It enables you to interact with the surf skateboard easily, with the rear flowing. The large diameter and broad outline of this product also facilitate convenience.

Furthermore, this beloved, iconic, and best-selling surf skateboard features an extensive tail, narrow nose template, and recommended length. These advantageous features let you drop into any hill with tremendous confidence or pump and quickly snap the waters.

The C7 Truck is Carver’s signature surf skateboard, which pumps the fastest and turns the smoothest. It is at the real surf skateboard performance’s leading edge. Plus, it is best for bowls and stable at speed.

Professional and amateur surf skateboard riders select the Carver Surfskate Resin 31-inch C7 because this product with an intermediate size fits most surf skating enthusiasts. It is versatile and maneuverable, and you can enjoy it more if you are searching for fun cruising and smooth carving encounters.

Snappy and responsiveNeeds more pressure
Less fluid and agile
Excellent grip

#8. City Surf Longboard Skateboard by Krown


  1. Product Dimensions: 46 inches long [Deck Length]; 9 inches wide [Width]
  2. Construction: Canadian maple
  3. Color: Disco Wave, Rasta
  4. Riding styles and moves: Dancing, Cruising, Downhill riding, Free rides
  5. Surf Skate Rider Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

The Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard is the best surfskate to purchase if you want a surf skateboard that allows you to perform various riding moves and styles. This product lets you perform free rides, dances, downhill rides, and cruising. Plus, you get to select from the graphics and color blends of your preference.

Aside from the variety of riding styles and moves and the surfskate’s vibrant appearance, this highly rated surf skateboard will not waste your time because you will receive it professionally assembled already. Thus, you can be ready to surfkate straight out of the box!

The Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard is narrow at the tail and nose, diminishing the likelihood of wheel wells and bites. This feature decreases the wheels from biting further. Moreover, this surf skateboard includes added features that meet the industry’s standards and are the specific preferences of surf skateboard enthusiasts worldwide. 

The premium-quality features comprise precision-speed ABEC 7 bearings, 80 grit black grip tape, and the 71-millimeter, 78A high-rebound urethane wheels. As one of the best surf skateboards available today, this product also comes with high-tensile, Phillips head mounting hardware and the heavy-duty, Aluminum 6-inch trucks. You can trust the Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard’s maker because it has been in the surf skateboarding scene since 1996. 

Krown aims to deliver the best surf skateboard to fans that will not put a dent on their customers’ budget. Hence, if you are a novice or intermediate surf skateboard rider, you should not think twice about trying Krown’s surfskate today.

High-quality features, including bearings for free and smooth ridingFew buyers complained about the surf skateboard's highly flexible nature
Excellent and smooth performance of downhill riding and carving
Minor customer complaint about the surfskate’s deck peeling
Offers tremendous value for buyers' money
Tremendously responsive turning capacity
Check Price on Amazon

Our Favorite Surf Skateboards

Versatility, durability, and tremendous value for money – these three advantages are what you get from buying the Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard Surf Skateboard. With these benefits, you undoubtedly will not look for any other product.

The 59¼-inch-long and 11¼-inch-wide surfing equipment deserves the label “the best surf skateboard available today.” It is because it is truly versatile, considering that surfskate riders from novice, intermediate, to professional can ride and relish it.

Also, the Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard Surf Skateboard delivers the classic longboard feeling to surf skateboard riders of all ages and weights, beginning from 100 to 200 pounds. You can enjoy this surf skateboard in various moves and styles in land and sea, including stand up paddle boarding or SUP skating, cruising, noseriding, carving, and many others.

Besides, you will appreciate the sturdy construction of the red Hamboards Surf Skateboard. Paying below $400 is, indeed, worth it. After all, you can feel that your hard-earned money did not go down the drain just like that because you spent top dollar for a high-quality surf skateboard. 

Thanks to the manufacturer for utilizing high-quality, nine-ply birch-maple and reliable ultraviolet or UV-resistant grip coating, you can feel assured and tremendous peace of mind in your surf skateboarding moments.

