Hobie Kayaks Review | Epic Kayaks or Flop? 2023

Last Updated January 27, 2023
Hobie is a brand that can provide you quality products from apparel to kayaks that you can use for touring or fishing activities. This brand started its operation in 1950, intending to provide products for your fun water activities with your friends and family. Kayaking is a perfect activity to do if you want to break from the city’s noise and regroup yourself from stress by doing an activity that includes nature.

You can use Hobie’s products like the 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 14 and Mirage Passport 10.5 if you want to go fishing or have a tour around the lake area from your camping site.The following products listed below are the different versions of kayak products made and designed by Hobie that you can choose from. Read each product description to know which kayak will best suit your taste.  

The Top 10 Hobie Kayaks Reviewed

  1. 2019 Mirage Outback Kayak – Best Overall
  2. 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Amazon Green Camo – Best Value
  3. Mirage 180 Oasis Tandem Kayak Ivory Dune – Editor’s Choice
  4. Mirage Passport 10.5
  5. Mirage Passport 12.0
  6. Mirage Compass
  7. Mirage Outback
  8. Mirage Compass Duo
  9. Mirage Revolution 11
  10. Mirage Revolution 16

#1. 2019 Mirage Outback Kayak by Hobie – Best Overall

2019 Mirage Outback Kayak by Hobie

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The 2019 Mirage Outback Kayak by Hobie comes in two colors that you can choose from: dune and red hibiscus. This kayak sits on the top type to use it for an easier and more convenient fishing experience. You can move this kayak around by pedaling it, and it can provide you a fast and stable ride in the water. The package for this product includes kick up fins, mirage drive 189 turbo feature, and a kick-up rudder system that will help you navigate, especially in shallow water conditions. 

You can adjust the position of the chair on this boat based on your comfortability. This product includes h-track storage pockets and a guardian transducer shield feature. It also has a Lowrance-ready feature to install your fishfinder navigator, and it can accommodate any brands.  

#2. 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Amazon Green Camo by Hobie – Best Value

2020 Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Amazon Green Camo by Hobie

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Hobie’s 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 14 version is a light touring type of kayak that is best recommended for your fishing activities because it is designed to provide you a stable ride. The kayak hull is made from rotomolded polyethylene material to enhance its durability and longer shelf life. This kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds so that you can bring your necessary gear for fishing. You can drive around the water hands-free with its pedal feature so that you can pedal your way on the water, and it also has a measurement of 13 ft. in length and a width of 38 inches. It is equipped with a technology that will help you avoid damage by withdrawing your kayak’s fins in an upward position upon impact with any kind of block underwater. 

It has features such as center, bow, and stern hatches to help you carry the gears you will need in the water. It also has four standard horizontal together with two molded-in rod holders so you can keep six pieces of rods for your fishing. You can adjust the seat of this kayak to the comfortable position you like, and it contains all the necessary features that will help you while fishing.        

#3. Mirage 180 Oasis Tandem Kayak Ivory Dune by Hobie – Editor’s Choice

Mirage 180 Oasis Tandem Kayak Ivory Dune by Hobie

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If you want to have a riding companion, the Mirage 180 Oasis Tandem Kayak Ivory Dune can carry two people on board, and it also has two sets of pedals for the kayak to move forward. This product has a measurement of 14 feet by six inches, and it includes two pieces of paddles on the kayak set so you can have an option whether to use the pedals or manually paddle together. This product can be versatile, for it also allows a solo kayaking experience if you prefer to do it alone, and it has an optional sail mount feature so you can have more speed in your ride. There are different storages on the kayak so you can keep your belongings to avoid it from getting wet while you’re on the water. This kayak also has a feature that will help you hold your essential fishing items, such as nets and poles. 

You can find three seal waterproof hatches and twists that have 8 inches in diameter on this kayak. This kayak has a 33 inches size of its beam that can provide you stability while riding or even standing if needed. It also has a twist and stow rudder feature that you can control in the kayak’s cockpit.     

#4. Mirage Passport 10.5

Mirage Passport 10.5

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You can take your Mirage Passport 10.5 with you wherever you want to have a water activity with your friends over the weekend. This kayak is designed for relaxing leisure purposes such as fishing or riding on open water. You can do both activities with the help of its vertical accessory tube molded on its rod holders. It also has dual mounting tracks so you can have your kayak accessories just in your reach, and it has an 8 inches twist and seals hatch feature to keep your items dry. You will have no issue using its steering system since the twist, and stow rudder features are simple to use to navigate your way while in the water easily.

The hull of the kayak is made from thermoformed polyethylene material, and it has a measurement of 10.6 inches for its length and 34 inches for its width. This kayak can carry only one passenger, and it has a maximum loading capacity of 325 pounds. It has a height of 12.5 inches and a total weight of 65 pounds, so you can put the kayak on top of your car so you can transport it anywhere you want.   

