Top 10 Best River Float Tubes | 2021 Reviews (Intex)

Spending a high-quality time with family, friends, and loved ones are the most excellent way to spend the lazy summer days. Summer only happens a few days in a year, and it is a perfect moment for everyone to bond together. What better way to spend the summer but to catch up with everyone’s stories as you lie on a float tube, drink your bottle of beer, or perhaps fish with them.

Because of this, you never want to go anything wrong when that time comes. That is why you should look for the best river float tube to buy for summer.

This article will inform you of some of the suggested products that you can buy. These tubes are the favorites of several users.

If you still cannot find the best product that suits your taste, it will teach you the factors for consideration when buying one.

Top 10 Best River Float Tubes Reviewed

  1. Intex River Run I Sport Lounge 
  2. Tube in a Box 45-Inch Sports Tube 
  3. Intex River Run II Sport Lounge 
  4. Realtree Max-5 Inflatable Camo Lake Runner Swim Tube 
  5. Sevylor Covered River Tube 
  6. Tube Pro Premium River Tube 
  7. Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube 
  8. ClearCreekTubes Huge River Tube and Cover Combo 
  9. Caddis Sports Nevada Float Tube 
  10. Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider 

#1. Intex River Run I Sport Lounge 

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge


  • Diameter (inches): 53
  • Capacity (number of people): 1
  • Air chambers: 2
  • Weight (pounds): 5

The Intex River Run 1 Sports Lounge is a versatile river float tube. Like what the company claims about its products, it is a durable one. That is why you will never go wrong with this product. 

What makes the River Run I impressive is its compact size and user-friendly design that makes it ideal even for pool usage. Also, it comes with other features like a mesh bottom that will make you feel cool throughout summer and two cup holders that allow you to chill out with your friends while sipping a can of soda.

Its other features are its handles, grab rope, and backrest.

Intelligent and user-friendly designNot suitable for fast-flowing water
Versatile for a pool or river usageOne-person capacity

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#2. Tube in a Box 45-Inch Sports Tube 

Tube in a Box 45-Inch Sports Tube


  • Diameter (inches): 45
  • Capacity (weight): 280 pounds
  • Weight (pounds): 6.82

The Tube in a Box 45-Inch Sports Tube is the extra-large size of the company’s sport tubes. There are other sizes available, such as the 36-inch, 40-inch, and more.

The company takes pride in its product’s construction because it used a 100 percent durable high-grade rubber for it. That is why the company proudly claims that it can withstand the different challenges thrown to it by a rough and bumpy ride in the lake.

It also claims that it is also durable enough to use as a sled to ski at the winter snow at the mountainside. You do not have to worry about it popping and bursting your fun.

This product features the safety valve that you cannot feel it is there and its latex-free construction. Also, if you are on a heavy side, the 45-Inch Sports Tube can handle your weight.

Versatile to use in the river or the snow
No handles
Extremely durable

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#3. Intex River Run II Sport Lounge 

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge


  • Diameter (inches): 62
  • Capacity (number of people): 2
  • Air chambers: 5
  • Weight (pounds): 11

If you think the River Run I model is small for two people, you can go for the Intex River Run II Sports Lounge. This product allows you to chill with your closest loved one on the same boat. 

It comes with the features that are almost the same as the River Run I model. The only difference is that it comes with a built-in cooler where you can store up to 24 soda cans. It also has added air chambers for extra safety. Its feature also allows you to connect with the other River Run float tube models, which is ideal when you want to chill-out with a large group of people.

Like the River Run I, it only has two cup holders.

Connects with other River Run modelsLarge for one-person usage
Five air chambers
Built-in cooler

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#4. Realtree Max-5 Inflatable Camo Lake Runner Swim Tube 

Realtree Max-5 Inflatable Camo Lake Runner Swim Tube


  • Diameter (inches): 53
  • Capacity (number of people): 1
  • Weight (pounds): 1.9

If you are looking for a float tube to use for fishing or hunting, you will appreciate the Realtree Max-5 Inflatable Camo Lake Runner Swim Tube. This product allows you to blend with your surroundings so that you can catch your prey easily. 

