The Best Bodyboarding World Champions

Since its conception in 1971, the bodyboard has become increasingly popular. Invented by Tom Morey, this revolutionary board has made history in watersports. The first-ever bodyboarding championships were hosted in the late 1970s and are continually held today. But which bodyboarders have dominated this sport, invented new techniques, and earned the title of champion?

The best bodyboarding world champions of all time are Mike Stewart, Guilherme Tamega, Jeff Hubbard, Ben Player, and Pierre-Louis Costes. In addition, Dave Hubbard, Jay Reale, and Michael Eppelstun have also won championships and greatly influenced bodyboarding as a sport.

 There’s been a couple of big names in bodyboarding throughout the years. Those that have made history have not only inspired upcoming stars to get into bodyboarding but have also had an incredible influence on the sport by introducing new techniques and tricks and designing their own bodyboards, which are undeniably better than most other bodyboards on the market.

Who Are The Most Successful Bodyboarders In History?

A couple of bodyboarders could be considered the most successful bodyboarders in history. These include Mike Stewart, Guilherme Tamega, Jeff Hubbard, Ben Player, and Pierre-Louis Costes.

Hawaiian-born Mike Stewart is a pioneer in bodyboarding, has nine world championship titles, and is considered one of the most experienced bodyboarders in the world. Like Mike Stewart, Guilherme Tamega has an equally impressive record. He has won six world titles and was crowned ISA World Bodyboarding Games champion twice.

Jeff Hubbard is a three-time IBA World Champion and a four-time IBA Pipeline Pro bodyboarding contest winner. Hubbard is most widely recognized for his tricks like the split leg invert, looped 360 airs, and his bodyboard brand called Hub boards.

Ben Player took the world championship in 2005, 2007, and 2013 and finished second overall in the World Bodyboarding Tour. Ben Player has been bodyboarding since the early ’90s, and today, he is involved in many projects, including running the Movement Bodyboarding magazine.

Pierre-Louis Costes is the 2011 and 2016 bodyboarding world champion and is recognized as one of the most influential bodyboarders in the world. He is famous for his infectious smile and his trademark backflip.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart is one of the most accomplished bodyboarders in the world. He has gained numerous titles and played a significant role in getting this sport to where it is today. Stewart competed in his first bodyboarding competition in 1982, finishing third. From his first competition, he competed and won various other titles throughout his career.

Mike has also designed a range of bodyboards called Science Boards, which have surpassed the original design of Tom Morey’s boogie boards.

The Best Bodyboarding World Champions

Why Is Mike Stewart Considered The “King” Of Bodyboarding?

Mike Stewart is considered the “King” of bodyboarding due to his number of world championships and his influence in bodyboarding. Mike Stewart is also considered a pioneer in bodyboarding and currently holds more titles than any other bodyboarder in the world.

Mike has won the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic 15 times and has earned the nickname ‘Mister Pipeline.’ Mike Stewart won the Bodysurfing Classic 14 times and was among the first to surf at Teahup’o. He is also the “King” of bodyboarding because he was the first bodyboarder to ever land an air forward at Sunset Beach.

Guilherme Tamega

Guilherme Tamega is a Brazilian bodyboarding champion. Tamega has won six world championships and won the Shark Island Challenge three times in a row. Tamega is the only person to win the Shark Island Challenge three consecutive times.

He has achieved numerous runner-up places throughout his career and has his own line of bodyboards called GT boards.

How Did Guilherme Tamega Revolutionize Bodyboarding?

Guilherme Tamega started his bodyboarding career in 1985 at just 13 years old. By age 16, his skill, talent, and technical abilities were so impressive that the bodyboarding event organizers in Brazil had to lower the age restrictions for professional bodyboarders to 18, so he could compete. From this point, his career as a bodyboarder took off, and he continued to win numerous titles.

Guilherme revolutionized bodyboarding by riding some of the biggest waves, captivating audiences with his fearless attitude, charisma, and ability to become a champion at such a young age. This inspired other young athletes to do the same. He is also among the most popular bodyboarders due to his various tricks.

Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard is a bodyboarding champion from Hawaii known for his acrobatic moves on his board. He has been bodyboarding since the 1990s and is one of the most well-known bodyboarders in the world, along with his brother David Hubbard.

Jeff is a bodyboarding ambassador, inspiring fans and young athletes by promoting bodyboarding as a sport. He is also a judge in many bodyboarding contests and hosts several tournaments. In addition, Jeff and his brother David founded their own business called Hubboards, which sells bodyboards and surfing apparel.

What Are Jeff Hubbard’s Accomplishments In Bodyboarding?

Jeff is a five-time IBA Pipeline Pro bodyboarding contest winner and a three-time IBA World Champion. He is also an eleven-time United States National Title Holder and has won numerous other titles between 2009 and 2012.

Ben Player

Ben Player is an Australian three-time world bodyboarding champion. He has also won the Peer Pole twice and earned the title of two-time bodyboarder of the year. Ben has been bodyboarding for 20 years and grew up being inspired by great bodyboarders like Mike Stewart and Guilherme Tamega.

How Did Ben Player Become One Of The Best Bodyboarders In The World?

Ben started bodyboarding at ten and fell in love with the sport. He competed in contests, won titles, and became an influencer in the bodyboarding world. Ben runs Movement magazine, a magazine focused on bodyboarding.

As a thrill seeker and risk taker Ben took part in a movie called Far North and a documentary called a breaking bull. Far North follows Ben to the north of Europe to face some of the world’s most brutal waves.

Breaking Bull covers Ben’s journey to Scotland to be the first man to conquer a barreling wave known as “The Bull.”

Besides these accomplishments, Ben Player has become one of the best bodyboarders in the world because he keeps pushing boundaries, taking risks, and continually promoting bodyboarding as a sport.

Pierre-Louis Costes

Pierre-Louis Costes is recognized as one of the best bodyboarders in the world. Costes rose to fame in the late 2000s and holds two world championship titles. His experience, passion, and personality make him one of the most admired bodyboarders in the world.

What Makes Pierre-Louis Costes A Standout Bodyboarder?

Pietre-Louis Costes stands out from all the other bodyboards due to his unique tricks and infectious personality. However, he is mainly known for his spectacular backflips and entertaining moves while bodyboarding.


Becoming a bodyboarding world champion takes time, consistency, and dedication. To become a bodyboarding world champion, you need to take risks, perfect your technique and offer something unique that other bodyboarders can’t compete against.

For most world champions, it’s not just about competing and becoming the best; it’s about promoting the sport, inspiring others, and leaving a legacy.



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