Top 3 Best Hydro Force Boats | Reviews (Mirovia Pro)

Certain brands can accommodate your inflatable boat needs, but if you are looking for a wide variation of inflatable boats that can withstand at most everything, then, Hydro-Force is for you. What sets it apart from other brands in the technology that they use in making these boats. With Inflatashield technology and drop-stitch bottom construction, you can be sure that your purchase is as rigid and as puncture-resistant as possible.

They also use the best PVC material for your boats and kayaks along with the Fortech technology, which makes your inflatable boats light-weight.

All Hydro-Force inflatable boats are incredibly affordable compared to their competitors. But their affordability does not mean their quality is not good. With the latest technology, they have made the best quality for their products.

Top 3 Best Hydro-Force Inflatable Boats

For your choices, we have made the list of the top three inflatable boats by Hydro-Force below.

  1. Hydro-Force Mirovia Pro Inflatable Boat
  2. Hydro-Force 91 Inch Caspian Pro Inflatable Boat
  3. Hydro-Force Sunsaille Inflatable Boat

#1. Hydro-Force Mirovia Pro – Best Overall Inflatable Boat


  • Accommodates five passengers (four adults and one child)
  • Weight capacity: 1,411 lbs.
  • Boat weight: 113 lbs.
  • Maximum dimensions: 10 ft 8 in x 5 ft 3 in

If you are looking for a professional inflatable boat, then this is for you. It does not only give you the best performance, but it also gives you that luxury, comfort, and fun that you and your family/friends has been looking for in inflatable boats. It may be the most expensive among the other Hydro Force inflatable boats, but this will be your best purchase.

With its long body, the Mirovia Pro will give you enough space for your belongings and your passengers. The two built-in benches of the boat allow your passengers with better seating with just enough space for other things.

The Mirovia Pro gets manufactured with the sturdiest PVC construction, and the Marine Grade Aluminum floorboards protect you from any abrasions and provide a non-slide surface. It also gives you rigid stability and easy rowing with its high-pressure inflatable keel. The fixed buckles allow you to put an outside motor for extra speed and power.

Has safety-grab ropes along the perimeter of the boat for better grip during tripsThe boat is more substantial than usual, so there is a need for two people to lift it
Three-air-chamber construction for better and faster inflation/deflation
An electric pump is better when inflating the boat than their free hand pump
Has a metal motor mount to put up a motor quickly
Only works best for three adults instead of four
Wood floorboards for stability
Comes with collapsible oars

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#2. Hydro-Force 91 Inch Caspian Pro


  • Accommodates three adults and one child
  • Weight capacity: 568 lbs
  • Maximum dimensions: 9 ft 2 in x 5ft

If you like to abuse your boat with your wild water adventures, the Caspian Pro is for you. This two-person inflatable dinghy gives you enough space for three adults and one child. Just like the Mirovia Pro, the Caspian Pro got manufactured with the best PVC material using the Inflatashield technology for a more rigid and abrasion-resistant boat with a UV-resistant tech. The non-slip marine grade plywood flooring also allows you and your buddies a better balance.

Do not judge the size of this boat because, with the help of the Fortech technology, this big boat is not as heavy as its size. This technology gives you better control when maneuvering on the water as well as lifting the dinghy.

When it comes to safety, the Caspian Pro has omnidirectional oarlocks and safety ropes around the perimeter of the boat. It also has a motor mount just like the Mirovia Pro and a drain valve.

The deflator and inflator valves for the Caspian Pro give you a no-sweat and quick pumping time. The steel tow rings allow you a more reliable lifting during transportation.

Just like the Mirovia Pro, the Caspian Pro has a tow rope with a length of 10 meters and paddles at 64 inches. But the paddles can collapse to 14.5 inches.

Built for wild adventures, made with high-grade PVC material
No d-rings
All accessories included in the package
NMMA Certified

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#3. Hydro-Force Sunsaille Inflatable Raft


  • Accommodates up to six passengers
  • Boat capacity: 140 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 1741 lbs
  • Maximum dimensions: 12 ft 4 in x 6 ft

The Hydro Force Sunsaille is the newest and most versatile inflatable boat of Hydro Force. It can fit your entire family, along with your fishing and picnic accessories. As big as its size, the Sunsaille can easily be in transport as it is only 122 x 40 x 76cm when folded in its bag. So, you can quickly put the Sunsaille at the back of your car.

Although the Sunsaille is not as slip-resistant as the other inflatable boats of Hydro-Force, the flooring got manufactured with drop-stitch material that is rigid and sturdy enough to support a maximum of six people. The transom is a marine-grade plywood material, so you are still in good hands.

Just like the other Hydro Force inflatable boats, the Sunsaille is UV resistant and has terylene supported PVC material. Unlike the Caspian Pro, it has a four-air-chamber construction that can quickly inflate and deflate a big boat such as the Sunsaille. It also has a high-pressure keel for better maneuver and stability when on water.

