Top 5 Best Wetsuit Hangers (2023 Guide)

Last Updated January 27, 2023

You need wetsuit hangers to take care of your wetsuits — regardless of how cheap or expensive they are. Because when you’ve invested hundreds of dollars for your wetsuit, you want its good condition to last as long as possible. But wait…

Did you know that simply by using the wrong kind of hanger, you can easily ruin your wetsuit? We know. Shocking!

Low-quality hangers can stretch your wetsuit’s neoprene fabric. It can also cause rips and tears in your precious wetsuit and give it that annoying shoulder bumps and stubborn folds in the abdomen area. Yes, they’re pretty mundane, but we can’t deny this simple fact: 

Wetsuit hangers are as essential as the wetsuit itself.

Why do you need a wetsuit hanger?

You need a wetsuit hanger to dry your wetsuits thoroughly — both inside and out. As a result, your wetsuit won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, and post-swim smells are also more unlikely to occur.

A good-quality hanger also helps maintain your wetsuit’s fit and shape because it doesn’t stretch the fabric as it dries. When you have wetsuit hangers, your wetsuit will always feel like it is the first time you’ve worn it. 

Top 5 Best Wetsuit Hangers

Waiting for your wetsuit to dry isn’t fun at all. That’s why in this article, we’ve summed up the best ones we can find in the market based on user reviews. Check out our list of the Top 5 Best Wetsuit Hangers: 

  1. Ho Stevie! Wetsuit HangerOur Top Pick
  2. Storm Scuba Diving and Surfing Wetsuit HangerBest Budget
  3. Underwater Kinetics HangAir HangerBest High End
  4. Hang Pro Slide Wetsuit Hanger 
  5. OMGear Wetsuit Hanger

#1: Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Hanger — Our Top Pick

Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Hanger

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  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 20 x 5 inches 
  • Type: Vented
  • Compatible with: Wetsuit or Drysuit; Fullsuit, Spring, Shorty, Long John, Winter, Chest Zip
  • Other features: Foldable, Comes with a refund and replacement warranty

No more excuses for missing out on paddle sessions because your wetsuit is still wet! 

The Ho! Stevie Wetsuit Hanger is specially made by a surfer for surfers. This wetsuit hanger’s main feature is its broad and vented shoulders that allow increased airflow inside the wetsuit. Because with good air circulation, it can dry faster and more evenly. Now, it’s possible to catch the waves in the mornings and have a dry wetsuit again ready for an afternoon surfing session.

This wetsuit hanger is made from heavy-duty polymer that can support the heavy weight of drenched wetsuits. It’s also big enough to accommodate large sizes. Surprisingly, this hanger is very compact. With just a push of a button, it folds in half, making it easy to pack and take with you on your travels.

To use it, simply put the folded hanger inside the wetsuit, then pop it open. This feature comes in handy when you’re hanging a chest zip wetsuit, but not with a hooded wetsuit because of its short hook. Lastly, every purchase of this hanger comes with wetsuit-care tips and how you can maximize it. The bonus part is if you break your hanger, they will happily replace it or give you a refund. 

Has a replacement or refund warrantyNot compatible with hooded wetsuits
Heavy-duty, does not corrodeShoulder support is not sloped
Comes with wetsuit care tipsFor adult-sized wetsuits only
Compact and portable

#2: Storm Scuba Diving and Surfing Wetsuit Hanger — Best Budget

Storm Scuba Diving and Surfing Wetsuit Hanger

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  • Material: Plastic 
  • Dimensions: 16.75 x 1 x 9.5 inches
  • Type: Regular
  • Compatible with: Wetsuit or Drysuit; Fullsuit, Spring, Shorty, Long John, Winter, Hooded, Chest Zip, Diving
  • Other features: Supports suits up to 20 pounds

With a cost of $10 per piece, you may be asking yourself what’s the difference between the Storm Wetsuit Hanger to the regular ones in your home? The answer to this is simple. The Storm Wetsuit Hanger is versatile. With this, you can hang your wetsuit any way you want to — by the shoulder or folded in the abdomen area. You can also use it for your old wetsuits and other clothes, too. 

