10 Best Towable Tubes | 2022 Reviews (Airhead, O’Brien)

Last Updated September 16, 2022

Soaring through the waters at top speeds while hanging on to an inflatable tube heightens up the good times in lake and beach parties. With a rope merely being your connection to another boat, it gives thrills from young kids to fearless adults. 

If you are one who has never tried riding on being towed by another boat, then you are missing on quite a lot of fun. Towable tubes make the ride exciting since you can share the amusement with not just one – sometimes even up to 5 people at the same time. 

Whether it is your first time to experience tubing or in a quest for looking for an upgrade, we’ve come up with a list of best towable tubes that are safe and highly enjoyable to use. 

Top 10 Best Towable Tubes Reviewed

The market is full of pull behind floats for boats. All are guaranteeing a good time at the lake. Whether this is your first time to purchase a towable tube or you are looking for an upgrade, picking one can still be confusing. 

A good day on the waters is what we want for you, so we’re sharing our insight with 10 of the best towable tubes in the market. Read about the main features, pros, and cons to assist you in deciding which tube is the best for your need.    

  1. Mach 3 Towable Tube by Airhead 
  2. Super Mable Towable Tube by Sportssuff
  3. G-Force 3 Towable Tube by Airhead
  4. Super Slice Towable Tube by Airhead
  5. Chariot Warbird 3 Towable Tube by Sportsstuff
  6. Bingo 2 Towable Tube by WOW Sports
  7. Big Mable Towable Tube by Sportsstuff
  8. Stunt Flyer Towable Tube by Sportsstuff
  9. Super Screamer Towable Boat Tube by O’Brien
  10. Hot Dog Towable Tube by Airhead

#1. Mach 3 Towable Tube by Airhead – Best Overall

Mach 3 Towable Tube by Airhead 


  • Cover: Partial (open top)
  • Dimensions (deflated): 107 in x 75 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 3 riders
  • Tow Point: Kwik Connect
  • Tube Style: Cockpit

The best towable tube in today’s market, Mach 3 by Airhead, has a cockpit design that keeps the riders from slipping off the tube while on the move. This ride is safe for kids as they can fit perfectly inside it. 

Mach 3 is Airhead’s best-selling product among all their towable tubes. It should not be a surprise considering it guarantees any air leaks and is equipped with all of the patented safety valves needed. 

This towable tube comes with six (6) neoprene handles for guaranteed safe riding. This technology allows you to enjoy a good ride without skidding or hurting your hand. Durability is unquestionable with Mach 3. With the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bladder and double-stitched nylon cover, it ensures long-lasting usage. 

Mach 3 is designed for three (3) person towable tube. However, it can also be used for a single or double passenger. A single rider will have to occupy the middle seat. Double riders should sit on both left and right for balanced seating. The cockpit design water tube makes it trustworthy even for kids. 

You will surely enjoy summer adventures with Mach 3. With water tubes well-balanced, it won’t throw passengers off the ride. No wonder, it is Airhead’s best-selling. 

The speed safety valve for fast and easy inflating and deflatingLinings may be sharp
Paddled and non-slip handles
Allows for perfect grip

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#2. Super Mable Towable Tube by Sportssuff – Best Multi-Passenger

Super Mable Towable Tube by Sportssuff


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 79 in x 78 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 3 riders
  • Tow Point: Dual Kwik Connect
  • Tube Style: Dual Tow Points

Super Mable by Sportstuff is the next generation’s towable tube. This tubing is what you need if you are looking for a towable inflatable with multiple thrilling riding options.

The two front tow point makes the ride relaxed since it features an installed backrest. Another option to ride it is to have it hooked from its rear, through its rear tow point. Nothing feels more exciting than being on the water and getting dragged wild chariot style. 

It won’t matter whether you are towed upfront or from behind, its air-cushioned side walls will keep you from being thrown off the tube as the ride goes speedy and bumpy. Also, this towable tube is installed with several handles with double webbing foams and knuckle guards to keep the rider from scratches and bruises. 

