MasterCraft X23 Review

There are countless wakeboard and wakesurf boats on the market that will provide world-class waves, but there is no boat that creates waves as long as the MasterCraft X23.

Although the boat has a relatively short overall length, this does not impact the height of the waves, while providing some of the biggest and cleanest wave pockets.

With its Gen 2 Surf System, the MasterCraft X23 provides some of the most customizable waves around

Let’s take a deeper look into what this boat has to offer, and why it might be the next wake boat on your shopping list.

MasterCraft X23 Specs

Length Overall 22’9”/ 6.9 m
Beam 8’6”/ 2.6 m
Draft 2’4”/ 0.71 m
Approximate Dry Weight 5,501 lbs/ 2,495 kg
Fuel Capacity 57 gal/ 216 l
Maximum Capacity 15 people
Maximum Factory Ballast 3,000 lbs/ 1,360.78 kg
Engine Type V8
Horsepower 552 hp
Power 320 hp @ 5,000 rpm
Displacement 1.51 gal/ 5.7 l
Induction Atmospheric

MasterCraft X23 Highlights

The X23 stands out among other wake boats for its outstanding wave length and customization, but this is not all that this boat has to offer.

Gen2 Surf System

The Gen2 Surf System is one of the best by MasterCraft and is designed purely to produce the perfect wake surfing waves.

The Gen2 Surf System consists of four pillars which include an individual boat hull, a massive ballast system, a wake shaping device beneath the transom, and software to control the system.

The system will do all the math for you and is calibrated to the individual boat. This system, unlike standard wakesurfing boats, includes four preset zones to suit different skill levels. 

These zones include:

Zone 1: A powerful stable wave that is ideal for learning to surf.

Zone 2: A stronger push and a more defined lip. This zone is great for charging and small amounts of air.

Zone 3: This zone provides the most vertical lip and steepest face.

Zone 4: Only available for the MasterCraft X23, this zone creates extra room to roam which is great for bigger boards.

7” Touch Screen

The 7”, highly-responsive touch screen makes customizing your waves effortless. By simply selecting the type of wave you want to create the system will do all the work for you.

Not only will the system do all the work, but the large touch screen will make selecting new settings simple and quick so as to not take your concentration away from your driving.

Front Docking Lights & LED Brake Lights

High luminescent LED lights at the bow of the boat make docking at night worry-free. 

The LEDs are neatly fixed into the front of the boat, providing perfect light while giving the boat a unique look during the day.

Similar lights are situated at the back of the boat to indicate breaking. These LEDs will cut through the night and easily keep other boaters aware of your movements.

Front Ladder

A collapsible ladder that neatly folds into the deck is situated at the bow of the boat for easy access to the deck, regardless of what side of the boat you are on.

When the ladder is not in use, the deck area provides a great place to catch some sun at the front of the boat.

Transom Lounge Seating 

Possibly the best seating on the bat, the pair of transom lounge seats creates the perfect place to watch all the action behind the boat.

The lounge seating includes armrests, cup holders, and has an optional stereo controller fixed to the transom.

Strapless Board Rack

The strapless board racks are the perfect way to store your boards out of the way. This will keep them free from scratches while creating extra space on the deck for your guests.

Engine Positioning

With the engine placed as far back as possible, this relatively short boat makes the most out of the deck space.

Even though the X23 is shorter than other boats, you will feel as though you have more space than ever before.

How Does the Mastercraft X23 Compare to Other Boats?

The X23 by MasterCraft is well known for its outstanding waves and is not rivaled by many boats.

That being said, one of the only boats on the market that competes with the X23 is the Nautique G23 Super Air.

Wakeboard Wake

Stock vs stock, the X23 holds its own and is bigger than the X25. That being said, the G23 has a slight edge as you can add a lot more weight which produces a huge wake.

Although the G23 can take on more weight, when comparing the stock models, it does not stand out against the X23.

Wakesurf Wake

When comparing the stock versions of the G23 and X23, the X23 takes the cake for wake surfing waves.

Although the G23 can produce massive, powerful waves, the ease of the X23 shines through.

The X23 provides large amounts of push and is extremely consistent. The X23 also produces a perfect goofy wave, which far outshines the G23.

Exterior Look

The shapes and curves of the X23 make it not only functional but appealing to the eyes. When compared to the block-like shape of the G23, the X23 catches the eye and stands out when sitting in the water.

That being said, many boaters prefer the straight-line shape that the Super Air G23 uses.

Interior Look

Both boats have outstanding interior designs, and both come with their own pros and cons.

Both boats have ample locker space and coolers, as well as multiple cup holders.

Both make use of non-slip decking, the X23 uses Deckdence while the G23 uses SeaDek. Both work well and can be compared to each other.

Dash and Displays

Both boats make use of the Murphy system and are therefore similar in quality.

One advantage that the MasterCraft X23 has over the G23 is that it includes manual controls and gauges next to the display.

If anything fails while riding the G23 then you are out of luck.


The MasterCraft X23 is an outstanding wakesurf and wakeboard boat as it is made for a single purpose: To produce the perfect wave.

The X23 is known for producing one of the longest waves created by a wake boat, all while not sacrificing height and push.

The X23 is not only ideal for surfers of all levels due to its fully customizable wave system, but will leave you cruising on the water in nothing but luxury.

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