Top 7 Best Cheap Skimboards | Guide (BPS, Driftsun)

If you’re constantly on the beach and haven’t tried skimboarding yet, you’re missing out. Skimboarding, a.k.a. skimming, can be your new beach hobby, and the best part about this is you don’t have to rely on surf reports and wave conditions to skim. What you’ll only need are wet sand, shore breaks, and a good skimboard. 

Skimboarding was invented by two lifeguards in Laguna Beach during the 1920s who thought that sliding through the sand with a board covers more distance and is faster than running. After years and years of developments, skimming evolved into a hybrid of surfing and skateboarding. With this sport, you get to ride the waves and perform tricks using a shortboard without fins. 

Which Is Better: Expensive or Cheap Skimboards?

Skimboard pros invest hundreds of dollars in their boards. But if you’re a beginner who’s still testing the waters, choosing your first skimboard may be a little tricky. Buying an expensive board may turn out to be a waste if you decide one day that you won’t pursue this sport. While buying a low-quality skimboard might ruin your first skimming experience.

Before you purchase a skimboard, you must take into account your expertise level, the board’s core, the location where you’ll be skimboarding, and of course — your budget. In most cases (like this one), cheap skimboards don’t always mean they lack quality and workmanship.

Top 7 Best Cheap Skimboards 

Did you know that there are also skimboard experts who also used cheap skimboards as their starter boards? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve searched and selected the most affordable skimboards that you can progress with on your skimboarding journey. Check out the summary of our Top 7 Best Cheap Skimboards below: 

  1. BPS ‘Shaka’ Skimboard — Our Top Pick
  2. Driftsun Performance Wood Skimboard — Best Budget
  3. Sandfish Board Traction Cruiser Skimboard — Best High End
  4. DB Proto Plank Skimboard — Best for Learning Tricks
  5. BeachMall Deluxe Wood Skimboard w/EVA Traction Pad — Best for Kids
  6. Seething Skimboard with High Gloss Coat
  7. BPS ‘Gator’ Skimboard with Colored EVA Grip Pad

#1: BPS ‘Shaka’ Skimboard — Our Top Pick

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  • Price: $54.99 – $89.99
  • Sizes: 30”, 35”, 40”
  • Core: Wood
  • Weight limit: <80 lbs for the 30”, 80-150 lbs for the 35”, 150+ lbs for the 40”
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other features: High-gloss clear coating, Traction/ Grip Pads, EVA Foam, Comes with a 1-year warranty

BPS stands for Barrel Point Surf, a family-owned company founded by a Kiwi surfer who began the business by making surfboards in their home garage. With a passion to help other people enjoy water sports, they’ve created high-performance products that are made affordable and accessible for everyone worldwide.  

The BPS Shaka is priced for only $54.99 for the 30-inch skimboard, so it’s a starter board for beginners. It is made from New-Zealand tested plywood material and a high gloss clear coat for durability and protection against water damage. It also has a nose rocker that lets you easily maneuver and control your glides when performing tricks. 

There’s no waxing required with the Shaka skimboard — thanks to its dot-patterned traction pads with EVA foam that provides better grip and handling. It’s also lightweight so both adults and kids can carry it around. 

Finally, every purchase of this skimboard comes with an E-guide for usage and maintenance. Since all products of BPS also have a 12-month guarantee, you can have them replaced or refunded in case of any defects and damages. 

Comes in different sizes and colorsMay not support heavy weight
Made with durable materials
No waxing needed

#2: Driftsun Performance Wood Skimboard — Best Budget

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  • Price: $59.99 – $69.99
  • Sizes: 30” and 40”
  • Board weight: 5.6 pounds or 2.5 kg
  • Core: Laminated Hardwood
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other features: Waterproof poly-lacquer coating, Non-slip XPE traction pads

Similar to skateboarding, accidents are also prone to happen when learning this watersport. That’s why to limit such mishaps, The Driftsun Skimboard featured a performance rocker design to decrease pearling and nosediving. 

This Driftsun is made with epoxy laminated wood material that’s coated with a poly-lacquer to prevent water from permeating inside. Its traction pad acts as a marker for proper foot placement and stability. The non-skid pads also provide better grip and traction, so waxing this board is not required.

For only $59.99 for the 30-inch skimboard and $69.99 for the 40-inch one, the Driftsun is an excellent value for money. It’s cheaper than its competitors, but it provides the same quality and performance. 