It features its mesh bottom and seating that provide coolness and comfort for the loungers in the hot summer season.

RealTree claims that the Max-5 is the product of tested high-quality vinyl construction.

This product comes with two cup holders, which will allow you to chill out as you wait for your prey. It also comes with handles and grab rope.

Mesh construction at the bottom
One-person capacity
Camouflage feature
Fragile mesh
Durable walls

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#5. Sevylor Covered River Tube 

Sevylor Covered River Tube


  • Diameter (inches): 47
  • Capacity (number of people): 6
  • Weight (pounds): 60.9

If you are the type who is looking for a float tube or pontoon that does the job with a straight-forward design, you will love the Sevylor Covered River Tube. This product is an excellent option if you plan to use a tube in rivers with rough and bumpy water flow.

The Covered River Tube is durable enough to withstand whatever the water throws at it. It uses PVC material for its construction, and it also has several air chambers and nylon cover for added safety. It also comes with a cup holder.

What makes the Covered River tube more impressive is that it allows you to connect with the other Sevylor tube models.

Can handle rough water
Less on the features that provide comfort
Many safety features

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#6. Tube Pro Premium River Tube 

Tube Pro Premium River Tube


  • Diameter (inches): 48
  • Capacity (number of people): 1
  • Air chambers: 2
  • Weight (pounds): 6.55

The Tube Pro Premium River Tube features two chambers, which are the main and the safety.

The main chamber maintains the air inside the tube, while the safety chamber prevents it from leaking.

That is why the Tube Pro River Tube can withstand challenges in a waterpark slide. The premium type allows you to ride it in open waters where it is rougher.

This product uses PVC vinyl. It also comes with different eye-catching colors, which are green, yellow, and orange.

Boston valves that maintain and prevent air leakNo feature for holding the paddles
Excellent for floating downstreamNo backrest
Heavy-duty handles
Durable innertube

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#7. Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube 

Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube


  • Diameter (inches): 42.5
  • Capacity (number of people): 1
  • Weight (pounds): 9.5

The Classic Accessories Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube is your best option if you are looking for a product to use for fishing. It comes with specific features for fishing activities, such as rod holder, fish ruler, D-Rings, storage pockets, and more.

It has a hull shape design that allows you to sit comfortably. This design also lets you steer it without breaking a sweat. It is also durable enough to withstand the challenges in the waters.

Excellent for riding rough watersNot for pool use
Tons of fishing features

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#8. ClearCreekTubes Huge River Tube and Cover Combo 

ClearCreekTubes Huge River Tube and Cover Combo


  • Diameter (inches): 44
  • Capacity (number of people): 1

If you are looking for an exceptionally durable float tube, you will like the ClearCreekTubes Huge River Tube and Cover Combo. It has a polyester canvas cover and 600 denier canvas top that is waterproof and UV resistant. This construction prevents the product from getting hot from the sun, keeping you from having skin damage.

This float tube is available in 43 colors. Among these colors are pink, purple, and green.

This product features durable handles, solid bottom, and a 250-pound capacity. If you are petite and want to use this product, the solid canvas bottom will help avoid you from slipping at the tube’s center.

Durable bottom and handlesNo ventilation
Intelligent design

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#9. Caddis Sports Nevada Float Tube 

Caddis Sports Nevada Float Tube


  • Diameter (inches): 46
  • Capacity (number of people): 1
  • Weight (pounds): 9.3

The Caddis Sports Nevada Float Tube is your next option if you are looking for the ideal float tube for fishing. Aside from fishing, you can also use this product to perform other adventurous activities.

The outer covering has a ripstop construction for extra durability. It is also lightweight to carry around when you have to hike the mountains.

This product has a U-shape design that makes this float tube safer and more stable even if you have to ride rough waters.

The Nevada Float Tube comes with stabilizer bar and safety accents.