Its outer lining cover is constructed with full nylon. In it are integrated dual tow points for versatility. It is perfect for all ages and can accommodate up to three (3) adult riders. The overall dimension of 79” x 78” is patterned with colorful designs in a combination of orange, yellow, and red – true summer colors.

Tow from different points for unique riding experiencesNot Intended for Long-Term utilization
Easy setup and storage
Multiple grab handles

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#3. G-Force 3 Towable Tube by Airhead – Best for Kids’ Use

G-Force 3 Towable Tube by Airhead


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 78 in x 75 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 3 riders
  • Tow Point: Kwik Connect
  • Tube Style: Flat Deck Tube

G-Force 3 by Airhead is another known favorite of water-loving adrenaline junkies. You will instantly know this is the right product considering it is the second item from the same brand Airhead. The best towable for adults and even kids under 15, you can challenge centrifugal force with this tube. 

Get ready to get air and some proper splashing with its open top-side design. This scheme is perhaps the reason that most thrill-seekers love G-Force 3. Strong enough to handle to 3 persons, this flat-top towable tube is made of 840-D double-stitched nylon with 30-gauge virgin PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bladder. 

As with most Airhead towable tubes, G-Force 3 is likewise fitted out with the Kwik-Connect system for stress-free boat and jet-ski chaining. The eye-catching design that features red, white, and black color makes it stand out as you enjoy the waters. 

Most consumers have reported about this product lasting up to two years before developing holes. But, two (2) years is quite long for something that endures the heat of the sun and water exposure. It’s easy inflating/deflating and packing away helps in battling these elements. 

Features six (6) heavy-duty knuckle guardsNot roomy enough for three (3) adult riders
840 denier nylon cover
Durable and buoyant

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#4. Super Slice Towable Tube by Airhead – Best Deck Style

Super Slice Towable Tube by Airhead


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 70 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 3 riders
  • Tow Point: Kwik Connect
  • Tube Style: Flat Deck Tube

Another entry from Airhead that features the coolest camo graphics – Super Slice is one of their best-selling 3-rider towable tubes of all time and for a good reason. That reason being is its merely a better deck tube. 

Super Slice by Airhead is intended to have a tapered gusset design that means it is thicker in front and thinner in back. This design allows for better towing qualities, more comfortable riding positions, and easy mounting from the water. 

Super Slice by Airhead is manufactured from 100% 840-D nylon, making it twice as durable against tear compared to other towable tube deck covers. The top-side neoprene panel, six (6) nylon-enclosed handles, and neoprene knuckle guards all guarantee an ultimate riding experience.

Claimed as the best towable tube for tricks, you can surely feel the air and excitement as you battle against the centrifugal force while on a fast ride. Experience the thrill with not just one (1) but two (2) more friends or family members – all thanks to its multiple integrated handles. 

Unlike most brands that sink during take-off, Super Slice does not descend even during the part where riders are climbing up the tube. Perhaps the reason it is getting some rave reviews online. 

Strong and durable constructionMore expensive than other flat-deck tubes
Comfortable riding positions
Patented shape

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#5. Chariot Warbird 3 by Sportsstuff – Best for High Speeds

Chariot Warbird 3 by Sportsstuff


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 82 in x 118 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 3 riders
  • Tow Point: Front and Rear Tow Points
  • Tube Style: Dual Tow Points

Get ready for one of the most advanced action towable tubes in the market. Chariot Warbird 3 by Sportsstuff has wide wingspans that let you challenge even the harshest and toughest wake. All while keeping the ride stable and fun. 

Chariot Warbird 3 by Sportsstuff is one of the most well-balanced and steady towable tubes in the market. Its large wingspans, as previously mentioned, make it stable enough even when the dragging is too fast. 

The size is enough to carry up to three (3) adults but may also accommodate up to six (6) kids. Perfect for giving your kids their most memorable summer experience safely with the tube’s outstanding safety features. 