Has non-slip traction pads Not aesthetically-designed
Easy to glide on

#3: Sandfish Traction Cruiser Skimboard — Best High End

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  • Price: $124.95 
  • Size: 35” x 18”
  • Core: Wood
  • Weight limit: 75-125 lbs
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other features: Lightweight, Foam top

The Sandfish Traction Cruiser retails at $124.95 for the 35” skimboard while the 40” is priced at $260.73. Sure, this skimboard may not be the most affordable on this list, but it’s one of the cheapest when it comes to other performance skimboards. It’s proudly made in the US with durability, speed, and easy maneuvering in mind. 

This hand-crafted board is made from high-quality laminated hardwood in between high-pressure bases. It’s lightweight and has a comfortable foam top that expels the need for waxing.

This durable skimboard allows you to practice basic beginner tricks like flat spins and ‘shuv-its’ without chipping or splitting into two. With the size of 35 x 18 inches, this board can handle a rider weighing 75-125 pounds (32-56 kg).

Made from high-quality materialsExpensive
Lightweight, easy to carry
No waxing needed

#4: DB Proto Plank Skimboard — Best for Learning Tricks

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  • Price: $99
  • Sizes: 39.4”, 41.4”, 43.4”
  • Core: Maple wood
  • Weight limit: 80-130 lbs for the 39.4”, 130-180 lbs for the 41.4”, 180-200 lbs for the 43.4”
  • Good for:  All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other features: HPL top and bottom sheets, 100% North American Maple core

From the DB brand that’s been manufacturing skimboards from the Washington State since 2003, comes the Proto Plank Skimboard — another great product for budding skimming enthusiasts. 

This skimboard’s core is made from durable Hard Rock Maple veneer which makes it ideal for flatland skimboarding. It also features melamine resins on its top and bottom sheets so it slides over sand, rail, and PVC seamlessly. Because of its HPL bases, the Proto Plank Skimboard can withstand gliding through tough ocean elements like small rocks and shells without breaking. 

What gives this skimboard an edge over others is its innovative 3D Rocker. This gives your board a wrap-around rocker — tip to tail, side to side — so it’s easier to spin in the water, slide rails, and have better control of your skimboard. The only thing this product is missing are the non-slip pads, so you will have to apply wax or buy your traction pads to keep you from slipping off of the skimboard. 

Great for learning skimboarding tricksDoesn’t have traction pads 
Made with a durable core

#5: BeachMall Deluxe Wood Skimboard w/EVA Traction Pad — Best for Kids

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  • Price: $52.95 – $64.95
  • Sizes: 35”, 45”
  • Core: Wood
  • Weight limit: 85-140 lbs
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other features: EVA traction pad, Bottom coated with a hard resin

Skimboarding is a water sport that improves muscle memory and reflexes. That’s why it’s best to start early or young. If you have a kid who’s fascinated with flat-land skimming at the beach, you may want to check out the Beachmall Deluxe Wood Skimboard.

The reason why we recommend this is because you get all the features of a good skimboard for a very affordable price. It’s beginner-friendly, and it works best for kids who are still learning the ropes of skimboarding. (Hey, this board will still be awesome even if the kids just want to use it for fun!) 

Now, let’s talk about its features. The 35-inch skimboard has a sturdy wood core that can handle high-performance tricks without wearing out. The shape of its rocker gives better control when gliding and prevents nosediving. Lastly, it also has an EVA traction pad and textured top surface for grip and foot stability. 

Has traction padsNot recommended for wave skimboarding
Solid wood core

#6: Seething Skimboard with High Gloss Coat

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  • Price: $54.99
  • Size: 35”
  • Core: Wood
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other Features: Gloss coat, Complimentary skimboard bag

Some skimboards’ designs tend to look a little dull because they need to look tough — but sometimes, they can be artsy, too! Just take a look at this colorful skimboard from Seething, for instance. By combining art and workmanship, this brand created a quality product that screams fun and adventure.

For its core, the 35-inch Seething Skimboard features solid wood with a contoured design for perfect gliding when land skimming. This skimboard is coated with high gloss to prevent water from seeping in and damaging the wood. It also acts as a barrier to maintain its unique design and pattern from fading. 