Can withstand outdoor challenges225-pound weight capacity
Extra safety features
Nylon cover

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#10. Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider 

Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider


  • Diameter (inches): 53
  • Capacity (number of people): 1
  • Weight (pounds): 4.27

If you are looking for a float tube to chill out with your friends in the open waters, you should look at the Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider. It has a durable construction because it uses a heavy-duty PVC material.

Bestway is a product to say that its products provide a backrest, mesh bottom, and cup holders, making the lounger feel comfortable.

This product comes with a versatile grab rope, so you can effortlessly mount it from water or connect it with other tubes, which is a nice feature when you have to look out for each other.

Allows you to connect with the other CoolerZ Rapid Rider float tubesNo sunshade
Comfortable backrest

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Top Pick

With all these products mentioned, what stands out the most is the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge. You will never go wrong choosing this product as the other does, because of its user-friendliness and versatility. 

Because it is a float tube, it is easier to carry than a pontoon. Although you can only use it in slow-flowing waters, it is a better and more affordable than a pontoon if you are not into having a fast ride.

Also, the River Run I comes with several features that most users love. It comes with two cup holders, so you do not have to worry about where to place your beer or soda as you open one and talk to your friends. It also comes with a backrest, durable handles, and grab rope, which are the essentials for this tube. 

Best River Float Tube Brands 

Now that you know some of the products that most users love, it is time to browse some of the best brands that dominate the river float tube industry. Knowing these brands can be helpful because if you cannot find the best float tube here that interests you, you can find it in one of the products offered by these brands.

Here are the suggested brands where you can buy your river float tubes.


Intex is a famous brand when it comes to inflatables. It is not surprising because it has been in the industry for around 50 years. According to the brand, it values the quality time of families, which is why they do what they do. 

Intex creates durable products. The company compares its durability to the memories shared by those people who use them. Its objective is to provide high-quality products at a low price that can still be fun and safe.

Its vision is to gain recognition of being the most reliable and innovative in the industry. Intex ensures that it fails to meet its vision by testing its products to determine if they pass high-quality and safety standards.

Intex has been selling inflatables since it started. Aside from the river float tubes, it also offers ground pools, toys, boats, airbeds, and more.

The company claims to make products that are environment-friendly by reducing the carbon footprint in its production. It works with its supplier to ensure the reduction of fossil fuels used.

Tube in a Box

The Tube in a Box is from Denver, Colorado, and it is excellent in what it does. Unlike other companies that sell different kinds of inflatables, the Tube in a Box focuses on making and providing inflatable tubes of various sizes.

According to Tube in a Box, it lives and breathes manufacturing tubes and feels addicted to the experiences of what its products can provide. Some of these experiences include chilling out under the sun, bonding with friends, and the like.

Tube in a Box claims that its products are exceptionally durable because they can withstand different open-water challenges. The durability of its products is the use of 100 percent genuine butyl rubber instead of vinyl. Aside from that, Tube in a Box also tests its products personally.

The company is proud and confident about its products. That is why it offers a money-back guarantee if ever you feel unsatisfied with its inflatable float tube.

Tube Pro

Tube Pro is from Waterloo, Canada. It is one of the brands owned by the Tire Manufacturing  Industry, and one of the excellent manufacturers in the country. Aside from river float tubes, Tube Pro also sells snow tubes, waterpark tubes, mat racers, rafts, and more.


Bestway has been around in the industry since 1994. The company wants to create a lasting experience through its products and services. That is why this brand continuously hoes its research, development, and design. It also continuously improves the processing of its products.

Because of this, Bestway has become one of the successful brands in the industry. It is proud to say that it has reached 110 countries.

Besides river float tubes, Bestway sells portable spas, camping goods, sporting products, ground pools, and the like.

To ensure the quality of its products and customer satisfaction, Bestway has technology and quality-assurance centers in different places worldwide.

Float Tube vs. Pontoon Boat

If it is your first time to buy a float tube, you should know the other type of inflatable that looks almost the same with it, which is the pontoon boat. Looking at the two, you might find it challenging to figure out the difference between the two. Not one is better than the other because each has its pros and cons.