This wetsuit hanger is made from solid and sturdy plastic resin. It doesn’t have sharp edges and metal hooks, therefore preventing tears and damages to your wetsuit. It also has rounded tips, so your wetsuit won’t have those bothersome shoulder horns and bumps.

The Storm Wetsuit Hanger is heavy-duty and can support any type of wetsuit. From shorty wetsuits to full suits, with thicknesses that range from 2mm to 7mm, and weights that are up to 20 pounds. Its wide shoulders evenly distribute the weight of the wetsuit when it’s folded in half. Hence preventing the fabric from being stretched. 

Sure, it’s expensive compared to ordinary hangers, but it’s much cheaper than the other products on this list. In the end, it does its job really well, which makes it a real value for your money. 

Different wetsuits can be hanged in various waysThe hook part is thick, may not fit standard closet rods
Heavy-duty, can support thick wetsuitsHas strong plastic odor
Has round and smooth edges

#3: Underwater Kinetics HangAir Hanger – Best High End

Underwater Kinetics HangAir Hanger

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  • Material: 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Dimensions: 22 x 7 x 7.5 inches
  • Type: Vented with built-in fan
  • Compatible with: Wetsuit or Drysuit; Fullsuit, Spring, Shorty, Long John, Winter, Hooded, Chest Zip, Diving, Protective wear
  • Other features: High-power waterproof fan, Can support up to 100 pounds, 100/240 VAC

Does your wetsuit take forever to dry because of the cold weather? If budget isn’t a concern, you might want to take your wetsuit maintenance to the next level with the Underwater Kinetics ‘HangAir’ Wetsuit Hanger. 

The HangAir comes with its own waterproof and high-power built-in fan that blows 120 cubic feet of air per minute — therefore speeding up your wetsuit’s drying process in just a few hours. (This hanger can dry out a 4/3 overnight, even with low temperature indoors!) Aside from that, the moving air also helps slow down the formation of any post-swim odors in your wetsuit.

This hanger can support weight up to 100 pounds, and it can be used on different types of wetsuits. It’s environmentally friendly, too. Its fan motor doesn’t generate ozone, it’s low-voltage, and lastly — it’s made from 100% recyclable plastic. 

Quickens drying process in colder climatesShoulders are wide, bulky
Can support heavy wetsuitsExpensive

#4: Hang Pro Slide Wetsuit Hanger

Hang Pro Slide Wetsuit Hanger

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  • Material: Nylon plastic
  • Dimensions: 20 inches
  • Type: Open-end
  • Compatible with: Wetsuit or Drysuit; Fullsuit, Spring, Shorty, Long John, Winter, Hooded, Chest Zip

Traditional hangers often stretch the fabric in the shoulder area, especially when their sizes are too big for the wetsuit. For this reason, some surfers prefer hanging their wetsuit by folding it in half over a hanger. By doing this, they prolong their wetsuit’s quality and fitting.

If you are one of those who prefer this drying method, we recommend the Hang Pro Slide Wetsuit Hanger. The simplest and most straightforward wetsuit hanger in this list.

This product can accommodate wetsuits of any size and weight. It’s also easy to use because of its open-end design. Just slide the wetsuit on it, wait for a bit, turn it inside out, and then done! (Pst. We’ll talk about more tips on how you can properly dry your wetsuit with this kind of hanger below!)

Can accommodate any wetsuit sizeWide, may not fit small closets
Sturdy and heavy-duty
Easy to use

#5: OMGear Wetsuit Hanger

 OMGear Wetsuit Hanger

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  • Material: PP plastic, Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 20 x 3.34 inches
  • Type: Vented
  • Compatible with: Wetsuit or Drysuit; Fullsuit, Spring, Shorty, Long John, Winter, Hooded, Diving
  • Other features: Ergonomic design, Foldable

To end this list, we’ve picked a wetsuit hanger from a company that’s been making diving and surfing accessories for over 11 years.

