Top 9 Best Skimboard Waxes | 2023 Guide (Mr. Zogs Sexwax)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Nothing compares to the feeling of fresh skimboard wax under your feet. That sense of thrill knowing it’s the only thing that’s keeping you from slipping off your board. With it, you’re exhilarated and confident to give your best performance every time. 

Skimboarders who use wax do tricks better. They also enjoy their skimboarding experience more.

But you can’t just apply any kind of wax on your board. If you don’t pick out the right one, you might as well just use traction padsIn this article, we’ll review the best wax products and everything else that you need to know about them. 

How do you choose the right skimboard wax?

Skimboard wax is the same as what you put on surfboards. It has the same formulation and it serves the same purpose, which is to keep your foot planted on the board. What makes it a bit more complicated are the temperature-specific ratings that they come with. 

Skimboard and surf waxes come with four ratings: tropical, warm, cool, and cold. These correlate to the water temperature you should follow so the wax can do its job properly. Take a look at this guideline below.

Rating Water temperature
Tropical <75°F or <32°C
Warm 68-78°F or 20-25.5°C
Cool 58-65°F or 14.4-18.3°C
Cold 58°F and below or 14.4°C and below

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t use tropical or warm waxes in cold water temperatures because they will harden or freeze. Meanwhile, cool and cold waxes will soften or melt in hotter temperatures. This will make them difficult to apply on your board. 

It’s also useful to note that there are two kinds of skimboard waxes. The first one provides grip and keeps you from slipping from your board. This is applied on the top of the deck where you put your feet. As its opposite, the other wax is for speed when gliding, and it is usually applied at the bottom of the board.

Top 9 Best Skimboard Waxes 

When looking for a skimboard wax, you must consider other user’s reviews and experiences, too. Waxes are pretty cheap, so you can try a couple of them to know which one works best for you. Don’t limit yourself to just one! 

Here’s the summary of our line-up for the Top 9 Best Skimboard Waxes:

  1. Sticky Bumps Skimboard Wax — Our Top Pick
  2. Catch Surf Softboard Formula Wax — Best Budget
  3. Mr Zogs Original Sexwax - Cool Water— Best High End
  4. Mrs. Palmers Wax-Tropical 
  5. YEW! Your Environment's Wax - The Original Tropical Wax 
  6. EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax High Performance 
  7. Outdoor Wax Works' Longest Lasting Surf & Paddle Gripping Wax
  8. ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax 
  9. Eelsnot Board Therapy 

#1: Sticky Bumps Skimboard Wax — Our Top Pick

Sticky Bumps Original Skimboard Wax (Warm/Tropical, 3 Pack)

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  • Price: $9.99 for a 3-pack / $3.33 per bar
  • Weight: 90 grams per bar
  • Rating: Warm/Tropical (Also available in other variants)
  • Scent: Sweet, with a hint of blueberry and bubblegum
  • Stickiness: Average
  • Application: Easy

Nothing beats experience. With over 50 years in wax research and manufacturing, the Sticky Bumps brand has secured its place as one of the top choices for many surfers and skimboarders worldwide. 

The Sticky Bumps Skimboard Wax is specially formulated for better skimboard grip. With this wax, you don’t need to apply a top coat. You can just apply this directly as the base coat and it will already do a fantastic job of keeping you from sliding off.

This sticky wax has an easy application and can be used for any skimboard outer layer such as fiberglass and resin. Since every purchase comes in packs of three or more, they will last you a long time, which also saves you money in the long run. Lastly, this wax comes in the original Sticky Bumps scent which is well-loved by this brand’s fans. 

Can be used for any kind of skimboardNot good after-sales
Cheap, excellent value for money
Long-lasting and doesn’t peel off
Smells nice

#2: Catch Surf Softboard Formula Wax — Best Budget

Catch Surf Softboard Formula Wax, Cool Blue

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  • Price: $1.80
  • Rating: Warm to Cool
  • Scent: Pina Colada
  • Stickiness: Extra grippy
  • Application: Easy

The Catch Surf brand collaborated with one of the leading wax producers to create the Softboard Wax — a specially formulated product that can be used on warm to cool waters. This wax one works best in foam skimboards, you can most definitely use it on your wooden skimming board, too. 

The Catch Surf Formula Wax comes in small bars, which are meant for single use only. It is easy to apply, and it provides just the right amount of grip without building or clumping up. 

It also has a pina colada scent (sort of like coconut) that reminds you of summers and refreshes you as you apply it on the board. There’s also a cool Catch Surf Wax sticker that comes with the bar. 

Surprisingly but true, this skimboard wax only costs $1.80. All that nice features for only a fraction of the price of other brands. It really is an excellent value for your money!