Just like the other Hydro-Force inflatable boats, the Sunsaille has steel two-rings, safety-grab ropes, integrated drain valve, oars, and a hand pump. It can also accommodate a 25HP motor for its motor mount and a fixed buckle for an oil box.

Versatile – can accommodate up to six passengersFlooring made with drop-stitch material unlike other inflatable boats
Comes with all the needed accessories
Needs an electric pump for inflation since it has a large size
Has a fixed buckle for oil box
Can house a 25HP motor
UV resistant

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Top Pick – Best Hydro-Force Inflatable Boat

When choosing to buy an inflatable boat, the quality is the most crucial part of inflatable boats as it is for deep waters such as lakes and seas. Hydro-Force uses only the best technology with their boats. However, among the three boats presented above, the Hydro-Force Mirovia Pro is the best. Not only is it made from the company’s latest technology, but it also is an excellent choice if you are an inflatable boat enthusiast with love for the wild waters. The Mirovia Pro has just the right size for boating or fishing and is not as heavy as the Sunsaille.

If you are a beginner in using inflatable boats, the Mirovia is also the best fit. Since the Mirovia Pro can support up to 15HP motor, it means it can accommodate a much lower horsepower for those who want to take it slow.

Among the three, the Mirovia Pro has the highest reviews in terms of its design, comfortable seating, and price.

Inflatable Boats – A Brief History

Among all the boats made throughout history, the inflatable boat is the most lightweight but can only accommodate a limited amount of passengers. These boats are used either for rescues or recreational activities.

Inflatable boats got manufactured to have a compact and easy to store boats. That is why they are the most used raft rescues for ships, and they are a hit for personal uses.

Throughout history, inflatable boats underwent several innovations with its design. The Rigid Inflatable Boat and the Soft Inflatable Boat are the most popular inflatable boats in the market nowadays.

The difference between the RIB from the SIB is the flooring. The RIB has more rigid flooring, usually made of hard material sturdy enough and lightweight enough for the boat to maneuver better. The SIB has soft flooring and lacks rigidity compared to the RIB.

Tony and Edward Lee-Elliot made the first RIB used in the market in 1967.

The RIB got developed at the Atlantic College. It got introduced in North America through the military.

The boats were to be ordered by the Navy.

Getting the Best Inflatable Boats – Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the right inflatable boat for you, you must consider the following things. Inflatable boats can range from beginner’s usage to pro usage. So, the following ideas can help you decide.

Types of Inflatable Boats

Rigid Inflatable Boats – Rescuers and professionals usually use rIBs. These boats got made to withstand extreme weather and rough currents.

Soft Inflatable Boats – SIBs are usually used by beginners and those who only use the boat for short transports. They are used to become foldable and compact; that is why they are the best fit for home-usage.

Inflatable Boat Construction

Fiber material – the fiber used for the dinghy is a crucial part when considering purchasing an inflatable boat. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is the most available type of fiber used in the market. It is also the most cost-effective and has excellent strength, elasticity, and resistance.

Motor – depending on the size of the inflatable boat, motors usually range from 5HP to 25HP. The bigger size of the boat encourages the higher the horsepower of the engine.

Essential accessories included with the boat – the vital accessories for inflatable boats include but are not limited to steel two-rings, drain valve, oars, pumps, and pressure gauge. When choosing the right inflatable boat for you, the essential accessories get checked.


Before buying an inflatable boat, users must consider the length or extent of use for the inflatable boat. The price range of every inflatable boat depends on the usage, the strength, and the size of the boat.

If the inflatable boats are for rescues, it is always better to purchase the RIBs or the Rigid Inflatable Boats. If you are also a fishing enthusiast who is also looking for water adventures, the RIB will surely give you’re the ride. However, if you are only looking for an inflatable boat for recreational use that is solely for short distance transportations, the SIB is the best fit for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What raft is best for four people?

The best raft for four passengers is the Mirovia Pro. It has two built-in benches enough for four people along with their belongings, such as fishing gears.

Q: Is PVC the best type of fiber for the dinghy?

There is another type of fiber used for inflatable boats – the Neoprene. Some companies use this material on their boats. However, with modern technology, PVC and Neoprene became almost the same as PVC is also as competitive as Neoprene.

Q: How do I maintain my inflatable boat?

Make sure to clean your dinghy before storage. Rinse the dinghy with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth before deflating. Make sure to dry the dinghy before putting it away thoroughly. Keep your boat out of sunlight or excessive heat.

Q: How do you know the best motor to use for every inflatable boat?

Small inflatable boats can have a motor with 5HP. A 15HP engine can power Mid-range inflatable boats like the Mirovia Pro and Caspian Pro. For large inflatable boats like the Sunsaille, you can use up to 25HP motors.

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