This towable tube has double-webbing foam handles that inhibit the rider from getting any scratches and bruises along the ride. This feature makes it even safer for kids to use. Aside from its patented Speed Safety Valve for easy inflating and deflating, it also has a self-bailing system that makes removing water less troublesome. 

If you are out on a lake adventure with a big family or group of friends, this is your best towable tube. With a maximum capacity of up to 340 pounds, you can ride with up to two (2) more passengers. 

Durable and robust PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bladders Tough to fill the air
Comfortable grip handles
Easy to attach the leash

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#6. Bingo 2 Towable Tube by WOW Sports – Best Two-Passenger

Bingo 2 Towable Tube by WOW Sports


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 69 in x 68 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 2 adult riders or three (3) kids
  • Tow Point: Front and Rear Tow Points
  • Tube Style: Cockpit 

Specially designed with the idea of family fun in mind, Bingo 2 by WOW Sports is one action-packed towable that offers two (2) rides for the price of one (1). The only cockpit tubes on the market with both front and back tow points, riders can enjoy a chariot ride being dragged from either side. 

The switching of tow points even while on the water is easy with the free 11” 4K EZ tow connector. Its deep cockpit seating designed with a high backrest creates a more secure ride. The new drop speed bottom glides smoothly across the water, creating less tug on the boat, therefore, giving better gas mileage. 

Bingo 2 is purposely for two (2) person ride. The maximum weight is 340 pounds. Thanks to its cockpit design, the journey is more secure for the little ones. Its 11” 4K EZ tow connector isn’t just for trouble-free connection, but it is also to keep the ropes from snapping or the integrated hooks from causing injuries. 

As with most towable tubes, Bingo 2 by WOW Sports is focused on the safety of its riders. It may have a tag price more expensive than most tubes, but that is due to the best quality and security that you are getting. 

Fuel-efficient towable tubes
Bumpy surfaces
Reinforced foam handles
Heavy-duty zippers

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#7. Big Mable by Sportsstuff – Most Favorited Towable Tube

Big Mable by Sportsstuff


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 69 in x 66 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 2 adult riders or three (3) kids
  • Tow Point: Front and Rear Tow Points
  • Tube Style: Dual tow points 

Big Mable is Sportssuff 2-passenger version of their Super Mable. The next generation Mable is specially designed for the single or double rider. With a high backseat and air-cushioned sidewalls, you will be kept onboard around every whip and turn. 

The dual tow points it is incorporated with allow you to ride on different riding positions – sit, lay, stand, or kneel. You can do so while being towed forwards like a deck tube or backward like a chariot. It presents lots of double webbed foam handles with knuckle guards and EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) seating pads. All for a comfortable ride that will want you coming back for more. 

Save your time and be on the water longer with Sportsstuff’s patented Speed Safety Valve and Kwik Tow point. Big Mable’s distinct shape features a heavy gauge of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bladder and double-stitched full nylon cover that is printed with custom graphics. 

Big Mable is multi-functional – you can use it as a towable tube for a fun riding experience or a comfortable and cozy lounge at the pool, lake, or river. 

Offers various passenger riding positions Handles are flimsy
Patented Aluminum Quick Connect
Dual towing

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#8. Stunt Flyer Towable Tube by Sportsstuff – Best Classic Style

Stunt Flyer Towable Tube by Sportsstuff


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 70 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 2 adult riders or three (3) kids
  • Tow Point: Front 
  • Tube Style: Flat deck tube 

The best classic shaped towable tube, Stunt Flyer by Sportsstuff, allows you to lay down, hold on, and experience some breathtaking stunts. Truly living up to its name, this large flat deck tube has multiple double webbing foam handles that have integrated knuckle guards. 

These knuckle guards are perfect for you and your stunt partner to hold on to as you fly across the water beyond the whips and turns. This nitro-packed towable tube also features Sportstuff’s patented technology – Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point. 