Sticks well on soft boardsMay be too sticky for some
Smells great

#3: Mr Zogs Original Sexwax - Cool Water— Best High End

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax - Cool Water Temperature Coconut Scented (White)

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  • Price: $5.48 per bar
  • Weight: 75 grams per bar
  • Rating: Cool (Also available in other variants)
  • Scent: Coconut
  • Stickiness: Average
  • Application: Easy

‘DO NOT CHEW’ — Do you wonder why Sexwax has this on their packaging? Well, during the 1980s, surfers used to chew the Mr. Zogs Sexwax. Although this wax is non-toxic and smells temptingly good, we think it’s better for board grips instead of being a substitute for bubblegum.

Sexwax is good for providing better grim on drums and hockey sticks; however, it is most popularly used as the wax for skimboards. It may act as either the base or top coat for your board to keep you from sliding off, but some prefer to use it as the base coat. Even the surfing and bodyboarding champion Jamie O’Brien approves and uses it as such.

This wax comes in different scents like coconut and pineapple (perhaps a possible reason why surfers like licking them). It is easy to apply and it sticks for a long time on your board. You just need to reapply it every once in a while. 

Mr. Zogs Sexwax is one of the most well-known brands in the world for its reputation — and honestly, we think it really does its job well. 

Comes in different scentsExpensive
Provides a good grip

#4: Mrs. Palmers Wax-Tropical

Mrs. Palmers Wax - Tropical 3-Pack

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  • Price: $5.99 for a 3-pack / $1.99 per bar
  • Weight: 70 grams per bar
  • Rating: Tropical (Also available in other variants)
  • Stickiness: Extra grippy
  • Application: Easy

Mrs. Palmers, the leading surfing and skimboarding wax in Australia, is another fan-favorite. This household brand has been in the business since 1988, so it has already gained thousands of loyal customers around the globe. 

For years, this wax hasn’t changed its formula. It’s still affordable and remains one of the high-quality wax in the market. It sticks well to the board and gives it increased traction and stability when gliding through the water surface. As they say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Mrs.Palmers is a white-colored wax that has a candle-like texture that stands out. You see it on your peripheral vision and makes it easier to locate foot placement. The bar can also be snapped in half, so you can easily put it inside your wetsuit pocket in case of wax reapplication. 

Can be used as a base or a top coatSticks to the box 
Has good grip, sticky

#5: YEW! Your Environment's Wax - The Original Tropical Wax 

YEW! Your Environment's Wax - The Original Tropical Wax & Base Coat

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  • Price: $4.99 per bar
  • Rating: Tropical (Also available in other variants)
  • Scent: Beeswax
  • Stickiness: Extra grippy
  • Application: Easy

While most skimboard waxes on this list are non-toxic, it wouldn’t hurt to take an extra step in preserving the ocean. For riders looking for wax made from 100% all-natural ingredients, check out the Yew! The Original Tropical Wax. 

This product is specially hand-crafted in California using beeswax. It contains no petrochemicals and it doesn’t have artificial fragrance added to it. Even its box is plastic-free and is made from recycled paper that’s printed with water-based inks.

The Yew! Original Wax is extra grippy and it sticks well on the board. It’s also easy to apply as a base or top coat, although we don’t recommend you to rub it on your board in direct sunlight. 

Once you’ve tried this wax, we’re sure you’ll have a hard time switching back to the ones you’re using before. You’ll notice that this one really makes a difference when it comes to creating bumps on your board. Not to mention it’s guilt-free! 

Non-toxic, environmental-friendlyComes in small bars only 
Works best as a base coat
Value for money

#6: EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax High Performance

EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Warm Tropical Hot High Performance All Natural (1 Pack) Bump Mango Scent Surfwax Surfing Surfboard Skimboard Water Sticky

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  • Price: $4.99 per bar
  • Rating: Tropical (Also available in other variants)
  • Scent: Mango
  • Stickiness: Average
  • Application: Very easy

The EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax is the cheaper alternative to other leading skimboard waxes such as Mr.Zogs. It works best as a base coat because it is grippy and sticky on the board. 

This mango-scented wax is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It’s also softer and it melts easily compared to other waxes, that’s why it isn’t advised to apply or leave it in direct sunlight. Since this comes in a chocolate bar-like shape, you can easily snap this in two and save the other half for reapplication. 

Made in the USALow melting point

#7: Outdoor Wax Works' Longest Lasting Surf & Paddle Gripping Wax

Outdoor Wax Works' Longest Lasting Surf & Paddle Gripping Wax 3-Pack

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  • Price: $15 for a 3-pack / $5 per bar
  • Rating: Cool to Tropical (50-90°F)
  • Scent: Beeswax and coconut
  • Stickiness: Extra grippy
  • Application: Easy

The Surf & Paddle Gripping Wax from the Outdoor Wax Works is an all-around skimboard wax that you can use whatever the water temperature is. This product is suitable for temperature that ranges from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is suitable for cool and tropical waters. It’s also long-lasting and has a high melting point, therefore it doesn’t melt easily when left in warmer settings like the inside of your bag on a sunny day.