#5. Mirage Passport 12.0

Mirage Passport 12.0

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The Mirage Passport 12.0 is made from thermoformed polyethylene material, and it is measured 12 inches in length and 34 inches in width. Only one person can ride this kayak, and it has a total loading capacity of 400 pounds, so you can bring the essential things that you need even if you stay all day long in the water. This product has a pedal feature for you to drive on to move your kayak on the water. It has a breathable net seat and a spacious cockpit area with an EVA floor padding feature to stretch out your legs comfortably. This kayak can provide you good stability on the water so you can stand up while casting a lure while fishing.

There is room to store your stash equipment on the area of its bow, stern, and even below the deck that you can access by the center with its 8 inches twist and seal hatch feature. If you are an angler, you will like its transducer cavity and scupper feature, where you can install your fish finder equipment that will give you a more efficient fishing performance. This kayak also has other features such as two-rod holders, a steering system with a rudder, accessory tacks, and storages under the seat and gunnel tackle.       

#6. Mirage Compass

Mirage Compass

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This Mirage Compass of Hobie has a pedal system that has glide technology together with a kick-up fin feature so you can easily move on the water without any problems. You don’t need to worry while you are kayaking, especially in shallow waters. This product is made to automatically retract its fin to avoid impact with the underwater blocks. It has a breathable mesh seat feature, a spacious room for its cockpit area, and a flat deck where you can stand while still having a stable balance on the water. This product can perform with a sharp turning radius, and you can provide you a good speed rate on water. This kayak is best used for fishing activities, and it provides you molded-in holders for your rod, and it has a transducer cavity feature to install your fish finder equipment.  

This kayak product comes in four different colors, such as seagrass green, slate blue, papaya orange, and camo that you can choose from, and it is made from rotomolded polyethylene. Mirage Compass can accommodate one passenger, and it has a total loading capacity of 400 pounds.     

#7. Mirage Outback

Mirage Outback

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You can choose from the six-color variations such as ivory dune, red hibiscus, or camo for your Mirage Outback kayak product. This kayak has a one passenger capacity, and it is equipped with an MD 180 turbo that comes with kick-up fins and arc cranks so you can drive it on the water with ease. The hull of this kayak is constructed from rotomolded polyethylene, and it has a total of 425 pounds for its weight capacity. You can use this kayak both in ocean and freshwater areas, and it is recommended for fishing activities. This product can offer you a wide standing deck and an enhanced casting platform for better convenience and improved fishing performance. 

The Mirage Outback kayak is equipped with a vantage CTW seat and a comfortable and spacious room so you can sit back and relax while fishing. This kayak is also equipped with necessary features that you will need, such as its four-rod holders, multiple H-Track mounts, and a compartment that can keep your gears safe. You can easily navigate your way through the help of its good drifting capability and its dual steering ability.    

#8. Mirage Compass Duo

Mirage Compass Duo

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This Hobie product can accommodate two people in the kayak: the Mirage Compass Duo powered by a dual mirage drives feature and glide technology and kick-up fins. With the help of these powerful features and its sleek hull, you can maximize your speed and lessen its drag while providing you comfort and stability. It also has an improved steering performance and is highly responsive, so you can easily move your kayak. It has a good room compartment where you can store your gears and has four integrated h-tracks for your mounting accessories. The full of the Mirage Compass Duo is made from rotomolded polyethylene, and it has a loading capacity of 475 pounds that can carry two passengers in the kayak.

The Mirage Compass Duo comes in three colors that you can choose from slate blue, papaya orange, and seagrass green. This kayak is perfect to use for your fun water outings together with your friends, children, or even with your dogs.

#9. Mirage Revolution 11

Mirage Revolution 11

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If you are looking for a kayak that can be easily transported wherever you want, you can choose the Mirage Revolution 11, which weighs 81 pounds and has a total height of 15 inches. This kayak comes in four color variations so you can pick the best color that suits your taste, and it is made to be lightweight compared to other kayak versions. You can drive this kayak with the help of its mirage drive 180 power, kick-up fins feature so you can easily maneuver and ride it at your ideal speed. The Mirage Revolution 11 has the essential features that you will need for fishing, such as multiple hatches, molded-in rod holders feature, and storage space for your necessary items. This compact designed kayak will provide you the things you need, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds.      

#10. Mirage Revolution 16

Mirage Revolution 16

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The hull of a Mirage Revolution 16 is made from rotomolded polyethylene that can be used in saltwater areas, which comes in four variations of color so you can choose the style you want. This kayak is powered by MD 180 together with a kick-up fin technology, and arc cranks feature to have the range of speed you want to move forward or in a reverse power. It provides you a comfortable vantage CT seat feature and an ergonomic carrying handle for an enhanced and comfortable ride. You can use this kayak for touring purposes or fishing in still waters or on open seas.  This kayak can accommodate one passenger, and it has a total weight capacity of 350 pounds.  