This patented feature lets you attach and detach your tethering rope in a fast and stress-free manner. Meaning, you can maximize your time on the water. Along with this feature is another patented advancement. Its Speed Safety Valve allows for faster inflation and deflation possible. 

All are within the towable tube body that is supported by EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foams, guaranteeing a bump-free ride and all fun.

The custom daredevil graphics is just perfect for its classic donut shape. Admittedly, this will keep you and your towing partner riding in style every chance you can get. All these fantastic features yours to enjoy for a budget-friendly price that is below $150. 

PVC and double-stitched nylon constructionSharp edges may cause scratch and abrasions
Quick to inflate and deflate
Easy to connect

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#9. Super Screamer Towable Boat Tube by O’Brien – Best Single Rider Towable Tube

Super Screamer Towable Boat Tube by O'Brien


  • Cover: Full Covered 420D Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 70 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 2 adult riders 
  • Tow Point: Front 
  • Tube Style: Flat deck tube 

Super Screamer is O’Brien’s classic tube under its Deck Series. Ideal for one (1) rider to get stirred and whipped out and bounced around all to their heart’s content. Lay or kneel, your riding experience will be memorable and comfortable with its two EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) pads underneath the arms and body. 

Not only does it provide a comfortable ride, but it also guarantees never-ending fun. Its bladder is made of 26 gauge PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that warrants zero air leaks. The outer covering is made of durable 420D nylon, and integrated are easy connect tethering tow hook. 

O’Brien has continuously been improving their innovation and is now joining the ranks of Sportssurf and Airhed when it comes to towable tubes. Over the years, they have become one of the most outstanding companies known for their water sports gears and toys. 

Super Screamer is the brainchild of O’Brien’s devotion and passion. As you ride, position your hands in your most comfortable way and be prepared for a heart-pounding ride. And remember, Super Screamer Towable Boat Tube by O’Brien is not for the weak of hearts. 

Sturdy materials used and superior construction
Submerges when taking off
Easy to pull up straps
Easy to use

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#10. Hot Dog Towable Tube by Airhead – Best Banana Style

Hot Dog Towable Tube by Airhead


  • Cover: Full Nylon
  • Dimensions (deflated): 102 in x 44 in
  • Max Capacity: up to 3 riders 
  • Tow Point: Kwik Connect 
  • Tube Style: Hot Dogs and Inline

The coolest weenie – Hot Dog by Airhead is the weenie you will need for your next trip to the lake. Perhaps, the most exciting shape you can ever ride on, this towable tube is anything but boring. Its innovation for the hot dog designed shape made it safer and more fun to ride.

Apart from the relaxed shape, durability is unquestionable for this towable tube. Airhead guarantees Hot Dog riders a gear that is made of superior and high-grade materials, just like every product they have in the market. 

This banana style ride is equipped with the Kwik-Connect technology for more straightforward attaching and detaching from the tugging vessel. We all know this technology is a patented tethering design by the mother company of Airhead – Kwik Tek. 

The dimension of 102 in x 44 in is just right to accommodate three passengers at the same time. All three can sit on the neoprene seat pads while holding on to the deluxe handles that are also covered in neoprene.

Overall, Hot Dog is synonymous with happiness on the waters. Laugh and scream your heart out during your escapades with this towable tube. Nothing can stop the fun once the jet-ski starts tugging you and your friends. 

Knuckle pads for a comfortable gripEasily leaks air
Comfortable neoprene seat pads
Fun shape

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Our Favorite Towable Tube

Towable tubes are outrageously fun. They are even more fun when they are safe to use and fits your budget. Mach 3 by Airhead is all that and more. It is refreshing and trendy, and the clearly-defined cockpit seats with grab handles make any rider feel safe and secured. 

Mach 3 by Airhead is versatile, making it the perfect choice for any water enthusiasts who are bringing kids along, too. With the protective cockpit seats, any rider – adult or kids can be towed at any speed, from lazy boat pace to high-energy pursuits. 