Buyer’s Guide to Surf Skateboards

When you select a surf skateboard, plenty of aspects come into play. The following features are the factors that are significant for you to consider when finding a suitable surfskate.

1) Deck Dimensions

The deck is the wooden platform portion of a surf skateboard. Manufacturers design it by following functional and aesthetic standards in terms of length, width, concaves, and overall outline.

If you are an intermediate or beginner surf skateboard rider, a long surf skateboard is ideal. It is more stable and perfect for practice carving. Besides, long surfskates are useful if you search for stability when cruising around your village or advancing into higher-level maneuvers.

On the other hand, the short surf skateboard is perfect if you want to practice slides, sharp turns, snaps, and cutbacks. It is the same with an ocean surfboard in which it makes tighter turns being a smaller board.

2) Surf Skateboard Stance Width

On a surf skateboard, the surfskate’s wheelbase is the distance between the inside mounting holes. As you desire your feet position on the trucks’ top, this highly important measurement should be close to your stance.

To determine the wheelbase that works for you, measure the distance between your inner right foot’s center and that of your inner left foot’s using a measuring tape or a ruler. Subtract one inch from this figure, and you get your range’s lower number. Then, add one inch to your original measurement to obtain your range’s higher figure.

For instance, your original measurement is 16 inches. Therefore, the wheelbase that works for you is from 15 inches to 17 inches. Remember that these numbers pertain to the stance that feels natural and comfortable for you as you stand on the surfskate’s deck.

3) Wheels

Surf skateboarding wheels vary. These different dimensions consist of diameter, density, composition, and width. Also, surf skateboard wheels have different edge shapes and concave profiles.

Large surf skateboard wheels offer more speed for longer rides and carving. They can run over debris and cracks. On the other hand, small surf skateboard wheels are ideal for speed control, tricks performances, and riding in the bowl.

The wheels, deck dimensions, and stance width are essential factors you need to consider when availing of the optimal surf skateboard. There are other critical elements to look into that you can read from other online reviews. Remember to ask the online sellers more questions so you can get the most suitable surf skateboard.


The best surf skateboards are those that are versatile. You can enjoy them regardless of your capability level. Therefore, if you are a seasoned surf skateboard rider, a beginner, or an intermediate rider, you can relish your experience on these boards.

Furthermore, surf skateboards worthy of your hard-earned money can accommodate riders of assorted ages, whether young, middle-aged, or senior citizens. They are highly durable, and people can ride them regardless of their weight as well. 

Finally, the best surf skateboards are all-around, and riders can use them for surfing, noseriding, surfing in urban environments, cruising, carving, stand up paddleboarding, or SUP skating, and many more.

Buying one of the best surf skateboards will deliver you tremendous value for your hard-earned money. They are versatile and durable. Therefore, you can feel assured that you are not squandering the financial resources or money you worked very hard to earn.

Reading this brief review about the best surf skateboards is helpful because it offers you some insights on the right product to purchase. You can learn more about other premium-quality brands and additional information you need to know about surf skateboarding in other online reviews. Getting these pieces of knowledge will let you enjoy and understand the value of engaging in this famous water and land-based leisure activity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What is the fundamental dissimilarity between surf skateboards and street skateboards?

Surf skateboards usually have lengths of up to 40 inches. They are wider than street skateboards, shorter, and with smaller wheels.

Q: How can I learn to perform tricks and maneuvers with a surf skateboard?

You can register for surf skateboard classes if you have the opportunity or time to do so. Having an instructor and guide is the best technique to learn the surf skateboarding maneuvers and tricks.

You also possess the choice to watch tutorial videos online. These online channels demonstrate the fundamental kinds of maneuvers: the backside, pump, front side reentry, cutback, and floater.

Q: Is surf skateboard-riding easy for an ocean surfer?

Yes, everything is easy when it comes to surf skateboard-riding if you are an experienced ocean surfer. After all, the surfskates’ motion is the same as that of surfing in the sea.

Moreover, plenty of surfing courses utilize these skateboards to teach learners in developing their surfing maneuvers. These pieces of know-how are much easier to explain and show in the land than in water.

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