Outdoor Wax Works is a small company that prides itself in using non-toxic and all-natural ingredients. Their wax is paraffin-free and additive-free, so you feel good knowing you’re not harming the environment every time you use it. Every purchase of this product comes in three bars which can be used in skimboards, surfboards, and paddle grips. 

This Gripping Wax is waterproof and sticks well on the board so it’s effective in keeping your feet on the board. Even if it’s slightly more expensive than other brands, it’s well worth your money as you also get to support small businesses and their cause. 

Long-lasting and doesn’t melt easily Pricey compared to other brands
Can be used in kayak paddlesNot widely available 
Has light and natural scent

#8: ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax

ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax - Nano Technology High Fluoro Rub On Paste - All Temperature!!! The Fastest !!!

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  • Price: $29.99 
  • Weight: 4 fl. oz.
  • Rating: All-temperature
  • Application: Easy

When it comes to skimming, skimboard waxes aren’t just meant to provide traction. Others increase gliding speed, such as the Zumwax Performance Speed Wax.

You don’t apply this on your board’s deck, well, unless you want to increase the chances of you slipping. Instead, this wax is meant to be applied on its bottom for longer and faster glides. It also prolongs your board’s life and protects it from sand and other water elements like pebbles and shells.

See how this works on the video below: 

Comes in a small, portable bottle that you can bring anywhereExpensive

#9: Eelsnot Board Therapy 

eelsnot Board Therapy

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  • Price: $29.99 
  • Weight: 4 fl. oz.
  • Rating: All-temperature
  • Application: Easy

Whether you surf or skim, you have to experience using speed wax on your board. You’ll feel it as you glide, and you’ll notice the big difference when it comes to speed and the distance covered. 

The Eelsnot Board Therapy is another brand of speed wax that you can apply on the bottom of your skimboard to make it faster. It’s made from a hydrophobic gel that repels water, and at the same time creates a barrier that prevents sand from sticking into it. 

As its cherry on top, this wax/gel is eco-friendly, and it’s made with zero fragrance and additives. It’s also cheaper compared to other speed wax products, which is a big win for everyone.

Long-lasting, can be used up to two monthsThe board may glide too fast if applied in large amounts
Non-toxic, all-natural

How to Apply Wax on Your Skimboard

  1. The first step in applying wax is to clean your board. With a clean towel, wipe it to remove dirt or sand. (If you have old wax on your board, remove it first. Check the instructions below on how to do it.)
  2. Next is to rub your chosen base coat on your board. Do it in small circles until it forms bumps. You don’t want to create big circles because it’s less effective in providing traction. 
  3. After creating wax bumps with your base coat, apply the top coat. It must be the wax that’s compatible with the water temperature in where you’ll be skimming. 
  4. Re-apply wax as needed. 

Pro tip:  Intermediate riders only coat the parts of the board where their feet usually land; however for beginners, we recommend coating the entire surface of the skimboard. This gives lots of free space for the feet adjustment. 

How to Remove Wax on Your Skimboard

  1. To easily remove old wax from your surfboard, leave it outside under the sun for 30 minutes. This allows the wax to soften a bit before removal. For the winter and rainy seasons, you can use a hairdryer instead. In a medium setting, wait for the wax to sweat a little before scraping it off.
  2. When the wax has slightly melted, use a surf comb for scraping. Don’t worry, scraping won’t damage your skimboard. 
  3. To remove further wax residue, use a wax remover or flour then rub it off with a paper towel. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Is applying wax better than traction pads?

Although traction pads and wax serve the same purpose as keeping your feet on the board, some surfers and skimboarders prefer just using wax. This is because traction pads often peel or come off after some time, and they’re more expensive, too. 

Q: Will wax destroy the skimboard?

Applying wax will not destroy your skimboard because they’re usually made from non-toxic materials. The only problem is they do get dirty after a while. That being said, you should always clean your board to avoid the wax from clumping up. 

Q: Do you put the wax on top or the bottom of the skimboard? 

This depends, as there are two kinds of wax for skimboards — one for traction and the other is for speed. If you will use the wax that’s meant to keep your feet on the board, you need to apply it on the top of the deck or on the spot where your feet usually land. For speed wax, you need to apply it at the bottom of your skimboard. 

Q: How often should you apply wax on the board?

Apply or change the wax on your board every three to six months (seasonal). This ensures that you’re putting the right wax rating on your board as the water temperature changes. It also prevents it from melting or hardening.  Aside from that, you should also clean and reapply wax if you notice wax clumps or changes in its color due to dirt or sand. 

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