The OMGear Wetsuit Hanger has a vented-type shoulder with a hollow design to avoid water accumulation and provide more air circulation inside the wetsuit. It’s also made from PP (Polypropylene) plastic and stainless steel, therefore the hook won’t bleed rust or stain on your wetsuit when it’s wet.

This hanger is also ergonomically designed, which means that it’s modeled to imitate human shoulders to decrease wrinkles as it dries. We also like that it’s collapsible. This makes it easier to put on wetsuits with a narrow neckline like winter wetsuits, and it also makes it easier to pack when traveling. The only issue with it, though, is that the button to fold and unfold it may be a little bit hard to press for some people. 

CollapsibleThe button is difficult to press

Buyer’s Guide: What are the things you should look for in wetsuit hangers?

Drying is a crucial part of a wetsuit’s maintenance; however, most surfers overlook this process. You see, when wetsuits are completely dry, they are easier and more comfortable to wear. They also help maintain your body temperature if you put them on warm, compared to when you put them on slightly wet. 

When buying the right hanger for your wetsuit, you should look out for these things: 

Size of the hanger

We recommend choosing a wider hanger that can accommodate wetsuits with larger sizes. Open-end hangers are advisable if you prefer hanging your wetsuit by folding it over its stomach area. This allows the wetsuit to dry evenly without being scrunched up. 


Wetsuits are heavy especially when they’re drenched. This is why you need a hanger that’s made from durable materials and thick enough to accommodate a 20-pound wetsuit. 


Vented hangers can dry your wetsuit faster as it provides more air-circulation compared to regular hangers. The only disadvantage is you won’t be able to hang your wetsuit by folding it over. 

3 Drying Tips With a Wetsuit Hanger

Tip #1: Stop hanging wetsuits the traditional way

Most surfers dry their wetsuits by putting the hanger inside the wetsuit with the hook coming out of the neck hole. The problem with this is that the weight of a drenched wetsuit is being concentrated on the lower area, causing more strain in the fabric in the upper part of the wetsuit. This may be acceptable for vented hangers because they have wider shoulders. But if you’re using regular ones, this method may damage your wetsuit.

Instead of hanging your wetsuit this way, dry your wetsuit first in a drying rack. This allows the excess water to come out, therefore decreasing the wetsuit’s weight. After that removing the excess water, transfer your wetsuit to your hanger. Do this by feeding the wetsuit in the hanger’s opening and folding it over the abdomen area. This distributes the weight evenly on both the sleeve and leg parts. After a while, you will notice that water will accumulate in those areas.

To speed up your wetsuit’s drying process, put towels on the bottom part of your wetsuit hanger. The towel will act as a water absorber and a cushion for your wetsuit. By doing this, you will also avoid folds from forming on the abdomen part of your wetsuit.

Tip #2: Don’t hang your wetsuit in direct sunlight

Wetsuits are made from a thick neoprene material to preserve heat. If you dry your wetsuit with a hanger that’s made from plastic, it may melt or corrode due to the concentrated heat of the direct sunlight. 

Tip #3: Put a cushion on your wetsuit hanger

Aside from rolled-up towels, you can also put cut-up pool noodles to act as shoulder pads of the hanger to lessen the bumps on your wetsuit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for wetsuits to dry?

The drying time of a wetsuit depends on its thickness and temperature. Wetsuits in a room with good air ventilation usually dry after 1-2 hours. In some places with colder temperatures, it may take up to 12 hours (overnight) — some even days. To help your wetsuit dry faster, squeeze the arm and ankle parts of the wetsuit to remove the excess water, then pat it dry with a towel. Do not wring it.

Q: Can you put wetsuits in the dryer?

Extreme heat can damage your wetsuit’s fabric. Neoprene tends to lose its color and harden when exposed to heat for longer periods. For this reason, it’s not advisable to put them inside a dryer or under direct sunlight. Choose a shaded area or dry them indoors overnight instead, and keep in mind that most stores void a wetsuit’s warranty if it’s damaged by heat.