This product comes with a black complimentary bag that allows you to take your board and other essentials everywhere. Much better, the bag also acts as protection and keeps the sand from coming into your car or house! This lightweight skimboard has a price tag of only $54.99. It’s very affordable, so it’s perfect to give as a present for both kids and the kids at heart. 

Comes with a skimboard bagMay not support heavy weight
Fun and creative design

#7: BPS ‘Gator’ Skimboard with Colored EVA Grip Pad

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  • Price: $64.99 – $89.99
  • Sizes: 30”, 35”, 40”
  • Core: Plywood
  • Weight limit: <80 lbs for the 30”, 80-150 lbs for the 35”, 150+ lbs for the 40”
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adult
  • Other Features: Gloss coating, Built-in Grip Foam, Comes with a 1-year warranty

The Gator Skimboard is a high-performance board with a unique rocker that gives you better control when doing tricks. It has a plywood core that’s more suitable for flat-land skimming, with a high-gloss coating to protect the board when gliding through the water’s surface.

Unlike the ‘Shaka’, the BPS ‘Gator’ Skimboard has a more vibrant and playful design that gives an additional sense of fun when skimming. It’s lightweight, and because of its gator-design grip foam, kids won’t have trouble carrying it around all day.

The best part about buying BPS products is their outstanding customer support. (Many users applaud them for their after-sales service!) They’d happily replace the board or give you a full refund in case your board gets damaged within 12 months or has defects due to shipping issues. 

Has 12-month guaranteeNot suitable for heavy riders
Comes in different colors

How to Choose the Right Skimboard

You may be thinking that choosing a skimboard is complicated, but it’s quite simple. To select the board that’s best for you, you need to take into account your body type, skill level, skimming location, and the board’s features. Keep reading for a more in-depth description of each factor.

Body height and weight

Skimboards come in different sizes, and this is because they take into account the rider who’ll be using them. As a general guideline, the nose of the board should reach the chest for intermediate riders, while beginners can start with larger boards. Your weight also plays a role in choosing a skimboard. If you’re too heavy for the board, you may sink or submerge when skimming in water.

Watch the video below to learn more about this topic!

Skill level

Different skill levels require different kinds of skimboards. For beginners, we recommend starting with boards with wood cores first as they’re cheaper and fairly accessible in most stores. Wooden boards are also heavier and cover more distance, which is good for practicing flat-land skimboarding.

Skimboard pros prefer to use boards with carbon fiber resin and foam core (often referred to as ‘foamies’). They’re light, flexible, and thick; however, these boards don’t come cheap as their prices can reach up to $500+. 

Skimboarding location

We recommend purchasing a skimboard with a wood core if you plan on skimboarding on puddles, sand, creeks, and lakes. For skimming waves, choose one with a foam core for buoyancy. 

Board’s features 


Boards with ¾” thickness glides faster, but won’t turn easily. If you want to learn flat-land skimming, choose thicker boards.

For trimming the wave lines, choose a thin board with a ⅝” core thickness. These kinds of boards tend to be slower, as they are more suited for skimming different wave conditions because of their buoyancy. 


Big skimboards cover more surface area, while smaller boards are for performing tricks. 

Traction pads

Choose a skimboard that already includes traction pads if you’re not a fan of applying wax. These non-slip pads let you perform tricks without sliding off of your board. The pads can also act as foot placement markers for newbie skimboarders.


The rocker of a skimboard is a speed factor, they also contribute to safety and performance. Too much rocker slows down skids, while the opposite makes turning difficult and will not resist wind. 

Wrap/coating of the skimboard

E-glass is the most common wrap for skimboards because they’re cheap and flexible. While high-end boards used by professionals have carbon fiber coating because they’re the strongest and most durable. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can you use cheap skimboards on waves?

Cheap skimboards typically have cores that are made from solid or laminated wood. These boards are more suited for learning flat-land skimming. If you prefer to wave skimboarding, choose a board that has a foam core for buoyancy; however take note that these boards are way more expensive.

Q: How do you use a skimboard on sand?

Sand skimming is the easiest way to start learning skimboarding. To start, the first thing you need to do is look for the slope with wet sand near the water’s edge. As a rule of thumb, the water should coat the sand in a ¼” thin film. Then, try to imagine yourself skidding on the floor with socks on when you glide. Like any other sport, the key to skimboarding is tons of practice.  

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