Pontoon Boat

When it comes to performance, the pontoon boat can be a better choice if you can afford it. You can also use it in rivers and narrow water areas. It performs fast as you use oars to propel your pontoon boat because it covers more water. It also does well during the windy days.

It also provides more room for storage for your rod and fishing accessories, even your jacket or a cooler.

Because it is more superior in performance than the float tubes, it is not surprising that it is also more expensive. Pontoon boats are even more challenging to store because the smallest size you can fold is bulkier than with the float tube. Thus, it is not as portable as the other.

A pontoon boat can weigh around 60 pounds, something that you do not like to carry around when you have to walk or hike with it at a distance.

Because of this, the pontoon is more advisable for those who want to have a fast ride while fishing. It is also for those who are ready to splurge for performance.

Float Tubes

Most float tubes perform excellently in small bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes. Unlike the pontoon boats, float tubes are more comfortable to store, and it is more portable. It is also not as expensive.

You can use this option if you have to travel or hike for hours.

The only problem with the majority of float tubes is that they do not perform as well as the pontoon when you are at a river. It cannot move as fast as the pontoon, and fighting the wind can be more challenging for you.

The float tubes are advisable for people who are looking for a cheaper alternative to pontoon boats. It is also for those who need to travel for miles to fish. You only have to make sure to use it in less windy days.

Factors to Consider When Buying a River Float Tube

It is easy to figure out what type of river float tube to buy on the market. You only have to consider the following.


Remember that river float tubes are inflatables that have to withstand several open water challenges. Because of this, durability is one of the most important considerations. Make sure to find a product that uses high-gauge PVC rubber materials and nylon covering.

Aside from the materials used, you should also consider the thickness.

The inner tube should have a polyester bottom with canvas covering. A mesh-denier base is also acceptable if you are looking for a product with a cooling system.  


Wanting a river float tube means that you will use your inflatable in open water bodies where the currents are unpredictable. That is why river float tubes should have a handle for added security. You do not want to bump with your friends or hard rocks when you are on your ride.


If you are looking for durability, a float tube with a canvas bottom is a perfect choice. It is because of its triple stitches that provide a firm grip, which can carry a person who is on a heavy side and prevents a petite person from slipping.

If you are looking for comfort more than durability, you will find a float tube with a mesh bottom convenient. Although it is not as durable as the one with a canvas bottom, it may last for years because of the knitting that protects it from tears and snags.

It will also make you feel relaxed when you have to lounge for hours under the sun.


The valve is the part that maintains the air within. That is why it is a crucial consideration. Thanks to the constant innovation in this technology because nowadays, most valves have a rubber construction.

With a rubber construction, the lounger is safe from cuts and scratches brought by metal valves.

Cup Holders

Lounging on a float tube is incomplete without a refreshing soda or beer. You do not want to be at the river for hours without anything to put into your mouth.

Because of this, you opt to bring your bottles of beverages with you. That is why you will find having a built-in cup holder on your tube more convenient unless you are willing to hold your empty bottle all day.


There is no better experience than chilling out with the whole family, friends, or loved ones in lazy summer days. It is the perfect time to bond with them and take a breather when everyone has been busy making a living on other days. Thus, it is right not to spoil the fun while making new memories with your loved ones.

Because of this, you should make sure to have the right gear when creating perfect moments with your loved ones. You should buy a river float tube that will not let you down. After all, you do not want your cheap, weak quality tube to burst while you are at the river.

In this article, you have learned some of the river float tubes that are the best on the market. Among them is the Intex River Run I, which has a high-quality construction material and features.

You have also learned some factors to consider when buying one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Is the Best River Float Tube Size for Adults

A:  Every manufacturer provides recommendations about the weight capacity of its products. It is best to consult these recommendations. Generally speaking, people who weigh 120 to 180 pounds should pick a tube with around 40 inches of dimension. Those people who weigh more than 280 pounds should go for a 45-inch float tube. If you are a petite type, the 36-inch is the best size for you.

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