Top 8 Best Wakesurf Boards for Kids

Best Wakesurf Boards for Kids

No ocean, no problem. Thanks to the popularity of wakeboarding—a combination of water skiing and surfboarding—people began wakeboarding without using a rope, which created a sport we now call wakesurfing. There is no credible evidence on who discovered it first, …

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MasterCraft X23 Review

There are countless wakeboard and wake surf boats on the market that will provide world-class waves, but there is no boat that creates waves as long as the MasterCraft X23. Although the boat has a relatively short overall length, this …

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G23 Nautique Wakesurf Review

Nautique is a name well known to wakesurfing enthusiasts, and for good reason. Nautique’s G23 Super Air is one of the best wakesurfing boats on the market and a six-time winner of WakeWorld Riders’ Choice Awards for the best wakesurfing …

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