Choosing the Best Towable Tube

Kids from one (1) to ninety-two (92) love tubing. It is the gateway to all other watersports. And, as fun, as it may sound, we always have to think about safety while enjoying it. You can compare it to car seats you rode as a kid. Therefore the essential characteristics are stability and security. 

But, to make sure you have a sound decision about the towable tube you are going to pick, consider the following factors we listed down for you. 


The first thing that is usually the deciding factor in almost all purchases – budget. You might be tempted to go for cheaper towable tubes to save up. But, you just may end up spending more than saving, especially if you fail to look at the quality of the towable tube you are getting. 

You also wouldn’t want an unsafe ride for you and your family. Do not settle for a towable tube just because it has a friendly price tag. Research and read reviews about it, find out, and decide which to pick. 

Consider Who Rides with You

As a general rule, younger and smaller kids will need towable tubes that have features such as dedicated seating. This idea is accurate because, regardless of how many times they say they are ready to be pulled, they will get nervous. They could potentially stand up during the ride if they aren’t positioned correctly. 

With dedicated seating, they will feel enclosed in a safe space. Plus, with the handles they can hold on to, they will feel more planted and in control. 

When they get old enough, or they experience more of tubing, they will be able to master riding it, and you can start with choosing according to your preference. 

Number of Riders You Want to Pull

If you plan on getting a towable tube that you can use with more than two (2) riders, go for those that can accommodate up to four (4) passengers. Always anticipate the number of possible riders before making the purchase. You wouldn’t want a tube that will only allow a few if you are out for a group outing. 


This factor does not just mean the colors it comes with, but also the shape and the construction. Consider tubes that have slimmer bottom if you are going from extreme fast riding water activities – for the reason that a thinner base lessens drag, which is suitable for better acceleration. 

For a more stable and well-balanced ride, go for the one with a broader wingspan. If you are looking to ride with kids, pick a cockpit tow tube that is designed with a backseat. 

Water Activities

Towable tubes are enjoyed in various ways. If you are looking to use it for a high-level and thrilling ride, go for a tube that can keep up with your activities. Tubes like G-Force are for that kind of rides. Otherwise, if you are looking for slow-paced tugging, Super Mable is best for you. 


Getting bounced around a lot exposes the towable tube to a lot of abuse. You would not want your tube to fail while you are riding it, nor would you want it to wear out prematurely. Always review the materials and the construction used. This tip will not only save you money for replacement but will keep the fun on every trip to the beach. 


Tubing is one of the most exciting water activities you can enjoy with your family. It has been the best water sport that is associated with the motorboat or a jet-ski. It has gone from a dull black tube from the inside of the wheel to superior constructed towable tubes. 

Picking one out of the many in the market is not a simple task. But, so long as you keep in mind the factors to consider, you will be able to narrow it down to the best towable tube that will serve you best. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long should the towing rope be?

A: Rope is necessary for tubing activities. Without the rope, there is no towing. Consider getting at least 20 feet long of a line. This length is to ensure that there will be no chance of monoxide poisoning. Ideal rope length for tubing ranges from 50 to 65 feet. 

Q: Should I get a booster ball?

A: A booster ball is a gear that goes between the towable tube you are riding and the boat dragging you around. It can help in boosting your tubes operation by retaining the rope out of the water while towing. Booster balls also keep submarining, diminishing drag, and rope spray. Plus, it lowers the stress upon your tube’s cover, making it last longer. 

Q: Can you patch a towable tube for air leaks?

A: Definitely. Towable tubes usually come with special kits for future use. There are also patching kits that are sold separately for the DIY repair of towable tubes. The process is very similar to patching the bike’s inner tube. 

Q: What are the best methods in tubing to avoid accidents?

A: Accidents in tubing usually occur when you lose control of the boating situation. However, you can’t always tell when the accident will happen. Therefore, the best you can do is to be prepared for such a scenario. Make sure that every rider is safeguarded with a lifejacket, so in case something untoward happens, they can float until the rescue team arrives. 

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