Buyer’s Guide Section: What to Consider When Buying Kayaks From Hobie

Hobie offers you different varieties of kayak products, and it could get overwhelming if you have no idea which factors are important to consider when buying a kayak for yourself. You don’t have to worry because this guide will help you determine the right kayak that you need for your trip. List down below are the factors that you need to consider before purchasing your own Hobie kayak: 

Height and Weight of User

Every person has a different height and weight; the size of the kayak you will buy must be proportionate to your body type. You can check the kayak product’s label to know its maximum loading capacity so you can check if the kayak can handle your body weight. The kayak’s weight capacity will help you determine if you need a bigger version of the kayak or if you can fit with its smaller products. You can also check if the kayak seats are adjustable to have enough room that is perfect and comfortable for your size. 


There are different shapes of a kayak; some are short, while others are longer and have more slender characteristics. Kayak products that are 13 to 16-foot in length are ideal for oceans or large lake areas. The length of the kayak will help glide on the water, and it will help cut through the water so you can keep a steady balance in the water. Longer kayaks will provide you a straight course of a ride while wider boats can give you more support on weight and stable balance on the water, ideal for fishing activities. 

On the other hand, shorter kayaks can be easier to control since you can do your turns and spin around without a problem, but these types are not ideal for long-distance rides. 


There are two kinds of constructions for Hobie’s kayak products:  

Rotomolded Plastic

Kayak construction made from rotomolded plastics is common for Hobie products. This material can provide you better sturdiness for your kayak and give you the durability to use your kayak during your outings for a long period. However, kayaks made from rotomolded plastic often require a carrier to put it on the top of your car or a trailer option if available.  

Inflatable Denier PVC

Inflatable denier PVC can provide you good features since it can ensure your safety and sturdiness while on water. This type is also durable to use, and an advantage to it is that you can easily transport your kayak by deflating it. 

Number of Passengers

Determine first if you prefer a solo kayaking ride or a kayak that provides two sitting capacity. Tandem types of kayaks are best used if you have a companion who can both talk and enjoy the scenic view together. You have to decide which type you will buy: solo or tandem type since tandem kayaks will not give you the same good performance when you are the only passenger riding the kayak.    

Kayak for Fishing

Kayaks are specifically made for fishing purposes. For Hobie products, these are usually named with the word “angler” on its title. These types of kayaks have the necessary features and equipment that will help you with your fishing activity. Fishing kayaks usually contain the following features: storage for rod and tackle, a trolley system for its anchor, mounting boards, etc. However, fishing types of kayaks will cost you more than a regular model since it has many features to offer.  


You can move your kayaks on the water with the help of these three types of power source:


Pedal types of kayaks are best to use for shallow waters. You can work your legs and pedal the kayak as if you are riding a bike for it to move.


You can use a paddle to move your kayak the traditional way manually. The advantage of paddling is that you can fish even in shallow waters.  


If you want a hassle-free kayaking experience, it is best to opt for a motorized type since it will be the one doing the work for you. 

Hobie: History of Company

Hobie established its business in 1950 with an aim, which is to create and provide to its customers a fun and unique lifestyle involving water activities through its quality products. It all started when Hobie Alter made its first surfboard creation until his friends loved it and converted into a business. The Hobie Cat Company has its headquarters office in California, and it has been distributing its watercraft products globally. Hobie provides you the complete set you need for your outdoor recreational water activities, from accessories to kayaks. For over 70 years of producing products for water activities, Hobie has provided you with the equipment you need for fun and memorable outdoor activities with your loved ones. 


In conclusion, Hobie can provide you all the products that you will need for your water activities. You can trust this brand since it has been in the market for 70 years and is now considered an expert in producing the right and quality kayaks for you. Hobie’s kayaks have different variations, whether you want it for touring purposes or your fishing activity. Hobie will provide you with the right features that you will need while staying on the water. All you have to do is choose from their wide variety of kayak models and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should you properly store your kayak?

It is recommended to have your kayak store in an upside-down position or standing on end. If you want to hang your kayak, do not use its handles for support, instead, have a wide webbing type of straps to ensure that the kayak is secured and hang it in an upside-down position. 

How can you remove the dent in your kayak caused by an improper way of storage?

If there is a small and minor dent in your kayak, you can repair it by putting the kayak in the sun facing the side that has a dent. It will cause the plastic to soften slightly, and it will restore to its original figure. If the kayak has a serious dent situation, you can pour hot water on a hot towel to the dent and put some pressure on the hull. It will soften the plastic caused by air pressure.    

How can you transport your kayak?

You can buy a roof rack for your car to easily transport your kayak wherever you intend to use it. A roof rack product usually involves its package, a set of crossbars where you can attach to your car by its rain gutters or through the adapter clips arranged on the doorframe.

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